Dean watched her as she blabbed and talked all about her feelings for Richard.
He was amused at how she was annoyed about the fact that she caught feelings
for Richard.
“Why are you looking at me like that. Do I sound crazy?” She asked and he
“You’ve literally spent hours talking about this and going back and forth”, he said
to her.
“Hours?” She said, rolling her eyes. “And yeah I know I’m talking a lot but I don’t
know what to do. Things are just getting complicated for me”.
“So what do you….” he started to say but was interrupted by Anastasia.
“Deannn, I’ll be leaving soon”, Anastasia yelled from the living room.
“Oh okay. I’ll be right there”, he exclaimed.
“I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Just bath, relax and calm your nerves”.
“Mmmm, I’ll do that”, Jessica said to him.
“Alright. I’ll be back to check in on you”, he said and he left.
Jessica shut the door and she dived on her bed.

The following day, Jessica and Lisa were in the file room, looking for documents
which could aid in the lawsuit that they had against the other company.
“I can’t believe we’ve been tasked to do this annoying work”, Lisa said in an
irritated tone.
“Well, we are the two assistants of the main bosses, so I’m sure that’s why we are
specifically doing this”.
“It’s not like I even have any idea of what’s going on and now I’m searching for
“Yeah, I’ve always wondered why you’re not involved in the meetings”.
“Mr Day doesn’t need me there to take any note, he does it all himself. So yeah,
I’m just in my own world”.
“Are you okay with that?”
“Not really but what can I do? I still get paid, so it’s a bit okay”.
“Mmm, do you know about Miss Jen?” She asked.
“That arrogant lady who can’t keep her hands off Mr Day?! I know her. She’s a
very rude ugly nasty looking human being”.
“Woah. That’s a lot of negative words”.
“That’s the truth. And I don’t even know what Mr Day is doing with her”.
“Yeah, there’s been rumors that they have a thing. I’m not too sure but I hope it’s
not true”.
“Hmm”, Jessica said to herself.
“Have you met her before? Or you’ve just heard of her”, Lisa asked.
“I’ve met her more than once and it’s always been a very bad experience. She’s
just so rude. Did something happen to her during her childhood?”
“I wonder. Can’t wait for the day we stop working with her and I’ll tell her off!”
“I’ll be right behind you!” She exclaimed and Lisa chuckled.
“Philip told me that he had a chat with you the other day”.
“Yeah but we didn’t talk much. I had to run off for a meeting”.
“Mmm, then maybe you can talk more tomorrow at my party”, she said, winking.
“Lisaaaa, I’m not interested in him. He’s not even my type”.
“Oh so who’s your type?” She asked and all that came to Jessica’s mind was Dean
and Richard.
“I don’t really know but when I meet someone like that, I’ll know”.
“Hmm, okay”, she said to her and they talked for a while till they found all the
documents they were searching for.

Jessica was walking towards her office and she met Richard in the hallway.
“Hey”, he said, smiling.
“Hey”, she said, trying to hold back her smile but she couldn’t. She was actually
excited to see him although she was a bit shy.
Richard saw the smile on her face and he knew that she was beginning to like
“How was your night?” He asked her.
“It was good”.
“Great. Are you working late today?”
“I’m not sure”.
“Okay. I’m on my way out but I’ll be back to pick you up from work”.
“Richard, you don’t always have to do that”.
“I want to”, he said to her.
“Mmm, I guess I have no choice then”.
“You always have a choice and it’s definitely a ride home over taking a bus”, he
said to her and she chuckled.
“Maybe I prefer the bus. You never know”, she said, snickering and he laughed.
“Then maybe I’ll join you in the bus to have a feel of this experience that you
cherish more than a car ride”.
“That’ll be something to watch. Maybe we should use the bus”, she said to him.
“Sure, I’ll be back later in the evening.
“What? I’m kidding”.
“It’s been settled. We’re going with the bus”, he said, winking at her and he left.

Jessica was in her office, waiting for Richard to show up but it was already getting
late and she was tired of waiting.
“Where could he be? And I don’t even have his contact”, she said to herself as she
placed her hands on her jaw.
She was about to give up and leave but then he walked into her office.
“I’m so sorry for being late”, he said to her.
“It’s fine,”.
“Alright, let’s go”, he said to her and she got on her feet.
“Wait! So what’s going to happen to your car?”
“I’ll come back for it”.
“Oh okay”, she said to him and they left.
Jessica was a bit worried about someone seeing them together and she kept
looking around.
“I don’t think this is a good idea”, she thought to herself. “What if someone sees
the both us together in a bus”.
“Are you okay?” Richard asked when he realized that she was disturbed.
“I’m just scared of what might happen if someone sees us together in the bus”.
“It’s almost 7 Jessica. I don’t think there’s anyone around and it doesn’t matter if
they see us together”.
“It does Richard, if someone sees us, they’ll assume the worst and it’ll bring a lot
of heat on me”.
“I won’t let it get there”, he said to her but she was still worried about it.
“If it’s really bothering you, then we can just forget about it and then I’ll drop you
off at home. Will you prefer that?” He asked and she nodded.
“Alright”, he said to her and they walked to the car park.
They both got into the car and he drove off.

