“We need to talk could mean a lot of things. Why is this bothering you so much?”
“I don’t know why I feel like everything with Dean wouldn’t go smoothly. I’ve
been on urge ever since I got together with him and I’m so scared. I don’t know
what I’ll do to myself if he leaves me or hurts me”.
“Jessica calm down. It’s just a text, I don’t think it’s anything about leaving you”.
“I don’t feel too good about it”.
“Just reply him and ask him ‘about what?’”
“Mmm, okay”, she said to her and she sent a text to him.
“What time will you be coming home today?”
“Probably around 5. What’s up?”
“Mmm, just come home first and then we’ll talk about it”.
“Dean, you’re putting me in so much suspense. Just tell me what you want us to
talk about?”
“Jess relax. When you get home, we’ll talk”.
“Dean. Tell…”
“Hello. Jess you there?”
“Deannn, I know you can hear me”, she said, whining.
“Hello hello”.
“Are you there? Hello hello”, he said to her and he hung up.
“I’m going to kill him!”
“What happened?” Lisa asked, chuckling.
“He’s playing his little phone tricks on me”, she said to her and she laughed.
“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’s nothing too serious”.
“Mmm, I’ll try my best”, she said to her and she focused on her food.
When they were done eating, they left the restaurant.

“Dean freaking Williams!!!” Jessica said, knocking on his door and he opened up.
“Miss Thompson. Is everything alright?” He said, laughing and he stepped aside
for her to walk in.
“No! My boyfriend hit me with the “we need to talk” and messed up the rest of my
“Why will a short phrase like that mess up your day?”
“You know that statement has a lot of negativity to it”, she said, sitting on his
“It does?” He asked, sitting by her.
“Can we just get to it”, she said to him,
“No, let’s talk about it over dinner”.
“Dean, you know my eyes can kill. If you want to live to see another day, you
better start talking”.
“Hmmm, yes ma’am”, he said to her and he held her hands.
“Mmm, so I’ve been thinking about our relationship all day”, he said to her and
heart started beating at a fast rate.
“And I don’t think it’s working anymore”, he said to her and at that moment, she
felt like fainting.
“It’s not working anymore as a mere relationship or engagement or whatever it
is”, he said, chuckling and she was trying to understand what he was trying to
“And so…” he said, getting on his feet and he pulled her towards his door. He
opened it, walked towards hers and unlocked it.
“Dean, what are you doing?” she asked, confused till he opened up her door and
she saw that her dinning was decorated with candles and flowers.
“So, I’m going on my knees to ask you once again and this time, I’m placing a date
on it”, he said, getting on his kneees.
“Jessica Thompson, I can’t go an extra day or a week or weeks without you being
my second half. So will you marry me this weekend?” He asked and her eyes lit
“What? Oh my God! Yes yes yes, even right now, I’m down with it!” She said,
tearing up and he took out her ring and placed it on it again.
He got on his feet and hugged her.
“I love you so much”, he said to her and she kissed him on the lip.
“I love you too”, she said, still in tears and she released her grip.
“You made me so scared! You silly human being”, she said, chuckling.
“What was the whole theatrics for?” She said, hitting his chest.
“You’re a drama queen, so I decided to add a little bit of drama to this. The last
time, I caught you by surprise and now I wanted to do things differently”, he said,
“You almost made me leave my work to come home to ask you what you wanted
to talk about and… wait! Did you say this weekend? Dean! That’s in 3 days time!
How do we plan a wedding, honeymoon and our new home in 3 days?”
“You should have thought of that before saying yes!” He said, chuckling. “You
even said we could do it today”.
“Deannnnnnn” she said, frowning.
“Why are you even worried! We’ve got your mum and my mum to handle the
wedding. And you’ve also got Lisa, Priscilla and Britt! It’s not like you know how
to plan anything besides all the designs you do at your work place”, he said,
teasing her.
“You’re so annoying”, she said to him. “You’re right though but I want to pick my
dress myself! Wait! I wanted to sew my own wedding dress. And now the time is
not even enough for me to do it!”
“We can move it to next week”.
“No!” She said, pouting her lips.
“I’ve drawn the design. I’ll just have to plead with Erica to let the tailors sew it for
“I’m sure she’ll do that”.
“Yeahhh”, she said, smiling.
