The little city
Mary and Maxwell were getting ready to leave for work and Kierra wanted
to go with Mary but they didn’t let her to go.
“If you won’t let me go to the shop with you, can I visit my friends? I’ve
missed them and they deserve to know that I’m back”, Kierra asked.
“Just stay at home with Warrick”, Maxwell said.
“I’m tired of staying at home, mum please”.
“You’re still not fully fine. The doctor said you should get enough rest”,
Mary said to her.
“I’ve rested enough. Warrick please help me out here”, she said, turning to
“Mmm, I think she’s fine to step out and I can go with her to make sure
she’s fine”, he said to them.
“Yes. That’s a good idea and I can even use that as an opportunity to show
him around”, Kierra said, grinning.
“Mmm, okay. I’ll see you in the evening”, her mum said, hugging her and
her dad pecked her.
“Be careful”, she said to them and they left.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Warrick, you can use my bathroom to bath and get ready and I’ll use that
of my parents”, she said to him and left.
When Kierra was done dressing up she went to the dining table to eat her
breakfast and she saw that Warrick was already done dressing up.
“Wow. Someone has forgotten that he’s not a prince in this town”. She said,
looking at him.
“Your clothes look very expensive for a regular man”, she said looking at
his designed coat and pants.
“This? It’s not. I picked my regular clothes before coming here. I wore these
at places where I didn’t want attention to be drawn to me”.
“These are regular clothes? Oh Lord. I can imagine how you all dress over
“Trust me, when you get back to the palace, you’ll see how regular these
“So you’re saying my parents’ outfits are not regular?”
“Even the maids don’t dress like you or your parents”.
“That’s what it is”, he said, shrugging.
“Anyway, to maintain your cover, you can’t step out like that. I’ll look
through my Dad’s stuff and get you something to wear”, she said and she
went to her Dad’s room and came back with a normal pair of trousers and
“Here. Try these on”, she said, giving it to him.
He went into her room to wear it and then he stepped out.
“Perfect”, she exclaimed.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“This?” He asked, looking at himself.
“No, I can’t wear this”.
“It suits you and makes you look like the normal people here”.
“It actually feels comfortable”, he said, still observing his outfit.
“Welcome to a normal life”.
“What do I wear on my feet?”
“This”, she said, pointing at the pair of sandals in front of him.
“Hmm”, he said and he wore it.
They went back to the dining table to eat and when they were done, they
She showed him around and then went straight to Louisa’s house.
She knocked on the door and when Louisa opened the door, she was
surprised to see her and she screamed in excitement.
“Kierra!!” She yelled and hugged her.
“Wow, I can’t believe this! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed
to be in the palace or something?”
“Hmm, it’s a long story”.
“I’m ready to hear everything. Come in”, she said and then she looked at
“Is that your body guard? He’s cute”, she said whispering and Kierra
“No, this is my brother Warrick. Warrick this is my friend Louisa”, she said
and Louisa widened her eyes.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Your brother? Then he’s a prince!” She exclaimed. “I’m so sorry. You’re
welcome my Prince”, she said, bowing and Kierra laughed.
Warrick and Kierra walked in and Louisa was excited to see Kierra and
nervous to see her brother.
“Louisa relax. He’s not a prince here. To everyone in this town, he’s my
cousin. As in a regular cousin”, she said, taking her seat and Warrick sat by
“Okay”, Louisa said but she was still confused and Kierra told her
everything that happened.
“Wow, you’ve been through a lot within these few months”.
They both continued to catch up and Warrick just sat there looking around
and listening to their conversation.
“What about Gwen and Miriam. I hope they’re good. I’ve missed them so
“Hmmm, Miriam is at home I guess and Gwen is a mother now”, Louisa
said and Kierra widened her eyes.
“A mother? How? It’s not been 9 months so how did she become a mother?”
“I mean she’s pregnant. She’s an incoming mother”.
“How? Who impregnated her?”
