Hearing this made Jessica get into her thoughts. “I knew it. He’s definitely doing
something with Miss Jen”, She thought to herself and she got a bit annoyed about
“And he had the guts to tell me that he has a thing for me”, she said to herself.
When she was done typing, she went back to her office and she was bit tired and
sleepy, so she placed her head on her desk and drifted off to sleep.

“Jessica!” Erica called out and she jumped off her seat out of shock.
“Woah, don’t hurt yourself”, she said to her.
“Oh, I was having a bad dream and so hearing my name made me a bit scared”.
“Oh sorry about that. But are you okay?”
“Yeah, I am. I just placed my head on the desk to rest a bit and I don’t know when
I drifted off”.
“That’s fine. I’m going to court right now. I’ll need you to postpone my next
meeting to another day and also inform the head of the design department to
hold off with the new designs. We need to focus on the lawsuit before we can
continue with that”.
“Alright. I’ll do that”.
“Okay, see you tomorrow”, she said to her and she left.
Jessica took her seat and made a few phone calls.
She spent the rest of her day, working on some old designs which needed an
As soon as it was 5pm, she packed her things and she was really excited about
the fact that she was going home early.
When she stepped out of her office, she saw Richard walking towards his office
and she walked back into hers. She didn’t want to speak to him but he showed up
at her office.
“Hey”, he said to her and she didn’t respond.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah, I am”, she said in a harsh tone.
“You leaving?”
“Okay uhm, can you wait for like an extra 30 minutes, so that I drop you off?”
“Oh no. I really need to get home and don’t worry about it. I can get home
myself”, she said to him and he observed her and realized that she was annoyed.
“Are you okay? You don’t look happy”.
“I’m okay, I just need to get home”.
“Did something happen?”
“Can you stop putting up all this act? It’s beginning to annoy me”, she said,
snapping at him.
“What are you talking about?” He asked, confused.
“I know you’re sleeping with Miss Jen, that’s what you two did the last time she
was here right? And I bet it happened in your bedroom and you’re telling me that
you have a thing for me?” she said to him and he chuckled.
“Miss what? I don’t know what’s going on with you but Miss Jen is one of our big
clients and we are trying to close a deal with her grandmother who owns their
company”, he said to her.
“And that’s why you’re hanging out with her a lot?”
“Who told you that?”
“I heard Erica say that over the phone”.
“I’m just getting close to her to get closer to her grandma. It’s obvious that Ellen
has a thing for and I’m just milking that”.
“I don’t believe you and I don’t really care. I don’t like people who lie to me. Enjoy
the rest of your day”, she said, walking towards the door but Richard closed it.
“Richard, I really have to get going and if anyone sees you in my office, they’ll
assume the worst”.
“Sit down and let’s talk”.
“I don’t want to talk about anything”.
“Are you mad at me because you think I lied to you or because you’re upset about
the fact that I might be doing something with Miss Jen”.
“What? I just told you why I’m upset”.
“Do you remember the first time we met?” He asked her.
“My first day, when you practically told me that I was in for Heaven and Hell”.
“That wasn’t the first time. We met the day you had your interview”.
“I was in the elevator with you and you asked me which floor the conference
room was at and I told you where it was”.
“Oh that was you? I don’t even remember what the person looked like. I was such
in a hurry”.
“Yeah I barely remembered what you looked like till Erica told me about the lady
who studied physics in school and practically copied one of her designs to sew an
outfit for her mum. She told me everything about her interview with you and I
was amazed and impressed. And when she showed me your picture, I
remembered that I met you at the elevator and for an unknown reason, I just
wanted to meet you to know more and the following day, when I got into the
building, I saw you sitting over there and decided to have a chat to know more
about how you process things and when I told you about the hell or Heaven
thing, I was just trying to see your reaction”, he said, chuckling.
“And I started seeing more of you and my feelings just couldn’t stay put. I don’t
tell lies Jessica. I also detest lies and I didn’t want to reveal my feelings without
knowing where you stand but you practically forced it out of my mouth”, he said
to her and she didn’t know what to say or how to feel.
She walked back to her seat and sat down. She placed her hands on her head and
thought about everything he said.
“I’ll give you sometime to yourself”, he said to her and he left the office.
Jessica’s head was going in circles as she thought about everything.
Everything was just too much for her and so she stormed out of her office and ran
She took a bus and she went straight home. When she got home, she saw Dean in
the hall sleeping and she didn’t want to wake him up, so she went straight to her
The whole situation was bothering her and so she decided to call her sister.
She told her everything and she was quiet for a while.
“Wow! Then he must really like you”.
“I don’t believe him”.
“You do and I feel like you also have a thing for him too”.
