“You’re moving out?” She asked him.
“Yeah, I want to settle and start working on other things”.
“Oh okay. Richard, can we go over there today for me to pack?” She asked.
“Yeah, sure. We can go there right now”.
“Is that okay?” She asked, Dean.
“Yeah, why not. We can go right now”, he said to her.
“Okay, let’s go”, she said to Richard and they left.

As soon as Dean arrived at the car park, Jessica and Richard also arrived.
Dean took the lead and went up to his house. Few minutes later, Jessica walked in
with Richard and they went straight to her room.
When he walked in, he looked around and walked up to the corner of the room
where she had placed her pictures.
“You were so cute when you were little”, he said, placing his hands on one of her
“Thank you”, she said, smiling.
She grabbed her suitcases and placed them on the floor.
Richard was busy looking at her pictures and he saw some of her pictures with
“When was this?” He asked, showing a picture to her. In the picture, she had a lot
of clothes in her hands and Dean was standing behind her with his hands
wrapped around her waist.
“Oh that was my birthday, last year”, she said to him.
“I see. And this is the dress you wore on our first date, right?” He said, pointing at
one of the dresses in her hands.
“Was it a gift?”
“Yeah from Dean”.
“I see”.
“Yeahh, I didn’t really have any nice dress to wear on that day and so I went with
“Okay, then maybe we should go shopping”, he said to her.
“Shopping? I don’t know if I’ll have the time for that. I’m not done shopping for all
the stuff I need for my house”.
“We can do the house shopping tomorrow evening. I’ll let Bella come tomorrow
and then you can pick out all that you need. Then maybe on Wednesday evening,
we can go shopping”.
“Hmm, sounds like a good idea but I want to move into my place first before
shopping for new clothes”.
“Alright. Whenever you’re ready”, he said to her and she smiled.
As she was busy packing her stuff, she heard a knock on the door.
“Need any help?” Dean asked her.
“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got it”.
“Okay”, he said to to her and as he was about to leave , she called him back.
“Dean wait. Maybe you could help me pack my stuff in the kitchen and the living
“Alright”, he said to her and he left.
“Do you need any help?” Richard asked and she chuckled.
“Oh don’t worry. I got it”, she said to him and he nodded.

“All set”, she said, closing up her suitcase.
“Wow, you’ve got a lot of things”, Richard said to her.
“Just 4 suitcases? Have you seen what other women pack when they’re moving
“Sorry Ma’am”, he said to her and she chuckled.
“Can you please help me to take these suitcases downstairs”, she said to him.
“Sure. I’ll take care of it”, he said to her and he grabbed two of the suitcases and
stepped out of the room.
“I’ll join Dean in the living room to pack up my stuff”, she said to him and he
When she got to the living room. She saw that Dean was done with it and he was
sitting on the couch.
“Wow. That was fast”, she said to him and Richard opened up the door and left
with the suitcases.
“Yeahh, look around to see if I grabbed everything”, he said to her.
“Okay”, she said to him and she looked around.
“Have you packed my stuff in the kitchen”, she asked, walking towards the
“Yeah, I have”.
“Okay, I’ll just check to see if there’s anything left”, she said to him and he
She walked into the kitchen and didn’t see any of her stuff there.
“All good”, she said, turning around and she bumped into Dean.
“Deannn”, she exclaimed and he chuckled.
“We should nickname you bumper. You’re always bumping into something or
“Isn’t it your fault? I didn’t hear you come in”.
“Sorry Ma’am”, he said, laughing.
“Did I leave anything out?” He asked her.
“Nope. You got everything”, she said, smiling.
“Okay”, he said to her and she looked around the kitchen.
“Wow, so this is it. We are leaving this place”, she said to him.
“Yeahhhhh, I’ll really miss this kitchen and everything here”, he said to her.
“Yeahh, me too. We made so much memories in here”, she said, smiling.
“We did, but I guess we have to progress in life”, he said, chuckling.
“Yhup. I’ll surely miss your cooking”.
“We are neighbors, remember?” He said to her.
“Yeahh but it wouldn’t be the same as living together. I wouldn’t be able to walk
in when you’re cooking and stress you out”, she said, chuckling and as Dean was
about to speak, Richard walked in.
“Are all the stuff in the living room yours?” He asked.
“Yeah. Have you taken all the suitcases down?” She asked, surprised.
“Wow! So fast?”
“Yeah. I’m going to take the other things in the living room”.
“Okay, let me help out”, she said to him.
“No”, Dean and Richard said in unison.
“Stay here and I’ll help him out”, Dean said to her and she nodded.
“Alright, I’ll just look around one more time to make sure that I’ve taken
everything”, she said to them and they left.
Few minutes later, everything was set and they were all at the car park.
“So I guess this is goodbye”, she said Dean.
“Yeah, till we meet again”, he said, chuckling.
“Yeahhh”, she said, laughing.
“When will you move in?” He asked.
“Next weekend, probably”.
“Alright, I’ll be expecting you. Enjoy the rest of your day”, he said, winking at her
and he left.
“Aww. I’ll miss this place. I can’t believe I’m leaving”, she said, looking at the
house. “I made so much memories here”.
“With Dean”, Richard said to her.
“Most of it”.
“On a second thought, I don’t feel comfortable with you two being neighbors”,
Richard said to her as they got into the car.
“What? Why?”
“He’s still hitting on you and I’m not comfortable with that”.
“He’s not hitting on me Richard, that’s how we talk”.
“I don’t like it”.
“So you don’t want us talking or what?”
“I didn’t say that but I don’t like how comfortable you two are with each other”.
“He’s my bestfriend Richard. That’s how we’ve always been”.
“And now you’re dating. You can’t keep a male bestfriend especially one you once
had feelings for and I’m not even sure it’s completely gone. And you two have
been intimate before. I don’t think there’s any guy who would be comfortable
with that”.
“I understand you but I just can’t cut him off. We don’t live together anymore,
that should be okay”.
“You’re now neighbors. Opposite door neighbors”.
“You were cool with it”.
“Because I assumed you two weren’t that close anymore after the whole move
out situation and you seemed so happy with the place. But seeing him now, I
know he’s going to keep hitting on you”.
“He’s not. Dean respects me and my boundaries. And he’s just being Dean. That’s
how we are even when we were dating other people”.
“At that time, you two weren’t open about your feelings. Now it’s all out and
you’ve been intimate with him. Only God knows how far you went with the
“So what do you want me to do? Not talk to him?”
“Nope, just create bigger boundaries and I’ll be glad if you don’t let him into your
“Now you’re being too over protective. I thought you were different from that”.
“Jessica, if this was a one side thing, I wouldn’t give a damn about him. But you
had feelings for him and you’re not even 100% sure that it’s all gone. That’s what
I care about and I’m not about to play dumb and watch you keep up with that”.
“How can you ask me not to let my bestfriend come into my house. We’re not
even married and you’re already making such request”.
“It’s the same as you not wanting Ellen in my house”.
“Are you about to bring that up? Because it’s not the same thing. She was your ex!
You’ve been sexual with her”.


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