Richard and Jessica were at the mall, shopping for some items for her new home.
They were at the bathroom session and Richard placed a lot of stuff into the cart.
“Richard, a quick reminder. It’s my house, not yours”, she said, laughing. “Another
reminder, my bathroom isn’t as big as yours. How do you want all this to fit in
that small bathroom?” She said to him and he placed a glass corner shelf into the
bigger shopping cart.
“Richard!! I already have one in this cart”.
“Just one isn’t enough. How will all your toiletries fit in that”.
“They can! I think you’re confusing me with one of rich ex girlfriends”, she said to
him. “And I can’t pay for all this stuff. Do you want me to finish the little money
that I have?”
“Well, you have a rich boyfriend”, he said, giving her a cocky smile. .
“Welllllll, I don’t want my rich boyfriend to spend all his money on me when I
have mine”.
“You just said it’s little and Jessica, you don’t have to put up a front with me.
You’re my girlfriend and I should be able to pay for what you can’t forward if I
have the money. It’s not a big deal”.
“I just don’t want to feel like a charity case”.
“You’re not. You’re my girl and if I have the money, why would I want you to lack
“Hmmm, alright. But I’ll pay half of this”.
“You can’t pay for half of this”, he said, teasing her.
“If we remove all the stuff you put in here, then I can”.
“Don’t you need them? They’re all essential”.
“I don’t think they can fit in my house”.
“You sure? If we get a good interior designer, I’m sure it can”.
“An interior designer? I don’t need one”.
“Why not? How do you want to get all this fixed in your house?”
“It’s not difficult to fix these things and I can call someone to help out. I don’t
need to pay an interior designer to do it”.
“Jess, you don’t need to do this yourself. I’ll get my interior designer to get her
team to do it for you”.
“Oh my God, you rich folks are really interesting but anyway, who am I to reject
such kindness, if you want to do everything for me, feel free. I’m not going to
argue again”.
“You’re going to regret you said that”, he said to her and he grabbed his phone.
“Richard what are you doing?” She asked, giving a slight chuckle but he ignored
“Hey, Samantha! How are you doing?” He said over the phone.
“Yeah, I’m also good”.
“Yeahh, I’ve got an apartment that I want you to work on”.
“It belongs to my girlfriend”.
“Yeah, We were shopping for some stuff for her new apartment but now we are a
bit tired. So send your team over to Hallow house decor to pick it up and then you
can come over to my house to pick up the key”.
“Richard, we are not done shopping”.
“Yeahh, and I don’t think she’s done shopping, so just come over and help her
pick out what she needs from your catalogue”.
“Richard!!” She said, widening her eyes.
“Great, so we’ll leave the stuff here with the staff. We’ll be expecting you soon”.
Alright, bye”, he said and he hung up.
He turned to face Jessica and the look she had on her face made him chuckle.
“What? This is me taking care of everything”.
“Oh God, what do I do with you?” She said, facepalming.
“Hug me” he said, smirking.
“No way. You’ve been naughty today”.
“For someone who wants to live a chaste life, you have a very interesting choice
of words”.
“What did I say?”
“Naughty??” He said, giving her a face.
“I’m just saying you’ve been a bad boy”.
“Another interesting word”.
“Richard! They’re just words”.
“In my dictionary, they’re not just words”.
“You just have a dirty mind”, she said to him and he chuckled.
“Sure. Anyway, Let’s go”, he said to her.
“You want us to leave this here?”
“Yeah, I’ll speak to one of the staff to attend to it”.
“Hmm, okay”, she said to him and they left.

“Oh God, I’m feeling so hot”, she said to Richard as they walked into his house.
“The air condition wasn’t enough?” He asked.
“It was but the weather is still hot”.
“We can turn on the air condition in the living room or we can go swimming”.
“Yeah, behind my house”.
“You have a pool in this house?” She asked, surprised.
“And you didn’t tell me”.
“It never came up and we always come back here late in the night, so it didn’t
cross my mind”.
“Richard, how can you not tell a girl or your girlfriend that you have a swimming
“What, I didn’t think it was that important”.
“It is! I can’t remember the last time I went to the pool!!”
“So do you want to swim?”
“I want to sit in and play around. Not swim”, she said, pouting her lips.
“You don’t know how to swim?” He asked.
“Yeahhh”, she said in a shy manner.
“Oh, it’s not a big deal, I’ll show you”.
“You’ll end up wasting your time. The last time Dea…someone tried to teach me, it
was a total failure. I’m just not cut out for it”.
“Well, there’s no harm in trying”.
“Hmmm, okay. Wait, I don’t have a swimming costume”.
“Let’s go and get one”, he said to her.
“Your interior designer will be here soon”.
“We won’t stay too long”, he said to her and she looked at the time.
“It’s already 3?! Oh my God! The dinner!” She said, taking out her phone.
“Isn’t it in the evening?”
“Yeah but Dean offered to pick me up at 4 and I told him that I’ll let him know if
I’ll be coming with him and it’s almost 4”.
“I can drop you off”.
“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll just go with him and my sister. And if you drop me off, my
nosy neighbors would see your car and blab their mouths to my mother”.
“Alright, so is he going to come here to pick you up?”
“Yeah, I’ll send him the location. You’re cool with that, right?”
“Yeah, that’s okay”.
“Okayyy. Ohh, what do we do about your interior designer?”
“Don’t worry about, I’ll let her drop your things off at your place and then she can
come here tomorrow for you to pick out the remaining stuff”.
“Okay. Then let me inform Dean quickly”, she said to him and she called Dean.
“Dean, I’m so sorry for calling so late”.
“It’s fine, are you coming with us? I’m on my way to pick Priscilla up from her
“Yeah, I am. I’ll send you my current location, so that you can come and pick me
“Alright, see you in a few”, he said to her and he hung up.
“He’s on his way to pick Priscilla up and he’ll be here soon”.
“I’m going to take a quick shower and dress up. And don’t worry, we’ll have our
swim session tomorrow”, she said to him and she ran off.

Dean and Priscilla were parked behind the gate, waiting for Jessica to step out.
“I can’t really see much of the house from here but it’s huge!!” Priscilla said to
“Yeah, it is”.
“Jessica is really living her best life”, she said to him and she placed her hands on
her mouth when she realized that Dean wasn’t just a regular best friend
“Oohh, I didn’t mean to say that. I..”
“It’s fine, Priscilla. I don’t really mind if you say that. Richard seems like a great
guy and from the look of things, she’s happy with him, that’s what matters”.
“Aww, you’re so sweet and I just wish you two will get back to talking terms”.
“We still talk”.
“Not like before, you’re still mad at her”.
“I’m not”.
“You are, you don’t have to deny it”.
“Hmm, maybe a little but I’m just trying to give her some space”.
“She still needs you be there for her and be around her”.
“I’m still there for her and I’m still going to be around her. She’s going to be my
neighbor soon”.
“What? What are you talking about?”
“She hasn’t told you yet?”
“Told me what?”
“She’s gotten a new place and it’s right opposite mine”.
“What?” She said, chuckling. “Did you two plan it?”
“Nope. It’s a big coincidence”.
“A very big one. Wow!”


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