“You called him here?” Kierra asked.
“Yeah. My parents and I were talking yesterday about the whole invasion
thing and it won’t be wise to go to war with your own people. We’ll lose a
lot lives both at your side and mine. And you’ll also need your army to defeat
Janrico too”.
“Exactly, my brothers and I were having the same conversation too”, Kierra
“I guess great minds think alike”, the king said, lifting his glass and Kierra
“So we planned on getting the army to leave the country and then invade the
country at night but we don’t know what to use to get the army out”, Kierra
“That’s where the Belcalis army comes in”, Gabriella said, winking.
“You’re smart!!” Kierra said, figuring out everything.
“I’m lost”, Warrick said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“To get the Army out of the country, we have to stage a fake war and draw
the army out. If we send the Atlantics to stage the war, Fredrick won’t take
them serious because he’s stupid. He’ll probably just send a quarter of the
army. But with the Belcalis, everyone knows how great and strong that
country is, it’s going to shake him and come as a surprise and him being
foolish, he’ll send the whole army”, Derrick said and they all applauded.
“It’s okay. I knew that too. I was just lost at the part where Gabriella
winked”, Warrick said and they all glared at him with their mouths opened
but the queen burst out laughing.
“He’s really funny”, she said, laughing.
“You do realize we’re keeping the young man waiting. Send him in
quickly”, he said to his messenger.
“So do we have to form an alliance with Belcalis?” Kierra asked.
“Alliance or not, Joshua will gladly help you”, Gabriella said, winking.
“You need to stop winking or Warrick will be lost again”, Derrick said and
everyone laughed.
“We still have to form the alliance though to make things formal”, Warrick
said and they all nodded.
Joshua walked in with his guards and advisors.
“Joshua!!” Kierra exclaimed and she quickly ran to him.
“Kierra”, he said and he hugged her.
“I’ve missed you so much”, he said and she smiled.
“I’ve missed you too”.
“That’s enough love birds. We have an important meeting to get to”,
Gabriella yelled from where she was sitting.
“Hello to you too, Gabriella”, Joshua said, grinning.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Your grace”, he said, bowing to the king.
“Please join us”, the King said to Joshua and his advisors. They all took their
seats, including Kierra.
The queen sent for her servants and instructed them to attend to Joshua’s
Joshua introduced himself to Kierra’s brothers and everyone got to know
each other a bit before they continued with the plan.
They filled Joshua in on everything and then he agreed.
“I’ll send a message to my dad and when he gives the go ahead, then we
form the alliance and get to work”, he said.
“Great”, the king said, applauding and everyone joined in.
After the meeting, they continued with their mini feast and everyone broke
into smaller groups.
The king left with his wife, Joshua was with Kierra, Derrick was with
Gabriella and as usual, Warrick was entertaining Joshua’s advisors.
Navara Palace
Penelope was in her room, sleeping when Angela walked in.
“Hey Penny Penny, wakey wakey”, she said, dragging the sheets off her.
“What the heck?! Are you crazy? How dare you walk into my room? Who
even let you in?!” Penelope yelled.
“Shhshh. It’s your wedding tomorrow. We have to celebrate your
bachelorette night”, she said, smiling.
“Ladies and gentlemen, come in”, she exclaimed and men and women who
were half naked walked in.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Are you crazy? Guards she yelled”.
“Shhhshh. Just enjoy yourself. Since you love sleeping around, I’ve got the
people of your kind for you. You can all sleep around with each other”, she
said, clapping her hands in excitement.
“She’s all yours”, Angela said to her and then she left the room.
“Thank you boys”, she said to the guards who were at Penelope’s door and
she gave them some money.
“I’ll also send some girls your way this night and remember no one gets in
or leaves till I say so”, she said and she went to her husband’s bedroom.
She tipped the guards off and walked in. When she walked in, she also
stripped off her clothes.
“Angela have you gone nuts? What are you doing here?” He asked.
“To celebrate your bachelors night with you”, she said, climbing his bed.
“Stop it Angela. We’re not married anymore and you have no business being
on my bed”.
“Yeah. I heard that’s how you like it. You have a thing for unmarried
women, don’t you? And I’m unmarried. I once heard you say that stolen
meat is the best and so here I am. Steal me baby”, she said to him and
Fredrick was amazed at her behavior.
He had never seen her like this and it got him excited.
“Come here”, he said to her and they got to it.
Later in the night, when Fredrick was asleep, she took out a potion and
dipped it in his mouth to make him fall into a deep sleep.
She left his room and went straight to Penelope’s room.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
The ladies and men were all asleep and Penelope was on the floor with her
clothes ripped apart and she was in tears.
“Aww Penny. You’re in tears. I guess everything was good. You enjoyed
yourself. Didn’t you?” She asked and Penelope glared at her in tears.
