As soon as Ellen left, Lisa walked in.
“Jessica, what was that?” She asked her.
“Did you just speak to Ellen in that manner?”
“You heard that?”
“Yeahhh and I was a bit excited because she needs to be put in her place but she’s
one of our biggest client and we can lose her because of what you just did”.
“I know but she just gets on my nerves so much and I snapped when she asked
me about Richard”.
“Yeah, I heard that. What’s the deal with Richard and her? And are you two not
“Hmm, we’re not together anymore”.
“What? And you never told me?”
“Didn’t feel like talking about it”.
“Hmm, does it have something to do with Ellen?”
“Mmmhmmm”, she said, nodding.
“He was dating her?”
“Sleeping with her”.
“Oh my God! Ohh! Why would he do that?” She asked but Jessica didn’t want to
give out so much information about the company’s deal with the Jens.
“Well, he had a lot of excuses which didn’t matter to me”.
“Oh Jess, I’m so sorry that happened to you”.
“It’s fine”.
“Hmm, but are you okay? How are you dealing with it?”
“Just taking it one day at a time”.
“Is that why he left?”
“Not really”.
“Hmmm, really sorry about that. I can’t believe that I didn’t figure this out and
Dean never said a thing”.
“I would have killed him if he did”, she said, chuckling. “What’s your deal with
Dean though? You two seem pretty close now”.
“Oh, we are? I don’t think so”.
“Mmm, you’ve been coming to house just to see him”.
“What? No. I’ve been coming to see you! My house isn’t too far from yours and so
I just stop by to say hi to you and then I say hi to him cos I also know him now”.
“Oh c’mon. I know you’re still into him and I’ll never do that to you unless you
miraculously get over him fully. And by then I’m sure I’ll be with someone else”,
she said, chuckling.
“What? You’re making it seem like it’ll take years”.
“Wow! Are you saying that it’ll take years for me to get into a relationship with
“What? I didn’t say that”, she said, chuckling.
“Mmm. So what’s up with you and Dean?” Lisa asked her.
“Nothing, we’re just back to being best friends again and I’m really happy. I
missed him being in my life and I missed having someone to talk to fully about
“Mmm, and what are you going to do about your feelings since he’s not looking to
date right now”.
“I’m also not looking to date and if I was, I wouldn’t impose that on him. I chose
Richard and I can’t double back to Dean just because things didn’t work out”.
“That’s true. It would seem as if he’s your second option”.
“Anyway, I’m still rooting for you two and I hope you both find your way back to
each other after you completely over Richard and the heartbreak”, she said to her
and she chuckled.
“For now, I just want to be on my own and focus on work. I want to get promoted
just like you”, she said, poking her.
“Then you better get your head in the game and forget about squaring up to
Ellen. That can get you fired and what are you going to do if Erica should asks you
about it”.
“I’ll just deny it”.
“And she’ll believe you?”
“You’ll back me up”.
“You want me to lie for you and throw Ellen under the bus?! I’ll surely do that for
you!” She said to her and Jessica chuckled.
“That’s why I love you! You’ve been my guardian Angel ever since I got here! Like
for real, I really appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me and I’ll always
have your back when it comes to anything”.
“Awww, you’re making me blush”, she said, grinning and batting her eyelashes.
“I take my words back”, Jessica said to her and she chuckled.
“You can’t. And oh, I’m glad that you also have my back. It’s funny how I had a lot
of friends here way before you came and just with your smiley face, you captured
me and we’ve gotten so close!” She said to Jessica and she smiled.
“Aww”, Jessica said, smiling. “I guess we’re meant to be”, she said, chuckling.
“Yeahh, my love”, she said in a joking manner.
“We better get going before someone would think we’re proposing to ourselves”,
Lisa said, laughing.
“Right?” She said, chuckling and they walked out of the conference room.
“I’ll see you at lunch”, Jessica said to Lisa and she walked into the elevator.

Jessica arrived home later in the evening and when she got to her door, she saw a
card and a bouquet of flowers in front of it.
She was surprised when she saw it and she picked it up.
She unlocked her door and walked into her house with it. She dropped her bag
and the flowers on her table, and then she opened up the card.
It had a note in it and she read it.
“Hey beautiful, how are you doing? I hope you had a great day. I just sent this to
apologize once again. There’s no excuse or apology that can make this all go away
but I just want to let you know that I’m really sorry and I really did love and care
about you. And I’m the most foolish person on earth right now to let myself lose
you because of my stupid acts. I know I can’t do anything right now to fix this, so
I’m just going to respect your words and give you the space you want. I pray that
in future, we can become cordial or friends again till then, I wish you the best that
life has to offer. I love you, enjoy the rest of your night”.
When she was done reading it, she was in tears. She placed the card down, went
into her room and cried in her bed.
Everything was really hurting her but she couldn’t bring herself to forgive and
forget what happened just yet.
“Father please help me get through this”, she said, crying and she went down
memory lane to how happy she was with him him but she remembered the
whole Ellen thing and everything wasn’t so happy to her anymore.
She thought about everything for a while and then she got back on her feet and
walked into her bathroom to take a quick shower.

Jessica was asleep, when she heard her door go off.
She opened her eyes and everywhere still looked so dark.
“Is it morning?” She said to herself and she grabbed her phone and saw that it
was just 12 in the morning.
“Who would be at my door at this time?” She said to herself.
“Or was it a dream?” She said and she was about to go to bed again but the bell
went off again.
“Again? Who could it be?” She said, getting off her bed and she went into her
kitchen, grabbed a knife and walked towards her door.
“Who’s it?” She asked and there was no response.
“Who’s is it?” She asked again and there was no response.
“Whoever you are, this isn’t funny”, she exclaimed and there was still no
She quickly ran into her room and grabbed her phone. She called Dean’s line but
he wasn’t responding.
“Dean, pick up,” she said to herself and she called again but he didn’t pick up and
this time her door bell rang again.
“Oh my God”, she said to herself and as she was about to call the police, she heard
the door open.
She quickly rushed into her bathroom with her knife and she forgot her phone on
her bed.
She heard her room door open and her heart started to beat so fast.
“Oh God please help me”, she said in fear and she heard her door close again.
She stayed in there for a while and when she didn’t hear a thing, she opened her
door quietly and poked her head out.
She didn’t seen anyone around and so she stepped out.
“Happy birthday!!” Dean, Priscilla, Lisa and some of her old friends exclaimed as
soon as she stepped out.
“Oh my God! You scared me!” She exclaimed.
“That was the point”, Dean said, chuckling.


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