“Let’s get out now”, Kierra said to the woman and as they were trying to
leave through the window, the men broke down the door and walked in.
“Get behind me”, Kierra said to the woman and she was about to fight the
guards but someone came from behind and started fighting them.
“Kayden?” She said in surprise.
“Miss me?” He said, smirking and finally knocked down the last person.
“What are you doing here?”
“Saving you. C’mon let’s go”, he said, pulling her hand.
“I’m not leaving without her”, Kierra said.
“Why? Who is she?”
“She saved me you jerk!”
“Don’t worry Kierra. I’ll be fine, just go”.
“No no. They’ll kill you”, Kierra said.
“I’ll hide and take care of myself, don’t worry”.
“And what about the little boy?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What boy?” Kayden asked.
“Just be quiet Kayden”.
“Kierra, you’re getting on my nerves, let’s go”.
“Go Kierra. I’ll bring the little boy to the harbor”, she said to her.
“Yes. Now go”, the old woman said to her and they left.
“Where are we going to?”
“Back to the palace”, he said.
“Are you crazy? Did you just save me to take me back to that psycho girl”?
“I have a room there and we’ll be there till I hear from Warrick and Joshua”.
“They’re also here?”
“Unfortunately”, he said and she hit him.
“Ouch! Did you treat the old woman like this when she saved you”, he
“She wasn’t as annoying as you”.
“Am annoying huh?” He said, standing in front of her and she looked away.
“Kayden please get out of my way”, she said to him.
“Do you want me to?” He said, getting close to her.
“Kayden stop it”, she said, pushing him away and he pulled her back.
“Do you know how terrified I was? This is the second time you’ve made me
really scared and sick to my stomach”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I didn’t capture myself Kayden”.
“I know but it still annoys me that I was terrified, I hate feeling that way”.
“Why do you feel that way? And besides if I had died or was locked up, it
would have been win for you and your country”.
“It’s not a win for me. If I wanted you dead, why will I rescue you?” He
“I don’t know, so you tell me”, she said to him and he stared at her.
“Why so quiet? Or are you about to build those walls back up?” She asked
him and walked away.
When they both arrived at the palace, they sneaked into his room. Hopefully
no one saw them besides his own guards and he ordered them not to let
anyone in.
“Mmm, not bad”, she said, looking around the room.
“After what you did to Lucy, how did she let you come back here? And let
you stay in this beautiful room?” Kierra asked as she sat on the bed and he
ignored her.
“Wow, so the walls are really back up?” Kierra asked and he ignored her.
“Kayden!!” She said and he ignored her.
He took one of his shirts and gave it to her.
“You can sleep in this. Take the bed and I’ll be on the floor”, he said to her
and he laid on the floor.
“Kayden what did I do?” Kierra asked and he ignored her.
“Hmm, you can act all rude and whatever this is but I know who you are
within”, she said and he still didn’t say anything.
“Kayden!” She said, sitting on the floor by him.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What do you want me to say to you? You think I want you dead, so let’s
keep it that way”, he said to her.
“I only said that because you were annoying me”, she said, chuckling.
“You think it’s funny right? You just don’t know how I felt when you were
unconscious back at the training center, you don’t know how I felt when you
left and I didn’t know if you were dead or alive, you don’t know how I felt
when I heard that you have been captured. So it’s not funny!!” He yelled.
“Why won’t I think it’s funny when you’ve been giving mixed signals? You
say this today and the following day, you say something different. You care
today and then the next day, you act like a scumbag! You put up walls today
and then bring it down when you feel like. You can’t be playing with me
like that. You freaking killed 200 soldiers from my country!”
“Don’t bring our countries inside this. This whole battle of the lands started
years before we were born”.
“We can’t separate our countries from us, we are our countries!”
“But you also sent your soldiers to the border to also kill mine!”
“Because you left me no choice! You’re just on and off and I can’t keep up
with that. If you can’t just… ”
“I’m just scared Kierra”, he said, getting up from the floor.
“Ever since we started training together, I started developing feelings and it
made me crazy sometimes. I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I’ve been
brought up to not let myself give in to feelings. My parents married because
it was required of them and they ruled together and made our country a great
one. So having these feelings got me really scared and I tried to get you off
my mind but you’re just so perfect Kierra. You’re kind and down to earth
and at the same time, you’re determined and brave. Your kind is different.
