Kierra was in the throne room, chatting with Louisa and Miriam.
“Gwen has finally given birth”, Louisa said, grinning.
“Wow, when?” Kierra asked.
“Yesterday, I received her letter this morning and she said she also wrote to
“Oh I’ve not gone through my letters yet. I’m so happy for her. This is great
news. Is it a boy or girl?”
“It’s a girl”, Louisa said, grinning.
“Aww, that’s nice”, Miriam said.
“Now, she can easily search for suitors without that baby bump. It wasreally
blocking her chances”, Louisa said and Miriam gawked at her.
“We should be grateful to God that your silly self didn’t block your chances
with Warrick”, Miriam said and Louisa glared at her.
“Wow Miriam”, Kierra said, laughing.
“Well, at least I have a beau and you don’t even have anyone glancing at
you”, Louisa said and Kierra continued to laugh.
“Well, men don’t steal glances at me. They look at me and admire God’s
creation and then approach me with proposals which I’ve turned down”,
Miriam said to her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Woah”, Kierra said, laughing.
“I love this new Miriam”, Kierra said and continued to laugh.
“You turn them down because they’re definitely not up to standard. When
you get someone up to standard, then you can talk”, Louisa said to her and
Miriam was quiet.
“Why are you so quiet? Cat got your tongue?” She asked and Miriam
ignored her.
“That’s enough. I’ve laughed enough”, Kierra said.
“Why won’t you laugh, when you’ve got a King and a crowned Prince crazy
about you”, Louisa said.
“She’s a Queen. What were you expecting?” Miriam said.
“Oh she speaks”, Louisa said and Miriam rolled her eyes.
“So when are you going to reply Kayden’s letters. I know you’ve been
reading them”, Miriam said.
“I don’t know”, Kierra said, looking away.
“Oh she’s shy”, Louisa said, laughing.
“I’m not”.
“Kierra, we know you love him too, so what’s holding you back?” Miriam
“I don’t know. I guess I just want him to come in person and not send me
silly letters”, Kierra said.
“She’s really fallen”, Louisa said, laughing.
“Mmm, but you know he’s a king and will be so busy with his duties”,
Miriam said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I don’t care. He should still come here and talk to me in person”.
“You know a relationship involves two people right? I know it’s not a
relationship yet but we all know it’s going to be one. He’s already done a
lot. He gave up the lands and I heard his people bashed him for that. He’s
confessed his feelings to you and he sends you a letter everyday although
you’ve not replied any. I don’t know how you see it but this is a sign of
commitment. I’m sure he hasn’t come here because he doesn’t want to be
rejected again. And since a relationship involves two people, I suggest you
visit him”, Miriam said.
“Sometimes I forget how wise you are”, Louisa said and Miriam glared at
“You want me to visit him? No way”, Kierra said.
“Why not?”
“If I do, I’ll have to come clean with my feelings and a relationship will
definitely start. I don’t think I’m ready for that”, she said.
“Hmm, so how long do you want to continue like this? Stop doing this to
yourself and go get your man”, Louisa said.
“Yeah Kierra. You know you’re causing more harm to yourself by hoarding
these feelings”.
“Fine, I hear. I’ll think about it”, she said to them.
“Alright, we hope you listen to us”, Miriam said.
“Hmmm anyway, we have to visit Gwen and see her baby”, Kierra said.
“Yes, when?” Louisa asked.
“I’ll check my schedule and see what time is the best to go”, she said and
they nodded.
“Kierra. I have a huge favor to ask”, Warrick said to her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What is it?”
“Uhmm, I went to see Fredrick and he really wants to see you”, Warrick
said and Kierra frowned.
“Why will you do that? You know he’s not allowed to have visitors. He’s
“I know but being in that dungeon has made him come to his senses and he
wants to see you and apologize”.
“No! What if he wants to harm me again?” Kierra asked.
“He can’t harm you. He’s locked up. Just pass by and hear what he has to
say. Please?” He asked.