When they arrived in front of her house, they talked for a while and then she
stepped out of the car.
“I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Is that fine with you?” He asked.
“Of course. That’s okay”.
“Okay, enjoy your sleep and have a beautiful weekend”.
“Enjoy yours too”, she said to him and he drove off.
She was about to walk into her building when she heard her name.
“Jess!” someone exclaimed and she turned around and saw that it was her sister.
“Priscilla!!! What are you doing here?” She asked, surprised.
“I was in the neighborhood with a friend and I decided to visit”.
“Oh great. I’ve missed you so much”, she said, hugging her.
“I’ve missed you too”, her sister said, smiling.
“Wait! Who just dropped you off?” Priscilla asked.
“Wow! Was that his car?”
“Jess! That car can pay for everything we have combined multiplied by 3!”
“What? No, it cannot”.
“It can. That man is swimming in money!”
“Yeahhh”, she said, shrugging.
“You’re saying yeah like it’s not a big deal”.
“It’s not. I have bigger issues than worrying about the money he has”.
“What issues?”
“Let’s go in and I’ll tell you”, she said to her and they both walked into the
building and when they arrived in their house, they saw Dean and Anastasia
having a heated argument.
“I always knew that you didn’t want me here! Everyday it’s one story or the
other!” She yelled at Dean and Priscilla gave her sister a look.
“It’s not about not wanting you here. It’s about me having my space Anastasia!!”
“Your space?! You just want to be alone with her!” She said, looking in Jessica’s
direction. “Everytime you talk about space but every time I call you’re always
with her. How’s that your space?!”
Jessica was confused. She didn’t know if she should get involved or walk away
but her sister gave her a sign to walk away and she did.
As she and Priscilla were walking towards her room, Anastasia said something
which made her stop in her tracks.
“It’s obvious that you two are sleeping together!” She yelled.
“What did she just say??!” Priscilla asked and Jessica turned around to walk back
to the living room, but Priscilla pulled her back.
“No, don’t. Let Dean handle that himself”, she said to her.
“No, I’ve been very cool with her and I don’t understand why she’ll just open her
mouth to spew out such demeaning nonsense”.
“I know but if you get involved, it’d get messy”.
“I don’t care, she started this”.
“Jess please. Just ignore her, that’ll actually bite her in the ass more”.
“Hmmm, okay”, she said to her and she walked into her room.

