The palace
The council members were at the throne room waiting for Derrick, Warrick
and Joshua to return with good news.
Derrick got back first.
“Did you find her?” Queen Valerie asked. She was so worried and terrified.
“No. I’ve searched every nook and cranny of the central region. Joshua has
headed to the south and Warrick is at the north. Hopefully we’ll find her”.
“Hopefully? What have I done to deserve this? Ever since she was born,
people have been after her life. I want my baby girl back”, Queen Valerie
“Mum, we’ll find her. The soldiers are going to every house in the country
to search and question everyone”, Derrick said.
“What if the Janricans have taken her?” Miriam asked.
“Then I’ll slaughter everyone in that kingdom till they provide her”, Derrick
said, angrily.
Later in the evening, Joshua and Warrick returned without Kierra.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Why did the guards allow her to leave the palace early in the morning”.
“I questioned them and they said this wasn’t the first time that she took an
early morning stroll without them”, Warrick said.
“I strongly believe that this is the work of the Janricans”, Joshua said,
“It is and we’re going to invade their country tonight and wage war against
them till they provide her!” Derrick said.
“I’m coming with you”, Queen Valerie said.
“No mum. We can’t take you to war, you need to stay back and take care of
the country”, Warrick said to her.
“No, we can install a regent till we get back”, she said.
“No mum, please stay behind. We need you here. You’re the best person to
hold down the country till we get back”, Derrick said.
“Promise me that you’ll be back with Kierra”, she said to them.
“We promise”, they said to her.
“I’m coming with you and I can get some of my soldiers to join”, Joshua
“You don’t have to do all that. We can rescue her ourselves”, Derrick said.
“We’re partner countries. This is a huge problem, so I’m obligated to help.
I’ll meet you at the border with some of my soldiers”, he said to them and
he left.
“Well, the more the better”, Warrick said and they left.
They sent messages to all the generals around the country and agreed to all
gather at the northern border.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Due to the fact that the palace was a bit upside down, Angela sneaked in and
went to the dungeon.
“Fredrick!” She said, smiling.
“Angela”, he said in surprise.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“I came to see you. I’ve missed you so much baby”, she said and he walked
close to the gate and held her hands.
“I’ve missed you too Angela”, he said to her.
“How did you get here?” He asked her.
“The palace is upside down. Kierra is missing and everyone is focused on
finding her. The guards guarding the dungeon are busy, so I used this
opportunity to come and see you”.
“Kierra as in Hope?” He asked.
“Wow, how did she get missing in the palace?”
“I really don’t know. They suspect the Janricans”.
“If it’s them then they are really not playing. Abducting a Queen from her
country is a whole new different game”, he said.
“So are you saying it’s not them?”
“I don’t know but it’s not easy to abduct a Queen unless you’re John or
Penelope. Those two are a different kind of evil”, he said.
“Please don’t mention her name. Because of you, I have to put up with her
till she gives birth”, Angela said.
“I’m so sorry Angela. I know I’m the cause of the situation you’re in. I was
so thirsty and hungry for power that I ended up becoming a whole new
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
different person. I don’t even know how it happened. Being in this cell for
months now has made me realize a lot. I can’t change things but I promise
to make life better for you. When Kierra returns, I’ll plead with her to bring
you back to the palace”, he said, holding Angela’s hands.
“Please forgive me Angela. I know I hurt you in a lot of ways. There’s
nothing I can do to change the past but just know that I love you so much
and I never stopped”, he said to her.
“I’ve already forgiven you Fredrick, I never held any grudge against you.
The good times we had together outweighs the bad times. I know that no
one is perfect. Remember that I always told you that I was going to stand by
you and walk through hell with you. I’m just glad that you’re remorseful
now”, she said to him and he started tearing up.
“I’m so sorry Angela. I made promises to you and I also broke them. I don’t
deserve you, Angela”, he said in tears.
“Sssshhhhh, it doesn’t matter now. I’ve forgiven you so it’s fine”.
“How are my baby girls?” He asked.
“They’re fine but they really miss you”.
“Please take good care of them. I hope they’re not being treated badly
because of me”, he asked.
“No, no. Everyone treats them even better than before. Kierra goes to their
room almost every day and your mother too. Warrick and Derrick usually
take them out for rides”, Angela said.