“Warrick, I can’t ….”
“Please Kierra. I just want you both to finally meet each other and have a
short conversation. He’s still your big brother”.
“Hmmm, I hear you”.
“Good girl. So let’s go”, he said.
“Yes. You’re not that busy”.
“Hmm okay”, she said and she followed Warrick to the dungeon.
“I’ll leave you two”, Warrick said and he left.
Fredrick turned around to face Kierra and he stared at her.
“You really do look like mum”, he said, smiling and she forced a smile.
“Hope you. ”
“It’s Kierra”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Oh I’m sorry. Kierra I know I’m not worthy of your forgiveness, I don’t
even have the courage to seek your forgiveness but I just pray that you’ll
forgive me one day”.
“I’m not holding any grudge against you. I’ve forgiven you a long time ago
but I don’t want to speak to you”.
“I’ll understand if you wouldn’t want to speak to me but just know that I’m
deeply sorry. I was hungry for power and I let it blind me. I promise to never
cause trouble again. I’ll stay here till I’ve fully served my punishment. But
please don’t punish my wife for covering for me. I gave her no choice and
anyone in her shoes would have done the same. Please forgive her and let
her come back to the palace. She being away from the kids most of the time
affects her and affects the kids. Please I’m pleading with you”, he said to
“I’ll think about it. Anything else?”
“Please convince mum to come and see me. I’ve been trying to reach her
but I can’t. Please tell her to come. I’ve really hurt her and I want to
apologize to her”.
“Sure. Anything else?” she said, trying to make the conversation a short one.
“No and thank you so much Kierra. You’ll be a great Queen”, he said.
“You’re welcome”, she said and she left.
She went to her mum and tried to convince her to visit Fredrick. Her mum
refused to go and Kierra was persistent and then she finally visited Fredrick.
He cried and apologized to her and also begged for her forgiveness. She
didn’t say a word to him and he continued to plead with her. When he saw
that she wasn’t going to say anything, he gave up and she left.
Kayden and his Lords were discussing issues regarding their country when
his messenger told him that Kierra was in the visitor’s lounge.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Excuse me”, he said to the Lords and he ran off.
When he saw Kierra, he was so happy and couldn’t believe that she was
“Kierra”, he said to her and he hugged her.
“I can’t believe you’re here”, he said to her.
“I can’t believe I’m here too”, she said in a nervous manner.
“I’m happy you’re here and I’m sorry that I couldn’t come to your side. I
just didn’t want to put so much pressure on you”.
“I understand”, she said and they were both quiet.
“Uhmm, I came here to….” She started to say but she got cold feet and
couldn’t continue her statement.
“I came here to check on you”, she lied.
“You sure”? he said staring at her.
“Yeah”, she said, looking away.
“Don’t look away Kierra. Look at me”, he said and she didn’t mind him.
“I know what you came here to say”, he said to her.
“Oh really?” She asked looking at him.
“Okay Mr knower, what did I come here to say?” She asked him and he
pulled her closer.
“You tell me”.
“To check on you”.
“Why would you want to check on me”?
“Because you’re my friend”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Oh I’m your friend now?” He asked, gaping at her.
“Yes or are we enemies?”
“Mmm, Kierra why are you doing this to me? So you just came here for us
to go over this again? If you really don’t want me, then stop playing with
me and be honest”, he said to her and she was quiet.
“Hmmm, you just want… ” he started to say but was interrupted.
“Shut up Kayden. You know I want you and yes, I love you. I’ve said it
now. Are you happy?” She said and he lifted her up and twirled her.
“Kayden put me down”, she said, giggling.
“I’m so happy Kierra”, he said, putting her down and he hugged her really
“I really want to kiss you right now, but I know you’ll punch me, so I’ll
reserve it for that day”.
“What day?”
“Mmm”, he said pulling her close.
“The day you walk down the aisle to me”.
“Mmmm and who said I’d want to do that”.
“You have no choice baby”, he said wiggling his brow.
