“Jess!! Where have you been? We were so worried. I asked everyone at work of
whereabouts and no one had a clue. Mr Day wasn’t in his office for me to ask him
and I couldn’t ask Erica. What happened? Where have you been?” Lisa asked her.
“Wasn’t feeling too well so I took a day off”, she said them.
“You look pale, have you taken any medication”, Dean asked, walking towards
her and he placed his hands on her neck to feel her body temperature.
When he did that she flinched and moved backwards.
“Are you okay?” Dean asked her.
“Yeah, I’m just so tired and I want to get some sleep”, she said, turning around to
open her door.
“Have you moved in? He asked her.
“Not really but I’m spending the night here”, she said to him.
“Mmm, okay”.
“Will you come to work tomorrow?” Lisa asked.
“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then and please take your medication and take care
of yourself”, she said to her.
“I will”.
“Okay, goodnight”, she said to her and she walked into her house.
A part of her wondered what Lisa was doing in Dean’s house but she had a lot on
her plate so she let it slide.
When she walked in, she saw that some of her stuff were already set up.
She walked into her room and she saw the mini closet that was installed. Her
room was looking so different from the first time she saw it.
“This Bella girl is really good”, she said to herself and she dived on her bed.
She didn’t have the strength to take off her work clothes, so she decided to sleep
in it.
As she was about to make her entrance into the dream world, she heard her door
bell go off.
“Oh Lord, Deannn. I really don’t want to talk to anyone right now”, she said to
herself and she walked sluggishly to her door.
When she opened it, she was surprised to see Richard and she tried to shut the
door but he used his hands to stop it.
“I’ve been searching for you! You made me so worried”.
“Just go away, I don’t want to talk to you!” She said, pushing her door and trying
to shut it.
“Jessica please, just hear me out”.
“I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to hear a thing. Just go”.
“Jess please. I can explain”.
“Richard! Get out!!”
“I know you’re so angry but trust me, I only slept with her because I needed to
get the job done quickly and I….”
“What? You slept with who?” She asked and she could feel her heart shattering
into pieces.
She left the door and walked into her house.
With the look on her face, he knew that he had messed up by saying those words.
“What did Erica say to you?” He asked, walking into her house and he shut the
He thought that Erica told her about the Ellen situation and he wanted to clear it
up but Jessica had no idea.
“Who did you sleep with Richard?” She asked, glaring at him and tears began to
flow from her eyes.
“Jessica relax, I thought that Erica told you about the past and I…”
“You want to lie to me again?! Who did you sleep with? And don’t tell me it’s in
the past! For you to want to explain, then it’s recent because you already told me
about your escapades with Ellen in the past but this seems recent! Who was it
Richard?” She yelled, getting on her feet.
“Don’t mention my name. Who did you sleep with?”
“Ellen and it was just to..”
“When was that?” She asked and he stared at her.
“Or how often was it? Wait? Was the whole rumor true?”
“Jessica, let me explain. I had to do it to get what I want for the company. I had no
“Oh God! So you’ve been sleeping with her all this while and you lied to my face
multiple times?!”
“I did that to protect you!” He said to her and she slapped him.
“You’re an asshole! I can’t believe I trusted you! Everything was right in my face
and I just looked past it because I wanted to trust you!”
“The day she showed up in your office and in less than 15 minutes, she was gone.
I was wondering what was going on but I just decided to give you the benefit of
the doubt but I’m sure you slept with her that night. Right?” She asked him and
he looked away.
“Oh my God! Richard! Did you sleep with her on Saturday too?” She asked and he
was quiet.
“You did right?!l and the following day you slept with me?” She yelled.
“Oh my God! I hate you so much!” She said, hitting him in the chest.
“I hate you!” She said, crying.
“Why did you do this to me?! Why did you come to me?! Why didn’t you just leave
me alone! I was fine on my own!! I hate you”, she said, hitting him and he allowed
her to release all her anger on him.
“Jess I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you! Ellen wasn’t going to do…”
“I don’t want to hear that name! And you claimed you love me!! Oh God, I’m so
“I am Jessica. I love you, I’m just still trying to deal with my past demons”.
“And you want to use me to deal with them?! If you love someone, you’ll fix
yourself before attaching yourself to them!!”
“I know but I couldn’t resist you!”
“Don’t tell me that! You were dating me and at the same time sleeping with Ellen
who dislikes me so much! And who knows what else you were doing and you had
the guts to tell me to leave Dean’s house! And you didn’t even want him to come
to my house and you made us fight over it whiles you were sleeping with Ellen!
And you had over at your house! And slept with me the following day! Richard,
you’re the worse person I’ve ever met in my life and I never want to have
anything to do with you!”
“Jessica I’m sorry! I really am. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m really sorry and I
promise to cut her totally off”.
“And you think I’ll believe you now. Just go. I want to be on my own right now!”
“Jessica please”.
“Richard! Leave!!”
“I’ll call the security on you! Leave!” She exclaimed in tears.
“I can’t leave you like this. You’re hurt and I want to fix it”.
“Are you crazy?! What do you think can fix this? Get out!”
As she was yelling, she heard a knock on the door.
“Jess what’s going on?” Dean asked and she walked up to the door and opened it
“I want him out of my house”, she said to Dean.
“What’s going on?” Dean asked.
“Just tell him to please go or I’ll call the security”, she said to Dean and he turned
to face Richard.
Dean was about to speak up but Richard walked away.
“What’s going on Jess?” he asked when he saw her in tears.
He closed the door and walked up to her but she didn’t say much. She just cried
out loud.
“Jess”, he said, wrapping his hands around her to calm her down.
He walked her to the couch and they both sat down.
“What’s going on?” He asked, stroking her back and trying to calm her down.
“Did he do something to you?” He asked her but she didn’t say a word.
They stayed in that position for a long while till she fell asleep.
Dean lifted her off the couch and took her to her room.
He placed her on the bed, used her blanket to cover her and he left the room.

