Dominion: The Queen Of Navara

20 years later
Kierra grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the city and a lot of people
were envious of her. She was tall and slim with the perfect body shape and
because of this; men were always at her feet. Besides being beautiful, she
was humble and generous.
Her parents were regular people but they had enough to take care of her. Her
dad was an Artisan and her mum had a flower shop. Kierra always helped
her mum at the flower shop and also used her spare time to weave the hair
of the ladies in the city.
Kierra was in her mum’s shop with her friends and she was weaving the hair
of one of them.
“Louisa, this is the third time in a week you’re weaving your hair, don’t you
know you’re stressing her out?” Miriam asked.
“She is not complaining. Is she?” Louisa asked.
“Hmm Kierra, I think you need to start taking money from her”.
“Did she take money from you when you weaved yours?”
“I weaved mine once. But this is your third time!”
“Oh Lord, I’m not ready to hear you two argue about unnecessary things
today. I’ll take my leave now, I have some house chores to take care of”,
Gwen said, getting up from her seat.
“Mmm, did you say chores? Girl please”, Louisa said, rolling her eyes.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Yeah. What else do you think I do all day?”
“Do you really want me to answer that?”
“Yeah. What?”
“You think we don’t know you’ve been seeing that Darnley boy”, Louisa
said and Kierra’s eyes widened.
Kierra has been crushing on him ever since she was little but she never
showed it or said a word about it.
“You are seeing Darnley?” Kierra asked.
“No. Louisa is going nuts. Weaving her hair three times a week has really
done something to her brain”, Gwen said.
“Sure sure. No problem, just make sure Delilah doesn’t hear about this”.
“Delilah is seeing him?” Kierra asked.
“Yeah!” They all exclaimed and gave her a look.
“What? I don’t keep my ears open to gossip and I didn’t know that she had
someone because she spends all day picking on me”, Kierra said.
“So, we keep our ears open to gossip”? Gwen said.
“Well?” Kierra said, focusing on the hair she was weaving.
“I don’t have anyone’s time today. So I’ll just take my leave”, Gwen said,
“Say hi to Darnley and make sure Delilah doesn’t pounce on you”, Louisa
yelled and Gwen ignored her.
“How do you know that she’s seeing Darnley?” Miriam asked.
“I’ve seen her talking to him twice at the harbor. What do you call that?”
Louisa asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Really? Is that all you’re basing your fact on?”
“You know Darnley just doesn’t talk to anyone. He’s a bit arrogant and with
the way they were conversing, she was at ease and she was laughing. What
do you call that?”
“Maybe he’s actually a nice person”, Kierra said.
“Darnley? Nice? Girl where have you been sleeping? Because it’s definitely
not on this earth”.
They all continued with their conversation about Darnley and Gwen till
Kierra’s mum walked into the shop.
The palace at Navara
The King was seriously ill and all the doctors and priest had tried treating
him but he wasn’t getting better.
Due to his incapacity to rule, his first son was acting as the regent for the
mean time and his wife; Queen Valerie, never left his side.
“James, you can’t leave me here. You have to fight this for me, for your
sons, the people and even Hope. She hasn’t set her eyes on you yet. You
can’t do this to us”, she said, using a cloth to wipe his forehead
“Valerie”, he said, coughing.
“You don’t have to speak”, she said to him in tears. She was really worried
about his health.
“Mum, can I come in?” Fredrick her first son, asked.
“Yeah”, she said, trying to hold back her tears.
He sat by his mum and placed his hands on his dad.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“We’ve sent a message to the Doctor in Hugo. He’ll be here God-willing
“We have to focus on getting back the lands which the Janricans took from
us and not getting me a doctor”, King James said, coughing.
“No James. Your health first”, Queen Valerie said.
“We need the money to fund the soldiers who are trying to recover the land”,
he said.
“Dad, don’t worry. We’ll sort that out later. I’ve sent a message to the Lord
General and he understands, when you’re back on your feet, we’ll find a
way to get the money “.