When you left the training center, I was devastated and I thought beating up
Lucy and exposing her will make me feel better but it didn’t. When I got
back to my kingdom, I had to distract myself by burying myself in my work
and duty. I thought I wasn’t going to see you again and then I did and my
feelings grew. Kierra this is strange for me and scary. You know I want you
and it’s not a secret I try to hide. You think it’s easy, you think I don’t want
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
to run to you? I’m just scared that I’ll be weak around you and weak for my
country and I’m scared that you might not feel the same way or you might
reject me”, he said, looking away and Kierra got up and hugged him from
“I want you too Kayden”, she said and he turned around to hug her but then
she released her grip of him.
“But I’m scared Kayden. I don’t want to get my heart broken and you’re not
stable Kayden”, Kierra said and he was quiet and the silence was broken
when he heard Lucy’s voice.
“Is that Lucy?” Kierra asked and widened her eyes.
“Yeah but don’t worry. She can’t get in. My guards won’t let her”, Kayden
“You sure?”
“And why is she coming to your room at this time of the night?”
“Because she thinks I want her. I proposed marriage to her”, he said and she
glared at him and went back to the bed.
“That was the only option I had to stay here. There’s no way I can marry
that psycho”.
“Whatever. I just want to sleep”, Kierra said.
“Fine. Goodnight”, he said and laid on the floor.
“Goodnight!” She said back.
The following morning, Kierra was dressing up when Lucy barged in.
“Kayden” she called out and was surprised when she saw Kierra.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You!!” She yelled in anger.
She was about to turn around and call her guards but Kayden walked in.
“What is she doing here?!” Lucy yelled.
“Being rescued from an evil witch. Have you heard of her? I think her name
is uhh…Lucy”, he said and she lifted her hands to slap him but he stopped
“I trusted you Kayden. How could you?”
“Stop being so delusional Lucy. Why on earth do you think I’ll just want to
get married to you after everything that happened?”
“So you came here just to save her?”
“So you don’t love me?”
“You’re crazy. Who can ever love you? You don’t even love yourself”.
“I hate you Kayden and I’m going to kill you both and bury parts of your
body side by side”.
“Try it and you’ll see your whole family and country burn to the ground”,
he said.
“You think I care? I don’t give a damn about anyone in this palace”, she
“You’re just so pathetic and foolish!” Kayden yelled.
“Guards!!! Come and get them! Seize all his guards too”, she yelled.
“No one is getting anyone!” The king said.
“Dad it’s good you’re here. Kayden and this wretch are trying to plot against
me”, she said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Stop lying Lucy! I heard everything. I always heard stories about you and
I always didn’t believe them but now I do. How can you be this cruel and
how can those words come out of your mouth?!” He asked.
“Dad, I was just ”
“Enough! You can’t fool me anymore. Guards take her to her room and lock
her up. Don’t let anyone in till I say so”, he said to his guards who were
behind him.
“Dad, no. Don’t do this to me”, she said, pleading.
“Take her away”, he yelled and they took her away.
“I’m so sorry about that and I’ll understand if you wish not to marry her”,
he said to Kayden and Kayden nodded.
“Who’s this young lady that Lucy wants to get rid of?” The king asked.
“This is Queen Kierra of Navara”, Kayden said and the king was in shock.
“Oh my God. My daughter captured Queen Kierra”, he exclaimed.
“This girl will be the death of me. On behalf of my family and country, I
sincerely apologize and I’ll be sure to compensate you and your country for
all harm caused”, he said to her.
“You don’t have to. I just want to go back home”, she said to him.
“Okay. We’ll set up a carriage and ship for you to go”.
“Don’t worry. I have my carriage and ship. We’ll take her back to her
country”, Kayden said.
The king was surprised at how a Navaran Queen and Janrican king were in
the same room and being civil with each other but he ignored it.
“Alright then. Whenever you’re ready to go, let me know so that I can let
my troops accompany you till you get to the harbor”, the king said and they
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Kierra and Kayden ignored each other till Joshua and Warrick showed up.
“Kierra!!!” Joshua exclaimed and he lifted Kierra up and hugged her. When
Kayden saw it, he looked away.
“Oh we thank God you’re safe”, Warrick said grinning and he hugged her
“Can we leave now, I just want to go home”, she said.
