“Yeah, I am!” She said, smiling.
“Wow! Congratulations! You’re about to face both hell and heaven”, he said to her
and she looked at him in a weird manner.
“Oops. Forget I said that”.
“I can’t forget that. Is it really going to be hell?”
“Yeah and Heaven! I can’t really explain it but you’ll understand as time goes”.
This made Jessica feel uneasy and she didn’t know what to expect.
“I’m Richard by the way”, he said, stretching his hands toward her.
“I’m Jessica”, she said, giving him a handshake.
“I’ve really spoilt your mood huh?” He said to to her when he saw how pale her
face looked.
“Oh no, I’m just thinking”.
“Don’t think too much about it. It’s not that serious”.
“It’s not that serious? It’s my first time here and you just dropped this huge ball
on me, how do you expect me to feel?” She asked, getting irritated.
“I’m really sorry for that, I was…”
“Good morning sir”, a young man said as he walked past them.
“Yeah good morning”, he responded.
“Sir?” She said to herself.
“Oh my God. What if he has a high ranking position in here? And I just spoke to
him in a rude manner”.
“See you around Jessica”, he said, smiling and he walked away.
Now, her mind was all over the place. She wondered what position he held and
also what hell she was going to expect.
She sat in her seat, thinking about it till a lady who looked just about the same
age as her, walked up to her.
“Hi, are you Jessica Thompson?” The lady asked.
“Yeah, I am”.
“Okay, I’m Melissa but you can call me Lisa. I’ve been instructed to give you a tour
and give you all the necessary information but first, you have to go the HR
department to go through a little assessment and training”, she said to her.
“Assessment and training ?”
“Yeah, it’s just a procedure we all go through. It’ll take just 30 minutes”, she said
to her.
“Oh okay”.
“Yeah, let’s go”, she said taking the lead and Jessica got on her feet and followed
They arrived at a door and they walked in. They walked for while and then they
walked into an office.
“I’ll be outside”, the lady said to her and she walked out.
Jessica went through her training and assessment. She passed the training
and after that, she was dismissed.
She stepped out of the office and she saw Melissa seated at the entrance.
“You done?”
“Great. You see, I told you it was nothing”, she said, smiling.
“Yeah, it was really normal and the lady was really nice to me”.
“Yeah we all love Mama Sharon over here”.
“I see”.
“So I’m going to take you to your office which is right beside Erica’s office and
then I’ll give you a full tour”.
“My office?” She asked, surprised.
“Yeah but it’s just a mini office actually. It’s not as big as that of Erica’s”.
“I’m going to have an office?”
“Yeah? What were you expecting?”
“I was expecting just a table and chair in front of her office”.
“Oh no. You’re her handbag right now and she doesn’t play with her handbags.
So, yeah! Her assistants get an office”, she said, chuckling.
“Wow, that’s great”, Jessica said, smiling.
“Yeah, let’s go”, she said to her and they walked towards an elevator.
“Do you also have an office?” She asked.
“Nah, I don’t”.
“Okay, What do you do?”
“I’m Mr Day’s personal assistant”,
“Mr Day as in Erica’s dad or??”
“Erica’s brother”.
“Oh, I see. Is he also a fashion designer”.
“No, he just owns part of the company and he usually doesn’t spend so much time
here, so I get a lot of free time on my hands”.
“Oh, I see. Is that a good thing?”
“Yeah, in a way. I’m mostly free and that’s why they use me for things like this”.
“I see”, she said to her and they both stepped out of the elevator.
“Wow! This looks different from the ground floor and the other floor”, she said,
looking around.
“Yeah, this is Erica’s base. So, she’s made it her little Haven”.
“Wow, it’s so beautiful”, she said, looking at the fashion designs on the wall and
the art work.
“Yeahh and this is your office”, she said and they came to a stop.
Her jaw dropped when she walked into her office! She was amazed at how big
and beautiful it was.
“Oh my God!!” She exclaimed. “Is this really my office?!”
