“Lisa”, Jessica said, forcing a smile.
“Is my boss in there?” She asked, folding her arms.
“Uhm, yeahhh”, she said, putting up a funny face. She didn’t know how to act or
what to say to her.
“And you were in there?”
“Yeahhhh, I was uhmm… I was…”
“Jessica, don’t tell me you’re sleeping with Mr Day”.
“No! What?! I already told you that I’m keeping myself till the day I get married”.
“So how do you explain this??”
“Why do you have to conclude that I’m sleeping with him? We were just talking”.
“Talking in his bedroom and not his office?”
“He wasn’t in his office”.
“You could have knocked and waited for him to step out just like I do but you
went in and came out grinning”.
“Lisa stop over analyzing things. I just…”
“Wait, the last time I caught you here, you said you were snooping around, and
you’ve been acting funny around him. And some minutes ago, you were being so
defensive of him and now this? Jessica, what are you not telling me?” She asked,
giving her a weird look.
“Let’s go into my office”, she said, pulling her into her office.
“Don’t freak out when I tell you this”.
“Tell me what?”
“Richard and I are dating” She said to her and her eyes widened.
“Which Richard?”
“Mr Day”.
“Girlll, stop playing with me”.
“Oh now you don’t want to believe this but you were quick to say that I was
sleeping with him”.
“So you’re serious? How? What sort of juju did you use on him? Cos Mr Day? No
“Hmm, it all started the first day I stepped my foot in here”.
“Oh so there’s a full story to this. I’m all ears”, she said, taking her seat and Jessica
sat on her table.
She narrated the whole story and Lisa’s jaw was almost on the ground.
“I need some water to process all this”, Lisa said, using her hand as fan to cool off.
Jessica took out a cup and fetched some water for her from the water dispenser.
“Here”, she said, placing it in front of her.
Lisa gulped the water quickly and placed the cup on the table.
“I need more”, she said to her and Jessica chuckled.
“Girl are you a donkey?” She asked and she fetched some more for her.
“Wait, we are talking about Mr Day right? My boss?”
“No, we’re talking about his dad”, she said, rolling her eyes.
“I can’t believe this has been going on and I never caught up on it”.
“We’re good at hiding it”, she said, pouting her lips.
“Wow. Who knew my boss had some romantic side to him. Wait! So he’s the one
you chose over Dean?”
“As much I know that Mr Day is a dream come true. Like if he approaches me and
makes an advance on me, I’ll give in but if I had someone like Dean, I wouldn’t
look else where especially if he’s my best friend”.
“Richard came into my life long before I knew that Dean had the same feelings for
“Hmm anyway, it’s your choice and Mr Richard seems like a great person. I can’t
imagine what dating him will be like. How’s it like? Does he buy expensive gifts
for you? Does he take you to expensive places?”
“We had our first date on a yacht”, Jessica said, smiling.
“Wait?! You’re kidding”.
“I’m not! And we had a fight on our first date and had to re do it again another
“Fight on a yacht? Are you okay? What at all could result in you having a fight on
a freaking yacht!”
“He was stepping his foot into by job”.
“And that’s why you had a fight? You’re not serious”.
“Well, we resolved it”.
“Hmm. Anyway, I’m so happy for you. You’re literally living in cloud 9”,
“Yeah, Its just that the whole hide and seek thing bothers him”.
“I think he should try to understand. If this gets out, you’re never going to be seen
as just Jessica or the hardworking Jessica. You’re going to be seen as Mr Day’s
mistress even though you’re not even sleeping with him. And Erica will go nuts!”
“Exactly what I told him but he doesn’t really understand”.
“How do you expect him to understand? He can’t relate to this”.
“Do you really think Erica will freak out?”
“She will! You’ve not been here for half the year and you’re already dating her
brother. She’ll think that you’re using him and even if she’s cool with it, she might
not be cool with you working for her. I wouldn’t want to have my younger
brother’s girlfriend as my assistant. That’ll be so weird and you all work in the
same building and attend similar meetings. It’ll be awkward. You can risk it
though but you should be ready for what you’re going to face”.
“Hmm. I think we’ll just keep it to ourselves for now”.
“Please keep this to yourself”.
“Of course, I will. My lips are sealed”.
“Alright. Thank you”.
“You’re welcome. I have to go now, I have to speak to Mr Day…mmm, calling him
Mr Day sounds weird now”.
“Girllll, he’s your boss, stick with that”, Jessica said, rolling here eyes.
“Sorry Mrs Day”, she said to her and they both burst out laughing.
“I’ll see you later”, she said, getting on her feet and she left.

Later in the evening, after Richard’s celebratory dinner, he dropped Jessica off at
her house and as soon as she stepped out of the car, someone approached her.
“Wow must be nice to have someone on the outside and another on the inside”,
the person said to her and she stared at the person to see who it was.
“Anastasia??? What are you doing here at this time of the night?” She asked and
Richard saw what was going on and he stepped out of the car to make sure that
everything was okay.
“Well, I came to see my ex boyfriend to make up with him but you still have your
claws so deep in him that he can’t even look at me anymore!” She said, chuckling
and glaring at her.
“Just go home. I don’t have your time today”.
“Hello handsome”, she said to Richard who was standing by Jessica.
“So you’re Mr night and My boyfriend is Mr Day or should I say Mr midnight.
That’s when you two cuddle and have your own time right?” She asked.
“I don’t have time for for this. Richard, I’m fine, you’re go into the car. I’ll just go
up to my house”.
“Yeah and have your awesome cuddling night with Dean and end up sleeping
with him”, she said to her and Jessica slapped her.
“God knows how long I’ve wanted to do this. Talk trash about me again and I’ll
beat you up and toss you in the trash can”.
“Did I strike a nerve”, she said, laughing.
“Jessica she’s clearly drunk, let me walk you up to your house”.
“I’m not drunk! I’m in my right mind and I’m telling you that she’s sleeping with
Dean. She’s messing around with you two”, she said to them and Richard grabbed
Jessica and they both walked up the stairs.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Anastasia exclaimed.
“That girl is just so crazy! I’ve always been nice to her but she just has so much
hate for me and I don’t even know why”, Jessica said, ranting.
“Just ignore her. When relationships go bad, the people involved turn to act crazy
due to the heart break and then they try to to put their anger on someone else”.
“I don’t really care. She should put it on someone else and not me”, she said to
him and they came to a stop in front of her door.
She opened the door and walked into her house but Richard stood at the
“Richard, aren’t you going to come in”, she said to him. “Oh yeah, you’ve never
been here before”, she exclaimed and he nodded.
“Come in”, she said, smiling and he walked in.
As soon as he walked in, Dean stepped out.
He walked towards the living room and he was surprised to see Richard.
“Hey”, Jessica said to Dean and she felt a bit awkward.
“Hey”, he said to her.
“Hey Richard what’s up?” He said to him and Richard was busy observing the
“Richard he’s talking to you”, she said to him.
“Hey Dean. Right?” He asked.
“How’s everything going with you?”
“Everything is great. And you?”
“It’s also great over there and congratulations on your promotion. Jessica told me
all about it”.
“Thank you”, he said to Richard. “And enjoy your stay”.


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