“Hmm. She started seeing Darnley few weeks after you left and she totally
cut us off. We tried speaking to her but she ignored us. Few weeks later we
heard that she’s pregnant and now you can see the baby bump”.
“Oh my God. This is terrible. She let that jerk sleep with her and do this to
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“And how are her parents reacting to it?”
“I don’t really know but I know they’re furious and the worst part is Darnley
denied it”.
“Oh no! Poor Gwen. That boy deserves some beating! He thinks he can just
go round and be treating girls like trash?” Kierra said in anger.
“Well? It’s happened now and there’s nothing we can do about it”.
“And what about Delilah? Is she still with him?”
“He dumped her when he started dating Gwen and now she’s more furious
and goes around causing trouble and tormenting people. I heard the son of
the Duke wants to get married to her”.
“Good for her”.
They continued to talk till Kierra decided to take her leave in order to visit
Miriam and Gwen.
“Thanks for coming by Kierra. I appreciate it. I’ll see you tomorrow”, she
said, hugging her.
“Bye Prince Warrick”, she said to him.
“Just Warrick is fine”, he said, stretching his hand out to her and she shook
“Bye Warrick”, she said, blushing.
“Bye”, Kierra said and they both left.
They went to Miriam’s house and she was also happy to see them. They also
spoke for a while and then she left to Gwen’s house but no one was home,
so they decided to head back home.
The palace
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Fredrick called for an emergency meeting and everyone was surprised but
they still attended.
They were all seated and waited patiently for him to let them know what the
meeting was called for.
“I know you’re all wondering why I called for this meeting but as I’m
speaking right now, the Janricans are making a move to claim more of our
lands”, he said and the whole place became noisy.
“How do you know that”? The queen asked.
“When they captured me, I listened to their conversations”.
“The last time I checked, their king was ill and I don’t think they have the
time to claim lands”, one of the Lords said.
“Yes he’s ill but he has a son who will be crowned soon and be ready to do
wonders for his people. I heard he’s more vicious than his dad”, John said.
“Hmm. So what do you suggest that we do?” The Queen asked.
“I know it’s a bad time to do this but we need a new King to step up and
protect the country”, Fredrick said and most of the Lords nodded.
“I agree with him. How long are we going to wait before crowning our next
king?” One of the Lords said.
“A Queen you mean”, the Bishop said.
“No, I think he’s referring to Prince Fredrick”, John said.
“Hope is the next Queen and not Fredrick”, the Bishop said.
“But she’s dead”, one of the Lords said.
“She’s not dead”, the Queen spoke up.
“What?” Fredrick said, surprised.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“We lied to protect her from harm’s way”, she said, staring at Fredrick and
he got angry.
“Just like you lied to cover up my dad’s death!”, he said and everyone was
shocked especially the Queen and John.
“Tell them why you locked me up”, he said to her.
He knew that pulling that card will make her dismiss everyone and let him
be king.
“Oh, you want everyone to know the truth?” She said, standing up in anger.
“Fredrick what are you doing?” John asked, getting nervous and terrified of
what was going to come out next and he quickly thought of what to do.
“Tell them how you killed the King just because you wanted Hope to be the
next Queen”, John said and everyone glared at him.
“I need back up”, he said, pulling Fredrick’s hand.
“Yes! She planned with the Bishop and they poisoned his cup. I found out
about it and she locked me up!” Fredrick said and she stared at him with
tears in her eyes. She was in shock.
“You can investigate and check the cup my dad was being fed with. She
poisoned him, when I found out the first time, she made me the next king to
shut me up and when I wanted to tell everyone, she locked me up!” Fredrick
“How dare you accuse mother of killing her husband! How dare you?!”
Derrick asked in anger.
“Mum say something”, Derrick yelled and she just stood there speechless.
“It’s true Derrick. I would never lie to you, the Bishop helped her out”, he
“How dare you!” The bishop asked angrily and the queen just stood there in
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Your plans have failed mum! Grant me the power to punish her and lead
this country to its victory”, Fredrick yelled.