“Mmm, so is that your way of proposing?”
“No”, he said and he went down on one knee.
“Will you love to be my girlfriend?” He asked.
“Girlfriend? You think we’re regular people that just become girlfriend and
boyfriend? Be serious”, she said, folding her arms. “And that’s so
unromantic. With the way you play with words? I was expecting better”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I’m sorry ma’am. Kierra, the apple of my eyes, the only beautiful flower
in my garden, the only cloud I see, and the only rain that…”
“Jesus Christ! Please just go the unromantic way”, she said and he laughed.
“I was just kidding with those lame lines. You know I’ve got better lines
than these”.
“I’m really feeling pity for that knee of yours”, she said and he chuckled.
“Kierra James will you marry me?” He asked.
“I’ll think about it”, she said and he widened his eyes.
“I’m kidding. Of course I’ll marry you”, she said and he got up and lifted
her and this time he pecked her on her lips.
“I love you so much Kierra”, he said to her.
“I love you too Kayden”, she said, pecking him too.
Few days later
Kierra and Kayden were in her room talking and Kierra was worried because
her people were bashing Kayden and didn’t want him as king of their
country. On Kayden’s side, the people were also bashing her.
“How can we get married when our people don’t want us to”, Kierra said.
“At least our families are cool with us getting married”, Kayden said.
“Your mother is only cool with it because you get to have Navara”, Kierra
“That’s not true. She’s cool because I found love in a perfect place”, he said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“And besides, Derrick still doesn’t like me and I’m not complaining”, he
said and Kierra rolled her eyes.
“You’re acting like your siblings like me”, she said to him.
“My brother likes you and my sister is just being a jealous girl. You’re
taking my attention away from her, so you should understand”.
“Oh then you should understand Derrick too”.
“Please, Warrick is the one who is fonder of you. He should be the jealous
one not Derrick and besides he’s going to be the king consort of Atlantic, he
should focus on Gabriella and stay out of our business”, he said to Kierra.
“I’m not ready to go back and forth with you on this today. We have to find
a way to let our people love our union”, Kierra said.
“Mmmm, I have an idea”, Kayden said.
“What is it?”
“We organize a funfair for both countries and take part in the games for
them to see that we’re just like the regular folks who are in love with each
other. You know people have a soft spot for couples in love”, Kayden said,
wiggling his brows.
“That’s going to be a lot of money going to waste”, Kierra said.
“I’ve got a lot of those don’t worry. It’s all on me”, he said, winking.
“Mmmm. I hope it works out”, Kierra said.
“It will baby”, he said, pulling her and she sat on his thighs.
“I don’t like you calling me baby, it’s too cliche”.
“So what do you want me to call you? Babe?!” He asked.
“No no. I hate that word. Perverts use that word a lot”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“That’s true babe”, he said.
“Ohh Kayden I hate that word”.
“Why do you hate it babe?”
“I just told you”.
“Oh that’s true babe”.
“Sorry babe”, he said and she glared at him.
“Please go back to saying baby”, she said to him.
“Okay babe…I mean baby”, he said, laughing.
“I’m going to call you Kay”, she said.
“No no. I love the way you pronounce my full name and a lot of girls I’ve
known in the past called me that”, he said.
“Oh really, so how did they say it? King Kay or Prince Kay or Kayyyy”, she
said in a funny seductive voice.
“I’m sorry King Kay”, she said in the same voice.
“Kierra please”.
“You see how sweet revenge is”? She said, smiling.
“You’re not the type to revenge”.
“Everything is fair in love and war”, she said.
“Oh I see. No problem babe”.
“Alright King Kay”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
They continued their little argument and then Kayden left to his country to
plan the funfair.
The fun fair went well and the people started cooperating.
Kayden spent most of the time wooing the ladies of Navara by doing what
he does best; playing with words.
“Someone’s having fun”, Kierra said, walking past him.
“And someone’s jealous”, he said and she stopped.