“Dean, do we have a budget for a wedding? How much did you save? I’ve just
been ab…”
“Are you being serious? Didn’t I show you my net worth some time ago? You
know I’ve got that covered”.
“Mm, yeah but I don’t want us spending all our money on the wedding and I don’t
want you to do all the expenses yourself”.
“I want to do it. Besides after the wedding, the money is going to be merged and
it wouldn’t matter who spent on the wedding and can we stop talking about the
money matters and get to the food before it gets cold”, he said to her and she
looked at the dinning table.
“I actually forgot about it. My mind is just occupied with the whole wedding
plans. Wait! Dean, we’re getting married?!”
“Yes, drama queen”.
Oh my God! It’s now sinking in! I can’t believe this is happening”, she said to him
and he pulled her into a hug.
“Yeah, it is. You and me forever”, he said, pecking her on her forehead and they
stayed in that position for a while.
“Let’s get to the food and then we can start calling everyone”.
“Yeahh, starting from the wedding planners”, she said to him and they walked
towards the dinning table.
“My mum will be freaking excited. She’s been asking me when we are fixing a
“My mum has been asking me that too!” He said to her as they took their seats.
“I’m sure they’re going to paint the whole neighborhood red as soon we pass on
the news”, she said to him.
“Yeahh”, he said, laughing.
They ate their food and after that, they passed on the message.

Jessica got the whole week off when she informed Erica about her wedding and
so she had more time to work things out.
As they had discussed; her mum, Dean’s mum, Lisa and Priscilla were in charge
of the wedding. Erica also agreed to let the tailors sew Jessica’s wedding dress.
Jessica, Lisa and Priscilla were at Jessica’s house, going through the invitation
“You invited Barbara?” Priscilla asked her.
“Yeahhh, she was my friend”.
“You know that girl doesn’t like you”.
“What?” Lisa exclaimed. “We’re not taking her in then, I’m taking her name out”.
“Priscilla doesn’t know what she’s saying”, Jessica said to her.
“I know what I’m saying. Barbara isn’t it”.
“Jesss??” Lisa asked.
“Alright? Take her out”, Jessica said to her.
“Okay. It’s your wedding day and we don’t need any negativity”, she said to her
and Jessica nodded.
“So where are you two going to live at after your wedding? Your place or his
place?” Priscilla asked.
“We’re going house hunting as soon as we get back from our honeymoon”, Jessica
said, smiling.
“Aww, I can’t believe this is finally happening. I’m so freaking happy for you”, Lisa
said to her.
“Ikr! After years of crushing on Dean, you’re finally going to be his Mrs”, Priscilla
said to her.
“Well, he spent those years crushing on me too”, she said, pouting her lips.
“Yeah, yeah. Sorry Ma’am”.
“How’s work been over there?” She asked, Priscilla who was now working at
Dean’s work place after he helped her to get in.
“It’s been great and right now Dean is all everyone is talking about. He’s not even
stepped foot in the company and he’s on everyone’s mouth”.
“Wow, in a good way or a bad way?”
“What I’ve heard so far is good. The junior IT workers and new recruits are
actually looking up to him. They’re rooting for him to be the next managing
director, they’re tired of the oldies being up there but I heard the other senior
directors are hating but the CEO and some of the board members actually love
Dean so it’s possible that he might get it especially now that he’s taken that
advanced course”.
“I pray he gets it, that’ll be so huge”, Jessica said, smiling.
“Yeah me too. I’ll be able to brag that my in-law is the managing director”, she
said, pouting her lips.
“So are they going to promote the current one or sack him. I don’t understand”,
Lisa said to her.
“No, there are different sectors in the company. And Dean’s sector has about 2
and the others have three, so there’s still one slot that needs to be occupied”.
“Your company has a lot of managing directors?” Lisa asked, confused.
“It’s actually supposed to be like an IT director in charge of the Senior IT officers
but they changed the title to managing director to make it sound more
prestigious. If you say you’re an IT director outside my company, no one would
understand the magnitude of it”.
“Oh okay, I understand” Lisa said to her.
“Wait, then maybe that’s why they said he should wait behind. He said he was
going to let them know that he’ll need more weeks off for our wedding and honey
moon and he said they asked him to wait behind”.
“Maybeee!!!” Priscilla exclaimed.