“You’re forgetting the little boy the old woman spoke about”, Kayden said.
“Oh yeah. Thank you Kayden, it’s really surprising that you remembered
that”, she said and he ignored her.
“When we get to the border, we’ll have to wait for the little boy”, Kierra
“What little boy?” Warrick asked.
“I’ll tell you all about it later. Let’s go”, she said to them and they took their
When they got to the harbor, the old lady was already there with the little
boy and she handed him over to Kierra.
“Thank you so much Queen Kierra”, she said and Kierra was surprised.
“How did you know?”
“It’s a secret I’ll tell another day”, she said, winking.
“Bye Kierra and take care of him for me”, she said to her.
“I will. Be careful too and I doubt anyone will be looking for you. Lucy has
been locked up.
“Oh that’s good news. I’ll take my leave now. Goodbye Kierra and bye
Lewis, be a good boy”, she said, tapping him.
“Bye. I’ll never forget you”, Kierra said to her and she left with Lewis.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
When everyone was settled, the ship sailed away.
Navara palace
The queen mother was in the throne room with Mary, Maxwell and Miriam
attending to some issues when she heard the trumpet go off announcing
Kierra’s arrival.
“Kierra!!” She exclaimed and ran out. Everyone in the throne room also ran
out but when they got out, they were all in shock to see the Janricans too.
“The Queen has returned!! Long live the Queen!” The trumpeter yelled.
“Long live the Queen!” Everyone yelled.
Kierra stepped out of her carriage and was accompanied to the front by
Warrick and Derrick.
“Thank you”, she said to everyone.
“I’m here today because of God and also because of some wonderful people
in my life. First, I’ll like to introduce someone who risked everything to save
me. He found me when I thought no one will and he also saved my brother
Warrick and Prince Joshua of Belcalis. He’s no one but King Kayden
Williams of Janrico”, she said and they applauded him as he stepped out of
his carriage and stood by Kierra.
“I know everyone is confused as to how a Janrican King will put his neck
out to save a Navaran Queen. I did it out of love. Our countries may be
enemies but I’ve got mad love for your Queen”, he said and Kierra glared
at him.
“Stop it. This isn’t the place to profess your love”, she said, whispering to
“It’s not your love, let me be”, he said to her.
“Thank you Kayden”, Kierra said out loud. “And so, I’ll also like to thank
Derrick, Warrick and Joshua, the crowned prince of Belcalis for also
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
rescuing me. I’ll be forever grateful to you all”, she said and the crowd
“Long live the Queen”, they yelled.
“Also, there’s an old woman who I’ll forever be grateful to. She’s the main
reason why I was able to escape. She sheltered, fed and clothed me. It’s
unfortunate that she didn’t return with me but she blessed me with this little
boy”, she said and Lewis came forward.
“This is Lewis and I’ll raise him as my son. As from today, he’s Prince
Lewis James”, she said and Kayden turned to face her as everyone
“Are you serious? You know you’ll cause trouble in future with your own
kids. They’ll fight with him for the throne”, he said to her.
“I didn’t say he’s the crowned prince. Did I?”
“Well, you have to make things clear to everyone to prevent trouble in
“Why are you so concerned about this?” She asked him.
“Hmm, just do what you want to do”, he said to her.
Kierra gave her last speech and then she went inside the palace.
“Kierra, I’ll be taking my leave soon”, he said to her.
“So soon?”
“It doesn’t look like you want me here”.
“Hmmm, why will you say that?”
“Have you seen the way you’ve been acting?”
“Kayden how do you want me to act?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Show some affection”.
“Are you showing affection?”
“I was and you kept shutting me down”.
“Because you’re just talking and I can’t tell if you mean anything you say.
You said you’re scared, how do you want me to react to someone who’s
scared of loving me…uhh I mean scared to show that he cares”.
“I do love you”, he said to her.
“Oh please. Don’t use that word for no reason”, she said and he pulled her
away to an inner room.
“Kierra, I admit that I’m not stable and scared but I know what I feel and
it’s love. I love you Kierra”, he said to her.
“Stop it Kayden. You can’t just get up and say you love me”.
“Are you in my body to know how I feel? Do you know how long I’ve had
these feelings? The fact that you don’t feel the same way doesn’t give you
the right to tell me how I feel”, he said to her.
