“I don’t think he’ll do that”, Jessica said in an annoyed tone.
“Why are you talking like you know him so well?”
“He seems like a respectable man. I doubt he’ll do that. He’s your boss. You’re
supposed to defend him”.
“Yeah he is respectable but no one knows what happens behind close doors and
it’s not a crime to do what he’s doing. There’s nothing to really defend”, she said
to her and Jessica’s head started spinning.
She placed her hands on her head and leaned backwards.
“Are you okay?” She asked.
“Yeahh, I’m just feeling a bit dizzy”.
“Ohh! Should I I get you some water?”
“It’s fine. I’ll just rest my head”.
“Okay, then I’ll just let you rest. If you need anything, just send me a text”.
“I’ll be back to check up on you”.
“Okay”, she said to her and Lisa left her office.
“Jessica why are you getting so worked up about this”, she said to herself.
“I won’t let this get to me. I know Richard and there’s no way he’s going to do
that”, she said to herself and as she was deep in her thoughts, she received a text
from Richard.
“Bedroom”, it read and she quickly got off her seat.
She left her office and walked into the bedroom.
“Guess what?” He said to her.
“What?” She asked, forcing a smile.
“I’ve finally been able to close The Jens. We now have a long lasting partnership
with them”, he said to her.
He talked more on the partnership and what it entailed but Jessica was so lost in
her thoughts that she didn’t hear a thing.
“And that was it!” He said to her but she didn’t respond.
“Jessica??” he called out.
“Yeah”, she said to him.
“Did you hear everything I just said?”
“Yeahhh, I’m just processing everything”.
“You didn’t hear a thing. I’m telling you about my biggest breakthrough and you
didn’t pay any attention to it”.
“I’m sorry I was just… I heard something today and it’s really messing with my
“What did you hear that’s bigger than what I have to tell you?”
“Are you sleeping with Miss Ellen Jen?”
“Why will you ask me that?”
“There are rumors going around and I know it’s not true but I just want to hear
you say it”.
“What rumor?”
“That you’re sleeping with Miss Jen to be able to get her to convince her mum to
sign with you”, she said to him.
“Wow, with all the expertise I have, is that what I’ve been reduced to?” He asked
her and she was mute.
“I’ve already told you that I’m just trying to keep a close relationship with her to
get to her grandma. All we do is talk and then I fill her in on our future plans for
the company and then she shares that with her grandmother. And that’s all”.
“So you’ve never slept with her?”
“Hmm, I have but not to get to her grandmother. We dated in the past before
Erica filled me in on her plans to work with the Jens”.
“Wow!!! And you never told me that”.
“Because it wasn’t necessary and it was like 3 years ago”.
“And since you started this, you’ve not done anything with her?”
“She’s made advances at me but..”
“When was the last time she tried that?” She asked him.
“Jessica, this isn’t important. What’s important is that nothing happened and I’ve
successfully signed their company”.
“When was the last time Richard and what did she do?”
“Richard! just answer me”.
“When she brought in the signed documents. I was so excited and I hugged her
and she tried to kiss me and it didn’t happen because I’m not that kind of person”,
he said to her and Jessica was glaring at him.
“Jessica, this shouldn’t bother you. You’re all I want and I’ll never ever do
anything to hurt you”, he said, grabbing her hands.
“Why did you hide all this from me?”
“Because it wasn’t necessary and it didn’t mean anything to me”.
“So if I hide something like that from you. Will you be cool with it?”
“I’m sure there are a lot of things that happened before we got together and I
don’t care about it. I care about now and what we have together. And if you don’t
tell me about someone making advances of you, I wouldn’t get mad if you tell me
that it wasn’t necessary”.
“You’re just saying this because you’re not in my shoes! When she tried it the first
time, why didn’t you tell her that you were dating”.
“I was single the first time she made advances at me and I had to maintain a
certain kind of relationship with her. Telling her about my relationship life would
have made things a bit rough”.
“A certain kind of relationship? God, I need some air”, she said, walking away but
he pulled her back.
“Jessica, we’re grown ups. Let’s talk this out”.
“What exactly were you doing with Miss Jen to sign this deal? What did you two
talk about, what kind of relationship did you two have?”
“Can you sit, so that we talk”.
“Just tell me. I’m fine, standing”.
“All this is not really necessary but if you want to know, I’ll just tell you. When
Erica informed me on her plans to sign the Jens, I booked a meeting with Ellen’s
grandmother and the meeting didn’t go so well because she was acting stubborn
and not understanding what this partnership could bring to their company and
then I met Ellen on my way out”.
“I didn’t even know that she was working for her grandma. We spoke and she
understood my point of view and she promised to convince her mother and since
then it’s been series of meetings with Ellen. I think at some point, she felt they we
were becoming a thing again and one time, we were having dinner and she tried
to kiss me but I told her that I wasn’t into her like before. She got upset and never
responded to my calls. Erica wasn’t too happy about how things were going and
so I just had to go and apologize to Ellen and I told her that we should take things
slowly and be friends for a while to see how things would go and so, I’ve just
been putting up a front with her”.
“Hmmm, and so what happens now?”
“I’m still figuring out a way to tell her that I’m in a relationship without hurting
her so much”.
“Just tell her, it’s not like she can do anything to affect a signed contract”.
“She’s a human being, I don’t want her to feel like she was used”.
“She brought this on herself. You made things clear to her and she made her
feelings get in the way, leaving you no choice”.
“Yeah but..”
“She’s a very arrogant lady and I don’t care about her feelings being hurt!”
“Fine! The next time I speak to her, I’ll make things clear”.
“Better”, she said, folding her arms.
“So are you happy now?” He said, walking towards her.
“Nope”, she said, looking away and he hugged her from behind and wrapped his
hands around her waist.
“Are you sure?” He asked, kissing her neck and she smiled.
“That’s more like it”.
“Can you promise not to hide anything from me? Like I need to know everything
even if it’s not necessary”.
“Sure, I will”.
“And congratulations on your new partnership. This is going to make Erica so
“Yeah. Whoa! I’ve not told her yet. I have to call her”, he said, releasing his hands
and he grabbed his phone.
“I have to get back to work now. I’ll see you in the evening”, Jessica said to him
and she walked towards the door.
“We’re celebrating tonight”, he said, winking at her.
“Alright”, she said, smiling and she opened the door.
As soon as she stepped out, she saw Lisa in front of Richard’s office and Lisa was
surprised to see her stepping out of Richard’s bedroom with a huge grin on her


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