“Me? I’m not. I was having fun too by winning the games”.
“Yeah right. You know the men let you win”, he said, approaching her.
“Mmm, do I sense some form of jealousy”?
“Not at all. If I were in their shoes, I’ll let you win just like I did back at the
training center”, he said, wiggling his brows.
“You liar. You know I beat you fair and square”.
“You think?”
“Don’t play with me. I did beat you, it’s so unfortunate that we didn’t have
our rematch. I’d have done it again”, she said to him.
“We can always have a rematch”, he said winking.
“Sure, why not? We can do it now”, she said to him.
“Right now?”
“Yeah or you scared?” She asked.
“No. I was just wondering how fighting was going to help our people like
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“To reduce the violence, we can make it a sword fight and whoever loses
the sword or hits the ground, loses”, Kierra said to him.
“Mmm, sounds like a nice idea. Get ready to lose your sword, babe”.
“And get ready to get your ego bruised again. I just hope your people won’t
be mad when they realize that their future Queen is better than their king”,
she said to him and he giggled.
They both gathered everyone and told them of their sword battle and the
people cheered.
“Whoop his butt”, Warrick said to Kierra and handed over her sword.
“I will”.
Kayden also got his own sword and they both stood in the middle.
“All the best babe”.
“All the best King Kay”, she said back.
“Are you both ready?” Warrick asked and they nodded.
“Alright, let the match begin!” Warrick yelled.
“Wait”, Kierra said and she tore the sides of her dress.
“Wow, So you plan on seducing me now”, he said to her.
“Now you’re looking for excuses to lose?”
“No, I’m winning this”, he said and they started fighting.
They fought for some time and still no one had won.
“You tired already”, Kayden said to Kierra who was panting heavily.
“Not yet”, she said to him and she pushed him.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You’re really exposing much of your thighs”, he said to her.
“Nice try but you can’t distract me”, she said they continued their fight.
Kayden almost fell off but he got back on his feet.
“Not today babe”, he said to her and they continued fighting till Kierra
finally lost her sword.
“King Kayden!” The crowd said cheering.
“Wow, your people are also yelling my name”, he said to her and she rolled
her eyes.
“You only won because I’ve not been practicing that much”, she said to him.
“No excuses. I won fair and square”.
“Whatever. At least it’s better to have a strong king than a weak one. You
should be glad that you redeemed yourself”, she said to him and walked
“King Kayden!!” The crowd continued to cheer and he smiled.
A day before the Royal wedding
All the council members of both countries met at the conference room in
Navara to settle on the rules governing their marriage alliance.
When they settled on it, the Bishop read it out for everyone to hear.
“When the King of Janrico and the Queen of Navara get married, the Queen
of Navara will move to Janrico and they’ll both rule the two countries from
there but Warrick will be the regent and will represent them both here in
Navara. Also, the borders will be broken down in order to merge both
countries”, he said and they all nodded in agreement.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“If both the King and Queen die without an heir, the countries will be
separated once again and whoever is in line of each Monarchy will take
over”, he said and they nodded.
“If either one them should die without an heir, the countries will beseparated
once again. That is, if the king should die, the Queen will return to her
country and the next in line of the Janrico monarchy will rule Janrico,and if
the Queen should die, the King ceases to have control over Navara and the
next in line in Navara will rule Navara”, he said and they nodded.
“When the heir is born and ready to be crowned king, a new palace will be
built in the middle of the two countries and both countries will then be fully
merged with a new name”, he said and they nodded.
He continued with the other rules and they all finally concluded.
The royal wedding
Everyone was seated and waiting for Kierra to walk in.
“Kierra, it’s time”, Warrick said to her.
“I’m scared Warrick”, Kierra said.
“It’s normal to be scared. I heard almost everyone gets cold feet before their
wedding, so it’s normal”.
“What if I’m not ready for this”.
“Kierra you are. I know you’re scared but everything is going to be alright.
You both love each other and both love God and your countries. You
considered all that before getting into this so I know you’re ready”.