“I thank God. I betrayed my whole family especially my mum. I can’t
believe I did that to her. I really need to apologize to her and everyone”.
“She’s your mother. I’m sure she has forgiven you”.
“I still need to apologize to her”.
“One day you will. I’m sure she’ll surely come and visit you one day”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I hope so and I’m really serious about what I said. I’ll plead with Kierra to
bring you back to the palace and things will be comfortable for you again”.
“Thank you baby. What about Penelope?” Angela asked.
“I don’t care for her. She and John were lovers all this time and they were
playing me”, he said.
“What if the child is yours?”
“Then we’ll have to take him or her from her and send her away”.
“As much as I hate her, I don’t think separating a child from the mother is
the best option”, she said.
“I’m not separating the child from the mother. I’m saving the child from the
mother”, he said.
“Hmm, she ….” Angela started to say but they heard footsteps approaching.
“Someone’s coming. Use the other exit”, Fredrick said.
“Bye my love. I’ll surely see you again”, she said and she ran off.
Janrican palace
Kayden was at the throne room, looking through some letters when one of
the Lords ran in.
“My king”, he said, panting.
“What is it?” Kayden asked.
“The Navarans have invaded the country. They killed all the soldiers at the
borders and are burning down the villages and our farms”, he said.
“What? How did killing just two hundred soldiers trigger them like that?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I heard it’s something else”.
“I heard the Queen is missing and they think we’re her captors”, he said and
Kayden’s eyes widened.
“Their Queen as in Kierra?” He asked and he nodded.
“How can she get missing in her own country?” He asked and the Lord
“Send a message to the general of the southern army. We’re going to meet
the Navarans wherever they are now”, he said to him and he ran off.
Kayden got worried and was pacing back and forth thinking of who would
have kidnapped Kierra and one name popped up in his head.
As the Navarans were heading towards the palace, the Janricans met them
half way.
Derrick, Warrick and Joshua quickly got off their horses and approached
Kayden also got off his horse and went forward.
“Where is our Queen?!” Warrick asked, glaring at him.
“If I had her, she’ll be in my bed”, he said and Joshua tried to punch him in
the face but he ducked.
“We’re not making jokes here. Where is she?” Derrick asked.
“I honestly don’t have her and the more we waste time here, the farther she
gets away from us”, Kayden said.
“Do you know who has her?” Warrick asked.
“Are you believing what he’s saying?” Joshua asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I think I know who has her. When we were leaving, I saw a Confetti
carriage but I thought they were also here for the fundraising event and…”
“Confetti? We didn’t invite them and they were not even there”, Derrick
said interrupting him.
“Yeah and so as I was saying before the rude interruption, I realized that
they were not heading towards the location of the event. I let it slide because
it’s not my country after all. When I heard that she was missing, I put two
and two together and I know it’s someone from that country”.
“That’s bull crap. Who from Confetti will want to hurt her?” Joshua asked.
“Well, someone who hates her so much because of me. Someone who is
obsessed with me and will do everything to take her out. Someone I beat to
a pulp because of Kierra. Someone who looked into my eyes and told me
that Kierra would pay for what I did to her. The same person who stabbed
her at the training center and poisoned her. So now, do you know who I’m
talking about?” He asked, glaring at Joshua.
“Yes, Lucy”, Joshua said.
“Lucy? How does she even know Kierra’s country?” Warrick asked.
“I don’t know but news spreads a lot these days”, Kayden said.
“So she knew Kierra was from Navara but you didn’t know?” Joshua asked.
“Are you people really believing him?” Derrick asked.
“I didn’t take Kierra. I’ll never do anything to harm her. I can give you the
permission to search the whole palace if you want”.
“You won’t do anything to harm her? But weren’t you the one who killed
our soldiers”, Derrick said, glaring at him.
“That’s different. We were being rulers and your soldiers also came there
with the intention of killing mine, so that doesn’t count. I won’t harm
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I’m still not buying this”, Derrick said.
“See, I don’t really care what you think. I know who took her and I’m going
to rescue her”! Kayden said to him.
“He’s telling the truth Derrick. I hate his guts but I believe him”, Joshua
“Then, let’s head to Confetti. We can’t waste more time here”, Warrick said.
