“Mr Day”, Jessica said, surprised. She wasn’t expecting him to be in the building at
that time of the night especially when it was a weekend.
“Uhm, Erica sent me to pick up one of her design books”, she said to him but
Richard was still staring at her and he shifted his gaze to Dean.
Jessica realized that and she quickly explained.
“And my friend, Dean decided to accompany me because it’s really late”.
“Your friend?” Richard asked.
“Yeah. My best friend actually”, she said to him and he nodded.
He looked at Dean and they had a stare down for a short while.
“Did you come with a ride?” Richard asked, focusing his gaze back on Jessica.
“Yeah. We have an Uber waiting downstairs”.
“You can tell him to go and I’ll drop you off at Erica’s place”.
“Oh that’s really nice of you but ending the trip would mean that I have to pay
him. And I think Erica was supposed to take care of it herself”.
“Ooh. I can take care of that”.
“Okay, then I’ll just go and grab the book”, she said and she left her office.
She went into Erica’s office and took the book. When she stepped out, she saw
that the both of them were waiting in front the door.
“I got it”, she said to them.
“Great. Let’s go”, Richard said to her and the three of them walked towards the
elevator and got in.
There was an awkward silence as they all waited to get to the ground floor.
As they walked towards the exit, Jessica tripped and lost her balance.
“Woah”, they both said in unison and they reached out to help her maintain her
“Are you okay?” Richard asked her and she nodded.
When they stepped out of the building, Richard paid the Uber driver and they all
walked to the drive way.
When Dean saw his car he was amazed.
“Who’s this man?” He thought to himself. He didn’t know that he was Erica’s
brother. He just thought that he worked at the company.
Jessica got into the passenger seat and Dean sat at the back seat.
The whole ride was silent and each time Jessica tried to look at Dean through the
front mirror, Richard looked in her direction and so she couldn’t really look at
She was trying to figure out if he was uncomfortable or if he was okay. She took
out her phone and texted him.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeahh. The ride is really cool. Who’s he?”
“Erica’s brother. Mr Day”.
“Ohhh, is he also a fashion designer?”
“No, he just owns part of the company”.
“I see”.
They texted for a while till they arrived at Erica’s house.
They all stepped out of the car and Jessica stared at the building in awe.
“Oh my God. This house is everything”, she said to Dean and she completely
forgot that Richard was with them till she saw him, walking towards the
“Oops. I forgot that he was here”, she said to Dean, chuckling.
They followed Richard into the house and they waited for Erica at her living
When Erica arrived, she was surprised to see Richard and Dean.
“Woah. You brought a whole convoy”, she said to Jessica, chuckling.
“Richard. What are you doing here?” She asked him.
“Helping out”, he said to her and she was about to speak but she held back her
words. She didn’t want to go back and forth with him in front of Jessica and her
“Jessica, can I have the book?” she asked and Jessica got on her feet and handed it
over to her.
“Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. Use this to cater for your ride back”,
she said, handing over an envelope to her.
“You’re welcome and thank you”, Jessica said to her.
“Goodnight and a goodnight to your friend too”, she said, referring to Dean.
“Goodnight Erica. And Goodnight to you Mr Day. Thank you so much for the ride”,
she said to him and he smiled.
She waved a goodbye and she left with Dean.
“Why do you always over work your assistants”, Richard said to her.
“Not now Richard. I’m not in the mood for whatever it is you want to attack me
“She’s a human being and you can’t be using her like that”.
“Why do you care? At least I make time for my assistants and build connections
with them unlike you”.
“My assistant is having the best time of her life working for me.”.
“Whatever Richard. Goodnight”, she said, walking away.

Jessica and Dean arrived at their house and they were talking about Erica and
“He really said that to you?!” Dean asked as they both sat in the living room.
“Yeah he said Hell and Heaven. And I’m hoping that this is the hell part. If it’s this,
then I think I can handle it”.
“Hmm, I hope so for your sake”.
“What do you think of Mr Day?”
“I think he’s cool but I have a feeling that he doesn’t like me”.
“Really? In just less than an hour you’ve deduced that?”
“Yeah. I’m a guy and I know what it’s like when another guy isn’t feeling you”.
“Hmm well, maybe it’s because he doesn’t know you”.
They talked for a while and they went to bed.

