“Richard! I’m having a meeting!” She said to him and he looked down at the lady
and realized that it was Jessica.
“Oh! When you’re done, come to my office”, he said and he left.
Erica was a bit irritated at his behavior but she she shook it off.
“I’m so sorry about that”, she said to Jessica.
“Oh, it’s fine”, she said, fidgeting. She was still trying to process the fact that
Richard was her brother.
“Okay, so you said you’ve not yet received my schedule and my email details?”
She asked and Jessica responded.
They talked for a while and then she dismissed her.

Jessica was so busy in her office, going through Erica’s schedule and her emails.
“Heyyy”, Lisa said, knocking on the door which was opened.
“Hey”, Jessica said, smiling.
“You already look busy”, she said, walking in.
“Yeahh, I’m just trying to go through her schedule and her emails. I don’t want to
miss out on anything”.
“Oh okay. Then you must know about the dynasty ball coming up”.
“It’s not in there?”
“I don’t remember seeing anything like that. Oh God, how did I miss it?” She said,
face palming.
“Relax, you’ve probably not gotten to the page yet”.
“I’m on the last page”.
“Oops. I think you should take a break. It’s already passed work time. Maybe you
can continue tomorrow”.
“Yeahhhh, you’re right”.
“And I didn’t see you at lunch?”
“Ohh, I just had a snack in here”.
“Okay. Anyway, I just came to check on you before leaving for my house”.
“Oh can you wait for me to pack up. So we leave together. That’s if you can wait”.
“Yeah sure. Is Erica still around?”
“No, she left in a hurry with Rich… Mr Day”, She said, correcting herself.
“Oh okay. He’s my boss and I don’t even know his whereabouts”, Lisa said,
“All done”, Jessica said to her.
“Alright, let’s go”, she said and they both left the office.
They arrived at the ground floor and met up with others who were also waiting
for Lisa.
“Hey Jessica”, one of the ladies said to her.
“Hiii”, she said, forcing a smile.
“Is she joining us in the car?” the lady asked.
“I’m not sure. Jess where are you going to?”
“Oh, lakeville”.
“Oops, we are going to the opposite direction”, Lisa said to her.
“Oh that’s fine. I’ll just take the bus”.
“You sure?”
“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow”.
“Sure, bye”, she said to them and she left.

When she got back home, she met Dean in the living room, watching tv. Seeing
him, made her remember the scene she saw in the morning.
“The royal seamstress is back”, he exclaimed and she forced a smile.
“How was it?” He asked as she walked towards the direction of her room.
“Let’s talk about it later. I’m so tired”.
“Okay and since we didn’t celebrate yesterday, I was thinking that we can do that
today. I want us to go out and have some fun”.
“Oohh, don’t worry about it. I’m really tired”.
“Don’t be a party pooper”
“Dean I’m honestly tired”.
“Mmm, okay. And I also wanted to apologize today for what you saw. I know you
“You don’t have to apologize. I waked into your room without any consent. So,
I’m sorry”.
“Why are you being so diplomatic with me?”
“I’m not”.
“Hmmm, Okay”, he said to her and she walked into her room.
She took off her work clothes and hit the shower.