“What? No way. I mean he’s hot, caring, has this bad boy vibes, smart and all that
but you know where my heart lies”
“And now your heart is moving to another person”.
“No! And it’s not like anything can happen. I work for his sister and I don’t plan
on losing my job. And he’s way above my league!”
“So you’re more worried about what can happen. Girl, you like him!”
“I don’t! And what is he’s not even a Christian who shares the same values”.
“Does Dean share the same value? Isn’t he always sleeping with his girlfriend?”
“He’s a work in progress”.
“Richard might be one too or probably better”.
“I still don’t want him”.
“So you want to remain glued to someone who doesn’t like you that way”.
“Atleast I know him unlike Richard”.
“Send me a picture of Richard, let me see what we are dealing with”.
“Why will I have his picture?”
“You know what? I’ll just google him”.
“He’s not even that…”
“Damn!!! He’s so fine! And hot! If you don’t want him, you can pass him on”, she
said, laughing.
“Dean is hotter”.
“You wish..”
“What? You’re the only who used to call him hot stuff. So please”.
“Well, he’s annoying me, so I’m team Richard”.
“Whatever. I’m team Jessica”.
As they were talking, Jesica heard a knock on her door.
“Jess are you back?” Dean asked.
“Yeah, come in”.
“I’ll talk to you later”, she said to her sister and she hung up.
“Hey”, she said to him as he walked into her room and he sat on her bed and
placed his head on her thighs.
“How are you feeling today?” She asked as she used her hands to feel his
“I think I feel better”.
“Yeahh, your body isn’t so hot like before”.
“I’m always hot”, he said, smirking and she chuckled.
“Where’s Anastasia?”
“She had to go home. Her mum needed her”.
“Oh okay”.
“You came back really early today, what happened?”
“Erica had to go to court and so she had her meetings postponed and I didn’t
really have much to do”.
“Court? Is something wrong?”
“A certain company tried to copy our design, so yeah we are suing them”.
“Ooh, I hope it goes well”.
“Yeahhh, have you eaten?” She asked and he was quiet.
“You have to eat! I should have got you some food on my way home. You know
what? I’ll just cook Indomie for you”.
“Nooooo, I don’t want to eat”.
“You have to. Get up and let’s go to the kitchen”.
“Nooo”, he exclaimed and she tickled him.
They had a little struggle and he finally got on his feet.
“Let’s go”, she said, he grabbing his arms and she took him to the kitchen.
As she was cooking, Richard asked on unusual question.
“How do you know when someone has a crush on you or likes you?” He asked
and her eyes widened.
Jessica was surprised at his question and she didn’t know what to say to him.
“Jess, did you hear me?”
“I don’t really know. I wish I knew how to determine that too”.
“But why do you ask?”
“Never mind”.
“Dean! Spill”.
“Oh it’s nothing. I was just asking”.
“Mmm, anyway Richard sort of confessed his feelings to me”, she said to Dean
and he was surprised.
“Oh really? What did he say?” He asked her and she told him everything.
“Yeah, so what do you think? I mean I don’t believe him. This is too good to be
true and…”
“It all boils down to how you feel about him”.
“I don’t know how I feel and my heart is already…” she started to say and she
widened her eyes when she realized that she almost confessed her feelings to
“I mean my heart isn’t in the right place right now. And even if I have feelings for
him, there’s no way it would work out. I can’t date him especially when I’m
working for his sister”.
“Hmmm, that’s true”, he said, shrugging and she looked at him to see if there was
any hint of jealousy written on his face but he looked normal.
“And uhm, I’m hoping you’ll be fine before Saturday”.
“You remember Lisa, right?”
“Yeahhh, Richard’s assistant”.
“Ohh you’ve been paying attention”.
“Well, that’s my job as your favorite person in the world”, he said to her and she
rolled her eyes.
“So she’s having her birthday dinner this Saturday and she invited me and also
asked me to bring a plus one”.
“So are you asking me on a date?” He asked, smirking and she rolled her eyes.
“Your eyes would fall to the ground one day if you keep rolling it so much”.
“Shut up and I’m giving you the opportunity to dine with me, it’s a once in a life
time thing”, she said to him and he chuckled.
“Yes ma’am. I’ll be honored to dine with you”, he said”, taking her hands and he
kissed it.
“Hey, don’t put those lips on my any part of my body”, she said, taking her hands
“Do you know what this lips are worth?”
“Yeah, worth all the thousand girls you’ve put it on”.
“What? 1000? Really? You know Anastasia is the second girl I’ve been intimate
“Whatever, I don’t want to hear any further details”, she said to him.
When she was done cooking, they both went to the living room and sat across
each other as she fed him.