On Monday morning, Jessica arrived at work and she quickly ran off to the design
room to assist Erica and the other designers.
Jessica and Erica were so busy at the design room with the other designers.
She was really exhausted due to the fact that she was the one doing most of the
She took a look at the time and realized that it was already passed lunch time.
“Aren’t these people going to eat?” She thought to herself as she looked at them
and they didn’t seem to care about the time.
Her tummy started to rumble and she looked around, hoping that no one heard
“I think Jessica’s tummy is getting mad at us”, one of the designers said, chuckling
and this made her feel embarrassed.
“Woah. It’s passed lunchtime. Let’s take a break and get back here”, Erica said to
them and she heaved a sigh of relief.
“Thank you”, she said to her tummy.
“Jessica, I’ll need you to finish up with the cutting of this material and then you
can go and grab some lunch”, Erica said to her.
“What? My tummy rang the lunch alarm and I get to stay back?” Jessica thought
to herself.
“Sorry”, one of the female designers said to her as she walked passed her.
Everyone left and it was just Jessica who stayed back.
“Arghh! This is so annoying”, she said to herself as she continued with what she
was doing.
As she got to it, the door opened and Lisa walked in.
“Hey, I went to your office and you weren’t there. Aren’t you hungry?”
“I am and my tummy practically made everyone aware of that but Erica asked me
to finish up with this before going for lunch. So here I am”, she said in an irritated
“Aww, so sorry about that. What can I help you with, so that you finish up quickly
and go for lunch”.
“Thank you so much but don’t worry, I’ll be done soon. I’m just cutting this
“Oh okay. Then I’ll wait here with you. It’s not like I have any thing doing”.
“Mr Day isn’t in?”
“Oh okay. I saw him here during the weekend”.
“You were here during the weekend?”
“Yeah, I had to come and pick up something for Erica”.
“Ohhh! And Mr Day was here?”
“Mmm, I see”.
“What’s he like? I mean is he like Erica or he’s totally different”, she asked Lisa.
“I don’t really know. We don’t really talk, except when he needs me to do
something important. But with what I’ve heard I think he keeps to himself a lot
and he and Erica don’t really see eye to eye. They argue a lot and yeah that’s it”.
“Hmmm, I see”.
“Yeah and I think he’s a snub and a little arrogant if you ask me”.
“Really? Cos he’s been nice to me since I got here”.
“You’ve spoken to him? How? He doesn’t really talk to anyone here. Just
“Uhmm, I think the first time I got here he spoke to me and also he helped me to
print some documents. And he dropped me off at a meeting I had with Erica. And
on Saturday, he also dropped me off at her house”.
“Wow, that’s really surprising”.
“Maybe he was in a good mood”.
“That’s also surprising. Anyway, you should be glad that you’ve got to see the
good side to him”.
They continued their conversation till Jessica was done with the garment and
then they left the room.

Jessica closed from work really late and she decided to take an Uber home. She
sat at the lobby in front of her office to request a ride and as she was doing that,
Richard walked past her.
When he saw that she was there, he walked back.
“Are you now leaving?” He asked her.
“And where’s Erica?”
“She left not too long ago”.
“And she didn’t drop you off?”
“Oh she had to attend to something but she left some money for me to take an
Uber home”.
“Hmm. Okay, do you mind if I drop you off. I’ll just pick something up from my
office and then we can go, is that fine?”
“Oh thank you so much Mr Day”, she said to him and he nodded.
He went into his office and came out few minutes later.
“Let’s go”, he said to her and they left.

Jessica was expecting the ride to be silent as usual but he turned on the radio and
she heard her favorite song.
“That’s my song!” She exclaimed and she quickly covered her mouth when she
realized that she said that aloud.
“Oh God. What’s wrong with me”, she said to herself, face palming.
“Oh I see. I also like the song but I prefer the old version”, he said to her.
“Yeahhh, me too. I actually thought that it was the old version till I heard the
second verse”.
“So you’re a fan of country music?” He asked.
“Not really. I just like this one in particular”.
“I see”, he said, nodding.
Jessica was really enjoying the song and she wanted to move her body to the beat
but she didn’t want to do that in front of Richard, so she held herself back and
just nodded her head.
As she was enjoying the song, her phone went off and she looked at the caller ID.
It was Dean.
“Hey”, she said to him, when she picked up the phone.
“Jess where are you? It’s almost 10”, he said, worried.
“I’m on my way home. I’ll be there soon”.
“Are you in an Uber? Or you took a bus?”
“No. I’m in Ri… Mr Day’s car. He’s dropping me off”.
“Mr Day? Has he become your new driver”, he asked, chuckling.
“Shut up! Do you have any food at home? I’m hungry”.
“Yeahh, I have a left over from the rice I bought on my way home”.
“Okay. Please heat it up for me. I’m really hungry”.
“Alright, I’ll do that. Bye”, he said and he hung up.
“Turn left”, the map voiced out but Richard went straight ahead.
“Mr Day, my house is that way”, she said to him.
“Yeah, I know. But you’re hungry. Let me get you something to eat”, he said to her
and she was speechless.


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