“Wait, can you please stop the car?” Jessica said to the driver and Dean was
“What’s going on?” Dean asked.
“Can you take the lead? I need to take care of something”.
“Take care of what?”
“I’m going to my work place”.
“For what?”
“Dean, I just need to do something. I’ll be back soon”.
“Can’t I come with you? It’s late”.
“Yeah. You know what? Just drop me off and I’ll get a free ride back home”.
“You’re going to see Richard?” he asked.
“And how are you sure he’ll be there”.
“He will”.
“And what if he’s not there?”
“I’ll just call you back to come and pick me up”, she said, shrugging.
“Alright, driver I’m updating the location, kindly check your map”, he said to the
“Okay”, the driver said and he turned around and drove towards Jessica’s work
When they arrived, Jessica stepped out of the car.
“To calm your nerves, I’ll check the car park to see if his car is there”, she said to
Dean and he nodded.
She walked to the car park and she smiled when she saw that his car was parked
over there. She walked back to inform Dean.
“His car has been parked over there, so you don’t have anything to worry about”.
“Alright, I’ll be expecting you at home. If you need me, just call and I’ll be right
“Alright, I’ll see you at home”, she said, waving and she walked into the building.
When she arrived at Richard’s office, he was really surprised to see her.
“Hey”, she said to him and he stopped what he was doing.
“Can we talk?” she asked.
“Yeah, please sit”, he said to her and she took her seat.
“I’m very sorry for going back and forth with you and to be honest, one of the
reasons why I’m holding back is because I don’t really trust you, but who can
fully trust anyone in the beginning? That’s not possible. I thought about it and
trust is built over a period of time and not at the beginning. So, I’m willing to uhm
give this a try and see where it goes”, she said to him and her heart was really
beating at a faster rate.
“Jessica what are you doing?” she said to herself and she wished she had not said
She looked at him and he was just staring at her.
“Uhh, are you going to say something?” she said to him and he just kept staring at
He finally got on his feet and walked up to her. He sat on the table across her and
her heart was beating so fast.
“So, will you go out on a date with me tomorrow?” he asked, smirking and she
calmed her nerves down.
“Yeah”, she said, smiling.
“Alright, 2pm right?”
“Yeahhh and uhm, can we keep this between us till I’m ready for us to go public. I
know I’m asking too much but…”
“That’s okay. As long as you’re with me, I’m fine with that”, he said to her and she
“So, can I have this dance now? We can’t let that beautiful dress go to waste”, he
said, smirking.
“But there’s no music”, she said to him.
“Come with me”, he said to her and he took her to the bedroom.
“Alexa, play love 204 playlist on apple music”, he exclaimed and the music came
Jessica was really surprised.
“Now, can we dance?” he said, stretching out his hands to her and they danced to
the song.
As they were dancing, she just felt like she was in cloud nine. She felt so happy
and she just wanted to be in his arms for a longer time.
She kept staring at him and he stared right back at her and before she could look
away, he placed his lips on hers.
The kiss sent a lot of sparks within her and she could feel a tingling feeling in her
They kissed for a while and she broke it off and walked to the other end of the
“Did I do something wrong?’ he asked her and she shook her head.
“Are you sure?” he asked and she nodded.
“Is it about the kiss? If you’re not comfortable with it, I can hold it off”.
“No, no. It’s not making me uncomfortable. I enjoyed it but doing that could lead
to something else and I..”
“I understand, we’ll take everything at your own pace”.
“Okay, thank you”, she said, smiling.
‘Do you want to go home now?” he asked and she nodded.
“Yeah, I’m so tired”, she said to him.
“Alright, I’ll just pack up my things and then we can go”, he said to her and she

Dean was in the house, when the doorbell went off.
He quickly rushed to it and when he opened up the door, he was surprised to see
his old friend, Harry.
“Harry! It’s been a while, what’s up?!” he asked, walking into the room.
“Just been busy with work. I was in town and I decided to stop by”.
“Oh great. How’s everything going?” he asked and they both sat on the couch.
“Everything is great. Just a bit stressed but it’s all good. What’s up with you?”
“Everything is fine bro just working and trying to get a promotion”.
