“Drive? I don’t have a car. Why will I want to learn that?”
“Hmm, that’s true but you can just learn for the fun of it or for emergency
“I don’t have the time for that but when I’m about to buy a car of my own, I’ll
surely learn how to drive”.
“Mmm, when we go for road trips, I’ll teach how how to drive”.
“In that car? Do you want me to crash it?”
“You won’t as long as I’m with you”.
“No thank you. I’m good, I don’t want to crash a car which is 1000 times my
salary”, she said to him and he chuckled.
“So are we here yet?” He asked.
“Yeah, the restaurant is just 3 minutes walk from here. Let’s go”, she said to him
and he followed her.
They finally arrived at the restaurant and when they walked in, Richard looked
around to observe the place.
“Richard, let’s walk up to the counter to make our order”, she said, pulling him
towards the counter.
“Hey Jess!!! it’s been years since I’ve seen you here”, the woman at the counter
said to her.
“Yeah, I’ve been busy with work”.
“Aww, how’s work going?”
“It’s going really well”.
“And how’s Dean? I’ve missed seeing him around too”, she asked.
“He’s fine, I’m sure he’ll come around soon”, she said, forcing a smile.
“Okay. Hey handsome, how are you doing?” She asked, giving him a flirty look
and he looked at Jessica.
“Respond”, she mouthed to him.
“I’m great. How are you too?” He asked.
He found it weird that an older woman was calling him handsome and he felt like
she was flirting right in front of Jessica.
“You just made my day better”, she said, smiling and Jessica chuckled.
“Cheating on Dean are we?” Jessica asked her.
“Oh Dean is my forever baby, having a second baby won’t hurt though”, the
woman said, smiling and Richard felt uncomfortable.
“Anyway, what will you like to eat?” She asked them.
“My usual”, Jessica said to her.
“And what about you handsome?”
“I’ll have whatever she’s taking”.
“Alright. You can take your seat and you’ll be served shortly”, she said to them
and as they were about to leave, she called Jessica back.
“You can sit at the table over there, I’ll be with you soon”, she said to him and he
He walked to the table and Jessica walked back to the counter.
“Girl, what’s your secret? From Dean to this gorgeous man”.
“Mama Rose! They’re both old enough to be your kids! And Dean is my
bestfriend, not my man”.
“Mmm, we’ve heard it all before. You two are definitely more than friends.
Anyway, should I grab a book?”
“For what?”
“The secrets”, she said to her and Jessica chuckled.
“You’re so hilarious. Please get us our food, we need to leave in the next 20
“Girll, I’m still going to get that secret”, she said to her and Jessica walked away.
She joined Richard at the table and he gave her a weird look.
“What that woman did was a form of harassment”.
“Harass? She was just complimenting you and messing around. Don’t take it to
“Isn’t she old enough to be my mum?” He asked and she laughed.
“It’s not actually funny. I don’t think she should do that especially when we don’t
know each other. I was really uncomfortable and it’s also disrespectful to you”.
“Richard, I think you’re over analyzing this. She didn’t mean any harm, it’s her
way of communicating”.
“Imagine I took you to a restaurant and an older man calls you beautiful and sort
of flirts with you? Wouldn’t that be disrespectful to you and to me?”
“Mmm, when you put it that way. I get where you’re coming from but please
don’t take it to heart. It’s her way of being friendly”.
“Hmm, sure”.
“Oh Richard, don’t be mad. She didn’t mean any harm”.
“It’s okay”, he said to her and she smiled.
Few minutes later, the food was served by one of the waiters.
“Thank you”, Jessica said, smiling.
She opened up their food and she moved Richard’s plate closer to him.
“Taste it and let me know if you like it”, she said to him and he looked down at his
“It actually smells so good”, he said grabbing his fork.
“Yeah and it taste good too but you’ll be the judge of that”.
“Okay”, he said to her and he placed the rice in his mouth.
“Mmm, this taste so good”.
“Told ya! This was my food plug when I wasn’t working”.
“You’ve got good taste. This is actually good and it taste better than some of the
food I’ve eaten at other restaurants”, he said to her and she remembered that it
was Dean who introduced her to the restaurant.
The first day she moved into his house, he brought her to the restaurant and
since then she found herself always eating there.
When they were done eating, the waitress walked up to their table to take the
“How much is everything?” Jessica asked her and she informed her.
Richard took out his wallet and before he could take out the money, Jessica paid.
“My restaurant, my bill”, she said to him.
“Yes ma’am”, he said, smiling.
“Whoa!!! I’ve got just 5 minutes to get back!” She said, looking at her phone.
“Let’s go”, he said to her and they got on their feet.
“Mama Rose, we’re leaving. I’ll see you again”.
“Okay, bye love and bye handsome. I hope I’ll see you again”, she exclaimed but
they had already left.
“I think we have to take a cab for you to make it in time”.
“Yeahh, but we can’t arrive together”.
“Sure”, he said to her and he quickly stopped a cab for her, he gave the man some
money and she got in.
“I’ll see you at the office”, he said to her and the driver drove off.

Later in the night, Jessica and Richard arrived at the yacht.
This time, Jessica felt really comfortable in it.
They ate their food and stepped out to see the sea and feel the cool breeze.
“I’m really happy I met you”, Richard said, wrapping his hands around her waist.
“I’m glad I met you too”, she said to him and he kissed behind her neck.
“I really thought that I was going to end up alone. All the ladies I’ve had in my life
were just after the money and the ones that were not after the money, were just
using me to complement themselves”.
“The day I saw you at the elevator looking helpless, I was intrigued but then I
waved it off and then when Erica told me about you…wait, I’ve already told you
this before right?”
“Yeah but I don’t mind hearing it again”, she said, smiling.
“At first, I was very skeptical about you because I felt you might end up wanting
me for my money but you were not even interested in me at all”, he said,
“That was actually a turn on and it made me push even harder and the day you
told me that you couldn’t offer anything in return, I was really hurt and I felt like
a predator. I had to sit and think about my actions towards you and I was trying
to figure out what part of my actions made you feel that way”.
“Aww, I’m really sorry about that. I felt so bad that evening after I said that”.
“It’s fine. I have you now, that’s all that matters”, he said, kissing her neck and she
They stayed in that position for for a while and they went back in to take a drink.

Richard dropped her off and she walked up to her house, feeling so happy but as
soon as she reached her front door, she remembered Dean and how she broke his
heart the previous night.
She walked in, hoping to not see him in the living room and he wasn’t there.
She quickly walked into her room and shut the door.

They both avoided each other for weeks and it was really hurting Jessica but she
knew that she just had to give him some space.
One evening, she stepped out her room to take something from the kitchen and
she bumped into him.


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