“You made these people rape me! How could you? You’re so evil Angela”.
“Oh c’mon. It’s not rape if you liked it or you would have preferred if it was
Fredrick and some other married men?”
“You’re evil Angela. Fredrick will hear of this”.
“Oh I’m sure he’s enjoying his sleep. He also had a lovely night with me of
“When I become his wife tomorrow and become the queen, I’ll make you
pay for this!!”
“Let’s see how that works”, she said, smirking.
“Wakey wakey!!” She said to the men and women, waking them up.
“It’s time to go. Move it”, she said to them and they all left.
“Enjoy your night darling and I wish you a happy married life”, she said and
she left.
The following day, Joshua got a response from his dad. The dad agreed and
sent in some of his troops.
Everyone was gathered at the conference room as they planned the invasion.
“Joshua, you and your army will enter Navara from the north and capture
the soldiers at that border, then you move the villages over there to safety
and then burn down their houses and farms and make sure a message gets
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
to the palace that the Belcalis have invaded the country. Make it look real to
stir up worry and fear. Don’t burn down a lot of houses and farms because
we would have to rebuild them later on”, Kierra said and Joshua nodded.
“And then Warrick, I’ll need you to sneak in and when you’re sure that the
army has left the region in which the palace is in, you notify us with the
fastest messenger possible”, she said and he nodded.
“As soon as Derrick and I move in with the Atlantic army, we’ll send a
message to you Joshua and you can retreat”, Kierra said.
“You’ve spoken like a true queen”, The king said and everyone applauded.
“Can I come with you?” Gabriella asked.
“No Gabby. You’ve done enough. When we’ve succeeded and settled, then
you can visit”, Kierra said and she nodded.
“So we need to move now in order to strike at night tomorrow”, Kierra said
and everyone got up and got to work.
“Can’t wait to see you take your place tomorrow”, Warrick said to her and
she smiled.
“I wouldn’t have gotten here without you and everyone”, she said to him
and he also smiled.
“Tomorrow we shall invade. Whoohooo!!” He said in excitement and Kierra
When they were all set, they all gathered to pray and they committed their
battle into the hands of God.
Joshua and his troop were preparing to leave. They packed up their stuff and
were about to set off.
“All the best Joshua, May the Lord be with you”, Kierra said, hugging him.
“Amen. All the best too and be safe”, Joshua said and he pecked her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Incase anything goes wrong, I just want you to know that I love you”, he
said to her and she felt shy and looked away.
“Bye Kierra”, he said and turned around to leave.
“All the best Joshua”, Gabriella yelled and blew him a kiss.
“Thank you Gabby”, he said, waving and then he left.
“I hope everything goes well”, Gabriella said, walking towards Kierra and
she was lost in her thoughts.
“Kierra! Wow, earth to you Kierra” she said, snapping her fingers in front
of her.
“What’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet”, she said
to Kierra.
“No, Joshua said he loves me”, she said.
“Wow, that’s intense. What did you say?”
“Mmm. I get you. You don’t love him”.
“I really do care about him but I don’t love him like that”.
“And what if he proposes to you?”
“I don’t know. When that river comes, I’ll cross it”, she said.
“I have to get ready”, Kierra said and she left.
Navara palace
It was almost two hours passed the time for Fredrick and Penelope to get
married and Fredrick was still asleep.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
John, Penelope and all the Lords tried to get in and wake him up but the
guards didn’t let them in.
“The prince doesn’t wish to be disturbed when he’s asleep. The only person
allowed to walk in is his wife”, they said to John, Penelope and the Lords
for the fourth time.
“This is insane. How many times would we tell you that he’s not married to
Angela”, they said to the guards and were totally ignored again.
“I’ll try to talk to Angela again”, John said and he went to Angela’s room.
“Our plans worked”, he said to her and she grinned.
“You’re a genius John”, she said to him.
“Yeah. The officiating priest will soon leave”, he said to her and she smiled.
“Thank you so much. I’ll handle the rest and get back my husband”, she said
to John.
“I don’t really understand why you decided to help me. Isn’t Penelope your
“She’s not. It’s just a lie I told to help keep her here in the palace. She’s my
girlfriend and she hurt me deeply by getting together with Fredrick”, he said
to her and she nodded.
“I thought you were actually going to keep her asleep too, how is she
awake?” He asked her.
“I had something different planned for her”, she said, smirking.
“Mmm, okay”.
“Thank you John. I’ll always be in your debt”, she said to him and he smiled.
“Alright”, he said and he left.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
After some hours, the officiating priest left.
“Angela you need to wake Fredrick up now! We’re being attacked by the
Belcalis”, John said in panic.
“What? How? Why?”