“Haven’t you been paying attention to my words? If we lose those lands, the
Janricans will become stronger than they already are”, he yelled and started
“Fredrick please leave us. Solve the political problems somewhere else”,
Queen Valerie said.
“No, you have to heed my words or I’ll let your younger brother be the
regent”, he said to his son.
“You can’t do that dad, I’m the crowned prince and the second in
command”, he said, glaring at his dad.
“Hope is the crowned princess and the second in command”, King James
“What? So the rumors are true. You want her to take over?” Fredrick asked,
“James not now please. Fredrick please leave us”, she said. He glared at his
dad and then he left.
As he stepped out of the room, his trusted advisor approached him.
“John, the rumors are true. He wants Hope to be the next Queen”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Then we have to act fast”, John said.
“Fast how?” Fredrick asked.
“We need to assassinate your dad and your sister as well”, John said to him.
The small city
Kierra and Louisa were on their way home when they met Delilah and her
“Oh God, not again”, Kierra said to herself.
“Hello Crayon”, she said to her.
“It’s Kierra”, she said, correcting her for the 1000th time.
Delilah was always calling her by that name and Kierra always had to
correct her.
“You’re who I say you are”, she said and her pawns laughed.
Kierra ignored her and tried to walk away.
“On your way to that little hut of yours?” She asked and they both stopped
in her tracks.
“Aren’t you tired of this? We’re all growing Delilah. You need to find
something better to do”, Louisa said.
“Wow. You’re both growing nerves too huh?
“I’m really tired okay. Just leave me alone”, Kierra said to her.
“Aww, do you want cry?” She asked and her little pawns laughed.
“I think you should rather focus your energy on Darnley before someone
sweeps him off his feet”, Louisa said to her and her eyes widened.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What?” Delilah asked and Kierra quickly pulled her away.
“You’re both going to regret that statement”, Delilah yelled and she also
“You didn’t have to say that. You’re going to put Gwen in trouble”, Kierra
“Well, she said it’s not true, so she’s not getting in any trouble”, Louisa said,
“Hmmm well”.
“But you really need to stand up for yourself. You can’t keep letting her
climb you”.
“Talking back to her will just make things worse. She would feel that her
words really get to me and would want to do it more. Ignoring her will just
make her get tired one day”.
“It’s been years now and she’s not getting tired anytime soon”.
“She will and you don’t always have to take actions on everything that
“I hear you”.
Kierra and Louisa’s house were a bit close. So, Kierra walked her home and
then she left to her own home.
When she got home, she was surprised to find Darnley in her house. He was
talking to her dad and she didn’t know how to react.
“Hey dad”, she said, walking in.
“Hey princess. I’m a bit busy and I will get back to you”, he said pecking
her on her forehead.
“Okay, Hi Darnley”, she said to him, whiles waking past them but he
completely ignored her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
She was sad about it but she shook it off and went to her room.
The Palace
“Are you crazy? You want me to kill my own father?” Fredrick asked.
“What’s the difference between him being dead or sick and besides you did
this to him”.
“Yeah but I just wanted him to see that I’m capable of ruling because of the
“And now that rumor is true. So you have to act fast and soon”, John said.
“I’m not killing my dad”, he said, walking away angrily.
At night, the whole palace was quiet but was interrupted when they heard
the scream of the queen.
“He’s dead”, she exclaimed.
Kierra was on her way out with her mum when she saw Darnley in front of
her house with her dad again.
“We’re leaving Maxwell. Your food is inside”, Kierra’s mother; Mary said
to him.
“Okay Sweetie”, he said hugging her. “Have a wonderful day and may God
make your business flourish”, he said to her.
“Amen”, she said, pecking her husband on the cheek.
“Bye Daddy”, Kierra said, hugging her dad.
“Bye Darnley”, her mum said to him and he waved.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Kierra wanted to tell him bye but she didn’t want to be ignored again.
“Bye Kierra”, he said to her and she was stunned.
She was surprised that he knew her name and even said bye.
As they were walking, her mum realized that she was lost in her thoughts.
“A penny for your thoughts”, her mum said to her.
