“Mmm, I don’t really know. I think you should ask him”, she said to her but deep
down she was ready to throw her out.
“Okay, I’ll ask him when he gets back”, she said, smiling.
Jessica walked back to her room. She quickly grabbed her phone and walked into
her washroom.
She called Dean and he picked up as soon it rang.
“Miss me already?”
“Your girl just told me that she wants to live with you”.
“Live with who??”
“Exactly what I said in my head when she asked”.
“What did you tell her?”
“I told her to speak to you about it”.
“You should have told her that I might not like the idea”.
“You don’t?”
“No! Do I sound I like do?! If she stays with me, I wouldn’t have my own space”.
“So tell her that!”
“She’d be upset if I do that.”
“Hmmm. So what do we do?” She can’t stay here.
“Why don’t you want her there?”
“I want my space too!”
“Hmm! I don’t even know what to do. When I get home, I’ll decide on what to do”.
“I got to go. Talk to you later. Bye.”
“Bye,” she said to him and she hung up. When she walked back to her room, she
received a notification on her phone.
It was an email from her job interview. She quickly opened it and read it.
“Hello Miss Thompson, Congratulations! You’ve been appointed as the official
personal assistant to Miss Day. You’re to report to the office tomorrow at exactly
8am. All necessary documents have been attached. Do well to read and fill the
required forms before tomorrow. Congratulations once again, see you
“Oh my God!!!” She exclaimed and she jumped in excitement.
“I can’t believe this! Thank you so much father. I know you did this!”, she said,
jumping in her room.
She quickly called Dean and he picked up.
“Jess, I’m..”
“I got the job!!”
“What?! Oh my God! I knew you would nail it!!” He exclaimed.
“Yes, I did and I’m so freaking happy”.
“I’m so happy too. I’m a bit busy now. When we get home, we’ll celebrate. Okay?”
“Bye”, he said and he hung up.
The excitement was so much and she couldn’t hold it in, so she called her
younger sister who was in the university.
“Priscilla! Guess who’s going to be the official personal assistant to Erica Day!!”
“Oh my God! You got the job!”
“Woah!!!!” She exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you! You finally got what you
“Yes, I did!”
“I’m so freaking happy. I would have come over right now for us to celebrate but I
have a class”.
“Oh don’t worry. It’s fine”.
“Will you tell mum and dad?”
“No. I think I’ll keep them in the dark for now”.
“Oh okay. I can’t wait to see the shock on their faces when you tell them”, she said
and Jessica laughed.
“I’m just so so happy. You deserve this and every good thing coming your way!”
“Thank you!”
“I have to go now. My class will be starting soon.”
“Okay, enjoy the rest of your day”.
“Sure. Byeee”, she said and she hung up.

Jessica and Anastasia were in the living room, watching tv when Dean walked in.
“Jess!!!” He exclaimed and he walked up to her and lifted her off the couch.
“Dean!! Put me down!” She said, chuckling as he twirled her around.
Anastasia felt uncomfortable and didn’t understand what was going on.
“Congratulations!” He said, putting her down.
“Thank you,” she said, hugging him and they were in that position for a while till
she released her grip. “Hey baby”, he said, pecking Anastasia on the cheek and she didn’t seem so
“I didn’t know that you were still here”, he said to her.
“Are you not happy to still see me here?” She asked.
“Of course baby. I am”, he said, sitting by her.
“You are?” She asked and he nodded.
“The guess what?!” She said to him and Dean knew what was coming.
“Baby, can it wait? I promised to take Jessica out to celebrate her…” he started to
say but Jessica signaled to him to not spill.
“Uhmm, you know what? Let’s all go out together. We’ve never done that before”,
he said to them and Jessica glared at him.
“Yay. I’ll love that but what are we celebrating?” Anastasia asked.
“Jessica uhmm…won a lottery”, he said smiling.
“A lottery?! Wow! That’s great Jess”, she said to her and Jessica forced a smile but
deep down, she was ready to punch Dean in the face.
She was mad at the fact that he was inviting his girlfriend to join them at their
mini-celebration outing.
“Dean, I don’t really feel like stepping out right now”, she said to him.

“What? Why?” He asked her and she clenched her fist.
“I don’t feel too good”.
“Ooh! How bad is it? Maybe I can get some medication for you”.
“No, no, don’t worry. I’ll be fine”, she said, getting on her feet.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I will”, she said to him and she walked into her room.
“So are we still going out?” Anastasia asked.
“Do you want to go out?” He asked her and she nodded.
“But first, I want to talk to you about something”.
“Okayyy”, he said, sitting by her.
“So, uhmmm.. being away from you makes me miss you a lot. We only get to see
each other during the weekends or when I show up here. And so, I was thinking
that maybe I could move in and stay with your for a while so that we can see
more each other”, she said to him and he was quiet for a while.
“That’s a good idea but it would still be the same because I’m usually not home
and you know that”.
“But at least you’ll come home to me”.
“Oh, that sounds like what my parents do. And I don’t want was to follow that
path of me coming home to you. It would make you seem like a house wi..
girlfriend and I think you need to get back to work.”
“I know you’re mad at your dad right now but you need to work to get yourself
busy and do something for yourself”, he said, trying to change the subject.
“Dean, I’m okay being home all day. It’s my choice”.
“I know that but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’ll love for you to get back to work
and maybe we can meet up after work, that’s if I’m not too tired and honestly I
get so tired after work but I’ll try for us to meet up”.
“You didn’t seem so tired when you walked in and lifted Jessica off the couch”,
she said, making a face. She was angry at the fact that we was forcing her to get
back to work and not move in with him.
“No, that’s different. I was really excited about her jo..lottery, that’s all”.
“And you were ready to step out”.
“Oh c’mon, today is just different. I was trying to do something nice for her”.
“Hmm,” she said, looking away.
“Oh baby”, he said, pulling her closer to him.
“You know what? You can spend the night with me and then tomorrow, you’ll go
to work and patch things up with your dad. And after work, we’ll hang out.
Okay?” He said to her but she was quiet.
“Okay, fine”, she said to him.
“Now, that’s more like it”, he said, kissing her and they took it to the bedroom.

Jessica woke up really early the following morning and she got ready for first day
at work.
“Dean”, she said, knocking on his door but there was no response.
“Dean!!” She said, knocking again and when he didn’t respond, she opened the
She saw him butt naked on the bed with Anastasia and she widened her eyes.
“Good gracious!” She exclaimed and Dean woke up.
She quickly shut the door and ran off.
“Hey”, Dean said, opening the door and he walked towards her direction.
“I’m going to work,” she said, looking away.
“So early?”
“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later”, she said and she left without looking at him.

She arrived at work an hour before time and she sat at the reception area waiting
for time to pass by.
She was so glued to her phone that she didn’t notice when a young man sat by
“Hey”, he said, startling her.
“Oh hey”, she said, forcing a smile.
“Are you new here or do you have an appointment? I don’t think I’ve seen you
around here”.
“Oh yeah. I’m new here”.
“I see. Are you here on an appointment?”
“No, it’s my first day at work”, she said, smiling
“Oh yeah. You’re the new official personal assistant to Erica!!”


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