“And I know it wasn’t once, twice or even a 100 times. I’m sure it was more than
that. And she’s still into you and wants you! And she doesn’t give a crap about me
or your thoughts on that!”
“And you let her into your house so late after saying that you were going to make
things clear to her. Do you know the rumors I hear about you two but I’m
choosing to trust you and now you’re still even going to meet her once in while as
you claim. Do you know how disturbing it is for me. I know that she can try to
kiss you but I don’t know what you’re going to do about it”.
But with Dean, now that he knows I’m officially with you, he wouldn’t kiss me
unless I make the move! Dean respects me a lot and he’s been there for me my
whole life! He’s been with me through thick and thin. I’m not just going to cut him
off because of your insecurities”.
“My insecurities? Wow, why don’t you just go and be with him? Why are you with
me if you still want him in your life?!”
“Are you being serious?! You know what? I’m out of here”, she said to him and
she was about to step out of the car but he pulled her back.
“I’m sorry Jessica, I’m sorry. I don’t know where this is coming from. I usually
don’t care about issues like this, I don’t know. I’m so sorry. I am”.
“I just need some air and some space”.
“I can’t leave you here Jess, let’s go home and I’ll give you some space”:
“No, just go. I’ll come home later”.
“Jessica, where are you going to go?”
“I’m going to my sister’s hostel”.
“Just go Richard!” She exclaimed and she stepped out of the car.
Richard observed her for a while and then he drove off.

Priscilla was in her room, trying to get some sleep when she heard a knock on her
“Who is it?” She exclaimed and she walked towards the door.
“It’s me, Jess”.
“Jessica”, she said, surprised and she opened up the door.
“Whoa. Are you just coming back from church?” She asked her.
“Not really”, she said, walking into her room.
“You roommate isn’t in?”
“Nope. She’s not back from church yet”.
“Okay. When did you get back?”
“Not too long ago. Daddy dropped me off”.
“Oh okay”, she said to her and she sat on her bed.
“Yeahhh. So what brings you to my little quarters”, she said, sitting by her sister.
“I just need some breathing space”.
“Who’s suffocating you?” She asked, laughing.
“What did he do this time?” Her sister asked and she told her everything that
happened with Miss Jen and the recent argument they had over Dean.
“Wow! You both really lack trust in each other. Without that, this whole thing
can’t work out”.
“I started trusting him till I saw that angry bird in his house last night”.
“He’s really getting on my nerves”.
“I understand that you feel the two situations are different but if you really love
and care about someone, I think you should try to do what will make the person
comfortable and happy”.
“So you want me to cut Dean off because of him? You know that’s not possible,
our parents will even go crazy”.
“I’m not saying you should cut him off. I’m saying you should let him understand
that you’re dating now and so, there’ll be boundaries and all that. I know it’s
going to be difficult, I don’t even like it but that’s what happens when you get into
a relationship and if you’re looking to end up with Richard, you’ll have to start
making certain sacrifices”.
“I know but we’ve not even been dating for long and he’s making such demands
and comparing the situation with Miss Jen to this”.
“It’s totally different. Dean was your ride or die and he genuinely cares for you
and Miss Jen was an ex or sexual partner or whatever she was but it’s all in the
same bracket. They’re both people that you’re vulnerable to, you have to
understand that”.
“And if Dean gets into a new relationship and falls in love, he wouldn’t even have
your time again and his partner might also want him to cut off. This isn’t going to
be like the Anastasia situation. I bet you that if he’s in love and his love interest
request for that, he’ll do it”, she said to her and Jessica’s face changed.
“Did I say something wrong?” Her sister asked her and she was quiet. “Wait, don’t
tell me you’re upset about the Dean falling in love part. You know he’ll definitely
have to move on soon, right?” She said to her and she frowned.
“I know”.
“You really have to let Dean go. This isn’t healthy for you or for your new
“I’m not holding on to him”.
“You are and you really have to let him go”, she said to her and Jessica placed her
hands on her forehead.
“Are you sure you made the right choice? If you want Dean, it’s not too late. If you
still want Richard, then you’ll have to let go of Dean. I mean not completely but
there was to be some boundary”.
“Okay, okay. Boundary, space, got it! Jeeez!”
“It’s the hard truth”, she said, shrugging.
“I’ve heard you. Do you have any food here, I’m hungry”, she said, changing the
“You have a rich boyfriend who can buy whatever food you want. Go home to
him”, she said to her.
“I don’t feel like talking to him right now”.
“Okay, then you’ll have to join the peasants like me and eat this left over rice”, she
said, walking to her fridge and Jessica laughed.
She took out the food from her fridge and placed in the microwave. When the
food was ready, Jessica ate it and stayed with her sister for a while.

