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I have a crush on my bestfriend

Jessica was asleep and she was having a wonderful dream. In her dream, she
finally confessed her feelings to her best friend and he felt the same way about
her too.
“ I love you Dean”, she said to him.
“I know you do and I love you too Jess”, he said, wiggling his brows as her eyes
popped open.
He was on her bed, looking at her and he burst out laughing.
“Dean!” She said, widening her eyes when she realized that she it was all a dream.
She quickly sat up and pushed him off her bed.


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Dominion: The Queen in Navara

Years ago, in the kingdom of Navara, a little princess was born and she was
named Hope because she was the hope of her people.
The people of Navara had been at war with the people of Janrico for over
100 years and they were suffering due to this war.
They had served God all their lives and always prayed for a savior to end
their sufferings.
Few years before Hope was born, a prophecy was revealed to her parents;
King James and Queen Valerie that they were going to have a baby girl and
she was going to restore peace to the land. Queen Valerie already had three
sons and no one understood why God wasn’t going to use any of them to
solve their problems but they all still decided to put their trust in Him.
The people of Janrico heard about the prophecy and devised a plan to
assassinate Hope. King James and Queen Valerie got information regarding
the plan and so, they decided to send their daughter to a faraway land to be
raised as a regular girl.
On her first birthday, she was declared dead and was given to a young
Christian couple to raise her as theirs and they promised to keep the secret
from everyone including Hope.
The young couple took her to a faraway land and she was named Kierra.



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My Muse

“June, I‟ve been here for over an hour now and you‟re still not here” I said over the phone, and for the
third time he said he was on his way.
I was really getting furious at him. He was always doing this to me and I was getting really fed up with
this relationship, but if I had ended it, I wasn‟t sure I will be able to get someone better than him, and my
parents won‟t be happy about it. They really liked June because he was the pastor‟s son, and so they felt
like he was Jesus Christ the second.
June has his good side, but he doesn‟t take what I say seriously.
I looked at my glass of cocktail and played with the straw, using it to swirl my drink and then I looked
around and everyone was paired up and they all seemed happy.
I looked at my drink once more and finally sipped it. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn‟t know when
I actually emptied the cup and it was left with just the ice in it.


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No gray

“Aria wakes up”, my boyfriend said, tapping me.

“Leave me alone”, I said, turning away from him.

“Okay, I’m just being good and reminding you of your lame choir practice”.


I quickly got up and looked at the clock.

“Eugene!!!”😳😳 I said, pushing him off the bed.

“Aria, what the hell!!??”😕

“You didn’t wake me up on time! I’ll be so late and I have to lie. And stop cussing!!”


“I did, but you just kept on turning. And hell is a word”.


“It’s a vulgar word in this context”, I spat back.

“Who said so??”

“I don’t even know why I’m arguing with you”, I said, getting up and heading to the washroom.

Eugene and I have been dating for just a month after all the months of convincing me to date him.😆😆 We were just friends at first and I didn’t really like his lifestyle, but he promised to change for me, but it will take a while.


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Is This love?

*Jason’s POV*

I’m Jason Okoye. My dad is a Nigerian🇳🇬 and mum is a Ghanaian🇬🇭. He’s a doctor👨🏽‍⚕ and he has a hospital of his own here in Ghana, but works in the states. He got his masters and degree over there, so they made him work there, but he built a hospital🏥 of his own in Ghana and he has someone who oversees it, and he comes from time to time to check up on it.

My mum is a house wife👩🏽‍🍳 here in Ghana, so she is always home. She was working at the bank🏬 but when my dad started working in the states, she decided to quit and be both a dad and mum👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 to my twin sister and I.

My twin sister, she’s a whole lot, you’ll see why I said so.



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Abena’s Passion story

Charley it was my first time at the university. I was so excited to be in the University of Ghana, Legon. And I was in Pentagon hostel, one in a room, block A room number ****

After all my useless sweat spent on studying for Wassce at St. Cecilia, I finally got my course, Psychology and theatre art combined.

Okay, so that’s the boring stuff.

Let’s start getting on with my fun life.

Yeah, my looks, you want to know erh. Yhh..the boobs and ass. I had it. The hips, charley no size. I wasn’t that fat. I was tall for a girl. So..yh, definitely, I’m thick and tall. And I’m fair, people thought that I was some halfco dbee, but the truth is that, I was an orphan😆. I lived with my aunt.

How did I get all my money? You should know. With killer looks like that, I had the men worshiping at my feet.

Caution‼‼, I don’t do boys, but if you got the cash and a huge, I’m down with that.

Guess my favourite class..


Okay I think you know me now.

Yeah, so I got to school so excited to be away from that witch of an aunt.

Charley, she dey spoil movements waaaa…and I was tired of the guest houses It’s stress Oo…selecting a hotel. I don’t like repeating hotels, didn’t want anyone to keep track of me.

I drove into the car park in my white Camry with my best friend Kwasi.

I love that guy cos he gives me my space and knows when to dey his zone.


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Life has a way of surprising you and this time I ended up having my wedding twice in a week to different men
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Kierra grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the city and many people were envious of her. She was tall and slim with the perfect body shape; because of this; men were always at her feet. Besides being beautiful, she was humble and generous.

Her parents were regular people but had enough to take care of her. Her dad was an Artisan and her mum had a flower shop. Kierra always helped her mum at the flower shop and also used her spare time to weave the hair of the ladies in the city. 

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Allow your mind to revel in thrilling and inspiring stories in our library that will leave you thirsting for more.

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