“I need some air”, she said, about to leave and he pulled her back.
“There’s enough air for you here. You tell me that I’m not stable and I’m
scared but now that I’m being open with my feelings? You want some air?”
“There’s a difference between admitting your feelings and acting on it”.
“Well I’m a step ahead of you. At least I’ve admitted mine. You’ve not done
“I don’t have anything to say”.
“Stop lying. Now who’s scared?”
“I’m not scared”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Then be open with me”.
“I don’t know what I feel Kayden, that’s why I need some air”.
“Don’t do that. Be open and honest”.
“How can I be open or honest with you when I don’t trust you”?
“You don’t have to trust me right now. It’s something we have to build
“I need to believe in us before we can build anything but I don’t believe in
us or believe there’s a future for us”.
“Kierra I’m trying to be better. Just give me time”.
“Okay. Till then I can’t be open”.
“C’mon Kierra”.
“Bye Kayden”, she said walking away.
“I love you Kierra! And I’m going to prove it to you”, he yelled and she left.

In the evening, the whole family was having dinner and they were also
getting to know Lewis better.
“How old are you Lewis?” Queen Valerie asked.
“7”, he said, smiling.
“Wow, you’re a big boy”, she said to him and he nodded.
“So what do you like doing?” She asked him.
“I like catching fishes”, he said.
“Wow, that’s wonderful. Where did you learn that?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“My dad. We used to go fishing together before he died”, he said.
“Aww, don’t worry there are a lot of rivers around where you could catch
fishes”, the Queen mother said.
“Tomorrow we can go fishing together”, Warrick said.
“Really?” He asked in excitement.
“Yes”, Warrick said and he grinned.
“So how do you feel being a prince?” Derrick asked him.
“How do you expect him to feel, he probably doesn’t know what being a
prince feels like “, Warrick said.
“I know what being a prince feels like”, he said and Derrick laughed.
“So tell us how being like one feels like”, Kierra said.
“I’ve been having dreams about being a prince”, he said.
“Really?” Kierra asked, grinning.
“Yes and Mrs Laura always told me that I’ll be a prince one day”.
“Who is Mrs Laura?” Kierra asked.
“The old prophetess”, he said.
“The old woman?” Kierra asked.
“She’s a prophetess?”
“Yes. My dad told me that”, he said and Kierra nodded.
“That makes sense now because she knew that I was a Queen”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“She always told me that a Queen will come for me”, he said and everyone
was silent for a while till Kierra spoke up.
“Aww, I’m glad God used a bad situation to bless me with you”, Kierra said.
“And you’re really smart too”, she said, poking his cheek and he smiled.
“You’re actually just like me. I was living a normal life and before I knew
it, I became a Queen”, Kierra said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes, I’ll tell you more about it one day”, Kierra said and he nodded.
They all continued to talk to Lewis and were interrupted when Kierra’s
messenger walked in.
“Queen Kierra, Prince Joshua is about to leave and he wants to see you”.
“Hot cake”, Warrick said and Kierra glared at him.
“Let him know that I’ll be with him soon”, Kierra said to him.
When Kierra was done eating, she excused herself and went to see Joshua.
“You’re leaving?” She asked.
“Yeah. My parents need me”, he said.
“Okay. I’m really grateful to you and your country for your continuous help.
May God continue to bless you all”, Kierra said.
“Amen and I’ll always be there when you need me”, he said and she smiled.
“I’ll always be here too when you need me”.
“Be good”.
“You too and please move on. My heart is already somewhere else and I’m
still trying to figure out what to about it”, she said, looking away.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Kayden right”, he said and she didn’t say anything.
“I know it’s him. I just hope he makes you happy. If you’re happy, I’m
“Thank you Joshua. I hope you find someone who also makes you happy”,
she said to him and he hugged her and pecked her.
“Bye Kierra”, he said and he left.
Kierra was in the throne room talking to Warrick and Derrick about the
“Has Kayden taken back the deed?” She asked Warrick.
“No he hasn’t and he has even retreated from the land. His soldiers left the
land and our borders this morning”, Warrick said.
“Really?” Kierra asked.
“Yes, but I’m still suspicious”, Warrick said.
“I believe it’s genuine”, Kierra said and smiled.


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