Jessica woke up the following morning and she was a bit confused when she felt
the sunlight on her face.
“Oh my God!!” dShe exclaimed when she realized that the day was bright! She
quickly grabbed her phone and she saw that it was almost 9:30 in the morning.
“Oh my God!!! I’m doomed!”
“Why didn’t this boy wake me up?!” She said in anger and she called his line.
“Dean! What the hell is wrong with you?! Why didn’t you wake me up before
leaving for work! Don’t you know that this could get me fired!”
“Is everything okay up there? Like do we really need to see a doctor?” he asked.
“Dean! This isn’t…”
“Jessica are you fine?” He asked and she heard his voice behind her door.
She quickly opened it and he gave her a confused look.
“You didn’t go to work?” She asked.
“Why will I go to work on a Saturday”.
“Oh Saturday! Oh my God! I didn’t even know that. I thought I had missed work!”
She said, face palming and she walked back to her bed.
“Wow! And you think I’ll let you miss work?” He asked, walking into her room.
“I didn’t know what to think”.
“Is your work that stressful that it messed up with your head? And it’s not even
been up to a week!”
“It’s not stressful. It was just yesterday that I had to work over time”.
“Will they pay you for that?”
“I don’t know but my salary is quite large to take in extra work. So I don’t mind”.
“Hmmm. Anyway, I made some Pancakes. Do you want some?!”
“Alright, I’ll get it for you. You’re going to have breakfast in bed”, he said, wiggling
his brows and she smiled.
“Anastasia is still here though”.
“She slept over?”
“Yeah. It’s a weekend and so she decided to spend the night”.
“I see”.
“Yeah and I really think she could be the one”, he said to her, thinking about it.
Hearing this hurt her in a way but she had to wave it off and listen to him.
“You said this about Vicky! And now Anastasia?”
“Vicky was just an infatuation. Anastasia is different. She makes me happy and I
really like her?”
“Like? You’re not even using the word love and you’re talking about she being the
“I don’t want to play with that word”.
“Then you shouldn’t also play with someone being the one. That’s more serious”.
“Yeahhh you’re right. But who knows, I’m probably in love with her. I don’t even
know how I really feel but she just makes me so happy and I love being around
“That’s great. Maybe you’re figure out your feelings soon”, she said, forcing a
“Yeah and you, what’s up in that department?”
“Me?” She said, scoffing.
“After my previous relationship, I think I’ll just be on my own for now”.
“Mmm, that sucks because Michael has a thing for you”.
“What? How do you know that?”
“He told me and I didn’t want to force anything, so I kept it to myself but now I
feel like spilling”.
“Mike? No way!”
“Why? He’s a great guy”.
“Can you just shut up”, she thought to herself. It annoyed her so much that he was
trying to push her onto someone. A part of her thought that he felt the same way
for her. But here he was talking about Anastasia and Michael.
“Or have you got your eyes on someone else?” He asked, teasing her.
“What? No way?”
“Even at your work place? I’m sure there’s a guy you’ve probably set your eyes
When he said that, she remembered Mr Day but she waved it off.
“There’s no one”.
“Sure, whatever makes you sleep at night. Anyway, I’m going to get the pancake
for you”, he said to her and he left the room.

Later in the day, Jessica went to her sister’s school to pay her a visit.
Priscilla was so happy to see her.
“Here comes the newest fashion designer in town. All hail Jessica Thompson!”
She said, clapping and Jessica laughed.
She sat on her bed and relaxed her head on the pillow.
“So how has work been like?” Her sister asked and she narrated everything to her
and told her about Mr Day.
“Wow, do you think he likes you?!”
“I don’t think so. I think he’s just being nice”.
“By stealing glances at you?”
“I’m sure I was just seeing things and it was nothing because it doesn’t make
sense. What’s so special about me?”
“Well, you’re beautiful”.
“Just like every other girl out there”.
“Jess! Your beauty might be different in his eyes or maybe it’s something else”.
“No. No way and it’s not like anything can happen. He’s my boss and I don’t even
like him that way”.
“Yeah. You’re still busy crushing on someone who sees you like a sister”, she said,
rolling her eyes.
“You don’t have to rub it in”.
“I’m so sorry. I just wish you’ll get over him and find someone who would love
you and appreciate every part of you”.
“Hmmm, I pray for that too. Sometimes I just want to cry or lash out on him but
then it’s not his fault that I caught feelings”.
“Hmm, that’s true. You’ll be fine and now that you’re working, I’m sure things
would be easier for you”.
“Yeah and I can’t wait to make enough money to move out”.
“Yeah! That’ll be really helpful”.
They talked for a while and then she left.