“Oh it’s nothing mum”.
“Are you sure? Or is it Darnley”?
“Yes…uh I mean, I was just wondering what he was doing with dad. I saw
them yesterday and now he’s there this early morning”.
“Oh, your dad’s working for him. He’s helping with some toolsfor his ship”.
“Oh okay”.
Darnley’s dad worked at the harbor and he owned a lot of the ships. When
Darnley was of age, he handed over everything to him.
Kierra and her mum finally got to their little shop and they settled down and
cleaned up the place.
The Palace
The whole palace was mourning the King’s death. Queen Valerie was
broken and couldn’t stop herself from crying.
Her sons sat by her to comfort her.
“Why did God take him away from me?” She yelled.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“We were both supposed to grow old together and hold our grand babies,
now I’m stuck here alone”.
“Mum, you’re not alone”, Derrick, her third son said, comforting her.
“And he died without seeing Hope”, she said, crying.
“Mum, everything happens for a reason”, Warrick, her second son said.
“What reason did this happen for?” She asked.
“To bring Hope back to take her rightful place”, Derrick said and Fredrick
glared at him.
“Are you crazy? How can a little girl take over the throne when I’m alive”?
He asked his brother.
“Not now, Fredrick. Mum doesn’t need to hear this”, Warrick said to him.
Fredrick got up and left in anger.
He went to John’s chambers and barged in.
“Did you kill him?” He asked him.
“Me? We both did that”, John said.
“I said no. We could have done things another way”.
“You said no but don’t act like you didn’t see me poison his cup and you
still gave it to him to drink from it”.
“I didn’t do this. You did”.
“Fredrick, you should be thanking me”.
“There are still greater problems ahead. Even my own brother believes that
Hope is the rightful heir to the throne”, he said, growling.
“We’ll take care of that too”, John said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“No John. I can’t hurt my own sister. I was there when she was born and I
held her in my arms. I can’t do that to her. There has to be another way”.
“That innocent baby you held has grown into a woman now and she’ll be
coming for your throne”.
“We’re not killing her. There should be another way”, he said and he left
the room.
When he left, a young lady came out from under the sheets. She was hiding
underneath it.
“I thought you said the rumors were not true”, she said, sitting up.
“We’re handling it”, John said.
“It doesn’t seem like it. You promised to make me a queen”, she said,
pouting her lips.
“Come here baby”, he said pulling her towards him.
“I’m going to make you a queen, don’t ever doubt that”, he said and he
kissed her.
Kierra and her friends went to the sea shore to relax and feel the cool breeze.
On their way, they passed by the harbor and they saw Darnley there. He was
sitting with Delilah.
“Someone’s going to be hurt”, Louisa said and Gwen rolled her eyes.
When they passed by them, Kierra looked at him and he winked. It made
her heart skip a beat and she became really shy.
“Aren’t you going to say hi to him”, Louisa said to Gwen.
“Can’t you just leave me alone”, Gwen said.
“Can’t you just be honest with us? It’s not like we’re going to judge you”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Louisa leave her alone. If she says it’s not true, let her be”, Miriam said.
“Hmm, I know she’s lying”.
“And besides Darnley is a mean jerk. I heard he goes around sleeping with
girls who throw themselves at him”, Miriam said.
“Wow Miriam, you didn’t have to say that, you’re hurting her”, Louisa said.
Kierra was walking with them but she was in her own world, she was
thinking deeply about Darnley.
When they got to the sea shore, they laid their cloth on the sand and sat on
Miriam baked some cookies, so she shared it with them and they ate it.
“I hope you’re all coming for the Bible study this evening”, Miriam asked.
“Bible study? Is it today?” Louisa asked.
“Yeah and we’re having it in my house”.
“Ooh, I had plans this evening”, Gwen said and Louisa cleared her throat.
“It’s going to be short today, so you can leave when we close”, Miriam said.
“Hmm, I’ll see what I can do”.
“What about you Kierra?” she asked and didn’t get a response.
“Kierra!!!” She exclaimed.
“Yes, what?” Kierra asked.