“No pressure. Whenever you’re ready, we can go”, he said to her.
Kierra paced back and forth and said some prayers to calm herself down.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I’m ready”, she said to Warrick and then he walked her down the aisle.
Kayden was in awe when he saw her. He couldn’t believe that this was
finally happening. It felt like a dream to him.
When Kierra was at the altar with him, he winked at her.
“You’re looking so beautiful, Kierra”, he said to her.
“Thank you. You’re looking so handsome”, she said, smiling and he smiled
They both exchanged their vows and they exchanged their rings.
The Bishop blessed them and placed a new crown on their heads.
“I present to you, the King and Queen of Navara and Janrico”, he exclaimed
and everyone bowed their heads and then applauded them.
“And the prophecy finally comes true. This is exactly how I saw you saving
this country”, the Bishop said to Kierra.
“Really?” She asked and he nodded.
“I also had a dream concerning this”, she said to him.
“God just has his way of doing things”, the Bishop said and she smiled.
“I’ll leave you two then”, the Bishop said and they turned around and
walked down the aisle together.
“Long live the King and Queen”, the people exclaimed and they waved at
They both walked down the aisle and got into their royal carriage and they
rode off to begin their honeymoon.
“I’m so blessed to marry someone like you”, Kayden said to her.
“I’m more blessed to have you too”, Kierra said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I love you so much Kierra and it’s always going to be us against everything.
I’ll always treat you right and always be at your side no matter what. I’ll
never make you sad and will always make you happy. Anyone who will
bring sadness to you will forever regret that”, he said to Kierra and she
“I love you too Kayden and will always be at your side no matter what.
You’re my heart and my home, so we’re stuck together because I’m never
going anywhere without you”, she said to him and he wiggled his brows.
“Can’t wait to make love to you”, he said, wiggling his brows and she
widened her eyes.
“What? We’re married now Kierra and I’m free to talk about that”, he said.
“I know, I wasn’t expecting you to say it just like that”.
“I know you can’t wait too”, he said, pulling her to him.
“I can”.
“You sure?” He said, kissing her and she kissed him too and then things got
heated and they had their first session in the carriage.
“I love you so much baby”, Kayden said to her.
“I love you too baby”, Kierra said and they hugged each other.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Bonus Chapter
Few weeks later
Warrick and the Queen mother were in the throne room, when one of the
maids ran in.
“My Queen miss Penelope has given birth to a baby boy”, she said to her.
“Really?” The Queen asked.
“Yes my Queen”, she said to her and they quickly ran to the staff quarters.
They went into Penelope’s room and saw her with her baby boy.
“Aww, he is so cute”, the Queen said.
“Can I carry him?” The Queen asked.
“Yeah”, Penelope said and the Queen took him from her arms.
“Hey cutie cutie”, the Queen said, grinning.
“He’s so adorable”, Warrick said, playing with the baby’s hands.
They stayed with the baby for a while and then took their leave.
“So when do we run the paternity test?” Warrick asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“As soon as possible, that baby is so cute and if we wait a little longer, I’ll
get attached to him and won’t be able to let him go if it comes out negative”,
the Queen mother said.
“For Angela’s sake, I hope it’s negative”, Warrick said.
“Where’s she?” She asked.
“Somewhere in the palace with Louisa”.
“Okay. Then I think you should break the news to her yourself, its better
you do that because she might probably break down if she hears it’s a boy”.
“Hmm, I will. Do you think we should let Fredrick know?” Warrick asked.
“I think it’s better we determine if he’s the father first before we tell him”,
The Queen mother said.
“And what about Kierra?”
“I heard she’s returning today from her honeymoon. Let’s hold on with the
message and let her find her feet in Janrico before we bother her with
“Okay and if she’s returning today then we have to send Lewis to her today
or tomorrow”, Warrick said and she nodded.
“Then we have to let him know before sending him off”, she said.
“I’ll do that”, Warrick said.
