“Girl, don’t tell me you forgot your own birthday”, her old friend, Britt said to her.
“Brittttt”, Jessica exclaimed!
“Nicole!! Janice!! Harry! Dickson! Oh my God, I’ve missed you all”, she said,
hugging them so tight.
Britt was Jessica’s roommate when she was in the university whiles Nicole,
Harry, Dickson and Janice were her friends from high school.
“Where have you all been?” Jessica asked.
“How would you know when you completely ignored us because of Mr handsome
over here”, Janice said, referring to Dean and he chuckled.
“I didn’t ignore you all. I was just caught up with my own life drama”, she said to
“She just stated a reason for ignoring us right. Or I didn’t hear correctly”, Nicole
said to Janice.
“You heard correctly”, she said to her and they chuckled.
“Happy birthday love”, Britt said, hugging her and the others also joined in and
gave her a big hug. They all released their grip and they walked to her living
room and sat on the couch
“Did you really forget your own birthday though?” Lisa asked her and she
“So typical of her”, Dickson said, facepalming.
“Wait, how are you all here at the same time of the night? Where did you come
“Our homes duh”, Nicole said to her.
“You know what I’m talking about”, she said, rolling her eyes at her in a funny
“We’ve been in Dean’s apartment waiting”, Harry said to her.
“Yeah, he told us to come at 8pm and my stupid self came early”, Janice said,
“Aww sorry”, Jessica said, laughing.
“Anyway, I had company. Lisa is such a mood! How do you cope with this boring
girl?” Janice asked Lisa and she chuckled.
“It’s my birthday, say nice things about me”, Jessica said, pouting her lips.
“Says the person who forgot her birthday”, Dickson said and they all laughed.
“I’m really grateful that you’re all here, I really am. I’ve missed you so much, you
have no idea”, she said to them.
She was really happy to have her old friends and Lisa around her. It made her
forget about about the little drama in her life.
“You’re welcome”, Britt said to her.
“I’m trying to understand something”, Nicole said, placing her fingers on her chin
in a questioning manner.
“You both moved out of a house that could accommodate you both to two
different apartments in the same building?” Nicole asked.
“Two apartments facing each other. Add that part”, Janice said to her.
“What’s your problem? Do you want her to live with Dean forever?” Harry asked.
“Well, they’re practically doing the same thing again”, Nicole said, shrugging.
“It wasn’t planned. I moved out to stay in my own place and Dean moved out to
be at a better place and surprisingly, we met each other here”, Jessica said to her.
“Mmhmm, you think we’re going to believe that?”
“It’s true”, Lisa said, defending her.
“Wow, the universe must really be tired of you two playing around”, Dickson
said, laughing.
“So are you two dating now? I asked Dean and he kept changing the topic and
Britt said something about you dating Richard Day, like that could ever happen”,
Nicole said, chuckling and everyone was quiet.
“She really did”, Lisa said to her and they all turned to Jessica with a surprised
look on their face.
“She what? Richard Day? No way!” Nicole said to Lisa.
“It happened”, Lisa said to her and Jessica wasn’t too happy with the topic.
“It happened and it’s in the past now. Can we talk about something else please?”
Jessica said to them.
“Yeah yeah, it’s your day! Dean what do you have planned?” Harry asked.
“Movie night, sleepover and later in the day, we’ll go to the poolside”, he said to
“Oh that sounds cool”, Nicole said, smiling.
“Why is Dean the one deciding that?” Lisa asked, confused.
“If you leave it to Jessica, she will stay in her room and sleep all day”, Britt said to
“Hey”, Jessica said, pouting her lips.
“I see”, Lisa said, chuckling.
“Wait, is today Thursday or Friday?” Jessica asked.
“It’s Christmas”, Nicole said to her and they all laughed.
“First you forget your own birthday and then the day of the week. Do you
remember your own name?” Dickson asked her, laughing.
“Deaaannn, they’re picking on me”, she said in a childish manner.
“Pay them no attention, okay”, he said to her.
“Yes daddy”, she said to him.
“Is this a sexual role play or something?” Janice asked.
“Right? We can excuse you two”, Nicole added.
“Oh c’mon. You know Jessica doesn’t roll that way. They’re just messing around”,
Harry said, defending her.
“Can we please get to the movie”, Britt said to them.
“Over to you Dean”, Harry said to him and Dean got on his feet and walked
towards the television.
“I don’t have any movie on that tv. No cable connection, no internet connection”,
Jessica said to him.
“I know. I’m connecting it to mine”, he said to her and he connected it to his wifi
and also connected it to his Netflix account.
“We’re watching this. You cool?” He asked.
“Yeahhh, I’ve always wanted to watch that!” Nicole exclaimed.
“I think he’s referring to the birthday girl”, Lisa said, laughing.
“Yeah, I’m cool”, Jessica said to him.
“Alright”, he said to her and he played the movie.
“I’ll be right back”, Dean said, leaving the house and he returned with a huge bag.
“Here”, he said, handing everyone a pack of popcorn.
“Aww Dean, thank you”, Jessica said to him and he sat by her.
“Anything for you”, he said, giving her a side hug and she smiled.
“Happy birthday”, he said, whispering in her ear and it sent some chills down her
“Thank you”, she said to him and they focused their attention on the television.
As they were watching, Jessica got on her feet.
“Where are you going to?” Dean asked.
“To grab my phone. I’m sure Priscilla and my parents will be trying to contact
“Okay”, he said to her and she left.
When she got to her room, she grabbed her phone and she saw a lot of missed
calls from her parents, Priscilla and some other people.
“Wow”, she said to herself and she came across a long text from an unknown
When she saw the text, she knew that it was from Richard.
“Hey beautiful! Happy birthday. Wanted to add a belated birthday wish to the
note I sent last night. I’m hoping you read it. Anyway, it’s your day today and I
wish you a very prosperous birthday. May all your dreams, aspirations and secret
wishes come true. Enjoy your day. Wish I could celebrate it with you but I guess
you’ll be happier celebrating it with friends. I hope you’re happy and yeahh…
have a blast”.
When she was done reading it, she smiled and went on to read other messages
and then she called her parents. After that, she called her sister.
When she was done with her calls, she went back to the living room and almost
everyone was asleep except Harry.
“What? Has the movie ended?” She asked and he nodded.
“Ooh, I missed it”, she said, pouting her lips.
“You can always watch it later”.
“Yeahh. Why are they all sleeping on the floor? My bed can take three people,
Dean’s bed can take three too. And then the rest can sleep on my couch or his
“Even Dean is sleeping on the floor, I guess that’s the plan after all”.
“Mmm, I’ll just get a cover cloth to cover everyone”, she said to him and she went
into room. Few second later, she came out and covered everyone up.
“You’re not sleepy?” She asked Harry.
“Not really”.
“Mmm”, she said, sitting by him and they got into a long chat till she felt sleepy
and then she slept on her couch.
The following morning, Jessica’s doorbell went off and it woke almost everyone
“Argh, who could that be at this time of the morning?” Jessica said to herself and
she walked up to the door.
When she opened up the door, she was surprised to see a lot of gifts in front of
her door and there was no one standing there.


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