“Yeahhh”, Lisa said, smiling.
“And you said little? This is big! Way bigger than my bedroom”, she said in
“I’m glad you like it”.
“Like? I love it!” She said, looking around.
“That great. So uhm, you can leave your bag here so that we can go for the tour”.
“Are you sure it’s okay to leave it here?”
“This is your office and no one can come in here without your consent except
Erica of course and Mr Day who’s usually MIA”.
“Okay”, she said, placing her bag on the table.
“Alright, let’s go”, Lisa said to her and they left.
“So this is Erica’s working area and your new working area. I highly doubt you’ll
spend time in your office. The last official PA was hardly ever there”.
“Oh I see. That’s okay, I think I’ll love being here. Everything is just magical, I
really feel like I’m dreaming”.
“Hmmm”, Lisa said, giving her a face.
“Am I over reacting?” Jessica asked.
“No, not at all. I’m just hoping your excitement doesn’t die off when you start
working. Cos honestly, it’s really hectic here. I mean for anyone who works with
“This is the second time I’m hearing something not too about working with her”.
“What? I’m not saying something bad. I’m just..”
“Oh I didn’t mean it that way. I couldn’t find a better way to word it. But earlier
on a certain youngman said that it’d be hell and Heaven”.
“Someone said that?”
“Yeahhh, is it true?”
“Oh not really. I think it depends on you”.
“Hmm, what happened to her previous assistant”.
“He got fired”.
“Yeah but don’t worry you’ll be fine”, she said, tapping her on the shoulder.
“Thank you”.
“You’re welcome. So let’s continue”, she said to her and she took her around and
introduced her to some other people.
They were finally done and Jessica was out of breathe.
“Oh God, I’m so tired. This place is really huge and I don’t think I’ll be able to find
my way around”.
“It’s usually like that for first timers but don’t worry, as them goes, you’ll be able
to locate anywhere you want”.
“Yeaahh. Thank you so much Lisa for taking me around and giving me all the
information I need. I’m so grateful”.
“Oh you’re welcome”, she said as they walked into her office.
“I really still can’t believe that this is my office”, she said to her and Lisa
“Enjoy your stay here. If you need anything, just press 233 on the phone at your
desk and you’ll reach me. And you can also walk over to Alex’s office. He’s
friendly and he’ll definitely assist you if you need anything”.
“Okay, thank you”, she said, smiling.
“You’re welcome and I’ll see you later”.
“Okay and when will Erica arrive?”
“She usually comes in really early, I’m surprised that she’s not in yet but I’m sure
she will arrive soon”.
“Alright, bye”, she said and she left.
Jessica took her seat behind her desk and she looked around once again.
“Thank you so much Father. I’m so freaking happy”, she said as she looked
She picked up her phone and was about to call Dean but she remembered the
sight she saw few hours ago and so she didn’t bother to call.
She decided to text her sister and she told her how beautiful her office was and
gave her a tour via video call.
As they were talking, the office phone rang and it startled her.
“Hello”, she said over the phone.
“Hi Jessica, you’re welcome. I’m at the office now, can you come over for a little
chat”, a lady said and she realized that it was Erica.
“Okay and thank you. I’ll be right there”, she said, getting on her feet and she left
her office and walked into Erica’s office.
“Good morning”, Jessica said to her.
“Good morning Jessica, kindly take your seat”.
“Thank you”, she said, taking her seat.
“You’re welcome and you’re welcome to The Day Fashion House”.
“Thank you”.
“You were given a work mail right?!”
“Great. And my work email and schedule?”
“I’ve not received that yet and…” before she could end her statement, a young
man walked in angrily.
“Erica, we need to talk”, the man said to her and Jessica turned around to see who
it was and it was Richard, the man who sat by her at the reception.
“Dad just told me something important and we need to talk about it”, he said to
her and she glared at him.
“Dad?” Jessica said to herself. “Oh my God, he’s Mr Day!


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