Jessica stepped out and she hugged her family, then she got into Dean’s car.
“Goodbye”, Dean said, hugging them too and he also got into his car.
“Drive safely”, her dad said to him and then he drove off.
As soon as he was out of sight, he sped off but Jessica wasn’t bothered.
“You’re not going to scream?” He said to her.
“Oh that’s the aim. You won’t get me. I’ve experienced such madness before”.
“I see. Alright”, he said to her and he increased the speed.
She still wasn’t bothered and then he took a sharp turn which took her by
“Deann! You want to get us killed just because you want to hear me scream?” she
“Well, I’ve achieved my aim”, he said, pouting his lips.
“You’re such a child”.
“Wow. Look at the pot calling the kettle black”, he said to her and she rolled her
“And don’t you have clothes? I think you need to go shopping so that you find
something else to wear besides these dresses”, he said, teasing her.
“Says the person who’s wearing the boxers I bought two years ago! Two freaking
years”, she said to him and he chuckled.
“Boxers is different”.
“That’s an under wear. You should actually change it every 6 months?”
“Because I’m Bill Gate’s brother?”
“You’re just a pig”.
“And how did you even see it? Were you checking my ass out?” He asked,
“What?” She said, chuckling. “You’re so silly, I’ve really missed hearing your silly
jokes”, she said to him.
“I’ve missed your silly self”, he said to her and she chuckled.
“And I’m really sorry for the whole move out thing. I know you said it’s fine but a
part of you is still mad at me and..”
“It’s fine Jessica. I don’t want us to keep talking about it. It has happened and now
we’re back to square one. It seems someone just enjoys having me around”, he
said, grinning.
“Get over yourself. I’m sure you’re the one who followed me there”, she said to
“You wish”.
“Anyway, I’m glad you’re my neighbor. It’s nice to have a familiar face around”.
“Yeah but I’m sure we’ll hardly see each other unless during the weekends”.
“Yeah, as long as I’ll still see you, that’s fine”.
They talked for a while till Jessica felt the need to pee.
“Is there any washroom ahead?” She asked.
“No, we just passed by the last one”.
“Last one?”
“Yeah till we get to the city”.
“Oh God! I want to pee”.
“Just wait for like 20 minutes and we’ll get to the city”.
“20 minutes? I don’t think I can wait”.
“What do you want us to do? It’s just bush all around and it’s dark”.
“I don’t know”, she said, whining.
“Should I get you a bottle?”
“That’s not funny”.
“So what do we do?”
“I don’t know…just stop the car”.
“Do you want me to pee on myself?”
“Alright alright”, he said, stopping at the side of the road and she opened the
“Where are you going to?”
“To pee!!”
“Behind the door”.
“Do you need me to assist you?”
“Yeah, come and hold my undies for me”, she said in a sarcastic manner and he
She stepped out of the car and did her business behind the car door.
“Deannn!” She exclaimed.
“What is it?”
“I think I need to do the number 2. My tummy is really acting up and it wants to
come out”.
“Oh my God! Can’t you hold it?”
“Noooo”, she said, whining.
“You can’t do it over there. We’ll have to go into the bush”.
“I don’t want to go into the bush”.
“That’s the only option. I’ll go with you, don’t worry”.
“Jess! Or do you want to do it there? It’s the road side. That’ll be really disgusting,
the bush is the better option”.
“Okay”, she said, getting on her feet.
Dean grabbed the toilet roll in his car and he stepped out.
“Let’s go”, he said to her and he held her hands as they walked into the bush.
“There’s a tree over there. You can do it close to it”, he said to her.
“Okay”, she said to him and they walked up to the tree.
He gave the toilet roll to her and he turned around to walk away.
“Where are you going to?”
“Relax. I’m not leaving you, I’m just giving you some space to do your business”.
“Okay”, she said to him and he stood aside and looked away.
After a few minutes, she got on her feet.
“I’m done”, she said to him.
“Okay, let’s go”, he said to her and they walked back to the car.
When they go into the car, they were both quiet for a while.
Jessica was feeling better but as soon as she got into the car, she started feeling
embarrassed about everything.
On a normal day, they would laugh about it and move on but now that feelings
were involved, she felt so shy about the whole situation and she started
wondering if it smelt and if she was actually smelling.
Dean continued the ride and they were both quiet till he stopped at a fuel station
to fill up his tank.
“I’m going to grab some water”, Jessica said, stepping out of the car and she left.
She bought some water and used it to wash her hands and she bought a little
body spray and sprayed it all around herself.
She waited in the super market for a while for the smell of the body spray to
settle and then she left.
When she arrived, she saw that Dean had parked at the car park and she walked
up to the car and got in.
This time she felt more comfortable.
Dean could smell the body spray and he knew what exactly happened. He wanted
to tease her but he realized that it would make her uncomfortable so he let it go.
They finally arrived at Richard’s house and he pulled over in front of his gate.
“Thank you so much for the ride and helping me out with the whole situation. I’m
really glad that I can always rely on you for anything”.
“You’re welcome and have a good night”, he said to her.
“Thank you. Hugs?” She asked.
“Your boyfriend might be watching”, he said, teasing her.
“You’re so annoying, I’m not even going to hug you anymore”, she said to him and
as soon as she opened the door, he pulled her back into a hug and they stayed in
that situation for a long while till she pulled away.
“Good night Dean”, she said to him and she stepped out of the car.
“Good night”, he said to her and he drove off.


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