The palace
Kierra, Louisa and Miriam were taking a walk outside the palace when they
heard the noise which was coming from the palace.
“Don’t tell me it’s Angela and Penelope again”, Louisa said, rolling her
“Of course it’s them. They just keep driving me nuts with their complains”,
Kierra said.
“What do you expect? If I was Angela I’ll be always angry when I see the
lady who took my husband from me and is probably carrying his baby”,
Miriam said.
“True. I wish I could assist Angela but what she did was wrong. This was
even the best I could do for the sake of her kids”, Kierra said.
“Hopefully Penelope’s baby won’t be Fredrick’s and she can finally leave
and give her breathing space”, Louisa said.
“At least let’s pay her a visit and make sure she’s okay. She’s still part of
your family Kierra”, Miriam said.
“I’m not ready to hear her numerous complains”, Kierra said.
“C’mon Kierra”.
“Fine”, she said and they went to the staff quarters.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
They knocked on Angela’s door and walked in.
“How many times have I …..”, Angela started to say but was surprised when
she saw Kierra.
“My queen”, she said, bowing.
“How are you?” Kierra asked.
“I’m good”.
“You sure? We could hear your voices. Is Penelope pissing you off again?”
Kierra asked.
“She is, every single day. When will she have to leave?”
“We can’t tell. She has to give birth first and we’ll test the paternity of the
“That baby isn’t Fredrick’s. She was also sleeping with John and I know my
husband will be smart to pull out”, Angela said and Louisa laughed.
“For everyone’s sake, we hope that’s true”, Louisa said.
“Do you need anything?” Kierra asked her.
“I know I’m in the staff quarters and have to work on my own but please,
can you just appoint a maid to me. I’ve lived in the palace for most of my
life and have always been served. Not being served now is a huge challenge
for me”, she said.
“Hmmm, I’ll see to that. Any other thing?”
“Get her away from here”, Angela exclaimed.
“I heard that”, Penelope yelled from the other room.
“Shut up you wretch”! Angela yelled back.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Enough. Just try and ignore her. I know how hard it is but you just have to
cope till whatever happens, happens”, Kierra said and she was quiet.
“I’ll see you later”, Kierra said and she left.
“Bye Angela”, Louisa said.
“Bye Louisa and please watch my daughters for me”, she said and Louisa
Louisa and Angela became a bit close because Louisa was in charge of the
kids and each time they needed to see their mum, she had to go with them.
Kierra and everyone were at the conference room discussing how to solve
the Janrican problem.
“If it’s war they want, we’ll give it to them”, Kierra said, angrily.
“We’ve got a strong army and strong alliances and to crown it all, we’ve got
God on our side. What else do we need? We can’t let the Janricans keep
taking what belongs to us! Enough is enough!” Kierra exclaimed.
“Kierra is right. I don’t know much of the situation of the country currently
but we need to stop them”, Maxwell added.
“True we’ve got all that but we don’t have the money to fund our army and
the Generals are getting really upset”, Derrick said.
“What happened to all the money?” Warrick asked.
“Fredrick squandered most of it and we used the rest for Kierra’s coronation
and the rebuilding of the villages we burnt down”, Derrick said.
“Can we borrow?” Miriam asked.
“No, we already owe a lot”, Derrick said.
“What about the countries we have an alliance with?” Kierra asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“We’ve used their services a lot. Asking them for more help will make us
look weak”, Queen Valerie said.
“True”, Mary said.
“So what do we do?” Warrick asked and they were quiet for a while.
“We host a fundraising event to honor our late King”, Kierra said and they
all gawked at her.
“What? That’s the best I can come up with in order to raise money and no
one knows we’re broke, so it’s okay”, she said.
“And you want to use Dad’s name to host it”, Derrick said.
“Yeah. We’re honoring him by saving the country he left behind”, she said
and Warrick laughed.
“I’m sorry but she’s right and this is hilarious”, he said.