“You’ve been really quiet and lost in your thoughts. Is there anything
bothering you”, Miriam asked.
“Bothering me? No. I was just thinking”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“About what or about whom?” Louisa asked.
“Why does it always have to be a whom?”
“I’m just asking”.
“No one and I’m not ready for boys now”, Kierra said.
“It’s easy for you to say that because you have all the men at your feet”,
Gwen said.
“Darnley included?” Louisa asked, teasing Gwen.
“No please. He was at my house yesterday and when I said hi, he completely
ignored me although this morning he said bye”, Kierra said and Louisa burst
out laughing.
“He was happy to see you leave”, she said, laughing.
“Wait? What was he doing in your house?” Gwen asked.
“He was with my dad. My dad is helping him with some tools”, Kierra said.
“Mmm, okay”.
“Why are you so interested in that?” Louisa asked.
“And why are you so interested in what I’m interested in”, Gwen said back.
“Darnley is coming”, she said and Gwen quickly turned around.
“Got you”, Louisa said, laughing.
“What’s your problem? If I do like him, what’s the big deal in that”?
“Just admit that you’re seeing him”.
“I’m not seeing him. I wish I was but I’m not. Are you happy now?”
“So what were you doing at the harbor the day I saw you with him?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I was running an errand for my mum and he was just flirting”, she said to
Louisa in frustration.
“If you’re always wearing skimpy dresses like that, why wouldn’t he flirt”,
Louisa said.
“Oh Lord. Do you ever stop? You’re just miserable that no man pays
attention to you”, Gwen said and Louisa was surprised.
“That’s enough. Why are we always talking about men? Is that what’s
important?” Kierra asked.
“I wonder. I asked about a bible study and all of a sudden, it became men
study”, Miriam said.
“I’ll be there Miriam”, Kierra said and Miriam smiled.
Gwen and Louisa were both quiet and just ate their cookies.
“I’ll take my leave now. I have to go back to the shop”, Kierra said.
“I’ll see you girls later”, she said to them and she left.
As she walked by the harbor, she saw Darnley in one of the ships and she
became nervous.
She didn’t know if she had to say hi or not.
“Hi Darnley”, she said to him.
“Hey”, he said, focused on what he was doing.
She was hurt that he didn’t even bother to look at her and she walked away.
“Uhmm Kierra”, he called out and she turned around.
“Can you let your dad know that I can’t make it tonight and we will meet
tomorrow”, he said.
“Okay. And uhmm, will you be coming for the Bible study?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Nah. I’ll be busy”, he said and she nodded.
“Alright bye”, she said and she left.
Kierra’s dad and mum were in their little chamber when they all heard a
knock on the door.
“I’ll get that”, Kierra said and she rushed to the door.
When she opened it, the young man standing there was stunned.
“Uh, can I help you?” She asked.
“I’ve got a message for your parents”, he said.
“Okay, just a minute. Dad, mum, a young man is here to see you”, Kierra
When her parents came to the door, she left.
They were both shocked when they saw the messenger. The last time they
saw him was some years ago, when he had a message from the palace for
“Is that Hope?” He asked them and they nodded.
“Wow, she’s grown into a very beautiful woman”, he said and the parents
forced a smile.
They were scared that he was going to take Kierra away from them. They
knew that one day, she should have to leave but they didn’t expect it so soon.
“I bring bad and good news. The king is dead and Hope would need to start
her training soon”, he said to them.
“Oh”, Mary said, looking away.
“How soon?” Maxwell asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“After the King’s burial”, he said and they were both sad.
“So do we have to tell her about the huge secret?” Mary asked.
“Yes. As soon as possible. We need her to know who she is”.
“Okay”, Maxwell said.
“I’ll take my leave now”, he said and he left.
The palace
“I’ve gotten the location of your sister”, John said to Fredrick.
“Your mother sent a messenger out of the palace and I knew it was to your
little sister, so I made my messenger follow him and now we know where
she stays”, he said.
“I told you to leave her alone. I’ll find another way to fix this”, he said and
he walked away


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