The palace
Fredrick and the Lords were having a meeting and discussing his coronation
when Derrick and the other Lords walked in.
“So you’re now having meetings without us?” Derrick asked.
“Hello little brother we were just talking about you”, he said to him.
“Mmm. What?”?
“We want to make you the new Lord Commander of the army”, Fredrick
said smiling.
“No, thank you and you know Dad always wanted Warrick to do that”,
Derrick said.
“Warrick isn’t here and you’re the strongest and wisest currently. So it’s
your job now”, he said to him.
“No problem but there are bigger problems. The king of Janrican is dead
and the crowned prince is acting now and is coming really hard for our lands.
They’ve crossed the borders and are currently obtaining the deeds and
swaying the villagers to their side.”, he said and the Lords became worried
and started conversing among themselves.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Don’t worry about that. When I get crowned as the king, I’ll solve that
problem. He’s nothing but a mere young prince and can’t do much”,
Fredrick said.
“Don’t look down on him. According to what I’ve heard, he’s the strongest
and wisest in his country currently”, Derrick said.
“I’ll handle it as soon as I get crowned”.
“So we should wait for you to get crowned before you attend to the matters
of the country? And our little sister is still in that little city. When do you
plan on bringing her back here?” Derrick asked angrily.
“Yes. My coronation matters! After that then we can attend to the matters at
hand. As for Hope. She can come when she pleases. I didn’t pronounce her
dead”, he said and Derrick was about to speak and he interrupted him.
“I don’t want to hear it Derrick!” He said to him and Derrick left the place
Fredrick was in his room with his wife. They were conversing and laughing
when they heard the guards arguing with someone outside their room.
“What’s happening?” Angela asked.
“I don’t know. I’ll check it out”, he said and when he stepped out, he saw
John and Penelope arguing with the guards.
“What is it?” He asked and John glared at him.
“After everything we’ve done for you, you impre ”, he said and Fredrick
covered his mouth.
“Not here. My wife is inside. Let’s take this somewhere else”, he said and
they went to the throne room.
Meanwhile Derrick was in his room when he got a note that Fredrick wanted
to see him in his room. So he went to Fredrick’s room and met Angela there.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Derrick”, she said, surprised because he’s never been in their room before.
“Angela. Where’s Fredrick?” He asked.
“He just left some few minutes ago. Any problem?” She asked.
“No, he asked that I meet him here”, he said.
“Alright, then you can wait for him, I’m sure he’ll be back soon”, she said
to him.
The throne room
“I didn’t mean for this to happen John. I know you trust me a lot and I’m
deeply sorry for this but your sister did this to herself. She kept coming to
my room and throwing herself at me and you know I’m a man, it’s quite
difficult to stay away from things like this and as time went on, things
became serious. I was always careful and I just don’t know how this
happened?” Fredrick said to John and John glared at him.
“You see what you’ve done to yourself. You know he’s a married man and
you were throwing yourself at him”, John said to her.
“I’m in love with him John and I wanted him to be happy since his wife
wasn’t making him happy”, she said, tearing up.
“My wife makes me happy. I made that clear to you every freaking day. I
told you how I loved her and wanted just her”.
“How can you love someone who isn’t faithful to you”, she said and he
glared at her.
“Don’t you dare say such a thing. My wife loves me and is always faithful
and loyal to me”, he said.
“Oh so you don’t know what’s been going on in this palace?” She said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Everyone knows that Prince Derrick and your wife are having an affair”,
she said and he slapped her.
“With all due respect Fredrick, don’t ever lay your finger on her for telling
you the truth”, John said to him.
“Are you saying this is true?”
“I’ve had my suspicions but I wasn’t too sure. I’ve been seeing them a lot
but I felt that it was normal. I saw them in your room yesterday and… ”
“Enough! I’ll get to the bottom of this and if it’s a lie, I’ll cut off your heads
myself”, he said and he left angrily.
He barged into his room to question his wife and was surprised when he saw
Derrick in his room with her.
“So it’s true”, he said, angrily.
“What’s true?!” Angela asked him.
“You’re asking me?”
“Fredrick calm down what is it?” Derrick asked.
“You’re sleeping with my wife and you have the guts to tell me to calm
“What?!” They both exclaimed.
“Guards!!! Lock him up!” He yelled.
“And you! I’m sparing you because of our daughters but I don’t want to ever
set my eyes on you again”.