“If you think you’re going to invade that country and come back with an
alive Kierra then you’re really delusional”, Kayden said to them.
“What do you mean?” Warrick asked.
“You don’t know Lucy. She’s going to torture her and kill her. If you invade
with your troops, you might probably fight them and win but Kierra would
be dead by then”.
“Don’t listen to him. Let’s go”, Derrick exclaimed.
“Don’t be foolish!” Kayden yelled.
“I know your country and mine are enemies but Kierra is not my enemy. I
really do care for her and I would not want anything bad to happen to her.
As I said, invading that country is a bad idea!” Kayden said.
“So Mr Wise pants, do you have a better idea?” Warrick asked.
“Yes. I have a plan. I’ll go to Confetti myself and save Kierra”, he said and
they chuckled.
“You must really think that we’re stupid”, Derrick said.
“I’m serious!”
“And what plan is that?” Warrick asked.
“Most evil and heartless women are stupid when it comes to their feelings.
They can kill everyone on earth but also get killed by the man they love
because they’re just stupid and delusional”, he said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What has that got to do with anything?” Joshua asked.
“With everything that I did to Lucy before leaving, even if I kill the people
dearest to her, she’ll still be obsessed with me. I’ve read books on people
like her and I know how to handle her”.
“How?” Derrick asked.
“You just have to trust me”.
“This guy is crazy. Let’s go”, Derrick said to Warrick and Joshua.
“Wait!” Kayden said to them and he whispered something in one of his
soldier’s ears and they went into his carriage and came out with some
“Take this”, he said to them.
“What’s this?” Warrick asked.
“The deed to the lands we took”, Kayden said and everyone was surprised.
“Don’t play with me boy”, Warrick said.
“You can have a look at it. I’m not playing”, Kayden said and Warrick took
the papers and looked at it.
“It’s legit”, he said to Derrick.
“Let me see that”, Derrick said, taking the papers from him and he saw that
it was legit.
“Why will you just hand these over to us just like that?” Derrick ask.
“To let you see that I’m serious. Right now, all that matters to me is rescuing
“Why do you care so much?” Derrick asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Because she drives me crazy and I’m crazy about her. I know our
circumstances might not let you believe me but I do feel a lot of things for
Kierra and I’m ready to risk everything to save her”, he said and they were
quiet for a while.
“So what do we do whiles you’re there?” Warrick asked.
“Go home and wait”.
“The Queen mother will go crazy if we don’t return with Kierra”, he said.
“Then you can use this time to explore Janrico. You and your troops can
settle here till I return”, he said to them.
“If you don’t return with her. We’re burning your whole country down”,
Warrick said.
“War, you can’t leave Kierra’s life in his hands”, Derrick said to him.
“We can. I’m just in trusting in God with this”, Warrick said.
“Wellsaid. I’ll be on my way now”, Kayden said and he left with his troops.
“Warrick. I can’t believe you just did that!!” Derrick said.
“Calm your pants down. I’ve got a plan B, I’m not stupid to leave Kierra’s
life in his hands”.
“So what’s the other plan?”
“Stay here with our troops and Joshua’s troops. Joshua you and I are going
to Confetti undercover”, he said and Joshua nodded.
They also got on their horses and left.

Kierra was fast asleep when someone poured a bucket of water on her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What the heck!!” She said, trying to get on her feet but she couldn’t because
her legs and hands were tied.
“Hello sleeping beauty”, Lucy said with an evil smirk.
“Yes. That’s me”.
“Where am I?” She asked, looking around.
“Far away from your lovely home”, Lucy said to her.
“Why are you doing this? Wasn’t it enough that you stabbed me and almost
killed me the other time?”
“Yes, it wasn’t enough. Now I want you dead and before you die, you’ll feel
every pain I felt when I watched you steal Kayden from me and the pain I
felt when he beat me up the other time. Because of you I was disgraced by
the man I love. You’ll pay for this Kierra”, she said.
“I didn’t do anything to you. All I did at the training center was mind my
business and all you did was terrorize me. How is it my fault that Kayden
doesn’t like you or want you?”
“Shut up. He loves me and he wants me. We were always together before
you showed up!!”