“Then I have to get down on my knees and say some prayers. Are you you joining
in?” Jessica asked them.
“Sure!!!” They said in unison and Jessica smiled.
She was happy with the changes that she had seen in Lisa over the years.
The three of them got on their knees and held their hands together. They prayed
for a while and after that they continued with the invitation list.

The following day, Jessica and Dean were cuddled up on her couch as they spoke
about their wedding and honey moon plans.
“As soon as we’re done with the reception, we’re leaving”, Dean said to her.
“Yeaahhh, before our parents trap us. Can you imagine they want us to have my
bachelorette night and your bachelor’s night together”, she said, face palming.
“Yeah, my dad said they might not get a chance to have us all together. It’s like he
knows that we’re planning to run off after the wedding”, Dean said, chuckling.
“What do you think? They want us to have a barbecue at our family house at the
lakeside”, Jessica said to him.
“Oh, I think it’s cool. We don’t have to go the regular way. We can make this a
family thing”, he said to her.
“My friends will be pissed. They were looking forward to my bachelorette night”,
Jessica said, chuckling.
“Aww. But do you want one? If you do, we can talk to our parents”.
“I’m actually cool with anything or we can just invite them over”.
“Yeahhh, that’s a better idea”.
“Yeahh, let me inform them”, she said, sitting up and she grabbed her phone.
As she talking to them over the phone, Dean got a phone call and he stepped
away to receive the call.
As Jessica was busy talking on phone, Dean shouted and it startled her.
“What is it?”
“The board of directors want to meet with me right now”, he said to her.
“Oh my God. It’s finally happening?”
“I don’t know but I hope so”.
“It is. We claim it in Jesus’ name”.
“What are you waiting for? Dress up and go!!” She said to him and he rushed out
her house and walked into his.

Jessica was at her workplace, trying on her wedding dress. Her mom and Dean’s
mom were with her in the design room. Erica and some of the tailors and
designers were also in the design room.
Jessica’s mum was really excited to be in the same room with Erica. She wanted
to talk to her and tell her how much she loved her designs but because it was her
daughter’s day, so she decided to stay put.
“I’ll surely talk to her at the wedding”, she said, whispering to Dessy.
“You should start channeling this admiration to your daughter. I think her
designs are way better than that of Erica’s, take a look at this dress”, she said to
“Yeahhh, it’s so beautiful. Can’t wait for her to turn around for us to see it”.
“I think she’s done wearing it”.
“How do I look?” Jessica asked, turning around to face them.
“Oh my God! This is absolutely beautiful!!” her mum exclaimed.
“Oh my baby”, Dean’s mum said, placing her hands on cheek.
“You’re looking so beautiful Jessica”, Erica said to her.
“So breathtaking!” one of the designers said to her.
“Thank you”, Jessica said, blushing.
“Turn around and let’s see more of this beauty”, her mum said to her and she
turned around.
“You’re the baddest designer on the planet!” Her mum said to her and she got so
teary. Hearing that from her mum made her so happy.
“Thank you mummy”, she said, smiling.
“Yeah, she is”, Erica said to Jessica’s mum and she was rejoicing within her.
“I can’t wait for Dean to see you in this dress!” Dessy said to her.
“Ikr! His jaw is literally going to be on the ground!” her mum said, laughing.
As Jessica was busy admiring herself in the mirror. She got a call from Dean.
“Where are you? I’m home”.
“So soon? How did it go?”
“Just come home”.
“I’m with my mum and your mum. Just tried on my dress and we’re waiting for
the stylist to bring the shoe and the accessories”.
“Okay, I’m coming there”, he said to her and he hung up.
“Mum! Dean is coming. I have to get out of this dress”, she said to her mum.
“Okay okay. Let’s help you out of it”, her mum said and they walked up to her.
“Jessica, I’ll be in my office if you need anything”, Erica said to her.
“Okay, thank you so much”, she said to her and she left.
“But how are we going to know if the shoe and accessories would match?” Dean’s
mum asked.
“It will. The stylist is extremely good at her job, I trust her”.
“Okay”, she said to her and they handed over the dress to one of the designers
who placed it back on the mannequin.
They waited for a while and the stylist finally arrived. As they were busy
checking out the accessories, she got a call from Dean.
“I’m at the car park. Should I come up?” She asked him.
“No, no. I’m coming down”.