“Do you know when Derrick will return?” She asked.
“I don’t know but he said he has a surprise for us”.
“Mmmm, I love surprises”, she said, grinning.
“I’m sure it’s something we already know”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Yeah”, he said and she frowned.
“Why the sad face? Aren’t you happy that he’s getting married?”
“I am but it’s sad that he has to leave me too. I always thought that I was
going to have all my kids around me till I die and now, Fredrick is in the
dungeon, Kierra is in Janrico, and now Derrick will be at Atlantic”.
“Aww, at least you have me here with you”, Warrick said, giving her a side
“Yes”, she said, pecking him.
They talked for a while and then Warrick left to break the news to Angela.
As Kayden and Kierra’s carriage arrived, the trumpet was blown and
everyone around, quickly came out to welcome them.
They both stepped out of their carriage and waved at everyone.
Kayden’s mother also came out and welcomed them.
Kayden held Kierra’s hand and they both walked into the palace.
“This way your grace. We have a new room prepared for you both”, the
chief maid said to them and they followed her.
When they got to the room, Kierra was amazed at how big the room was.
“I’m already in love with the room. Thank you so much”, Kierra said to the
“You’re welcome”, she said and she excused herself.
“The bed is so big”, Kierra said and she jumped on it.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Yeah and I love it. Enough space for us to…” Kayden said.
“I know I know”, Kierra said, smiling.
Kayden also jumped on the bed and pulled Kierra to him.
“It feels good to be home with you”, he said to her.
“Yeah”, she said, grinning.
“I can’t wait to start a family with you and see our little babies running
around the palace”, he said to her.
“I can’t wait too and we already have Lewis. I have to send for him”, Kierra
“Yeah Lewis. I actually forgot about him”, Kayden said and Kierra glared
at him.
“What? I forgot about everyone. I was with you and nothing else mattered”,
he said to her.
“That’s sweet but now bring your mind back home. Lewis is our first son”,
she said to him.
“Sure but he’s not included in the monarchy”.
“Yeah, I know that”, Kierra said.
“Alright. I’m really tired”, he said, yawning. “You used up all my strength”,
he said to her.
“Me? You’re the one who used up mine and I’m not even complaining”,
Kierra said and he giggled.
“Let’s get some sleep”, he said, embracing her.
“Don’t start anything Kayden. Let’s sleep in peace”, she said to him and he
kissed her neck.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Alright, alright. Let’s sleep”, he said to her.
They were quiet for a while and then drifted off to sleep.
Angela and Louisa were outside Penelope’s room waiting for the doctor to
come out with the results.
“Angela relax”, Louisa said to her.
“I can’t. If it’s his baby, she’ll have to remain here or probably also move
into the palace. Plus it’s a male child, he’ll have a higher inheritance than
my girls”.
“It all doesn’t matter now Angela. If it’s his, you’ll just have to accept it and
focus on yourself and your girls. You know everyone cherishes them,
Penelope’s baby won’t take away the love from you or your kids”, Louisa
said to her and Angela was quiet.
They waited a while and then the doctor, Warrick and the Queen mother
stepped out.
“It’s Fredrick’s baby”, they said to Angela and she broke down.
“I’m sorry Angela”, Warrick said, hugging her.
“For your sake, we’ll keep her and baby here in the staff quarters but when
he’s of age, he’ll be moved to the palace”, the Queen mother said and she
Warrick and Louisa left with Angela and they consoled her and tried to make
her feel better.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Kierra was asleep and she quickly woke up and ran to the bathroom to throw
“Are you okay baby?” Kayden asked, getting off the bed.
“I think I’m pregnant”, she said to him and he grinned.
“You think?”
“Yeah, I missed my period and I’ve been feeling different and now I’m
nauseous, so yeah I’m 99.9% sure that I’m pregnant”, she said and Kayden
lifted her up and hugged her.
“Congratulations baby”, he said, kissing her.
“Congratulations to us”, she said, kissing him too.
The end…..


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