“So we’re raising funds to honor our late King in what sense?” Derrick
“A lot of countries have fundraising events for no reason and we just attend
and throw our money away. We can do the same too and you know it’s
through these fundraising events that a lot countries and wealthy men show
off. So we can use that to our advantage”, Warrick said.
“I don’t agree to this”, Derrick said.
“Me too”, Miriam said.
“Alright, let’s put this to vote. Those against this, can we see your hands?”
Kierra asked and Derrick, Miriam and some of the Lords lifted their hands.
“Mmm, those who want to make some money and get the Janricans off our
lands and property?!” She asked and the rest put their hands up.
“Mum, really?” Derrick asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“This is the only choice we have and I want to do this to get back at the
Queen of Eden for making my late husband and I throw our money into
some useless fund raising. She lost her cat and had a fundraising even in
memory of her cat and she personally invited us”, Queen Valerie said and
everyone burst out laughing.
“Wow and no one questioned her about it?” Warrick asked.
“No, when it comes to these kind of things, people just go when they’re
invited and then gossip about it later” Queen Valerie said.
“Oh okay. So we’re hosting a fundraising event”, Kierra said in excitement
and everyone applauded.
“Now, let’s get to work then”, She said and they all spent the rest of the day
planning and discussing the event.
Kierra was in the throne room, looking through the invite list when Derrick
and Joshua walked in.
“Joshua?! Is something wrong?” She asked him.
“No, I just came to see you”, he said.
“Okay”, she said, smiling.
“I’ll let you two talk then”, Derrick said and he left.
“How are you doing?” He asked her.
“I’m good. How about yourself?” She asked.
“I’m great and I’ve got good news and a solution to your problem”.
“My problem?”
“The Janrican problem. Derrick told me all about it and sought my help”.
“Why would he do that?” She asked, getting furious.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Because having a fundraising event isn’t the best thing to do”.
“He told you that too?!”
“Don’t get angry Kierra. I’ve got a huge proposal”, he said.
“What is it?” She asked, getting nervous.
“We can merge our country and fight the Janricans together”, He said
“How?” She asked and he went down on one knee.
“I know you don’t love me but hopefully one day, you will. I love you so
much Kierra and I want to always be there for you and protect you and your
country. I know we coming together will make us great and strong, so I
would love you to be my wife”, he said taking out a ring.
“No Joshua, no!! It can’t happen like this”.
“Kierra c’mon. You won’t regret this”, he said and she shook her head.
“No, no, no”, she said and she quickly got off her bed.
“It was just a dream”, she said, panting.
“Whoops”, she said trying to catch her breath and she went back to sleep.
Kierra woke up from sleep later in the day and was really nervous and
unhappy at the fact that she was getting married to Joshua.
She got off her bed and saw the wedding dress lying at the foot of her bed.
She stared at it for a long time and was interrupted by the knock on her door.
“The Queen mother is here to see you”, the guards announced.
“Let her in”, Kierra said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Wow, I can’t believe this is happening so soon. My baby girl is finally
getting married”, she said, walking up to her and cupping her cheek.
“I wish your dad was here to witness this”, she said to her and Kierra looked
“You don’t look happy”, her mum said.
“I am”, she said, looking away.
“Kierra if you don’t want to get married to Joshua, you don’t have to. We
can find another way of saving this country”, her mum said to her.
“No mum. I have to do this to save my country. I can’t let them down. We
tried everything and it didn’t work out. The fundraising failed and every
other thing failed. This is my last resort”.
“We can still find another way”, her mother said, smiling.
“No. I’m getting married and that’s it”, she said.
“If you don’t mind, I’ll like to get ready”, she said to her mum and her mum
nodded and left.
When her mum left, she jumped on her bed and cried out loud.
She cried for a while and finally wiped off her tears and got ready.
When she was done, she stepped out of her room and went to the hall where
the wedding was held.
Everyone was seated and they were waiting for her.
