Dean was surprised to also see them as he stepped out of the apartment opposite
“Dean??” Jessica said to him and he walked up to her.
“Are you visiting someone?” She asked him.
“Nope, this is my new apartment. I just made payment for it and I’ll be moving in
next week”, he said to her and she turned to look at Richard.
“Are you also moving to this place?” He asked her.
“Uhmm, I’m still looking”, she said to him and he nodded.
“Okay, cool. I’ll let you continue then, bye”, he said to her and he walked away.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but I have to meet up with another client. Is this your final
pick?” the realtor asked her.
“Uhhh…”, she said, stuttering “Yeah but I’ll still have to think about it. I’ll let you
know tomorrow”, she said to him.
“Okay but I’ve got another client who’s got eyes on this too and it might not be
available tomorrow if the client makes payment”.
“Ooh”, she said, frowning and she turned to face Richard.
“Will you be cool if he’s my next door neighbor?” She asked him and he was
“Richard?” She said to him.
“It’s fine Jessica, if you like it here, you can stay here”.
“You sure?”
“I don’t know but I can’t tell you where to stay. It’s your first house and you
deserve to pick a place you really like and a place you can call home”, he said to
her and she smiled.
“You’re so sweet”, she said to him and he smiled.
“I’ll take this place”, she said to the realtor.
“Great! As soon as you make payment, I’ll send you the necessary documents and
you’ll get your key”, the realtor said to her.
“Okay, where do I pay to?” She asked and he handed a leaflet to her.
“Thank you. I’ll make payment tomorrow morning and I’ll let you know”.
“Sure, just give me a call and I’ll meet you up”.
“Okay”, she said, grinning.
“Alright, I’ll take my leave now. Have a good night Miss Jessica and Mr Day”, he
said to them.
“Good night John”, she said to him and he left.
“I can see that you really love this place”, Richard said to her.
“Yes, I do and I’m so excited to have my own place and the fact that it’s furnished,
makes me really happy! I don’t have to buy much when moving in”.
“Yeahh, I’m also happy for you”, he said, smiling and she smiled.
“Thank you so much for bringing me here. If I had to this on my own, I’d have
spent weeks and I’ll end up not even getting a good place”.
“You’re welcome and I brought you here intentionally”, he said to her.
“Really? What’s the intention behind it”, she asked.
“My house is just a walking distance from here”, he said, smiling.
“Really? That’s awesome! We can spend a lot of time together”, she said, smiling.
“And I can drop you off at work”.
“Richard??” She said, giving him a look.
“I’m not listening to any of your excuses. I’m going to drop you off. No more
buses”, he said to her.
“And if Erica or someone at work sees us, what do I say?”
“I don’t think I can hear you clearly”.
“Richard”, she said, chuckling. “You’re becoming so naughty”, she said, laughing.
“I’m learning from the best”, he said, chuckling. “Let’s get going and tomorrow
you’ll make payment and become a new house owner”.
“Yes! My new home”, she said, smiling.
“Should we celebrate today or tomorrow?” He asked.
“Both”, she said, smirking and he chuckled.
“Alright”, he said to her and they left.

Jessica was at lunch with Lisa and they were talking about the current events in
her life.
“Aww, I’m really happy for you”, she said, smiling at her.
“Thank you love”.
“I still find it funny that Dean is your next door neighbor. You two are stuck with
each other”, she said, chuckling.
“I’m also happy in a way but I’m not sure things will be the same again. I can’t be
be around him that much, it might upset Richard, so I don’t even think I’ll ever
step my foot in his apartment”.
“What? Your own bestfriend? That’s not cool”.
“I know and I hate myself for it because I made things get complicated. I chose
when it was too late and now I’m losing Dean. He’s still mad at me and doesn’t
even say more than two words to me”.
“Hmmm. I’m sure things would get less complicated soon. You know you can free
yourself from all this by sticking to Philip”, she said, wiggling her brows.
“We are back to this?” She asked, lifting her brow.
“I’m kidding”, she said, laughing.
“I heard he’s dating, so he’ll surely be out of your hair”.
“Oh that’s good”, Jessica said, smiling.
“Yeahh, almost everyone is dating and I’m just booless”.
“Oh, that shouldn’t bother you. You’re beautiful, smart, hardworking and very
loyal. I’m sure you’ll find someone who brighten up your day soon”.
“Yeah, hopefully”.
They talked for a while and then Jessica went back to her office.

Richard and Jessica were in his living room, watching tv and she was cuddled up
in his arms.
“Are you sleeping?” He asked, pecking her on forehead.
“Not really but I’m sleepy”, she said to him.
“Do you want to go to bed?” He asked her.
“No, I want to stay here with you”, she said to him and he smiled.
“Alright”, he said to her and he turned around to face her and he played with her
“You don’t want to watch tv anymore?” She asked him.
“No, I’ll rather watch your pretty face”, he said, cupping her cheek.
“Aww”, she said, pouting her lip.
“Your lips are so beautiful”, he said, placing his fingers on it.
“Thank you”, she said, staring at him and she had her eyes on his lips too.
Richard moved his head towards hers and kissed her on the lip, she wanted to
pull back but the kiss felt so good and so, she gave in.
They kissed for a while and things got heated when he got on top of her.
“Richard, no”, she said, pushing him off.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I got carried away”, he said to her.
“It’s fine. I also got carried away. I need to use the washroom”, she said, getting
on her feet and she left.
She walked into her room and she shut the door.
“Oh God”, she said, face palming and she relaxed on the door.
“This whole abstinence thing is difficult and stressful. I don’t know how long I can
keep waiting”, she said to herself.
As she was thinking about everything that happened, Richard knocked on her
“You have a call”, he said to her and she opened the door.
When she took the phone, she looked at the caller ID and she was surprised.
“Dean??” She said to herself and a part of her was happy that he called.
“I’m going to my room”, Richard said to her and he left.
She shut her door and laid on her bed. She had really missed Dean and their long
Not being in the same house with him, made her feel a bit weird.
“Hey”, she said to him when she picked up the call.
“Hey, uhm. I’m picking up Priscilla tomorrow for the dinner. I was wondering if
you’ll like me to pick you up”, he said to her.
“Oh my God. I almost forgot about it. What time are you leaving?”
“Around 4pm”.
“Okay, Uhmm, I’ll let you know tomorrow. I’m going house shopping tomorrow
and I don’t know when I’ll be done, so I’m not too sure but I’ll let you know
“Yeah, thanks for asking”.
“You’re welcome”, he said to her and he hung up


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