When Richard left, Jessica grabbed her food and walked towards Dean’s
“Dean”, she said, knocking on the door and he opened it up.
“I got my job back”, she said, smiling.
“Wow!!! That’s amazing! What happened Was Richard fired?”
“No he quit to help me to get my job back”, she said to him and Dean was
“I don’t understand”, he said to her and she told him everything.
“Wow. That’s really nice of him”.
“Yeahh, but it doesn’t fix the fact that he was sleeping with someone else and
lying to me about it. And he knew how much I valued abstinence”.
“I can imagine how you feel but let’s celebrate the good news for now”.
“Yeahh”, she said, smiling.
“Wait, what about Lisa?”
“Oh yeah, I forgot to ask him about it”.
“I really hope she doesn’t lose her job”.
“I won’t let her lose it, I’ll speak to Richard”.
“Okay, now let’s celebrate!”
“Dean go to work! I can’t afford to have another person lose their job because of
me”, she said to him and he chuckled.
“My secretary has already called me more than 5 times! I don’t know if she’s
supposed to be my mum or something”.
“She’s saving your ass. Go!” She said to him.
“As soon as I’m done with this food”.
“Okay, I’m not staying here with you before we start an unending conversation”,
she said, walking away.
“And thank you for the food”, she said to him and she left.

The following day, she went to work really early and when she arrived, she saw
Erica in her office.
She contemplated on if she should walk in or not and she decided to walk past
her office but Erica called her back.
“Jessica”, she called out and she walked into her office.
“Good morning”, Jessica said to her.
“Good morning, take a seat”, she said to her and Jessica sat down.
“I’m sure Richard has filled you in on the recent developments”, Erica said to her.
“Yeahh, he has”.
“Okay. I’m not too happy with how things turned out but he did this mess, so he
has to clean it up”, she said to her and Jessica nodded.
“You also had a part to play. Dating someone of a very high rank at your work
place isn’t a wise decision especially if the person is your bosses’ brother! Most
companies do not even permit that because of the unnecessary drama and
favoritism issues that come with it”.
“I understand and I also didn’t want this but I accepted in the end, so I take full
responsibility for my actions. I’m sorry about everything Erica and I’m so grateful
that you deem me worthy to still work with you. Thank you so much”.
“You’re welcome and you’re actually on probation. Mess up one more time and
you’re out”.
“I promise to be on my best behavior”.
“Great, now get to work. Today is going to be a very long day”.
“Okay”, she said, getting on her feet and she was about to leave but she
remembered Lisa and she stopped in her tracks.
“I’m sorry to bother you again but I just wanted to find out if Lisa is still working
“Oh yeah, she is. She’s been very useful to us, we can’t just let her go. She’s been
transferred to the HR department”, Erica said to her.
“Oh my God. She’s always wanted this. Oops sorry, thank you”, she said to Erica
and she left.
She was really excited for Lisa. Lisa had always wanted to work at the HR
department and she finally got what she wanted.
“Things didn’t go so bad at the end. Thank you Lord. I know you did this and I’m
so grateful”, she said to God and she walked into her office and got to work.

As the rest of the week went by, Jessica completely ignored Richard and blocked
him from calling her. She was still hurt and angry at the whole situation and at
night, she stayed awake thinking of everything.
She also had to deal with Lisa showing up multiple times at her house just to see
A part of her still cared for Richard and wanted him back but she couldn’t get
past the whole cheating saga and she wasn’t sure that he was actually going to
A part of her also still cared for Dean and her feelings were still intact but she
didn’t want to act on it because she was still dealing with her feelings for
During the weekend, she went over to Richard’s place with a taxi to take the rest
of her things which were at his house.
Richard was so excited to see her when she walked into his living room.
“Hey”, he said, smiling.
“Hey”, she said, keeping a straight face.
“How have you been?”
“Good. You?”
“Better because I finally get to see you”, he said to her and she rolled her eyes.
He saw that but he completely ignored it.
“I’m here to take the rest of my things”.
“Yeah, I know that. Everything has been packed up for you. Bella and her team
are on their way to move it and put everything in order”.
“You don’t have to do all that. I can do it myself”.
“I’m just trying to help out”.
“Thank you but I’m okay”.
“Okay, do you need a ride? I can drop it off for you”.
“I came with a taxi”.
“Okay, is it big enough to take everything?”
“Yes it is”.
“Okay, then let me get my security man to get everything into the car for you”.
“Thank you. I’m going to the room to make sure that everything has been
“Okay”, he said to her and she left.
When she walked into her room, she was surprised to see rose petals on the floor
and also on the bed.
It also included a teddy bear, balloons, candle lights and a huge card which had
‘I’m sorry’ pasted on it.
She was really surprised and she found it cute but it wasn’t enough to make her
forget everything.
“I’m sorry baby”, Richard said, walking into the room.
“I really am”, he said to her.
“Okay, that’s okay. I forgive you”, she said to him and he was surprised”.
“You have???” He asked.
“Yeah. But I also hope you can forgive me too”, she said, looking down at her feet.
“I slept with Dean the night we were supposed to have our second date and it’s
been eating me up”, she said to him and he had a blank look on his face.
“I didn’t mean for it to happen. It was a good day for him because of his new job.
We were so excited and…”
“What?! You slept with him?! For real?!”
“Yeah, I wanted to tell you but we had just started out so, I…”
“You got to be kidding me! How could you do that?!”
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen”, she said, tearing up and trying to
place her hands on his cheeks but he looked away.
“I can’t believe you’ll do this! How could you? I trusted you and you lied to me all
this time?!” He said and he walked away in anger.
“Yeah! You can’t handle this but you want me to handle yours”, she exclaimed.
“And I didn’t do it by the way! I wanted to see your reaction to this and of course
you can’t handle it but you want me to take you back when you slept with her
multiple times! It’s the double standards for me!” She exclaimed and he turned


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