“Okay, I’m waiting”.
“Mum, Aunt Dessy, I’m going to meet Dean downstairs. I leave this in your hands.
We’ll meet you two at the family house”, she said to them.
“Wait, has he gotten a confirmation about the promotion?” Dessy asked.
“Not sure but I think that’s what he’s here to tell me”.
“Okay, we better get some good news!”
“I’m sure we will. Bye”, she said, running off.
As she got to the car park, she saw Dean standing by his car with a smirk on his
face and she knew that it was good news.
“Am I talking to the new managing director?” She asked and he nodded.
“Oh my God!!!” She said, screaming and she hugged him.
“God, I thank you so much!” She exclaimed.
“Yeahhhh, it was a tough one but God came through!”
“Tell me everything!” She said releasing her grip.
“So, I was enlisted yesterday and today they had to interview me and then they
had to vote on it. My legs were really shaking and when they called me in, they
had this weird look on their faces. They were being overly dramatic”, he said,
“And boom, the CEO got on his feet and shook my hands!”
“Oh my God! I’m so freaking happy! You deserve this! You worked so hard and
you studied so hard! And God also loves you! All that put together produced
“Yes baby”, he said, lifting her up and he twirled her around.
“So what’s next. What does the promotion come with?” She asked and he placed
her down.
“I don’t know, they gave me these documents and I was asked to read them and
sign the papers as soon as I’m back from our honeymoon”.
“Awww”, she said, smiling.
“But I’m sure it comes with a lot of goodies!”
“Of course! It will”, she said, smiling.
“Okay, let’s go and celebrate”, he said to her.
“Yes! Let’s go”, she said, smiling. She got into his car and they drove off.

The whole family and friends were at the family house at the lakeside. They were
all seated close to the lake as they had their barbecue and drinks.
They played some music and everyone danced. Then they talked some more and
they had a session where they had to talk about Dean and Jessica.
They all spoke about them and it brought almost everyone to tears especially
when Dean’s mum was speaking.
“I knew right from time that you two were going to end up together. Watching
you two grow up, I always saw this special bond, not just friendship. There was
something more but I couldn’t impose my feelings on you two. I watched you two
date other people and at some point I was actually wondering if everything I was
seeing was actually there but then I chose to believe what I felt. And I’ve been
waiting for this day! The day you proposed to Jessica, I was so freaking happy!
Cos I didn’t know how I was going to feel if you brought someone else home”, she
said, chuckling.
“Jessica baby, you know you’ve always been my favorite person and you know
how much Dean and I cherish and love you. The senior Dean, not yours”, she said,
chuckling and everyone laughed.
“Yeah you know how much we love you and we wish you the best! And all the
happiness you deserve in the world. Junior, I love you so much! And I pray that
God blesses you two
abundantly”, she said to them.
“Amen!” Everyone said in unison.
The celebration continued till it was really late and they all went to their various
homes. Jessica went home with her parents and Dean went with his.
The wedding day
Playlist – Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding. Listen to it as you read❤ (Optional)
Jessica woke up the following morning and she was filled with so much
excitement and at the same time she was nervous.
She quickly said a short prayer and as she was praying she started tearing up.
She couldn’t believe that it was finally happening. She laid back in her bed and
continued to cry. As she was crying, her phone went off and she quickly grabbed
“Hey Miss Thompson”, Dean said over the phone.
“Hey Mr Williams”, she said, wiping off her tears.
“Are you crying?” He asked her.
“No”, she said, chuckling.
“You liar. I knew you would cry this morning”, he said to her and she laughed.
“It’s finally happening Dean”, she said to him.
“Yes, it is”, he said to her and she started tearing up again.
“I can’t believe it’s happening”, she said in tears.
“Me too. It really feels like a dream and it actually is. It’s been our dream for this
to happen and it’s finally happening”.
“Yeahhh”, she said, smiling and they both stayed quiet over the phone till he
spoke up.
“Get up Jessica. Don’t be late or we’ll have to redo the whole wedding again”, he
said to her and she chuckled.
“See you at the altar”, he said and he hung up.
“Jessica are you up?” Her mum asked as she and Priscilla walked into her room
with a tray.
“Yes mum”, she said, smiling and her mum placed the tray in front of her.