Later in the night, Jessica accompanied her sister to the car park.
“Are you sure you can’t sleep over?” She asked her.
“Nah, I’ve got something to do in the morning so I can’t but don’t worry, I’ll come
for a sleep over very soon”.
“Alright. Be careful and let me know when you get to your room, on your bed to
be exact”.
“Yes mum”, she said, chuckling and she got into the Uber she requested.
“Bye”, she exclaimed and the driver drove off.
Jessica went back up to her house and she was about to walk into her room but
she decided to check on Dean.
“Hey”, she said, knocking on his door but there was no response.
“Deaaannn?” She called out.
“Yeah, I’m in here”, he said to her and she walked in.
When she walked in, she saw him lying on his bed, shirtless and he didn’t seem to
be doing anything.
She’s seen him shirtless a lot of times but it still had an effect on her.
“Are you okay?” She asked, sitting on his bed.
“You don’t look okay. What happened between you and Anastasia?”
“We broke up”, he said to her and she was surprised.
“What? Why?”
“I was just so tired of the argument and her accusations, so I just had to let her
“Wow. What caused the argument?”
“She wanted to move in again and I had to tell her that point blank that I needed
my space and she got pissed and started talking about you being here too, it was
just a whole jealousy rant. I don’t blame her though but I just can’t let her move
“Yeahhh. Moving in is something deeper and I’ll only want to do that with my
future wife”.
“But you’ve already moved in with me”, she said, teasing him and he chuckled.
“That’s different and we don’t share the same bedroom so I still get my space”.
“I know, I was just teasing you”.
“Yeah, I know and this is exactly what I was trying to explain to Anastasia but she
didn’t want to listen”.
“And she accused me of sleeping with you”.
“You heard that?”
“Yeah, she said it out loud for me to hear”.
“Oh, I’m sorry about that. That actually made me angry and I think that’s when it
got more heated up and I had to just end things”.
“Hmm, I’m sorry that happened especially when you really liked her”.
“It’s fine. I’ll be fine”.
“Hmm, anyway my friend’s birthday is tomorrow. It’ll be a nice distraction for
“Yeahhh, what time is it?”
“Okay and is Priscilla gone?”
“Yeahh, she left not too long ago”.
“Ooh, I didn’t get to speak to her. I guess I’ll text her later”.
“Yeahhh”, she said to him.
They were both quiet for a while till she spoke up.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” She asked him.
“Yeahhh, it’s a been while we did that”.
“Alright, let’s go to the hall then”, she said, getting on her feet. He also got on his
feet and followed her.
They both sat on the couch next to each other and they looked through the
movies on Netflix and finally made a selection.
“There’s a bit of romance in this. I hope it wouldn’t affect you cos of the break
up”, she said to him and he chuckled.
“How’s it going to affect me? I’m not you”, he said, teasing her and she punched
him in the chest.
“Ouch”, he said, chuckling and she rolled her eyes.
The movie began and Jessica went to grab some biscuits for them then chew
whiles watching.
As they were watching the movie, she placed her head on his shoulders for a
better balance.
Few minutes into the movie and tension arose between them because the movie
had two best friends who were into each other and didn’t know how to be open
about it.
Jessica became stiff at the point when the two best friends in the movie ended up
in bed together.
“I’m going to get some water to drink”, she said, getting on her feet and she left.
“Oh God, I can’t deal with these feelings anymore. Why do I still feel them so
strongly even when I’m catching feelings for someone else?” She said to herself as
she opened the fridge.
She grabbed a bottle of water and drank it all to calm her nerves. She went back
to the living room and she sat by Dean. This time she gave him some space but he
pulled her into his arms.
They sat in that position for a while and as things got more heated on tv it
reflected back on them. Jessica lifted her head to steal a glance at him and he also
looked at her and they stared at each other for a while.
She was about to look away but then she felt his lips on hers. Her eyes widened
and he pulled back.
“God, I’m so sorry”, he said, pulling away but she pulled him back and was about
to kiss him too but she realized that it could be that he was trying to get
Anastasia out of his mind and she pulled away.
“I need some air”, she said, getting on her feet and she went into her room.
“Oh God, what just happened?” She said, sitting her bed.
“Arrghhhhh!” She exclaimed and she threw her pillow on the floor. As she was in
her thoughts, thinking about it, her phone went off and she looked at the caller ID
but it was an unknown number.
“Who would be calling me at this time of the night. Maybe it could be my sister”,
she said, picking up the call.
“Heyyy”, the person said over the phone in a husky voice and she knew that it
was Richard.
“Hey”, she said, smiling.
“You’re still awake?” He asked.
“Yeah, I am”.
“Okay, I’m just calling to check up on you. I’m about to go to bed”.
“Okay, thank you”, she said, smiling.
“You’re welcome. Do you have plans for tomorrow?”
“Just in the evening. It’s Lisa’s birthday, do you know about the dinner she’s
“Yeahh, she told me about it”.
“Oh okay. I’ll be going there tomorrow evening”.
“Oh that’s great”.
“Will you be there?” She asked.
“Do you want me there?”
“You have to be there for Lisa”.
“Yeahh, I’ll pass by and drop a gift”.
“That’s so sweet of you”.
“Mmm. So, your afternoon is free, am I correct?”
“Okay, then I’ll pick you up tomorrow”.
“Okayyyy, where are we going to?”
“Mmm, a mini road trip. Just want to hang out with you”.
“Okay”, she said, smiling.
“Is that okay?”
“Yeahhh, I’ll love that”.
“Alright, have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow”.
“Good night Richard”, she said and she hung up.
When she was done with the call, the whole Dean situation hit her on the face
again and she wondered why he kissed her.
“Could it be that he feels the same way or it’s just the movie that affected him or
he’s trying to get Anastasia off his mind”.
“Argh! This situation sucks. I’m getting tired of it and now I’m getting into a huge
bundle of trouble with Richard. If things get too serious, I don’t know how we’re
going to work it out with our work situation. Why is my life so complicated?” She
said, facepalming.
“I have to try to get over Dean so that this doesn’t happen again but it’s not so
easy. I’m so crazy about him”, she said, whining.
“God, I’ll need your help on this one”, she said to herself and she spent the rest of
her night thinking of the 2 seconds kiss and her road trip with Richard.
After a long while of thinking, she drifted off to sleep.


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