“Oh my God!” she exclaimed when she saw all the gifts.
“What’s going on?” Britt said, walking towards the door and when she saw the
gifts, her jaw dropped.
“Oh my God!” She yelled.
“You all should come and see this!!” Britt exclaimed and the others didn’t move
an inch, some were still asleep.
“Guys!!! Beyoncé is at the room next door!” Britt exclaimed.
“What?!” Nicole said, opening one of her eyes.
“Which Beyoncé?” Dickson asked, chuckling and he got on his feet.
“You think I’m kidding! Come and see”.
“She’s lying. Whatever is there isn’t Beyoncé” Dean said to her and he got on his
“Why do you think Jessica is still standing there. Come and see”, she said to them
and they all rushed to the door.
“Whoaaa!!!” Janice exclaimed.
“What’s going on here?” Dickson asked.
“Are you friends with the President?” Nicole asked and Jessica just stood there in
awe. She knew who sent it the moment she saw it.
“Even the President wouldn’t do this. It’s practically hitting the roof and it’s
blocked the whole place! This is definitely Beyoncé’s handwork”, Britt said to
them and Jessica chuckled.
“Who’s it from?” Janice asked.
“The almighty Richard Day. Who else?” Lisa said to them.
“Oh my God! They’re really dating?” Janice exclaimed.
“Were. Past tense”, Britt said to her.
“I think it’s going to be present tense now with all these presents”, Janice said to
“I think we should tone it down. Dean is here”, Nicole said, whispering in Janice
and Britt’s ear, and they turned to face Dean.
“What?!” He asked them.
“Nothing”, they said, looking away.
“What are we waiting for?! Let’s go in and unwrap the gifts!” Janice exclaimed.
“Yes! Jessica. Let’s take it in before one of your neighbors get angry for no
reason”, Nicole said to her and they all chuckled.
“Let’s help bring it in”, she said to everyone and they all helped Jessica to bring it
all in.
Jessica was having mixed feelings about it and she just stood aside for them to
bring it all in. She was excited about the gifts and on the other hand, she felt it
was a way to get them back together.
When they brought in all the gifts, it occupied almost half of her room.
“This is too much! He’s definitely trying to get her back”, Nicole said, whispering
to Janice.
“Get her back? They’re getting married this evening! This is enough for her bride
price”, she said to her and they chuckled.
“As you all get to the unwrapping, Dean, Dickson and I are going to get something
for us to eat this morning”, Harry said to them.
“Okay”, Lisa said to him.
“Dean, let’s go”, Harry said to him and they left.
“Let’s get to the unwrapping”, Nicole said in excitement.
“I don’t think I want to unwrap it, I feel like sending it back”, Jessica said to them.
“Girrrlll what? After we used all our strength to bring it in?” Nicole said to her.
“Why do you want to return it? Because you’re not dating him again?” Britt
“Yeah, why?” Janice added and Jessica was quiet for a while and then she spoke
“He cheated on me, not once, not twice, not three times either”, she said to them.
“What??” they all said in unison except Lisa who knew about it.
“Why will he do that? And then send all these gifts?” Nicole asked.
“He’s giving me toxic vibes”, Britt said to her.
“Exactly!” Janice added.
“And what was his excuse? Let me guess he didn’t know what he was doing?”
Nicole asked.
“Hmmmm”, she said to them. She was a bit skeptical on telling them the full story
but she was tired of holding it in, so she told them what happened.
“Damn!! That’s messed up! So he couldn’t be upfront about it or find a different
way to deal with the deal?! Nah bro, this isn’t it”, Britt said to her.
“I agree and the fact that he had an issue with you and Dean is what is pissing me
off”, Lisa said to her.
“He did?!” Britt added.
“Yes, he made her move out and all that..”.
“He’s a psycho!” Britt exclaimed.
“I think you should try to understand him. He had to do this for his company, not
for pleasure. I mean it’s wrong and all but if he’s apologized several times, I think
you should forgive him and probably tell him to work on himself and all that. And
maybe later, who knows? You two can get together”.
“What? Do you hear yourself? How can you even say that? So he didn’t know that
he had to work on himself before attaching himself to someone else?” Britt
“I wonder!!” Lisa added.
“And who even knows what else he’s done? I mean for someone who was known
to be a Casanova, what makes you think he’s changed? Or capable of changing?
And for his sister to warn you? Girl….run! Sisters don’t do that and if she had to
do all that then she knows things that you don’t”, Britt said to her.
“Oh c’mon. What if he’s changing? For him to apologize and send all this, I think
he really wants to change”, Nicole said to her.
“No, he’s being manipulative! If he was really sorry, he’d apologize, probably send
a birthday message or just one gift but doing all this, he’s trying to buy her
“I agree with you. I mean he was my boss and I really liked him because he was
nice to me but if this is what happened, I guess you should give him some space
and if you want to return the gifts, you can do that”.
“I’m 50,50 with this. No one knows how he really feels, only Jessica would know.
If you feel deep down that he really did care about you, then I think you should be
able to tell if this gifts are genuine or something else. And I really feel like he’s
just going all out for you to make you happy today. But well you’ll know better.
But I don’t think you should get back with him, maybe later in future when you’re
sure he’s become a better person”, Janice said to her.
“How will she know? He lied to her countless times, how will he know when he
starts telling the truth. Or you’re not understanding this. Just cut the guy off and
forget him cos if you put it in your mind that you might give him a chance in the
future, you’ll never get over him”, Britt said to her.
“True”, Lisa said to her and Jessica was quiet.
As Jessica was thinking about everything, her phone went off, she looked at the
caller ID and it was an unknown number. She had a feeling that it was Richard
and she picked up.
“Hey beautiful”, he said to her and she was quiet.
“Happy birthday!”
“Thank you”.
“So, I just got a call from the luxury gift hub that they’ve delivered some packages
to you. Did you receive anything?” He asked.
“Yes, I did and I don’t know what you were thinking when you sent it”.
“Oh! I honestly didn’t send that in today. I planned and paid for it a long time ago
and I forgot to cancel it. It’s not my attention to shower you with gifts when
you’re asking for some space. I just called to clarify that because I felt like you’d
think I’m trying to get you back with this. I’m not”.
“Oh okay, do you want to back?”
“Really? I don’t. I’m actually happy it got to you and I hope you really like it. It
was straight from my heart”.
“Okay, thank you”.
“You’re welcome and I hope you’re enjoying your day”.
“Yeah, I am”.
“Okay, that’s great. Enjoy the rest of your day”, he said to her and he hung up.
“Was that Richard?” Britt asked her.
“What did he say?” She asked and Jessica told them what he said.
“You see. He’s not manipulating her”, Nicole exclaimed.
“Well, I still don’t like him but well it’s all in your hands Jess”., Britt said to her.
“If it’s a mistake, then just take it. He planned it when you two were together so
it’s all from his heart and not a manipulative gift. What do you think Britt”, Janice
“Mmm, okay. That’s true but it’s all in Jessica’s hands as you said”.
“Mmm, I’ll keep it but I don’t feel like opening it right now, I’ll open it in my own
time. Opening it right now will get me emotional and I’ll get in my feelings and I
don’t know if it’s going to be a good feeling or a wrecking one”, she said to them.
“I understand”, Lisa said, patting her back.
“I really wanted to see what was inside it but I understand”, Nicole said to her
and they chuckled.