“I prepared this specially for you”, she said to her and Jessica stared at the tray
which contained a glass of juice, sandwich and pancakes.
“Mum, I don’t feel like eating”, she said to her mum.
“What? You want to attend your wedding on an empty stomach?”
“I don’t feel hungry”.
“Mmm, I completely understand how you feel but honey you have to eat. You
wouldn’t be able to eat at your wedding or the reception, so now is the time to
eat”, she said to her.
“Just try Jess”, Priscilla said to her and as they were trying to convince her. Her
dad and her brother walked in.
“I grilled this for you”, Theophilus said, placing a plate of chicken in front of her.
“Aww, thank you”, she said to him.
“She’s refusing to eat”, her mum said to him.
“Jess, you have to eat”, her dad said to her.
“I don’t feel like eating”, she said, whining.
“Just try. Even if it’s just a bite of the chicken”, Theophilus said to her and he
grabbed the chicken and placed it closer to her mouth.
“Just a bite”, he said to her and she bit it.
“Mmmm, it taste really good. Just like dad’s”, she said to him.
“He learnt from the best”, her dad said, smirking and she chuckled.
“Do you want another bite?” He asked her and she nodded.
He placed the chicken in her mouth and she took another bite.
As she was eating the chicken, Dean’s mum walked in with a bowl filled with
“Aww my baby girl is awake. I brought this for you”, she said, walking up to her.
“Good luck getting her to eat that”, Jessica’s mum said, laughing.
“She’s not eating? Same struggle with Dean”, she said, face palming.
“I think they want to collapse before they get to say I do”, Priscilla said to her and
they all laughed.
“I’m eating”, Jessica said to them and she grabbed the pancake.
“When you’re done with that, add this banana to it. I’ll be back to check on you”,
Dessy said, leaving.
“Dessy, I’ve got a tray for Dean in the kitchen. Please give it to him and tell him
that be better eats it or I’ll come and force it down his throat”, Jessica’s mum said
to her and she chuckled.
“I will”, she said to her and she left.

“You ready?” Jessica’s dad asked her as they stood behind the door of the main
entrance to the church.
Jessica’s heart was beating really fast and she nodded.
“Okay. You’ll be fine, just take in a deep breathe”, he said to her and she did.
“We are ready”, he said to the gentleman standing at the door and he knocked on
the door.
The door opened up and they both walked in.
Playlist – You’re still the one – Shania Twain
As they walked in, everyone got on their feet.
Jessica spotted Dean from afar and it felt like she was seeing him for the first
time. He looked different, breathtaking and charming.
She spotted her maid of honor, Priscilla who was also standing at the altar with
Harry and they were also looking good but she shifted her eyes back to Dean who
also had his eyes glued to hers.
They finally got to the front of the altar and Jessica’s father hugged her. He also
gave Dean a hug and he walked back to seat.
Priscilla grabbed her flowers from her and she stood by Dean. “Hey Miss
Thompson”, he said, squeezing her hands.
“You’re looking so beautiful, I could stare at you all day”, he said to her and she
“I could stare at you all day too”, she said squeezing his hands.
The pastor said a word of prayer for them and they took their seats.
After the word and other activities, it was finally time for them to say their vows.
“Dearly Beloveds and Honored Guests , we are gathered here this day in the sight
of God and the congregation assembled to witness the giving and receiving of the
marriage vows.
Marriage is an institution ordained of God and is not to be entered into lightly”,
he said to them and nodded.
“Do you Dean Williams take this woman, Jessica Thompson to be your lawfully
wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in heath, in good times and
woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto her for as long as you both
shall live? If so, answer ” I DO.” He said to Dean.
“I do”, Dean said, smiling and he placed the ring on her finger. He was given the
opportunity to recite his vows.
“I really wanted to write this before coming here but I decide to speak straight
from how I feel right now”, he said, chuckling and she smiled.
“Jessy, you don’t know how happy I feel today being here with you. A part of me
actually thought that we won’t get to this day but here we are. I remember the
first day we moved into the neighborhood and my parents forced me to come and
say hi to you and your family. I was a bit angry because I just wanted to play
games. We walked into your house and I saw you and Priscilla playing with your
dolls and it irritated me. We introduced ourselves and as my parents stayed back
to chat, I was forced to play with you and Priscilla. I remember being so angry
and when you brought the doll to me, I threw it out of the window and it made
you cry. I wasn’t expecting you to cry and I was mad at myself for making to cry. I
remember we went out to look for it and when we found it, we played with it
outside. Then we met in school and you were the only one I knew and you
brought your friends over to play with me”, he said, smiling.
