On hearing what she said, he walked back into the room.
“You were lying?” Richard asked her and she glared at him.
“You’re so pathetic”, she said to him and she grabbed her suitcase and walked out
the room.
“Jess, c’mon. I was just upset. I wasn’t expecting that from you”, he said, walking
behind her.
“Yeah but I don’t deserve to be upset right?”
“I didn’t say that”.
“Richard, I’m getting fed up with this back and forth. Let’s just leave things the
way they are. I just want to be on my own and just live my life”.
“So you’re just going to give up on us?”
“You did that each time you smashed your body into Ellen’s and I don’t even
know if it’s just her. Just leave me alone”, she said to him
he just stood there and watched her leave.
She got into the taxi and waited for the security to bring the rest of her stuff.
When he was done, she left with her things.

Jessica spent the whole weekend, unpacking and putting her things in order.
On Sunday evening, as she was busy in her kitchen, she heard the door bell go off
and she knew that it was Dean.
Ever since she fixed the door bell, Dean always abused it by pressing it non stop.
She walked to her door and opened it.
“Spoil it and you’re going to have to stand in as my gate man or door man”, she
said to him and he chuckled.
Jessica stepped aside for him to walk in.
“You still not done?” He asked her and he walked to her couch and sat on it.
“I am. It’s just the kitchen that I’m trying to put in order and I just realized that I
have to buy groceries”, she said, facepalming and she sat by him.
“You didn’t get some?” He asked her and she shook her head.
“We can go to supermarket near by this evening”, he said to her.
“I’m tired”, she said, whining.
“Or do you want to do it another day?”
“I doubt I’ll have the time. Mmm, let’s go right now so that I just pack it all up at
“Okay, let’s go”, he said to her.
“Let me grab my card”, she said, getting on her feet and she went into her room.
When she got back, they left the house.

At the supermarket, Dean pushed the shopping cart whiles Jessica made the
As they were busy doing that, they came into contact with Richard.
“Hey”, Richard said to her and she forced a smile.
“Hey”, she said to him and he looked at Dean but Dean paid no attention to him.
He was busy on his phone.
“You good?” He asked.
“Yeahh, I am. You?”
“I’m okay. Just working on a few things”.
“Okay”, she said, grabbing a drink from the shelf and she placed it in the shopping
“See you around”, she said to him and she left with Dean.
“Dean, why are you so glued to your phone?” She asked.
“I am?”
“Yeahh, did you even see Richard?”
“Yeahh, that’s why I focused on my phone. I didn’t want to feel any form of
awkwardness ”, he said to her and she chuckled.
“You’re just something else”, she said to him and they got back to shopping.
When they were done, they both went back home and Dean helped her to
“What’s up with you and Lisa?” Jessica asked him as they were unpacking.
“Lisa? Nothing”.
“Each time she comes here, she stops at your place”.
“She just says hi and that’s it”.
“Do I sense some form of jealousy?” He asked, teasing her.
“No, I’m just curious”.
“There’s nothing going on”.
“Because you’re on a dating break?”
“That and also, I don’t see her that way. She’s beautiful and she’s a nice person
but I’m not attracted to her. She’s just uhmm.. a friend”.
“Yeahh”, he said to her and they were both quiet for a while till he spoke up.
“So you’re completely done with Richard? Or you’re just taking a break?” He
asked her.
“I’m done. I don’t think I can get past the whole cheating saga. If it was once, I’d
consider a little but only God knows how often they did it. And the fact that he
did it in his house even when I was living there, says a lot. It’s very disrespectful.
And then he had the guts to get me in bed the following day. No, that’s too much.
“If Erica didn’t speak to me about him, he would have continued doing that and I
would have been kept in the dark! And Lisa was talking to me the other day about
a lady called Olivia. I don’t even know who that is or what she is too him.
Everything is just too much and I’m still deeply hurt. What comforts me is just the
fact that I still have my job and he’s not there anymore. It would have been hell
for me to have to avoid him every single minute”, she said, ranting.
“He freaking lied to me multiple times and made it seem like I was overreacting
each time I brought it up! That guy! Hmm. Who can be with someone like
that?! And do you know what happened yesterday?”
“I told him that I slept with you and he was so furious. He even walked away”.
“Whoaa! But that would have triggered something in me if I was in his shoes and
I would have been furious but I wouldn’t dare judge you if I’ve done worse”.
“Exactly what I was expecting that from him but he did the opposite and it made
me more angry. I really thank God for revealing everything to me. If I had gotten
so deep with him and I heard all this and realized , I don’t know what I would
have done to myself”.
“It really hurts that he was my first, but I guess that’s what I deserve for being
“Stop saying that. I know how you cherished it and all that but you don’t deserve
anything which doesn’t make you happy. It was a mistake and you’ll surely get
past it”.
“I hope so”, she said to him.
When they were done with everything, they went back to the living room.

The following day, Jessica was in the design room, working on some new designs
with the design team when someone walked up to her.
“Jessica, you have a call”, the lady said to her and she walked up to the phone in
the design room.
“Hello”, she said, picking it up.
“Jess, Miss Ellen Jen had some documents for me but I’m not in, so take it for me. I
think she’s in the conference room right now”, Erica said to her and Jessica
“I know she’s the last person you want to see but she’s our client so we’ll be
seeing her once in a while”.
“I understand”.
“Alright, if she says anything, just ignore her”.
“Alright, I’ll be back soon”.
“Okay”, she said to her and she hung up.
“Ughhh!!” Jessica said out loud and then she left the design room.
When she walked into the conference room, Ellen glared at her.
“I’m here for the documents”, she said to her.
“Where’s Erica?”
“She’s unavailable”.
“And where’s Richard?”
“Probably uhm in there. I think you should open your legs for us to look for him”,
she said to her and Ellen was surprised.
“How dare you speak to me that way?”
“Just hand over the documents and get back to letting Richard run through you”.
“Are you really talking to me like that? You want to get yourself fired?”
“Last time you had this threat on your lips, it didn’t work out for you. Try again
and you might be the one who’ll get fired from your company”, she said to her.
“I’m going to tell Erica everything you just said”.
“It’s going to be your words against mine and I’m sure she knows that you would
say anything to get me fired. So there’s nothing much you can do. Just hand over
the documents”, she said to her.
“Take it! I’ll deal with you my own way”, Ellen said, getting on her feet and she
walked away angrily.


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