She used her head to bump into them and it was quite painful.
“Oohh!!! I’m so sorry”, she said, placing her hand on her forehead.
“Can’t you see?!” the lady exclaimed and she looked up at the lady and saw that it
was Ellen Jen, the woman who was extremely rude to her the other day.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you two coming”.
“Oh God! Now, my body hurts, how can you be so clumsy?!” she said to her and
Jessica was boiling deep down. She wanted to punch the woman so bad.
“Are you okay?” Richard asked Jessica and her eyes lit up.
“Yes, I’m okay. Tell Erica to do better. The last secretary wasn’t this clumsy”, Miss
Jen responded and he ignored her and observed Jessica.
“I’m sorry”, she said, turning around and she walked back into her office.
She sat on her chair and used her hands to massage her forehead. As she was
doing that, Richard walked in.
“Here”, he said, handing over a bag of ice to her.
“Thank you”, she said, grabbing it and she placed it on her forehead.
“You’re welcome”, he said and he turned around to leave.
“Richard..” she called out and he stopped in his tracks.
“I’m so sorry for what I said the other day. I really am. I don’t see you that way, I
just didn’t expect such kindness from you and I’m very sorry. I really am and I’m
so grateful for the food too. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much and I’m so so
sorry”, she said to him and he nodded. He was about to leave and she called him
“Richard, am I forgiven?” She asked and he was quiet for a while.
“Need a ride home?” He asked and she smiled.
“I’ll love that”.
“Alright, I’ll be leaving in 10 minutes”.
“Okay, thank you”, she said to him and he left.

10 minutes later he walked into her office.
“You ready?” He asked and she nodded.
“Let’s hit the road”, he said to her and she quickly grabbed her things and
followed him out.
As she walked behind him, she wondered what he was doing with Miss Ellen Jen
and wondered where she was. 10 minutes was too short to entertain a guest, she
thought to herself.
She looked back to see if she could see any sign of her but she couldn’t spot her
When they arrived at the drive way, she saw miss Jen drive off and she wondered
what happened within the 10 minutes.
Richard opened up the door for her she got into the car. He also got into the car
and drove off.
“You hungry?” He asked her.
“Yeah but I’ve got some food at home”, she said to him and he nodded.
“Did you work late today?” He asked.
“No, I decided to stay back to be able to meet up with you and apologize for last
night”, she said to him and he nodded. He was impressed but he tried to hold
back his smile.
“Can I ask a question?” She asked.
“Yeah, go ahead”.
“Why do you always come back to the office in the night?”
“I prefer to work and do some thinking at night. Got a lot going on during the
“Oh okay, makes sense”, she said to him and the ride was quiet again.
“Do you also love fashion design?” She asked trying to create a conversation. She
wasn’t too comfortable with the silence and so she tried to ease things up with
her question.
“I do but I’m not into it”.
“Okay, so what’s your major role in the company?” She asked and she held her
mouth when she realized that it could be another annoying question.
“I didn’t mean to as..”
“I handle the legal and tech part of the company”, he said, interrupting her.
“I see. That’s amazing”.
She continued with her questions till they arrived at her house.
“Thank you so much Richard”, she said to him and he smiled.
“You’re welcome”, he said to her and she stepped out of the car.
“Have a goodnight”, he said to her and he drove off.