The following morning, Jessica woke up really early and her head was aching so
She got off her bed and was on her way to the kitchen when she saw Dean
sleeping on her couch.
She was surprised that he slept over and she walked up to the couch and woke
him up.
“Dean”, she said, tapping him and he opened his eyes.
“Whoa! What’s the time”, he said, sitting up quickly.
“Relax, it’s just 4”, she said, chuckling.
“Ohhh”, he said, using his hands to wipe his face.
“How are you?” He asked her.
“I’m okay. I just had a serious headache”.
“Ohh, do you have any medication here?”
“Nope, it’s funny how I was walking to the kitchen to get some medication and
water. What was I thinking”, she said, face palming and he laughed.
“I have some in my place. I’ll just get it for you”, he said, getting on his feet and
she followed him.
“I’ve not seen your place before. Let me use this opportunity to see it”, she said to
him and she walked into his house with him.
“Wow, this is so different from the other place and you’ve really specked it up”,
she said, looking around.
“I love this art work”, she said, using her hands to touch it.
“Thank you”, he said, walking into his kitchen and he came out with a glass of
water and two pills.
“Here”, he said, handing it over to her.
“Thank you”, she said to him and she took the medicine.
“Here”, she said, handing it back to him.
“Thank you”.
“You’re welcome”.
“I’m going back to my room to get ready for work”.
“Are you sure you’re okay to go?” He asked her.
“Yeah, I am”.
“Mmm, and are you ready to tell me what happened with you and Richard?”
“Nah, I don’t want to spoil my day. I’ll tell you about it later”, she said to him and
he nodded.
“I’ll see you later Dean”, she said and she walked towards the door.
“Jess, when you’re ready, let me know so that I drop you off”.
“Okay. Thank you”, she said, smiling and she left.

Jessica arrived at work really early and when she got to her floor, she was
surprised to see Richard, Ellen and Erica in the hallway arguing.
“Oh and here comes the whore!!” Ellen said glaring at her.
“Say that one more time and I throw you off this building”, Richard said to her.
“You see, this is the attitude I can’t tolerate”, Ellen said to Erica.
“He’s sorry. He didn’t mean it that way”, Erica said, apologizing.
“Richard, stop it!” Erica said, glaring at him.
“As I said, it’s either she’s out of here or my family and I are backing out!” Ellen
said, glaring at Jessica.
When Jessica heard that, her head began to ache again.


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