“Ouch”, Jessica exclaimed and she placed her hands on her forehead.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t hear you coming”, he said to her.
“Are you okay?” He asked, placing his hands on her forehead.
“Yeahh, I am. It just hurts a bit”.
“Maybe we can put ice on it”.
“Oh it’s okay. Thank you”.
“Alright”, he said to her and as he was about to walk into his room, she called him
“Dean”, she said to him and he turned around.
“How are you doing?” She asked, smiling.
“I’m good and how are you also doing?”
“I’m okay. How’s the new promotion?”
“It’s great, a bit stressful but I’m managing”.
“Have they given you the car yet?”
“It’s coming in tomorrow”.
“Wow, that’s awesome! How about the apartment? Was that included in the
“Yeah, I have the option to pick a new apartment of my choice but I’m waiting for
you to get a place before I move cos I don’t think you’ll want to move with me to a
new place. Right?”
“Oh yeah. That’s thoughtful of you and I’m really happy for you. A new place and
a car? That’s a double dose of blessing”.
“Okay”, she said to him and he smiled and walked into his room.
She was a bit upset at how he left without saying much but she had to accept that
things were different now.
She walked into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water and she was about to walk
back into her room but her doorbell went off.
She walked towards the door to open it and she was surprised to see her mom
and sister.
“Mom??” She said, surprised and she stepped asked for them to walk in.
“I’m sorry Jessica but I had to tell her everything since you decided not to go
home last three weeks”.
“Jess! How could you hide such big news from me?! You know how much I love
Erica Day and her fashion brand!”
“Well, you didn’t want me to be a fashion designer and…”
“What? I didn’t know that it was something you wanted to take seriously! My
baby girl is working for Erica Day!!” She exclaimed and she hugged her.
“Tell her I said hi and I love her so much and..”
“She already knows that”, Jessica said to her and her mum released her grip of
“What? Erica Day knows me?!!” She exclaimed and Priscilla laughed so hard.
She knew how annoyed Jessica was and it made everything so funny.
“Can I meet her?”
“Yeah when it’s open day, you’ll meet her”, she said, forcing a smile.
“No, there’s nothing like that”.
“She’s just being sarcastic”, Priscilla said, laughing and their mother frowned.
“Keep being sarcastic and you’ll find me in your office tomorrow”, she said to her
and Priscilla continued to laugh.
“Anyway, where’s my sweetheart?” She asked.
“Deannn” she said to her.
“Oh, he’s in his room”.
“Call him! Didn’t he hear my voice?” She said to her and Jessica gave her a look.
“Call him”, she said, taking her seat and Jessica walked sluggishly to his room and
she knocked on the door.
She didn’t get any response and she knocked once more but there was no
“Deannn?” She called out and she opened the door.
As soon as she opened the door, he walked out of the bathroom in just his towel
which was wrapped around the lower part of his body.
“Oh my God. I’m so sorry”, she said, walking back and she shut the door.
“My mum is here and she wants to see you. So when you’re done, come to the
living room”, she exclaimed and she ran back to the living room.
“Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” Her mother asked and Priscilla
“You’re really having a good laugh today. Wait till it’s my turn”, she said to her
“Where’s Dean?” her mum asked.
“He’s coming. He just finished taking his bath”.
“Okay. Get me some water”.
“Me too”, Priscilla said, wiggling her brows.
Jessica glared at her and she walked to the kitchen.
She grabbed the water and walked back to the living room.
As she was serving the water, Dean walked into the living room.
“Is that my sweet sixteen mama?” He exclaimed.
“Deannnn!!!” Jessica’s mum exclaimed and he walked towards her and hugged
“I’ve missed you so much my little baby boy”, she said to him and he released his
“I’ve missed you too mum”, he said, smiling.
“Mum, you do realize he’s a full grown man now”, Priscilla said to her.
“Stop hating. I don’t mind being her little baby boy”, Dean said to Priscilla and she
rolled her eyes.
“I know you’ve missed me too. Come for a hug”, he said to her and she rolled her
eyes again.
“You know you want a hug from me”, he said, pulling her off the couch and she
hugged him.
Jessica just stood by them, grinning so wide.
“How’s dad? And how are my parent’s doing?” He asked Jessica’s mum.
“Everyone is fine and we heard of your promotion. Congratulations!!!” She said to
“Thank you!”
“Congratulations Dean. When you get the car, I want to be the first go get a ride”,
Priscilla said to him.
“No problem”.
They all sat and talked for a while till Jessica’s mum decided to take her leave.
Dean and Jessica walked the both of them to the car park.
“Jessica, your dad and I will be expecting you at home this weekend. Maybe you
should come with Dean and we’ll have a big family dinner with his parents. I’ll
call your brother to also come home and you too Priscilla”.
“Are we celebrating something?” Jessica asked.
“Yes! Your new job and Dean’s promotion”.
“Alright, we’ll be there”, she said to her mom.
“You two should better pick me up from school”.
“Oh yeah, you’re going to come in Dean’s new car. Aww”, her mum said, smiling.
“But do you know how to drive?”
“Yeah, I used to drive my dad’s car in college”.
“Yeah, yeah, that used up corolla car. It’s good you returned it or it would have
sent you to an early grave”.
“Mum!!” Jessica exclaimed.
“What? Did I say he’ll die?”
“Don’t mind her. I get your point”, Dean said to her and she smiled.
“Good night my babies. I’ll see you two this weekend”, she said, getting them into
a group hug and she got into her car.
“Good night to you two. Dean don’t break your promise. I’m getting the first ride
in your car”.
“I won’t. As soon as I get it, I’ll drive to your school”.
“Alright. I’ll be expecting you”, she said to him.
“Bye”, she said, waving and she got into the car.
“Bye bye”, her mother said to them and she drove off.
“I’ve really missed your mum and her funny comments, I’m happy she came
today, she just made my night”, Dean said, chuckling and she smiled.
“Yeah, I’ve missed her too but she’s still so annoying”, she said to him and they
walked back into the building.
“Well, you can’t do anything about it”, he said, chuckling.
“Yeahh”, she said to him and he smiled.
They walked back to their house and walked into their rooms without saying a
“Not even a goodnight”, she said to herself and she laid on her bed.
Her mind drifted off to when she saw him dropping wet in just his towel.
“Jessica, what is wrong with you?” She said, facepalming.
She quickly grabbed her phone and was about to call Richard but he beat her to
“Hey handsome”, she said to him when she picked up the call.


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