“Long live the king!!” John yelled and the Lords who were in support of
Fredrick joined in. Some of the other Lords joined in out of fear and the rest
were confused.
“Guards!!!” Fredrick yelled and they rushed in.
“Lock these two traitors up!!” He yelled and the guards were confused.
“Do as the future king says”, one of the Lords yelled and they quickly
grabbed the Queen and the Bishop.
The queen was in tears as she was being sent away and was in shock that
her own son would do this to her.
The whole palace had been in chaos since Fredrick threw his mother and the
bishop in the dungeon.
The people heard of it and were protesting against it. The Lords who were
in support of the queen were having secret meetings and finding ways to
prove the queen’s innocence.
No one was allowed to visit her, so it made it quite difficult for them to
prove her innocence.
Derrick tried convincing Fredrick to allow him to visit her but Fredrick
threatened to also lock him up. So it made things quite difficult for him.
The priests called on other priests and bishops in their country and they also
had several meetings to exonerate the crown’s bishop.
Fredrick and the rest were focused on his coronation day.
John and Penelope were in their room doing what they do best when
Penelope stopped.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What is it my love?”
“I think I’m pregnant”, she said to him and he was shocked and then he
forced a smile.
“Wow! Congratulations. You’re carrying the King’s baby! Wow”.
“It could be yours”, she said to him.
“It can’t be mine. It has to be for the king and if it’s a boy, then it’s a double
jackpot”, he said, grinning.
“What if it’s yours? I don’t want my kid to not know his real dad”.
“Do you want to be a queen or not?”
“I want to be”.
“So stop wondering if it’s mine or his and focus on the crown”.
“Okay, so how do we tell him?”
“I know what to do”, he said.
“Come with me. I’m going to pull you to hisroom and you have to cooperate
with what I do”, he said and she shook her head.
“No. That’ll make him feel like he’s being pressured to marry me and take
me in. I want him to do it at his own will. I want my child to be accepted
and loved”.
“Since when did you care about acceptance?”
“I’m a woman John. I want to be loved and accepted and also want the same
for my child”.
“What if he doesn’t accept you?”
“He will. He’s already fallen for me. He craves for me every time and he’s
been giving me gifts”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Since when?”
“For some time now”.
“And you haven’t told me about this. Are you hiding things from me now?”
“No no. I was going to tell you but you’ve not been around that much”.
“And neither has Fredrick but you still had the time to grace his bed. Are
you falling for him too?”
“No John. You know I’ve got eyes for just you. I’m just doing my part and
it’s worked”, she said, hugging him.
“Hmmm”, he said, looking away.
“Just do your part and I’ll do mine”, he said to her and he got off the bed.
“John don’t be like that”, she said to him and he left the room.
The little city
For the past few days, Kierra and Warrick have been training at the field
behind her house and she was getting better each day.
Sometimes, Louisa came over to their house to watch them train and then
during their breaks they talked and taught her some few fighting techniques.
At first she was shy and nervous when she was around Warrick but he did
his best to make her feel comfortable and then she was okay around him.
They were all talking and laughing outside till Kierra got a slight headache.
“I’ll be right back”, Kierra said to them and she went inside the house.
Warrick and Louisa were both quiet till he spoke up.
“So have you ever traveled around?” He asked and she laughed.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Me? Travel? In my wildest dreams. I don’t think I’ll ever travel”.
“Why not?”
“You know my state. My parents don’t have that kind of money and right
now they’re depending on me to get married to a wealthy man and I don’t
see that happening anytime soon”.
“Why not?”
“I don’t think there’s any man in his right senses who would want to marry
“Why not?”
“Can’t you see me. I’m fat and not really attractive; no man has ever paid
attention to me before. The ones who did just wanted me in bed and that’s
it?” She said.
“Why would you say such negative things about yourself? You can’t let
people define you and then accept it. You have to define yourself and people
got to accept it. You’re not fat, you just have more body than others and
you’re beautiful Louisa. You have to believe that”.
“I know you’re saying that out of pity”.