“And then we spent most of our time together all the way through high school
and then came the day when you had to leave to another university, I was so mad
and devastated and that was when I knew that there was something else going
on between us. Each time you visited, I always looked forward to seeing you and
you don’t know how happy I was when you moved in to stay with me. I wanted to
come clean about my feelings to you the night we slept in the living room
together but then you talked about how your ex kept trying to get sexual with
you and how you didn’t want it. It made me hold back my words because I knew
that if we ended up dating, things would get sexual and I also felt like you might
not even like me that way….I think I’m talking too much about the past”, he said,
“You see I should have just written it. Jessica, I don’t think the word love is
enough to describe how I feel about you. You make me so happy, you always keep
in check, I can’t have a bad day when I have you at my side. You make all my
dreams a reality. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I promise to
always be at your side, I promise to stand by you through thick and thin. I
promise to keep being your bestfriend. I love you Jessica”, he said to her and she
was in tears.
“I love you too”, she said to him and he smiled.
“Do you Jessica Thompson, take this man, Dean Williams to be your lawfully
wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, to love, honor and
obey, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto
him for as long as you both shall live? If so, answer ” I DO. “
“I do”, she said to him and she placed the ring on his finger. She looked up at him
and he winked at her.
“Your words have made me forget everything I planned to say”, she said,
“Dean, you’re just a whole bundle of blessing. I don’t know if there’s anyone who
can love me the way you do. You loved me so much that you were willing to
sacrifice your selfish desires to make sure I get to to keep myself till marriage.
Even when things went left, you didn’t make me feel guilty about it, you just kept
speaking positively. Even when I chose another, you still stood by me as a friend
and you were always there for me. You always believed me in me and kept
pushing me to be the best version of myself. You pushed me to apply at my
current workplace and look at where I am now. You just make everything better
and I promise to stand by you every day. You’re my everything Dean and I love
you so much”, she said to him and he smiled.
“If there is anyone present who has a justified reason on why this couple may not
be wedded, let him speak now or forever hold his peace”, the pastor said to the
congregation and they were all quiet.
“By the authority vested in my by God, I now pronounce you husband and wife”,
he said to them and she jumped on him to hug him.
Before the pastor could tell them to kiss, they kissed and the whole congregation
got on their feet to cheer them on.
“I love you Mrs Williams”, Dean said to her.
“I love you too Mr Williams”, she said, laughing and they hugged each other
Wedding night – playlist – Tonight- John Legend
When Jessica and Dean arrived from their wedding after party, they were so
exhausted and they collapsed on Dean’s bed.
They stayed in that position for a while and then they faced each other.
Jessica’s heart started beating so fast because she knew what was about to
They stared at each other for a while and Jessica’s eyes dropped to Dean’s lips
and before she knew it, Dean got on top of her and they kissed.
As they were kissing, things got heated and Jessica felt like she was in cloud 9.
For the first time she knew that there was no reason to hold back. Dean was
finally hers and her body belonged to him.
As first, things got heated, their clothes went flying off and they got to it.
“Tonight is going to be the best night you ever had”, he said, staring at her and
she smiled and pulled him back to her lips.
As they were busy getting to it, the bed broke.
“Oh my God”, Jessica said, laughing. “What are we going to do now?” She said in a
shy manner.
“Round two”, he said, pulling her off the bed and they took it to the couch.
Jessica was really having the best night of her life. All her imaginations were
actually less than what she was experiencing.
When they were done, they went into the shower and had their bath together.
They stayed in there for a long while and then they went to the kitchen to grab
something to eat.
They sat on the kitchen counter and as they ate some snacks, they got to it again
and they were finally back on their bed.
“I love you so much Dean”, Jessica said to him.
“I love you more”, he said, kissing her.
“No, I love you more”.
“You wish”, he said, laughing.
“So what time do we leave for the island?” She asked him.
“We have to be at the airport at 8 tomorrow morning”.
“Okay, I can’t wait”, she said, smiling.
“Me too”, he said to her.
They talked for a while and then they drifted off to sleep.
The End


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