“What did I do? Is it my fault that I was made his opponent? All we did was
train and fight? What has that got to with anything?”
“Train and fight? Please you knew what you were doing. You seduced him!”
“I did no such thing?”
“So how come you slept with him the other night?”
“I didn’t sleep with him. He slept on the floor!”
“Liar!!” She yelled and slapped her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You took my man from me and made him turn against me. Do you know
how I felt when I watched him beat me to a pulp and then he mentioned your
name. I was hurt emotionally and physically”.
“You’ll pay for this! I’ll disgrace you and hurt you deeply. I’ll take away
your dignity and pride and then I’ll kill you and send your head to your
family”, she said to her.
“You think you can go around taking people’s men. I’ll teach you a lesson
you’ll take to your grave. Let them in!” She said to her guards and four men
walked in.
“Do what you please with her”, Lucy said.
“No, no. Lucy please, I beg of you”.
“Shut up slut”.
“Lucy. If you’ll kill me just do it, but don’t let these men touch me. I beg
you”, she said, pleading with her.
“Enjoy your night sweetheart”, she said and she left.
“Hey sexy”, one of the men said to her.
“Don’t touch me!” She yelled.
“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt”, another one said to her.
“I’m the Queen of Navara. Don’t you dare touch me”.
“And I’m the king of Janrico”, one of the men said, laughing and they all
They approached her and ripped off her clothes.
“Please don’t do this”, she said, crying.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I’ll pay you whatever you want but don’t do this”, she said, trying to fight
them off but with her hands and leg being tied, there was nothing she could
do about it.
“Please”, she said, crying.
“God please. Do something, don’t let them defile me”, she yelled in tears.
“Shut up”, one of the men said and positioned himself.
As they were about get their way with her, she screamed out loud and
someone barged in.
“Get away from her”, the old woman said.
“Get out of here you old hag”, they said to her.
“I bet she wants to join us”, one the men said and they all laughed.
She had a lamp in her hand, so she threw it at one of the men, it got broken
and the man’s clothes caught fire.
He screamed out loud and fell on the carpet and the carpet also caught fire,
the other men got terrified and ran off.
The old woman quickly untied Kierra and they both left the hut which she
was locked in.
The woman took Kierra to her house and she just sat on the floor still
terrified at what almost happened to her.
Lucy was in her room attending to her cat when she received a message
from her messengers that Kierra had escaped.
She became really angry and sent out her guards to search for Kierra.
She was in her room pacing back and forth when her younger sister walked
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Lucy”, she said in excitement.
“Guess who’s here to see you”, she said to her.
“It better be someone important”.
“It’s your Prince Charming or should I say King Kayden Williams”, she said
and Lucy was surprised.
“What? You better be serious. I hope it’s not one of those your silly ways to
make me smile”.
“I’m serious. He’s at the throne room with dad and mum as we speak”.
“What?” She said in excitement.
“Yes Lucy”.
“They don’t know that he was the one who beat me up. Right?” She asked.
“No. I kept your secret”, her sister said.
“Okay”, she said and she ran out of her room.
When she got to the palace, she ran up to him and hugged him.
“I really missed you Kayden”, she said and this time Kayden was terrified
by her behavior.
He planned to apologize and woo her but she was acting like nothing
happened and it was disturbing.
“Lucy, I’m really sorry for… ”
“Shhhshhh, it’s all in the past now and I’ve made my bones”, she said,
“Lucy, Kayden came here with a proposal and I hope that you don’t turn it
down this time”, her dad said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Kayden wishes to merge our countries together with marriage. He’s been
pressured to pick a wife and he picked you”, her dad said and she turned to
face Kayden.
He wasn’t expecting the parents to say it to her yet. He wanted to apologize
and woo her back before breaking the news to her.
“Really?” She asked, grinning.
“Why me? I thought you were after Kierra”, she said pouting her lips.
“I was stupid at that time and I regret my actions and … ”
“It’s okay. You’re here now and that’s what matters”, she said to him.
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I love you and according to 1st Corinthians, love does not keep a
record of wrongs, so it’s alright”.
“Okay”, he said faking a smile.
“Dad I agree to this. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for”, she said, smiling.


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