Dean and Jessica were in the living room having a Netflix and chill moment. They
were watching a horror movie and Jessica sat really close to Dean to feel more
comfortable because of how scared she was.
She had her eyes glued to the screen and when something unusual happened, she
screamed and grabbed Dean by the arm.
He knew how terrified she was about the movie, so he wrapped his hands around
her to make her feel more comfortable.
“Oh my God!” She exclaimed and she buried her head in his armpit.
“Jess, it’s just the dad”, Dean said, chuckling.
“Ohh!! I thought it was the zombie”, she said, lifting her head and she relaxed it
on his chest.
As she relaxed it on his chest, her mind drifted off when she heard his heart beat.
She paid attention to it and drifted off to her imagination.
She thought about what it would be like if they were actually dating. She was in
cloud 9 as she thought about different scenarios.
“What’s making you smile?” Dean asked but she was still in dreamland.
“Jess”, he said, startling her.
“What?!” She asked, sitting up.
“You were smiling at the scary part! Is everything okay?” He asked, giving her a
“Ohh, I was just trying to fight back the fear”, she said, chuckling.
“You’re so weird”.
“Just like you”, she said, pouting her lips and she relaxed her head on him again.
He wrapped his hands around her again and this sent some chills into her body.
She wondered why he did it for the second time.
“Is this normal? Or I’m just over thinking things”, she thought to herself.
She lifted her head to look at him and his eyes met hers. They stayed in that
position for a while till he looked away.
“What’s happening?” She thought to herself.
“Jess! It’s nothing, stop over thinking things”, her subconscious mind said to her
and she focused her mind back on the movie.
They both sat in that position till her phone went off.
She quickly sat up and picked it up from the table.
“Why is my boss calling me at this time?” She asked.
“What? It’s like 9pm”, Dean said, staring at her.
“Or it’s probably a mistake”.
“Hmm, pick it up and see what’s up”, he said to her and she did.
“Hi Jessica. Are you up?”
“Yeahh, I am”.
“Okay, I’ll need you to take an Uber and stop by the office to take my red design
book and then bring it to me. I need it to do something ASAP”.
“Oh okay. I’ll be there soon”, She said and she hung up.
“You’ll be where soon? I’m not letting you leave this house at this time of the
night alone”.
“She wants me to stop by the office to take her design book and bring it to her
“What? On a Saturday night? What kind of work is this? It’s not cool. You have a
life too”.
“I know but maybe this is how they operate cos I remember the HR manager
asked if I’ll be available when I’m needed and I responded with a yes. I guess this
is part of it”.
“It’s still not cool. What if you had traveled”.
“Then she would have found an alternative. Don’t worry Dean, it’s fine. I love it
there and the pay is good”.
“Hmmm, so how are you going to get there?”
“She asked me to take an Uber. I’m sure she’ll cater for it”.
“If this is how she’s going to be sending you around, then she should get you a
car”, he said to her and she chuckled.
“Really? I don’t even know how to drive”.
“Who cares? You can learn or they can get you a driver”.
“Hmm. Anyway, I have to get going. Please request the Uber for me. I’m going to
change my outfit”, she said to him and she walked to her room.
She quickly dressed up and walked back to the living room.
She was surprised to see that Dean had also dressed up.
“Where are you going to?”
“I’m coming with you, let’s go”, he said to her and she wanted to speak but she
held back her words.
“Alright”, she said to him and they left the house.
When they arrived at the company, they went through security checks and they
got into the building.
“Wow, this place is so beautiful”, Dean said, looking around.
“Wait till you see it in broad day light and my floor is like Heaven! You’ll see it
soon”, she said, smiling.
She was happy that he came along with her and she couldn’t wait to show him
her office.
They arrived at her floor and they both stepped out of the elevator.
“Wow! Now, I understand why you said it looks like Heaven. This place is really
“Yes! It is”, she said to him and he looked around.
“Let’s go”, she said, pulling his hands and they both walked to her office.
“It this Erica’s office? It’s so beautiful. This whole building is just like an art
“This my office stupid!” She said to him.
“Oh please, you’re kidding”.
“This is my office Dean!”
“Really?! Woahhh!!! Jessica how come you never showed me a picture of this
place! It’s so freaking beautiful!” He said to her and she chuckled.
“Oh, that’s why you like it here”, he said, teasing her.
“Yeahh. I really love it here and I get to have my lunch here too. It’s like a buffet,
you get to pick whatever you want to it eat. Although there’s a food time table”.
“Wow! You’re literally in Heaven. Maybe I should come and work here”, he said,
She was about to speak but she was interrupted by the knock on the door. She
turned around to see that it was Richard.
“What’s going on here?” he asked, starring at her.


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