“Dean. Open that mouth!”
“I’ve already eaten like 5 spoons, I’m okay”.
“Open”, she said, glaring at him and he opened it.
As soon as she placed the fork in this mouth, he held on to and pulled it from her
“Dean!!!” She exclaimed and he got up and ran off to the other side of the living
“I’m done eating”.
“So you want to waste the food?” She asked and he shrugged.
“Dean! Don’t let me chase you, you know I’ll catch up to you and I’m going to
force all this food down your throat”.
“I’m sick Jess, not crippled”.
“We’ll see about that”, she said, charging towards him and they both ran around
the hall.
“I can see you’re enjoying this little game”, she said to him and he winked at her.
“But it’s game over”, she said, jumping over the chair and she got to where he was
standing. She grabbed his hands and was about to pull him to the couch but he
released his hands and grabbed hers.
He placed her two hands behind her she could feel his hot breath on her neck.
This made her mind go in circles.
“Dean, release my hands”, she said, whining.
“Do you promise to take the food back to the kitchen?”
“Dean you have to eat to take your medicine”.
“I’ve already eaten 5 spoons. That’s enough”.
“Do you want to be in this position for a longer time”, he asked and she smiled.
“You don’t know how I wish we could stay in this position for a longer time”, she
thought to herself as she enjoyed his body close to hers.
“Oh God I’m so sorry”, she said to herself as she tried to push out all the lustful
“Fine, I will take it to the kitchen”.
“Jess, if you try anything funny, I’ll lock you up in your room”.
“Yes your majesty”.
“I’m serious!”
“Fine, I won’t try anything funny”, she said to him and he released her hands.
She took the food and she dropped it off at the kitchen and went straight to her
“Jess, are you mad at me?” He asked, following her to her room but she ignored
She wasn’t mad at him but she felt being around him, would spark up some
lustful thoughts.
As she sat on her bed, Dean also walked in and he sat beside her.
“Are you mad at me?” He asked, nudging her shoulders.
“No, I’m not”.
“So why did you walk away like that?”
“I just wanted to come to my room and rest. I’ve got a long day tomorrow”.
“You sure it’s just that?”
“Alright then, I’ll leave you to rest. Enjoy your sleep”, he said, pecking her on the
cheek and she was surprised. It had been a long time he did that.
“Dean!!! What did I say about putting your lips on…”
“Good night “, he said, winking and he left.
“Argh! Why did he have to do that?! Now I have to spend my night, fighting off
these thoughts”, she said to herself and as she was trying to prevent herself from
over thinking, Richard came into the picture.
“Oh no!” She said, facepalming and she spent her night, thinking of what Richard
said to her and how he’s been nice to her and what it would be like to actually
date him.
“Arrghhh”, she exclaimed and she forced herself to sleep.

The following day, she planned to avoid Richard but luckily for her, he didn’t
show up at work that day.
After working at the design room, she went for lunch and she met up with Lisa
and the other employees.
She being at the top with Erica and Richard, made it quite difficult to mingle with
the others.
Lisa was supposed to be at the top with her but due to the fact that she was not
needed by Richard that often, she was moved down to stay with the others and
she actually preferred it that way.
“Mmm, someone seems to have a new admirer”, Lisa said to her and she widened
her eyes.
“See Mr handsome over there, stealing glances at you”, she said to her and Jessica
looked in her direction and saw someone who wasn’t Richard, staring at her.
“Who’s he? I don’t think I’ve seen him before”.
“That’s Philip. He works at the IT section and he’s my good friend and he seems
to like you”.
“What? I don’t even know him”.
“God, can everyone stop liking me”, she said to herself.
“Yeah every couple were once strangers”, she said, wiggling her brows.
“Yeah but I’m not interested in anything right now”.
“Mmm, but I thought you said there’s no Mr Jess in the picture”.
“Yeah but I don’t want one right now”.
“Mmmm, too bad but maybe when you start talking to him, you’ll…”
“Did he put you up to this?”
“No, no. He mentioned it once that he finds you attractive and would love to get
to know you better but then I’m doing the Lord’s work for him. Maybe you can
come with him to my birthday dinner if you don’t have a plus one”.
“What? I have a plus one. My best friend is coming with me”.
“Oh okay, that’s fine. I’ll pull her away and then you two can chat”.
“My bestfriend is a he”.
“Oohh, a he. Mmm, I see what’s going on here. He’s already occupying the space of
Mr Jess”.
“What? No. He has a girlfriend”.
“Mmm, okay. Then you can still have a chat with Philip. He’s really a nice guy, he’s
good looking, he’s hardworking and he has a good job of course and he’s into


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