When she walked in, everyone stood up and watched her walk down the
aisle, when she arrived at the altar, everyone started falling and the smiling
Joshua she saw at the altar changed to an angry Joshua.
“You did this!!” He yelled.
“What’s happening?!” Kierra yelled.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What’s happening?!” She said, screaming and then jumped off her bed,
“It’s just a dream”, she said to herself, panting.
She began praying and asked God to help her understand her dreams. She
didn’t understand why this was happening to her.
She paced back and forth trying to understand it and then she finally came
to a conclusion.
Kierra was in her mother’s room, telling her mother (Mary) about the two
dreams she had.
“Hmm, it seems really deep. Did you pray about it?” Mary asked.
“Yeah and I understood it. The first one was just my fears. I’m scared that
nature and the needs of the country might push me to get married to Joshua.
I do care about him and like him very much but it’s different what I feel for
“No. I don’t know much about Kayden or where he is or if he’s alive?”
“The more you keep denying it, the more you feel for him and the more it
disturbs you”.
“Mum, I don’t have feelings for Kayden. I was just fond of him and that’s
because we trained together most of the time”.
“So who were you referring to?”
“It was just a slip of a tongue”.
“Okay, whatever you say”, her mum said, smiling. “So what do you
understand from the second dream?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“That who I marry can uplift my country or bring my country down”.
“And why was Joshua in it?”
“Because he’s the one around. The dream had to pick a face and there’s no
other man currently in my life except Joshua”.
“Mmm, okay. So what are you going to do regarding the dream?”
“Mmm, for the first one, I guess I’ll just have to come clean to Joshua and
let him know that I don’t share the same feelings and don’t think I will. I
honestly don’t want any pressure”, she said and her mum nodded.
“I just hope he understands me”.
“If he genuinely cares about you, he should understand your point”, Mary
said and she nodded.
“I’m really proud of you Kierra. Every time I see you on your throne or
giving orders, I just can’t stop staring, you’ve really grown into a strong
determined woman. It feels like just yesterday when your mother placed you
in my arms. That day I was really terrified and felt like it was a huge task to
raise the future Queen of Navara but God being so good, I can say that I did
a good job. You’re going to be one of the greatest rulers ever”, she said and
Kierra smiled.
“I’m really grateful to you and dad for taking care of me and I learnt a lot
from you too. I’m where I am because of your love and your teachings”,
Kierra said, smiling.
“I’ve always wondered why you both never had other kids”, Kierra asked.
“We tried several times and nothing happened. We prayed a lot about it and
just understood that it was God’s doing. He wanted us to focus fully on you”,
she said, smiling.
“Ohh. I’m sorry that my birth caused all this to you”.
“No, no. I’m grateful that my husband and I were blessed to have the
opportunity to raise you”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Hmmm but have you both tried again?” Kierra asked.
“Yes”, Mary said, smiling.
“You’re going to have a younger sibling”, she said, rubbing her stomach.
“Are you serious?!”
“Oh my God!!” Kierra said, rejoicing.
“And how come you didn’t say anything?”
“I was going to tell you but you brought it up now”, Mary said, grinning.
“Oh my God! God is so wonderful. I can’t wait to see him or her. It should
better be a her, I already have three brothers”, she said.
“We want a boy”, Mary said, pouting her lips.
“Oh then you’ll have twins”, Kierra said, wiggling her brows.
“That’ll be awesome!!”
“I can’t wait”, Kierra said.
They both talked for a while and then Kierra left.
The fundraising day
Kierra was really amazed at how marvelous the fundraising event turned
out. A lot of wealthy people came and they were more interested in seeing
Everyone heard her story and she was known as the miracle baby.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
A lot of Kings and Queens were in attendance and just as Queen Valerie
said, they were showing off by trying to be the highest bidder for the pictures
of King James which were being auctioned.
Kierra was really busy that day because everyone who wanted to see her
were following her around and asking her questions.
“Kierra!!” Gabriella said, hugging her from behind.
“Gabby!!” She said, smiling.
