“Oh! You don’t have to do that Mr Day”.
“Can you stop calling me that? I didn’t introduce myself to you as Mr Day. What’s
my name?”
“Richard but I can’t…”
“I want you to call me by name”.
“Okay but uhmm why do I have to call you that when the others call you Mr Day”,
she asked and he ignored her.
He pulled over in front of a huge restaurant and Jessica’s jaw dropped at the sight
of it.
“Mr D.. ughh! Richard, this place looks quite expensive. You don’t have to…”
“Do you really want to eat a left over?” He asked and she wondered how he knew
“Your phone was quite loud”, he said to her and her eyes widened.
“Oh my God. I hope he didn’t hear Dean call him my driver”, she thought to
“So what is it going to be? This or the left over?” He asked and she didn’t know
what to say.
“Let’s go”, he said, stepping out of the car and they both walked into the
He walked towards a table and pulled out a seat for her. This made her feel
uncomfortable. She thought they were going to order straight from the counter
and now she had to sit at the table with him.
“Oh God. If anyone should see me here with him, they’re going to think we have
something going on”, she thought to herself.
“Jessica”, he said in a husky tone.
“Oh yeah, sorry”, she said, taking her seat and he took his seat opposite her.
A waiter quickly approached the table.
“Good evening sir and a good evening to you ma’am”, the young man said to her
and she felt awkward.
“You’re welcome to Savvy Lounge. Please take your time and go through our
menu. I’ll be on a standby till you’re ready to place your order”, he said to them
and Jessica looked down at her hands and she played with her fingers.
“Jessica, the menu is right in front you. Go through and let me know what you
want to eat”, Richard said to her.
“Uhmm, Just fried rice is fine”, she said, avoiding eye contact but Richard had his
eyes glued to her.
“Are you sure that’s okay?” He asked.
“Yes please”, she said to him and he made a signal to the waiter and he walked up
to their table.
“What’s the best fried rice combo in your menu?” He asked.
“That’ll be the table top. It consist of the jumbo size of the assorted fried rice, a
full pack of chicken wings, a full pack of chicken nuggets and any salad of your
choice with a cocktail”.
“Okay. Can you get that for her”, he said to the waiter and Jessica looked up at
him, surprised.
“And can you pack it nicely. We’re taking it home”, he said to the waiter. He saw
how uncomfortable she was and he knew that she’d prefer to eat it at home.
“Yes sir. What sala…”
“Mr Day! That’s too much, I’m okay with just a mini size”, she said to him.
“You can eat what you can and keep the rest for tomorrow or you can probably
share with your friend at home”, he said to her.
“What salad and cocktail do you want to get?”
“A regular salad will do and any cocktail. I don’t really have a preference”, she
said to him.
“You heard her?”
“Yes sir”.
“And get her the Cosmopolitan cocktail”.
“Okay sir”, he said and he left.
“Mr Da..”, she started to say and he gave her a look.
“Sorry Richard. This is too much and I don’t know why you’re doing this but I
don’t have anything to give in return and I’m not the type to uhm go to bed with
someone I don’t know”, she said to him and he frowned.
He quickly got on his feet, took out some money and placed it close to her hands.
“This would cater for the food and your ride home. Have a goodnight Jessica”, he
said and he walked away, angrily.
“Oh my God! What did I just say?” she said, getting on her feet and she ran after
“Mr DRichard, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you, I just didn’t understand
why you were being nice to me. I’m so sorry…I.. didn’t mean that”, she said,
walking behind him but he ignored her and walked out of the building.
She wanted to follow him out but she had not paid for the food and she didn’t
want to be in a bigger trouble, so she walked back to her table.
“Oh God! What why did I just say that?!!!” She said face palming.
“He’s never going to speak to me again”, she said, frowning.
As she was busy thinking about the situation, the waiter walked in with the food
and it was in a huge woven basket.
“Here you go ma’am”, he said, placing it on the table.
“What? Is this my food?” She asked as she looked at the huge basket.
“Yes ma’am”.
“Wow! That’s a lot and you serve in baskets?”
“Yes ma’am”, he said to her.
“Okayyy, how much will that be?” She asked and he handed over a tablet to her.
She looked at it and saw how expensive it was.
“Woah. So how do I pay?”
“You can input the cash in the machine or a card”, he said to her and she was
surprised. She had never seen such a tablet before.
“Okay”, she said, putting the money in and it brought out the change.
“Thank you ma’am. Enjoy your food and we’ll love to have you here again”.
“You’re welcome”, she said, smiling and he left.
She took out her phone and requested an Uber.