“No one knows. You need to wake Fredrick up now”, he said to her and she
quickly ran to Fredrick’s room.
“Fredrick wake up!” She yelled and shook him.
He quickly opened his eyes and when he saw how bright it was, he got up
“Fredrick, we’re under attack. The Belcalis have invaded”, she said to him
and he was confused.
“This isn’t the time to ask me questions. John and your Lords are waiting
for you. Hurry”, she said to him.
He quickly got up, put his morning coat on and stormed out.
He met with his Lords and they all quickly agreed and sent a message to all
the Lord Generals in charge of the army to send their troops to the northern
border to fight the Belcalis.
As soon as the army left, Warrick quickly called on one of his mother’s
messengers and directed him on what to do.
Warrick was lurking around the palace and trying to get into the dungeon to
see his mother. Since the palace was in an uproar, he saw it as a moment to
find his mother but as soon as he snuck into the dungeon he was caught and
sent to Fredrick.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Warrick!” Fredrick said when he saw him and he ran to quickly hug him.
“At this moment, I need my family around me”, Fredrick said to him and
Warrick pushed him off.
“I’m here for mum not you. How dare you lock her up?”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll release her but right now, we’re under attack
Warrick. The Belcalis are at our borders burning down the place and
attacking our people”, he said to Warrick and he acted surprised.
“Why are they attacking us?” Warrick asked.
“We all don’t know but I’ve sent our soldiers to the border”, he said.
“Good good. Let’s wait and see what happens. If things gets worse, we can
seek help from other countries”, he said, trying to calm Fredrick down.
As soon as the message got to Joshua that the Navara Army was heading
their way, they fled the country as planned.
Fredrick was in the throne room with his Lords waiting to hear a message
concerning the attack.
As they sat there waiting, they heard people running to the throne room.
“What is it?” He asked them.
“We’re under attack”, one of the guards said.
“How did they get here so soon?” Fredrick asked.
“Gather all the guards”, he said to his guard.
“You, gather all the women and servants in the palace and lock them up in
the inner room”, he said to the other guard.
“You all should stay here. Warrick and I will go with the guards to try and
hold them down”, he said to the Lords and John.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
He and Warrick left with the guards. They placed some guards at the gate
and they both went to the tower above the gate to see what they were up
Fredrick was surprised when he saw Derrick and a lady leading the troops.
“Who’s that?” He asked in shock.
“That’s Kierra”, Warrick said to him.
“Who’s Kierra?”
“Our little sister, Hope”, he said and he was shocked.
When Kierra and Derrick got closer to the gate. She yelled.
“Hello brother”, she said to him and he squirmed where he was standing.
“It’s time for you to give up. Surrender right now or die and let your family
suffer”, Kierra said.
“How dare you invade my country?!” He yelled.
“Your country? Please it’s mine. Give it up brother. It’s over for you. To
avoid shedding unnecessary blood, just accept defeat and walk down here”.
“No!! The only person dying today is you!!” He said and quickly took out
his bow and arrow to shoot at Kierra but Warrick knocked him off.
“You see, we didn’t even need to bring the Atlantic army here”, Warrick
said, shrugging.
“Clear the way for the future Queen of Navara”, Warrick yelled.
The guards hesitated and Kierra took her bow and arrow and shot it at the
hand of one of the guards.
“If you don’t open that gate, the next one will come on your heads”, she
yelled and they quickly opened the gates.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
John and the Lords were all seated inside waiting patiently and they
squirmed in their seat when Kierra, Derrick and Warrick stormed in with
their troops.
“What’s going on here?” one of them asked, boldly.
“The real Queen is here to take her throne”, Derrick exclaimed and Kierra
walked to the throne and took her seat.
“Listen! I’ve heard of all the drama you all put up here with my brother,
Fredrick. You watched him destroy our country and watched him lock my
mother up! I hold no grudges against you all as you’re all just mere Lords
but now that I’m back things are going to change around here. It’s my time
to reign! This is my country and I have the dominion over it!”
“Long live the Queen”, Derrick exclaimed and everyone joined in.
Fredrick was locked up and Queen Valerie and the Bishop were released.
As the Queen walked into the throne room, Derrick and Warrick quickly ran
to hug her.
She hugged them really tight and cried out tears of Joy.
“Is that my Hope?” She asked, looking at Kierra and they nodded.
“Hope”, she called out to her.
She was really happy to see her daughter.
Hope got up from her seat and walked towards her mother.
“Mum”, she said and her voice brought her mum comfort.
“My baby girl”, she said in tears and they both hugged each other.
“It’s your time to reign Hope”, she said, cupping her cheek.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“We’ll both reign together mum”, she said, placing her hands on her Mum’s
hands and they hugged again.
“May God be praised”, Queen Valerie said, looking up.


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