“I thank God you’re here. Please save me from these people and take me
away from here”, Kierra said to her.
“I’m here for Derrick not you. I’m sorry. Derrick!!” She yelled when she
saw him and ran off.
“Gabby!!!” Kierra exclaimed and Gabby turned around and blew her kisses.
“Wow”, Kierra said.
“Queen Kierra”, an old couple said, approaching her and she wanted to run
off but they were close.
“Hi”, she said, forcing a smile.
She was talking to them and answering their questions when she spotted
“Warrick, I was just talking about you, they’ll like to ask you some
questions”, she said, smiling and he was walking towards them but was
interrupted by Louisa.
“Warrick, I have something to show you”, she said, grinning.
“I’ll be right back”, Warrick said and he left with Louisa.
“War!!!” Kierra exclaimed.
“I’ll be back, chill”, he said to her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Wow, I guess I’m on my own then”, she said, looking around and she saw
that everyone was paired up.
“Even my mum has company and I’m here stuck with different people”, she
said to herself looking at Queen Valerie laughing at whatever the man by
her was telling her.
She saw Joshua walking towards her and quickly turned around to talk to
the old couple.
“Let me show you around”, she said, trying to avoid him.
“Kierra”, Joshua called out.
“Joshua!” She said, faking a smile.
“I’ve been looking for you”, He said.
“Oh, I’ve been busy. I’ll see you shortly. I have to show this lovely couple
around”, she said, turning around to point at them but they were gone.
“Oh great. Today is just really getting on my nerves”, she said to herself.
“I guess they’re looking around on their own”, she said, smiling.
“Have you been avoiding me?” He asked.
“Me?? No. How can I do that?”
“Kierra you’re avoiding me and I know it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have
imposed my feelings on you”.
“Yeah. You shouldn’t have”, she said to him.
“Joshua. I do care about you but I just don’t have your kind of feelings. I
was happier when we were just friends, I know you wrote that letter because
you thought you were not going to see me again. I get that but ever since we
met, you keep talking about your feelings and it’s ruining our friendship,
I’m really sorry that my feelings aren’t the same but for the sake of our
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
friendship can you just stop talking about it, you’re putting unnecessary
pressure on me”, she said and he was quiet.
“I’m sorry Kierra. That wasselfish of me. I’m really sorry and I’ll back off”,
he said and he turned around to leave.
“Joshua”, she called out.
“I need some time to myself”, he said and he left. Kierra felt bad and decided
to go back into the palace.
Kierra was at the throne room looking at all the money that was brought in.
“Do you think this will be enough to fund the soldiers”? Miriam asked her.
“Yeah it will. This is a lot of money and there’s still more outside. I can’t
believe this, I think we need to host more fundraising events”, she said,
“This happened because of you Kierra. A lot of people outside the invite list
came here just to see you, you’re indeed a miracle baby”, Miriam said to
“It’s all God”, Kierra said.
“I saw Joshua at the lakeside and he looked really sad. Do you know what’s
up with him?” Miriam asked and she told her everything.
“Aww, I feel bad for him but I understand you”, she said.
“I just pray that things will get back to normal and he would find someone
else. He really deserves a woman who will love him deeply and cherish
him”, Kierra said to her.
“Yeah. Well as time goes, he’ll come around and everything will be fine”,
she said and Kierra nodded.
As they were talking they were interrupted when they heard the noise
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What’s happening?” Kierra asked and they both ran out to see.
“The Janricans are here”, they heard someone exclaim.
Kierra quickly ran to the field where the fundraising event was being held.
“Kierra, step back”, Warrick said, standing in front of her to protect her.
Derrick also came with some of the guards and they all stood in front of her.
The Janricans walked towards them and their new King came forward.
“Wow, do you people hate us that much? Why were we not invited?” He
asked and was surprised when he saw Kierra.
“Kierra?” He exclaimed.
“Kayden?!” She said, widening her eyes when she saw him.


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