Priscilla was about to speak but the gate opened up and Jessica stepped out with
Dean looked at the dress she had on and realized that it was one of the dresses he
bought for her on her birthday.
“This girl still hasn’t bought a new set of clothes”, he said to himself and he
This was something that he would have used to tease her but things were still
weird between them so he kept it to himself.
“Hey”, she said to them when she walked towards the car.
Priscilla was sitting at the front seat, so Jessica had to sit at the back.
Richard opened up the door for her and she got in.
“Hey”, he said, poking his head and waving at them but Dean completely ignored
“Hi Richard. We meet again”, Priscilla said to him.
“Yeah, how are you doing?”
“I’m good. You?”
“I’m also good”.
“That’s great”.
“Yeahh. I wish you a safe trip and an awesome dinner”, he said to her.
“Thank you”, she said to him and he smiled.
“Have a safe trip Jessica and let me know when you arrive”, he said to her.
“Okay, bye”, she said to him and he pecked her on the cheek.
“Bye”, he said, shutting the door and he left.
“Dean, please slow down. I don’t want to scream anymore”, Priscilla said to him
and he chuckled.
“No problem”, he said to her and he drove off.
During the ride, Priscilla and Dean were engrossed in a conversation whiles
Jessica was busy on her phone.
“Jess, do you remember the time when we were so little and Dean’s grandma
visited? And she didn’t know about our mystery bank”, Priscilla said, laughing.
“Yeah, yeah and we took all her money from her purse”, she said, laughing. “Dean
initiated it!!” She added.
“Me??! You’re a very big liar just like that time. I remember you lied to my dad
that I did it”, Dean yelled and he glared at her through the center mirror.
“What?! You were the one who told us where to find her purse”, Jessica said to
“And you’re the one who took the purse and grabbed all the money!” Dean said to
“So it was joint robbery!” Jessica added.
“And Priscilla was on the look out”, Dean said, laughing and they all joined in.
“We were very good. Money heist had nothing on us”, Jessica said, smiling.
“But we got caught!” Priscilla added.
“It was all Dean’s fault! He sold us out!”
“What did you expect? I wasn’t ready to take the blame for everyone”.
“You’re just like Aturo!” Jessica said to him.
“God forbid! I’m nothing like that idiot”, he said to her and they all burst out
“Being so small was so cool, unfortunately, Theophilus was a baby at that time”,
Priscilla said to them.
“Yeahhh, I’ve really missed him”, Dean added.
“Mum called his school and they’re going to let him come home”, Priscilla said to
“Oh that’s great”.
They continued with their conversation, reminiscing about old times till they
arrived at Jessica’s house.
As soon as they pulled over, Dean’s little cousin ran out of his house which was
opposite Jessica’s house.
“Mum! Dad! They’re here! And Dean brought his car!!” She exclaimed and
everyone quickly rushed out including some of their neighbors.
They all stepped out and everyone came around to hug them.
“Dad!” Jessica and Priscilla said in unison and they hugged their dad.
“Whoa! Dean is a car owner!!!” Jessica’s mum exclaimed as she hugged the car.
“Atleast, give me a hug first!” Jessica said, facepalming.
“Do you have a car?” She asked and they all burst out, laughing.
“Don’t mind her baby. Come for a hug”, Dean’s mum said to her and she gave her
a hug.
“Come here sweetheart”, his dad also said to her and he hugged her.
“You’re the VIP guest today. You’re working at the Days!! That’s huge”, he said to
“Thank you”, she said, smiling.
“And you’re looking so beautiful!!!” Dean’s mum said to her. “That dress is
everything! Where did you buy it from?” She asked.
“Dean bought it for me on my last birthday”.
“Ouu, Junior has got taste. Just like me”, she said, smiling.
“Okay okay. Dean baby, come and give me a ride”, Jessica’s mum said to him and
she walked into the passenger’s seat.
“Here we go”, Dean’s mother said, shaking her head.
“Dessy hop in”, she said to Dean’s mum.
“No way! I’m good”, she said to her and they all laughed.
“Mum! I’m a good driver, when are you going to accept that?”
“I don’t want to die before seeing my grand babies. I’m good”.
“Thomas? Dean? You coming?” She said to her husband and Dean’s father.
“No, I don’t trust Junior”.
“Dad ?! I drove your cars like 1001 times and you’ve sat in it before”.
“I’ll stay where my wife is”, he said to Dean and Dean rolled his eyes.
“Thomas you coming?!” Jessica’s mum asked her husband.
“Yeah, I guess I’ll join my wife”, he said to them and he got into the backseat.
“Alright. See you all later”, Dean said to them and he drove off.
“Let’s go in”, Dean’s mum said to everyone and they all went into Jessica’s house.
“Where’s Theophilus?” Jessica asked as they walked in.
“Probably playing games”, Dean’s father said to her.
They walked into dinning room and they saw that the food was ready and set.
“I guess we’ll have to wait for Junior and your parents to get back”, Dean’s dad
said to them.
“Yeah”, his mummy said, nodding.
“Jessica come and tell us all about your new job”, he said to Jessica.
“Deaannn, wait till they get back. I’m sure we’ll talk about it over dinner”.
“Alright, then let’s just stare at the food till they get back”, He said to them as they
took their seats and they all burst out laughing.
“I’ll tell you all about my school”, Priscilla said, sitting by him.
“You’re such a darling. I’ll love to hear all about it”, he said to her.
“I’m going in to see Theophilus”, Jessica said, walking away and Dean’s little
cousin followed her.

They whole family were all seated in the dinning room as they had their dinner.
“So when are you going to move out of Dean’s house? I think you’ve overstayed”,
Jessica’s father said to her.
“Thomas! I’m sure Junior doesn’t mind”, Dessy said to him.
“Yeah but they can’t continue to live together. It’s not healthy”, he said to her.
“He’s right”, Dean’s dad added.
“Well, I’ve gotten a new place”, Jessica said, pouting her lips.
“Really? Where?” Her mum asked in excitement.
“Right opposite Dean’s new apartment”, Priscilla said, chuckling.
“What? Junior you’re moving out too?” His mum asked.
“And you didn’t tell me”.
“I was going to tell you”.
“And you two are going to be neighbors?” Jessica’s mum asked.
“Yeah but it wasn’t planned. It was a coincidence”, Jessica said to her.
“Wow. At this point, you two should just married”, she said to them and everyone
“Dean are you still dating that rich man’s daughter?” His mum asked.
“Mum, she has a name”, he said to her and Priscilla chuckled.
“No, we broke up”.
“Great. I didn’t like her. The last time you brought her home, she acted liked she
owned the whole universe”, she said to him.
“I also didn’t like her”, Jessica’s mum said, pouting her lips and Dean’s father
shook his head.
“So, Jessica tell us about your new work and then Dean you can tell us all about
your promotion”, he said to Jessica and his son.
Jessica spoke about her job and she mistakenly mentioned Richard’s name.
“Yeah, I think I’ve heard of the sons. The ones that sleep around”, Jessica’s mum
said to her and Priscilla laughed so hard.
“Or am I lying? Richard especially. He was always in the news”.
“Mum! That was a longtime ago. He isn’t like that again”.
“Oh okay. Anyway, I’ll still like to meet Erica and Richard of course and their
parents! The real Days! Just a picture with them and I’ll be fine”.
“You’re just obsessed with that family”, Dessy said to her.
“Who isn’t?!” she said, chuckling.
“So Jess are you dating anyone?” Dessy asked her.


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