Dean was in the living room, waiting for Jessica to come home and he heard the
door unlocked.
He looked at it and he saw her walk in with a huge basket.
“Woah! What’s that? And what’s that smell?” He asked.
“Help me with this”, she said to him and he walked up to her and grabbed the
“Is that food?” He asked as he lifted it and placed it on the table.
“Yeahhh”, she said, walking in and she sat on the couch and spread her two legs.
“You’re going to rip that trouser”, he said to her.
“Deannnnn, I messed up!”
“What did you do? And how did you get this food?” He asked, taking the lid off the
“Woah. That’s a whole lot of food!!!” He exclaimed. “Where and how did you get
his food?” He asked and she told him everything.
“Oh shoot. You shouldn’t have said that, you made him feel like a predator”.
“I know. It just came out of my mouth. I didn’t understand why he was doing
that”, she said, whining.
“It’s obvious that he likes you!!!”
“He likes me? He doesn’t even know me?!”
“And that’s why he probably made a move! You can like someone without
knowing them, it’s more like a crush and then you observe them from afar to get
to know them or probably become their friend and all that”.
“So you’re saying he’s trying to get to know me by being nice to me?!”
“Ughh!!! He likes you and that’s why he’s being nice!”
“But why will he like me? Out of all the rich beautiful ladies he meets everyday?!”
“Are you being serious? So because you’re not rich, you can’t be liked? What kind
of backward mentality is that?”
“That’s not what I mean. I’m just saying that there are other beautiful ladies in his
lane that are out there and I’m just an assistant to his sister! What’s there to like
about me?”
“What’s there not to like about you? You’re beautiful, smart, and you have this
innocent look that draws people to you”, he said to her and she could feel herself
Her eyes lit up and she started wondering if he actually had some form of feelings
for her.
“Wow. You’ve never said such nice words to me”.
“What? I have!”
“Nope, you’ve not”.
“Okay, then I’m saying it now. Stop looking down on yourself. You’re beautiful
and every man in his right senses would want you in their corner”.
“Thank you for that”, she said, smiling.
“Can we eat now?” He asked.
“Haven’t you eaten?”
“I have but this food over here is calling my name!” He said to her and she
“Let me take a quick shower and then we can eat”.
“Okay”, he said to her and she got on her feet and walked into her room.
“What movie should I put on for us to watch?” He yelled.
“Anything which isn’t horror!!!”
“Okay”, he said, chuckling.

When they were done eating, they were so full that they had to lie on the floor.
Jessica had her head on his chest as they both laid on the floor, looking at the
“I don’t know how I’m going to face Richard tomorrow”.
“When you see him, just apologize and let him know that you said that because
you didn’t understand why he was being nice to you and then talk about how
you’ve not really met anyone who would do that without anything in return.
Except me of course”, he said, smirking and she chuckled.
“I just pray he listens to me. I can’t imagine having a a grudge with someone at
my work place. Especially the boss of all bosses”.
“You’ll be fine. Once he looks at you, I’m sure everything would go away”.
“Wow, what a fairytale story”, she said to him and he chuckled.
They talked for a while and they both drifted off to sleep.
Jessica woke up in the middle of the night and she felt someone’s hands around
her. It took a while to realize that it was Dean and her eyes widened when she
realized that they were in a cuddle position and his head was right behind her
A part of her wanted to stay in that position. Having his hands wrapped around
her made her feel loved and protected.
She turned to face him and she saw that he was fast asleep. She looked at him and
admired his face. As she was staring at him and using her fingers to draw circles
on his face, he opened his eyes and she quickly dropped her hands.
“Shoot!!!” She said to herself but he closed his eyes and continued his sleep.
She decided to wake him up so that he could go to his room to sleep comfortably.
“Dean”, she said, tapping him and he opened his eyes.
“Let’s go to our rooms. The floor is a bit uncomfortable”.
“Uggghhhh”, he said, stretching and he turned around and continued to sleep.
“Deannn, get up”, she said tapping him and she got on her feet and pulled his
“God, you’re so annoying”, he said, getting on his feet and they walked to their
When she got into hers, she dived on her bed and drifted off to her thoughts.
She thought about the whole Richard situation and also her situation with Dean.
She wondered if he intentionally cuddled with her and wondered if he liked her.
After a long while of thinking, she drifted off to her sleep.

Jessica and Lisa were at the dinning hall, having their lunch with the other
workers. They were all engrossed in a conversation but Jessica’s mind was
somewhere else.
She met Richard earlier on and when she tried to speak to him, he ignored her
and walked away.
She also tried to talk to him in his office but he completely ignored her.
“Are you okay?” Lisa asked when she realized that Jessica had spaced out.
“Yeahhh, I’m fine. I was just thinking about something”.
“A boy problem?”
“What? No”.
“Work problem?”
“No. It’s nothing, don’t worry”.
“You sure? Cos you can talk to me about anything. I could be of help”.
“No, don’t worry. It’s not really anything”.
“Alright, but just know that I’m here for you if you ever need to talk”.
“Thank you Lisa”, she said, smiling.
After lunch, they all went back to their activities.

After work, Jessica decided to stay behind.
“Jess are you busy tonight?” Lisa asked, walking into her office.
“Yeahh, a little bit, what’s up?”
“The girls and I are going to hangout and we wondered if you would like to join”.
This sounded like a good idea to her because she wanted to make new friends but
she had to stay behind to be able to talk to Richard. He left the office during lunch
period and she knew that he would definitely come back in the night.
“Ooh, I wish I could but I have something to care of for Erica. Maybe another
“Alright. See you tomorrow”, she said to her.
“Okay, bye”, she said, waving and Lisa left the office.
Jessica knew that Mr Day was a man of the night and so she decided to wait for
him to show up at the office.
Hours later, she heard a footstep and she quickly ran out and she bumped into
Richard and another lady.


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