“Wow, I’m sure you’ll get it. You really put in a lot of work”.
“Yeah hopefully”.
“Yeah. So how is Jessica? And Anastasia?”
“Jessica is fine, she’s currently not at home and Anastasia, I don’t know. We broke
up few days ago”.
“What? What happened?”
“We argued and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I called it quits”.
“Woah, so sorry about that. What were you two arguing about? Let me guess.
“Hmmm, when are you two going to finally come clean about your feelings and
get together? Like isn’t dating other people so stressful?”
“Nah, we are better this way and I don’t think she likes me like that”.
“Are you blind? She has huge feelings for you. Everyone can see that!”
“No, she doesn’t. I’ve tried to see if she does but she doesn’t. I told her Anastasia
was the one and she didn’t flinch and now she’s hooked on her bosses’ brother”.
“What? She’s good at hiding it just like you but when you look at the way she
looks at you and behaves, you should be able to tell”.
“Nah, I don’t think so and I don’t want to ruin what we have. I really love and care
for her so much and I can’t afford to lose her over my feelings”.
“You’re going to lose her by keeping your mouth shut!”
“It’s better that way. What if I tell her and she doesn’t feel the same way? Things
would get weird and our friendship might go down the drain”.
“And what if she does?”
“I might end up ruining things. She’s not into the whole intimate stuff and I don’t
think I’ll be able to keep my hands off her if we make this for real. And we might
end up doing things that she might regret. The last time, my stupid self kissed
and if she didn’t pull back, I don’t know what would have happened. I respect her
a lot and I don’t want to be the reason she breaks her boundaries”.
“Wow! You’re right but it’d be best if you let her know all this and you two can
make the decisions yourself instead of assuming and making the decisions
“Hmm, you’re right but…..”
“The earlier you do it, the better for you before you lose her to someone else”.
Dean was about to speak but Jessica walked in grinning.
“Deannnn”, she said in excitement.
I have a crush on my bestfriend- Chapter 34
“Oh harry!” she exclaimed and she ran up to him and engulfed him in a hug.
Harry was an old friend of theirs and they all attended the same high school.
“How have you been?” she asked, releasing her grip of him.
“I’m good. How are you?”
“I’m also good, can’t complain”, she said, grinning and they both took their seats.
Jessica sat by Dean and Harry sat across them.
“It’s been a while and ouu, you’re looking so beautiful in that dress”.
“Yeah, Dean picked it out for me”, she said, smiling.
“I see, you’ve got a good taste Dean”, he said, giving Dean a teasing look.
“So, how’s the new job going?”
“It’s been awesome. I love it there”.
“Aww, I’m so happy for you. You’ve always wanted this!”
“Yeah, I almost gave up the whole fashion dream but Dean was all up in my face
encouraging me and he pushed me to apply for this”, she said, looking at him and
he grinned.
“Aww, we all need a Dean in our lives”, he said, making a face at Dean, teasing
They talked for a while till Harry decided to take his leave.
“I’m going to see him off, I’ll be back”, Dean said to Jessica.
“Alright, I’m going to take a quick shower”, she said to him and they left.
“I really think you should come clean about your feelings before it’s too late”,
Harry said to him as they walked down to the car park.
“I think it’s too late. She went to see her current love interest and she came back
with a huge grin plastered on her face. She’s really excited about it, I can’t go and
ruin it with my own feelings”.
“You’re not ruining anything. She has feelings for you, it can’t just go down the
drain. Tell her everything and then it’s up to her to decide if she wants to be with
you or not”.
“I’m just going to put her in a confusing state. You don’t get it; I want her to be
happy. With or without me”.
“Of course, she’ll be happy with or without you but don’t you think you should let
her decide that?”
“I’ve heard you, I’ll talk to her”.
“Now, that’s what I’m talking about. You’ve been in love with her ages and she
deserves to know”, he said, smacking him on his shoulders.
“I regret ever telling you”.
“You didn’t. I had pull it out of you”.
“I still regret it”, he said to him and he chuckled.
“Let me know how it goes, I’m sure everyone would want to know that”.