The guards quickly came in and were about to take Derrick away but he
fought them and ran off.
“Get him now!” He yelled and the guards went after him.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Fredrick please listen to me. I would never do that to you, I’m innocent”,
she said, tearing up.
“Get out Angela”.
“Fredrick please”.
“Get out before I lose my temper!” He said and she ran out crying.
Fredrick fell on his bed and yelled out in pain. He was deeply hurt and
Derrick was able to escape the guards.
He got on one of his horses and fled.
The little city
Warrick and Kierra were taking a stroll when they met Darnley on the way.
“That’s Darnley”, Kierra said to him.
“Do you want me to kick his ass?”
“No. It’s not necessary and if I wanted his ass to be kicked, I would have
done it myself”.
When they got closer to him, he stopped.
“Kierra. How are you doing?” He asked, smirking.
“Just leave me alone”, she said to him.
“I heard you were back in town and was actually going to come and say hi
but I…”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Darnley just go your way. I don’t have your time”, she said to him.
“Okay but…”
“Didn’t you hear her? Step out of our way”, Warrick said to him.
“Oh, I didn’t see your new boyfriend. Just know that I hit that first”, he said,
smirking and Warrick punched him in the face.
“What’s your problem?!” Darnley yelled in pain.
“If you don’t get out of our way. I’ll hit that too”, Kierra said, glaring at
“You’ll hear from me peasants”, he said and left.
“Is that the guy you were crushing on?” Warrick asked, laughing.
“Get away”, she said pushing him.
They both went to Gwen’s house to visit her. At first Gwen was embarrassed
to see them but due to Kierra’s persistency, she let them in.
They talked for a while and she apologized to Kierra for accusing her and
not believing her.
She also spoke about how hurt and devastated she was concerning her
pregnancy and it hurt her more that Darnley denied the pregnancy.
“Don’t worry. When I get back to my palace, I’ll try and get a good suitor
for you. I heard there are a lot of bachelors there”, Kierra said.
“Yeah, a lot”, Warrick said, smiling at her.
“Who would want a woman with a child?”
“You’ll definitely find one”, Warrick said to her.
“Thank you so much. I already feel better”.
They spoke for a while and then took their leave.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Everyone was asleep in the house when they suddenly heard someone
banging on the door.
Warrick got up quickly and opened the door, ready to attack whoever was
at the door.
“Derrick?” He called out in surprise.
The little city
“Derrick what are you doing here and how did you find this place?”
“Just get me some water and I’ll tell you everything”, he said, panting.
“Okay, okay, come in”, he said to him.
“Who is that?” Kierra and her parents asked.
“It’s Derrick my younger brother”, Warrick said and they were all surprised.
“Kierra, please get him some water”, Warrick said to her and she ran off.
She got back with a cup of water. Derrick drank all and requested for more.
He drank more and finally fell on the sofa to relax.
“Is everything alright?” Kierra asked.
“No! We need you Hope. The country is falling apart. Everything is upside
down”, he said, rattling his words.
“Slow down Rick, we can’t catch up”, Warrick said to him.
“Do you need more water?” Maxwell asked.
“No, I’m fine. The country is in great trouble Hope. We need you to come
back. Fredrick accused mum of killing dad and he locked her up!!”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What?” Warrick asked, getting up angrily.
“Mum didn’t want him to ascend the throne and then he just locked her up
on a false accusation and he would not even let me see her. He also locked
up the Bishop and claimed that he was an accomplice. This afternoon, he
accused me of having an affair with his wife and he was about to lock me
up but I fled”.
“This is serious!” Kierra said.
“And what are the Lords doing about it?” Warrick asked.
“Most of them are on his side. The few that aren’t on his side, have been
“Hmmm!” Warrick exclaimed.
“What’s worse is that the country is falling apart. The king in Janrico is dead
and the crowned prince is already acting up. They’re taking away our lands
and the villages”.
“And what’s Fredrick doing about this?” Kierra asked.
“Nothing. I spoke to him about it and he shut me up. He’s more focused on
his coronation”.
“We can’t let that happen. We have to get her back!” Warrick said.
“I don’t think sending Hope back just like that is a good idea. He doesn’t
want her back and if she gets back, he can easily lock her up”, Derrick said.
“And me?” Warrick asked.
“What will you do if you get back?” Derrick asked him.