As Dean, Harry and Dickson were on their way back, they were having a hearty
“That guy is really going all out and if you keep up with this ‘I’m not dating now
thing’ you’ll lose her again”, Dickson said to Dean and he chuckled.
“True, the last time, I had to push him to tell her how he felt about her”.
“You don’t get it, do you? One, if I ask her out again, it’ll just be a sort of rebound
thing and it might affect our relationship, two, if we start dating, we might
probably get sexual especially when we are living opposite each other. I love her
and that’s one of the reasons I’m doing this. If I follow my selfish desires, how’s
that going to be love?”
“Well, you have a point but you can control it”.
“I can’t. Being around her makes me go crazy and it heightened when we
confessed our feelings to each other. Then imagine if we start dating. I’m fleeing
bro”, he said, chuckling.
“Mmm, makes sense”.
“Yeah and that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t push to be with her before. A lot
of people wouldn’t understand this but I love her so much that I can’t afford to
follow my selfish desires which would lead us to doing something she would
regret later. At some point, I wanted to just go all in but then, it’s not going to end
well. When I’m ready for marriage, if she’s still single and I pray she is, I’ll ask her
out then”.
“Mmm, that makes sense but are you sure you can pull through with this? You
two live opposite each other”, Dickson said to him.
“I don’t even know but as long as we are not dating and I don’t sleepover at her
place, I think we’ll be fine”.
“And when do you think you’ll want to get married?”
“I don’t even know. I want to be fully established and then I’ll see”.
“Hmm, I wish you the best and I pray you get the girl cos you two deserve each
other. Not a lot of people would think the way you do. You’re being so selfless”,
Harry said to him.
“What about other girls, how are you going to keep yourself from getting in bed
with them”, Dickson said, chuckling.
“I only get in bed with people I date so as long as I don’t date anyone, I’ll be fine”.
“We pray it stays that way”, Dickson said to him and they laughed.
“I still feel like she might get back with Richard and if they do, that’s it for you
bro. Are you willing to risk that?” Harry asked.
“I don’t know. The first time it happened, I went so crazy and I wanted to fight
back for her but as I said, I…”
“We get it bro”, Dickson said, interrupting and they laughed.
“We hope your noble self won’t regret this in the future”, he said to him and Dean

Later in the afternoon, they all went out to the poolside and when they arrived, it
took Jessica down memory lane.
“Are you okay?” Dean asked, placing his hands around her shoulder.
“The pool reminds me of the whole Richard thing”, she said to him and
immediately she mentioned his name, she saw Richard at the barside with Erica.
“You got to be kidding me!” She exclaimed.


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