“I don’t pity anyone. Pity is for those who don’t value themselves or
acknowledge that their God is big. There’s nothing about you that should be
pitied. You were uniquely created by God. If you think you’re fat and you
love it, fine, just make sure it doesn’t affect your health and if you think
you’re fat and you don’t like it, then you work on it. It’s all about you and
not them”, he said to her and she smiled.
“That’s the best thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you so much
“You’re welcome. You’re beautiful Louisa and have a great personality. If
the men are not looking then it’s because God doesn’t want any of them to
stress you out or they’re just stupid. When the right one comes, he’ll not just
look but he’ll come and sweep you off your feet”, he said smiling.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Thank you so much Warrick. Your words mean a lot to me”.
“Yeah so stop making excuses and stop thinking negatively. If you want to
travel, you will, if you want to do anything you put your mind to, you will”.
“Yes sir!!” She said and they both laughed.
“And why aren’t you married yet? I thought you high borns are always
engaged to someone when you’re born or something”, she said to him.
“In some countries, it’s like that but my parents made a change with their
marriage and they want the same for us. So we can marry who we want to
as long as he or she is from a respectable family and can benefit the country
except for the crowned prince or queen. They have to get married to a high
born unfortunately for them”.
“So Kierra has to get married to a high born?”
“Does she know that?”
“Yeah. I’m sure she was told at the training center”.
“Mmm, okay. You’ve still not answered my question though. Why aren’t
you married?”
“Why? Do you want to marry me?” He asked and she burst out laughing.
“In my dreams, I can never get married to a prince”.
“Why not?”
“What? You’re still thinking negatively. Stop thinking so little of yourself”.
“Fine fine! I can get married to a prince or a king”, she said, laughing.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
They continued their conversation till Kierra got back and then they resumed
their training.
The palace
Fredrick was in the throne room, sitting on the King’s chair when Penelope
walked in.
“My love my king”, she said, approaching him and he smiled.
“Come and sit with me”, he said and she walked up to him.
“Sit on the queen’s chair”, he said to her.
“People might talk”, she said.
“I’m the next king and I can do whatever I want”, he said and she sat by
“I have something to tell you Fred”, she said to him.
“What is it my love?”
“I’m pregnant”, she said to him and he was quiet for a while before he
“Wow, that’s great”, he said, grinning and he pecked her but she looked
“If John hears this, he’ll be furious because I’m not wedded and people will
talk. I don’t want to be embarrassed”.
“Don’t worry my love. I’ll get you a suitable suitor who’ll claim the baby
as his own and you can both stay in this palace where I can get access to you
every time”, he said and she widened her eyes.
“Are you serious? You want another man to claim your baby?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Yeah or do you have a better idea?”
“Why not get married to me and in that way, the baby is yours and I’m all
“Get married to you? No. I enjoy you this way. Haven’t you heard that stolen
meat always tastes better than when it’s yours?” He asked and she was
“I thought you loved me and why would you do this to your child?”
“I do love you in bed. You’re the best but I love my wife and my children.
I’ve betrayed her in a lot of ways, getting married to another woman is the
last thing I’ll do to her”, he said and she got up angrily.
“After everything I’ve done for you, this is how you’ll repay me?”
“I’ve bought you lots of expensive gifts and I’ve given you the chance to sit
on the queen’s throne. What else do you want Penelope?”
“To be your wife”!
“I’m sorry sweetheart but that’s never going to happen”, he said to her and
she ran off in tears.
“What did I do?” He said to the guards who were standing around him and
they looked away.
Penelope told John everything that happened and he was angry.
“You should have let me do it my way and things would have gone
differently”, he yelled.
“I’m sorry!” She said in tears.
“It’s alright Penny. I know what to do”.
“It’s time to accuse Derrick of sleeping with his wife and set them up”, John
said and Penelope calmed down.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
She was not just hurt that she was losing the throne, she was hurt that
Fredrick didn’t love her because she had fallen for him. So she channeled
her anger to Angela and was glad that they were going to set her up and
accuse her.
“I’m in”, she said, grinning.


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