Jessica was in her room, using her phone, when she heard a knock on her door.
“Jess, you awake?” Dean asked.
“Yeah, come in”, she said to him and he walked in.
He walked in with a grey sweatpants and a white T-shirt. Jessica loved seeing him
in that and so when he walked in, she couldn’t take her eyes off him.
What made it worse was when he sat on by her on her bed.
“Jessica, control yourself”, she said to herself and she looked back on her phone.
“You hungry or did you eat before coming home”.
“Yeah but I’ll prepare something later”.
“Mmm, I’ve ordered for some food for you. It’s in the living room”, he said to her
and she was surprised at his gesture.
“It’s your favorite, so you can’t say no”.
“I’m not hungry at the moment”, she said to him.
“That’s it. Now, I know you’re really mad at me”, he said to her and she moved
away from him to create a distance between them.
“It’s about this morning right?” He asked her and she didn’t respond.
“I’m sorry Jess. I didn’t mean for you to see that. You walked in without my notice
and I was asleep and couldn’t do anything about the situation”, he said to her and
she ignored him.
“Jess”, he said, grabbing her hands and it made her feel uncomfortable because it
suddenly brought in some sexual thoughts.
“I’m not mad at you”, she said, pulling her hands away.
“Then what is it?”
“I saw you completely naked Dean! It’s not normal to me. I feel uncomfortable
about it”.
“Hmmm, what can I do to make it all go away”, he asked, concerned.
“I don’t know. Just give me some space. Hopefully it’ll go away and I’ll get more
comfortable around you”.
“Hmmm. Sure”, he said in a sad manner.
He observed her for a while and got off her bed. He wasn’t happy about the
situation but he decided to just let it be.
“Your food is still in the living room, should I get it for you?”
“It’s okay Dean. I’ll get it myself, thank you”.
“Alright”, he said and he left.
She heaved a sigh of relief and laid back on her bed. She knew that she was being
hard on him but she really wanted some space to get over the image of him
As she scrolled through her phone, she got an email from her work place asking
her to connect to Erica’s email. She did that and it quickly displayed all her
schedules for the following day.
Jessica took a look at it and her head was spinning.
First on the list was a meeting with one of the celebrities in town and she was
required to make sure the meeting was a success.
She scrolled down and she saw the contact person.
“Do I call her now or wait till tomorrow?” She said to herself. She was really
confused and didn’t know what to do.
She wanted to call Lisa but she realized that she didn’t take her personal contact
“Oh God, what do I do?” She said to herself.
“Should I call Erica? No, that would be unprofessional”.
“Oh Lord! What do I do?” She said to herself.
She was really confused and she decided to speak to Dean about it. He was the
only who could help her figure out something.
She stepped out of her room and knocked on his door.
“Yeah, come in”, he said to her and she walked in.
He was on his bed with his PC and she sat on it giving him some space.
“I need your help”, she said to him and he sat up.
“Yeah, what is it?”
“So I just got Erica’s schedule for the day and she has a meeting with Hannah
Fling tomorrow. And I’m supposed to make sure it’s a success but I don’t even
know what to do. There’s no guidance at all. And I can’t just call Erica like that
and I can’t call the contact person at this time of the night. I don’t know what to
do Dean”.
“Wow! How do they expect you do handle this without any guidance. You learnt
fashion design and not this”.
“Well, I’m her assistant now and I have to do everything plus the fashion design”.
“Hmmm, do you have the contact of anyone at work?” He asked.
“Nooo”, she said in a frustrated tone.
“I think you should contact the contact person. She’s probably the personal
assistant or her manager”.
“Isn’t it late?”
“I don’t think it’ll be a bother. She also has to reach out to you. The meeting is one
sided, so just call her”.
“Mmm, okay”, she said, taking out her phone and she called the person.
“Hello, good evening”, she said to her.
“Good evening”.
“Am I speaking to Lilian?”
“Yeah, who am I speaking to?” The lady asked in a soft tone.
“Oh this is Jessica from The Day Fashion house, I’m currently Erica’s personal
assistant and I see that she has a meeting booked with Hannah Fling”.
“Oh yeah! Thank God! I’ve been trying to contact Erica but I don’t get any
“Oh great!” Jessica said, heaving a sigh of relief and Dean smiled at her.
They talked for a while and she got the location and time for the meeting.
“Thank you so much for this! I’ll relay the message to Erica tomorrow morning
and she’ll be there”.
“Alright. See you tomorrow”, she said and she hung up.
“Dean!!!” She exclaimed and she jumped on him to hug him.
He hugged her back in excitement and they stayed in that position for a while till
Jessica released her grip.
“Thank you so much for pushing me to contact her. Now I feel better, I just have
to be at work really early to pass on the information to Erica”.
“Why can’t you do that now? You’re her assistant and you should always be
available to her and vice versa”.
“Dean! Just because this worked out doesn’t mean that I should just call her”.
“Try it and see”, he said, smiling.
“If it goes south, I’ll kill you”, she said to him and he laughed.
She dialed Erica’s personal line and she picked up.
“Jessica! I was wondering when you would call”.
“You have my number?”
“Of course. You’re my personal person now”.
“Oh okay. So I just…”
“Yeah, you called the contact person and I have a meeting tomorrow. You passed
you test. Bravo”, she said to her and Jessica was surprised.


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