Jessica stepped into her house with excitement written all over her face. She was
really happy and couldn’t wait to tell Dean about her little reconciliation with
“Dean!” She exclaimed when she walked into the house but he wasn’t in the living
“Dean!!!l she yelled and she walked towards his room and knocked on the door.
“Come in”, he said in a faint tone and she walked in and saw him shivering under
his blanket.
“Dean!!! Are you okay?” She asked and she quickly ran up to him and sat by him.
She placed her hand on his body and realized that it was extremely hot!
“Oh my God! You should have called me”, she said in a worried tone.
“Have you taken any medication?” She asked and he shook his head.
“Oh Lord! Let me quickly request an Uber for us to go to the hospital”, she said,
taking out her phone and she requested a ride.
As she waited for it, she placed her hands around him to give him some form of
warmth. As they waited, she heard the door bell go off.
“Who could that be?” She said to herself and she got up on her feet and walked
towards the door.
She opened it and she saw that it was Anastasia.
“Hey”, she said to her and Jessica forced a smile.
“Hey”, she said, stepping aside for her to walk in.
“Is Dean at home? I’ve been trying to reach him but he’s not picking up his
“He’s home but he’s not feeling too well”.
“What? Deannnnn!!!” she exclaimed and she ran towards his room and Jessica
rolled her eyes.
“Oh no! Dean”, she said, wrapping her hands around him. “Baby what’s wrong?”
She asked and Jessica walked into the room.
“Why haven’t you sent him to the hospital? He’s really sick!” She said to Jessica
and Jessica got pissed.
She was ready to lash out on her but she realized that it wasn’t going to help
Dean’s situation so she kept quiet.
She looked at her phone and saw that the Uber was in.
“The Uber is in, let’s go to the hospital”.
“I brought my car. We can use that”, Anastasia said to her and Jessica clenched
her fist.
“Breathe”, she said to herself and she took in a deep breathe and released it.
“Sure, let’s go”, she said, helping Anastasia to get Dean off the bed.
“Oh God, your body is so hot”, she said when she grabbed him.
They both had his arms on theirs backs and they left the house.
When they arrived at the hospital, they placed him on a chair at the lounge.
“Stay with him, I’m going to get his hospital card”, Jessica said to her and she left.
When she got back, she couldn’t find them.
“Where has she taken him to?” She said to herself as she looked around.
She walked towards the desk and she spoke to the nurse over there.
“Hello excuse me”, she said to her and the nurse looked up at her.
“I was wondering if you saw a lady and a young man sitting right here”, she said,
pointing at the seat.
“Oh no. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry but you can walk down the hall and
see if you find them in any of the waiting rooms”, she said to her.
“Alright, thank you so much”, she said to her and she left.
She walked down the hallway and looked into all the waiting rooms till she
finally saw them.
“Anastasia, why did you leave the reception area? I was searching for you two!”
She exclaimed.
“Oh I’m so sorry. But I had to get him the quickest route to the doctor. He’s
shivering so much”.
“You could have atleast alerted me”.
“I’m so sorry for that”.
“It’s fine. How did you get in here without a card or the regular process?”
“I know one of the doctors here. So, I just called him and he asked to me to wait
here with Dean”.
“Oh okay”, she said, taking a look at Dean and he wasn’t looking good.
“Dean, you’ll be fine okay?” She said, sitting on the seat at his right side.
She placed her hand on his head and his body was really hot.
“He’s really heating up”, she said to Anastasia.
“Yeah and it’s making me really worried”, she said, wrapping her hands around
him and he placed his head on her shoulders.
Jessica leaned on the other side of the chair and drifted off to her thoughts. This
time she was thinking about Richard and miss Jen.
She didn’t understand how he arrived at the office with her and within 10
minutes she was gone.
“Are they together? No they can’t be. He’s not shown much affection to her. Or
are they sleeping together?” She said to herself.
“I don’t think Richard rides that way but I can’t be so sure”.
“Hmm”. She thought about the whole situation for a while till it was Dean’s turn
to go in.
They both walked into the consultation room with him.
“Hello Doctor Pete”, Anastasia said, sitting by Dean.
The chairs were just 2 and so Jessica stood behind Dean.
“Hello Anastasia, it’s good to see you”.
“It’s good to see you too. Can you please attend to him quickly, he’s really ill”.
“I will but I’ll need one of you to step out. There’s a limit to the number of people
I permit in here”, he said to her.
“Oohhh”, she said to him and she looked at Jessica.
“I’ll be outside”, Jessica said to her and she walked out of the room.
Few minutes later, they stepped out and Jessica approached them.
“What did the doctor say?”
“He has malaria and typhoid”.
“Wow!!! So is he going to be admitted?”
“No, he’s going to take some injections and…” Anastasia said but was interrupted
when Jessica burst out laughing.
“Did you say injection?? Dean and injections don’t go well”, she said, laughing and
when she looked at his face, she laughed harder.
“You’re scared of injections?” Anastasia asked him and he nodded.
“Ooh, I’ll tell the nurse to make sure it doesn’t hurt”.
“He’s still going to scream and create a whole lot of drama”, Jessica said,
“But you need it Dean, so you have no other choice. You need to get better”, she
said to him and he had a blank expression on his face.
“Oh Dean, you’ll be fine, okay”, Anastasia said to him and Jessica was so amused.
She knew how much he hated injections and the drama he always put up because
of it.
This time he was quiet because of Anastasia and Jessica knew it and so it made
her more amused.
“Let’s go before he passes out”, she said, chuckling and they left.
They took him to the medication room and they had to leave for him to take the
“All the best. Don’t fight or scream this time. You need it to get better. Okay?” She
said to him and he nodded.
“We’ll be outside waiting for you”, Anastasia said, pecking him and they left.
Few minutes later, he stepped out of the room.
“So soon? And you didn’t scream?” Jessica asked, surprised.
“No, you told me not to scream, so I didn’t”.
“Oh now you can talk. The injection is already working?”
“I’ll get back at you for making fun of me in front of Anastasia”, he said,
whispering to her and she chuckled.
“You did it”, Anastasia said, hugging him.
“Yeah”, he said, smiling.
“Yay. I’m going to get your medicine. Wait here with Jessica”, she said to him and
she left.
They both took their seat and Jessica turned to face him.
“How did you handle that without screaming?” She asked, laughing.
“You’re so annoying. I’ll get back at you”.
“With what? It’s not like I have a boyfriend to impress”, she said, laughing and he
They had a little chat till Anastasia returned.

The following day Jessica was at a meeting with Erica and the whole board of
directors and she kept dozing off.
“Jessica are you okay?” Erica asked her.
“Yes, I am”, she said, trying to keep her eyes opened.
Richard noticed that she was a bit off and he wondered what was wrong with
The meeting continued and Jessica was really battling with her eyes.
“Jessica what do you think? Should we sue the company?” Erica asked her and
she was completely lost.
“Uhmm, I think uhhh… I feel…”, she said, stuttering. “Oh God, please help me out”.
“I think…” she started to say but Richard cut in.
“I don’t she knows much about the situation to have a say”, he said to Erica.
“Yeah, you’re right, so what do you think Richard?” She asked.
“Oh thank God”, she said, heaving a sigh of relief.
“Thank you”, she said, mouthing the words and he smiled.


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