Richard was in his living room, watching tv when Jessica walked in.
“Hey”, he said to her.
“Hey”, she said, forcing a smile and she walked up to him and sat by him.
“How are you doing?” He asked her.
“I’m okay”.
“Have you eaten anything?” He asked her.
“Yeahh. What about you?”
“I ordered in some Chinese fried rice and I got one for you too. It’s in the fridge”.
“Thank you, I’ll eat it later”, she said to him.
“Okay”, he said to her and they were both quiet for a while till he spoke up.
“Are you still mad at me?” He asked.
“Not really”.
“You sure?”
“Then come here”, he said, tapping his thighs and smiled.
She got on her feet and sat on his thighs.
“I’m sorry about everything”, he said, wrapping his hands around her and she
hugged him too.
“I’m also sorry. I just wish we’ll stop fighting”, she said to him.
“Me too”, he said, staring at her and he pecked her on the lip.
“I think we should relax with the pecks and kisses”, she said, moving her face
“You sure about that?” he said, pecking her neck.
“Richard, stop it”, she said, giggling.
“I can’t hear you”, he said, kissing her and she got off his thighs.
“You’re so naughty. If we continue like this, I’ll end up giving birth to kids in this
“I don’t have a problem with that”, he said, smirking.
“Richard!” She said, widening her eyes.
“I’m just kidding”, he said, laughing.
“I just remembered that we have a swim date today”, he said to her.
“Yeahhh but I still don’t have a swimming costume”.
“Follow me”, he said, getting on his feet and she followed him.
They arrived in his bedroom and he took out a huge shopping bag and placed it in
her hands.
“What’s in here”, she asked, grinning and she opened it up and saw varieties of
swim suits in it.
“Richard!!” She exclaimed as she looked at everything in it.
“Wow, they’re so lovely”, she said, placing the bag on the floor and she took a
look at all the swim suits in it.
“Aww Richard. When did you buy all these?” She asked.
“Yesterday”, he said, smiling.
“Aww, I love them. Thank you”, she said to him and he smiled.
“You’re welcome”, he said, smiling.
“So are you ready for your swimming lesson?” He asked.
“Yeahh”, she said, grinning. “I’m going to change”, she said to him.
“Alright, meet me at the back of the building”, he said to her and she nodded.
When she got to her room, she jumped on her bed and looked at the ceiling.
“Oh God, how do I do this? I’m so shy of exposing my body”, she said to herself.
“And all these are so revealing”, she said, looking at it and she sat up.
“I’ll just try them on and see”, she said to herself and she tried on the bikini and
she didn’t like it. Then she tried on the one piece swimsuit and they were also
“I guess I just have to manage this”, she said looking at herself in the mirror. She
was wearing a black one piece swim suit and it covered her tummy but exposed
her butt cheek and cleavage.
She grabbed her towel, wrapped it around her body and stepped out of her
She walked towards the back of the building and when she saw the swimming
pool, she was surprised.
“Oh my God. This is so huge”, she said to herself.
“Hey beautiful”, Richard said, hugging her from behind and he pulled off the
“Richard!!” She exclaimed trying to grab the towel and he tossed it away.
He had his eyes glued to her body.
“You’re so freaking beautiful and drop dead gorgeous”, he said to her and she
wrapped her hands around her body.
“Can I get my towel? I don’t feel comfortable”.
“Then let’s get into the pool”, he said, lifting her and he threw her into the pool.
“Richard! I can’t swim”, she exclaimed and he also jumped in.
“This is the shallow end”, he said to her and she relaxed her nerves.


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