“No, don’t tell anyone anything about this. I don’t want any pressure of any sort
and I don’t think Jessica would be cool with everyone knowing about this”.
“Sure bro. My lips are sealed”.
“Alright, thanks for passing by. I really appreciate it”.
“Anytime bro”, he said, getting into his car.
“I’ll try to pass by your place soon”.
“Alright, bye”, he said, waving his hands and he drove off.
Dean walked back into the building and when he stepped into the house, he
thought about his discussion with Harry and he wondered how he was going to
tell Jessica.
“Deannn”, Jessica said, walking into the living room in her nightie.
“Oh Lord, if only she’ll stop wearing these things around me”, he said to himself.
“You won’t believe what happened this night”, she said, sitting on the couch and
he sat on the sofa opposite hers.
“What happened?” he asked.
“Richard and I talked things out and we’ve decided to… uhm, I don’t know what
to call it but I think we are dating”, she said to him and he was surprised.
“Wow, that’s amazing”.
“And we kissed but I told him we’ll have to slow down with that and he’s cool
with it!”
“Wow, that’s awesome, I’m happy for you”.
“Thank you! A part of me is still a bit scared. Like I don’t really know him like that
but well, I guess I’ll have to risk it and if I see red flags, I’ll back off”.
“Mmm yeah, no one really knows anyone like that till they date for a longer
period of time”.
“Yeahhh, you don’t seem okay. Is everything alright?” she asked.
“Me? Everything is alright, I was just…”
“Does it have anything to do with Anastasia?”
“What? No!”
“Mmm, I know it’s her. Talking about this has made you think about it”.
“Stop acting like you’re not hurt. You really liked her and you even felt like she
was the one and I’m not really happy that I’m the reason…”
“Jess, stop it. I wasn’t serious when I said that, I just said that bec… uhhm, you
know what, never mind”.
“Wow, now you look angry. What’s going on Dean?”
“It’s nothing”, he said, getting on his feet and he was about to leave but Jessica
pulled him back.
“Dean, I don’t like seeing you upset”, she said, getting on her feet. “Just tell me
what it is, maybe I could be of help”, she said to him and he stared at her.
The way he stared at her made her feel a tingling feeling within her and at that
moment she knew what it was. “Oh my God! He’s jealous”, she said to herself.
“But how can he be jealous? Does he li..”
“I didn’t want to do this Jess but I guess I have to…….to let you know that I’m
head over heels in love with you”, he said, staring at her and she was really
surprised and her jaw dropped.
“Dean c’mon, if this is a joke, it’s not funny at all. You…”
“I’m dead serious and I’ve tried my best to keep it to myself but…”
“Wait, wait, this isn’t happening right now, I’m sure this is a dream. God, okay?
This isn’t funny, please just wake me up, I’m ready to wake up”, she said,
She closed her eyes for a while and then she opened it.
“I’m still here? I’m just going to go to my room and maybe I’ll wake up”, she said
to him.
“Jess, I’m serious. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to ruin what
you have right now but you have to know. I’ve been in love with you for a long
time now and I’ve been trying to curb it because I didn’t’ want to ruin what we
have and I wasn’t….”
“Dean, don’t do this. I can’t be your rebound. You’re just feeling this way because
you’ve been lonely and you’re trying to get over Anastasia”.
“What? I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Goodnight”, he said to her and he
walked into his room.
Jessica stood there confused and she also walked into her room.
Her head was spinning in circles and she didn’t know what to do.
“God please just wake me up from this dream, it’s not funny anymore”, she said,
placing her hands on her head.
She spent the rest of the night thinking about it and she drifted off to sleep.

The following morning, she woke up and everything that happened the previous
night cane flooding in.
“Oh God, this again. I really thought I was dreaming”, she said to herself.
She said a short prayer and then she got off her bed.
She walked into the washroom and did her business and then she stepped out of
her room to grab a snack from the fridge.
She tiptoed out of her room. She didn’t want Dean to hear her footsteps and step
out his room. she wasn’t ready to talk about the previous night.
Everything that happened had not sank in and she was trying her best to keep it
off her mind.
Unfortunately for her, she met Dean at the living room.


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