“Talk some sense into him”.
“If he could lock his own mother up, what can’t he do to you?” Derrick
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Then I guess we have to come up with a plan on how to get Hope back to
Navara”, Warrick said.
“Hmmm! With the thousands of troops over there, I don’t know what plan
can overcome that”.
“I think we should all just pray about this. If I was chosen by God to rule
and save Navara, then I guess, he’ll help me out in this”, Kierra said and
they all nodded.
“Spoken like a wise Queen”, Maxwell said, smiling.
They all spent the rest of the night, praying to God.
The palace
“My coronation will take place next week and that’s final!” Fredrick said to
the Lords and priest and then he left.
John ran after him to talk about Penelope.
“So what are we going to do about my sister’s situation? You’ve got to get
married to her quickly to avoid any embarrassment”, John said to him.
“I can’t marry her. I want to have a wife and a queen who I love and adore.
Someone who can stand by me always”.
“She can be that person for you. Since you’re already planning to divorce
“I don’t want to hear her name and right now I have to focus on my
coronation”, he said to John.
“Penelope is deeply in love with you. Just give her a chance, you owe that
to me”.
“Fine. Send her to my chambers then”, he said and he went back to his
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
When he got there, he met his wife there and he got angry.
“How dare you come here?! Didn’t I warn you?!” He yelled.
“Fredrick please hear me out! I’ll never cheat on you, never!” She said in
“So what was Derrick doing here?”
“He said you sent for him and he was just here waiting for you”.
“Do I look like a fool to you? Derrick has never been to our bedroom before
and I’ve never summoned him or anyone in here”.
“It’s true Fredrick. Please just listen to me. How can you just conclude when
you didn’t see us in an uncompromising position?”
“Just get out Angela”.
“I thought you loved me”.
“I did and you broke my heart!”
“If you did, you wouldn’t be doing this”, Angela yelled
As they were arguing Penelope walked in.
“Who’s this?” She asked.
“My future wife and my future Queen. Baby come here”, he said to Penelope
and when she walked up to him, he kissed her and Angela watched in tears.
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“Me? You did this to yourself and guess what, she’s pregnant”.
“What? Fred!!”
“It could be a boy”, Penelope said and she slapped her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Don’t you dare interfere when I’m talking to my husband”, she said to her
and Penelope glared at her.
Fredrick just stood there watching.
“Fredrick you let her slap me?” She said to him.
“Angela just go!”
“You heard him go”, Penelope yelled and Angela glared at her.
“You better watch your back whore. I can get really crazy when it comes to
my husband. I’ll be coming for you”, Angela said and she left angrily.
Fredrick jumped on his bed and yelled.
“Fred, don’t let her trouble you”, she said, climbing the bed and he ignored
“So you’re finally going to get married to me”, She said to him.
“I did that to spite her”, he said.
“Fredrick I love you so much and I’m going do anything for you. If you get
married to me, you’ll never regret it”, she said, climbing him.
“I’m glad you being pregnant does not affect you from performing”, he said,
kissing her and they did what they do best.
The little city
The following morning, Kierra was in her room, going through her things
when she spotted two letters.
She opened them and saw that it was from Gabriella and Joshua. She was
so happy when she opened it and she read it.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
‘Kierra! I hope you get better and I’m sure you’re better now as you’re
reading this letter. It’s so sad that I didn’t get to tell you how I felt about
you. I know you don’t feel the same but I just wanted to let you know. I
really do care about you Kierra. Hopefully we’ll meet some day, if we’re
meant to be. Bye and I’ll miss you so freaking much, Joshua’
When she was done reading, she grinned and then she remembered Kayden
and how he was a pain in her butt. She was quite disappointed that he didn’t
write a letter. She took out Gabriella’s letter and read it.
‘Hey Kierra, if you’re reading this, then it means you’re up and fine. I’m
glad you are. I’m so sorry for not believing you earlier on about the Kayden
incident. I hope you forgive me one day. I’m really sad that you had to leave
just like that. I’ll really miss you so much and I know this is not allowed but
if you ever need anything or want to see me, I’m the daughter of the King
of Atlantic. You can come and visit anytime or send a letter. I love you,
can’t wait to hear from you. Your lovely partner, Gabriella’
When she was done reading, she grinned and ran to the living room where
Derrick and Warrick were conversing.
“I’ve got a solution”, she yelled.


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