Dominion: Chapter 4

The palace
The Lords were having their own private meeting without Fredrick.
“We can’t let Fredrick rule. We’ll be driving our country towards its doom”,
one of the Lords said.
“But Fredrick is the crowned prince and it makes sense that he should be
crowned the next king, another one said.
“I agree with him. We can’t just rely on the prophecy which came from
humans like us”.
“They’re humans like us but they’re ordained priest and bishops. They
represent God here on earth”.
“The queen is also the queen and you know what the Bible says about
respecting our leaders”.
“I can’t believe you people are agreeing to this. This isn’t right. When things
go wrong, count me out”, one of the Lords said and he left.
The others who agreed with him also left.
The other Lords stayed behind and were conversing and Fredrick walked in
with John.
“So it’s true. You’re having a meeting behind my back”, he said to them.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“No, your grace. We were just trying to convince the other Lords to come
to terms with you being our next king”, one of them said.
“Mmm, with the empty seats, I can see that you didn’t succeed”.
“Yes your grace. Don’t worry, they’ll come around”, he said to Fredrick.
“Okay. I want to use this moment to introduce John Carter, the son of the
late duke of Lance. When I’m crowned king, he’ll be my hand”, he said and
they all applauded and exchanged handshakes with John.
Fredrick and John took their seats and then they started talking about the
land matters.
“John has a proposal on how we can retrieve our lands from the Janricans”,
he said to them.
“Okay, we’re all ears”, one of the Lords said.
“John, go ahead”, Fredrick said to him.
“My great grandfather left some plots of lands to my mother. When she got
married to my dad, she left those lands in her brother’s hands. Her brother
is a Janrican now and he’s making a lot of money by farming on those lands
which are in our land”.
“How is a Janrican farming on our lands without our knowledge”, one of
the Lords said angrily.
“The land is in my mother’s name, so no one knows”, John said.
“So how does this information help us with retrieving our lands”?
“Since most of his income comes from that land. We can threaten him to
help retrieve the deed to the land or we’ll take the land he owns from him.
And then we can sell one of the lands we retrieve and use it to bribe the
people in the villages around it, to pledge the land to Navara”, he said and
everyone nodded.
“But how will your uncle retrieve this land?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“He has his connections in Janrico. His wife is one of the queen’s ladies. So
I’m sure he can pull it off”, he said and they all applauded him.
“You’ve spoken like a true Navaran”, they said to him.
“Don’t you think the Janricans will threaten the people in the villages”? One
of the Lords asked.
“They can threaten them but they can’t kill them. The king of Janrico doesn’t
slaughter regular folks. All he can do is burn their farms and homes”,John
“And what do we do to prevent the people from succumbing to their
“By paying them off with the money we get from selling one of the lands.
Money buys loyalty”, he said and they nodded.
“Thank you John. We’re grateful to have a wise person in our midst”, one
of the Lords said and he smiled.
They continued to discuss how they were going to go about their plan.

Fredrick’s wife was worried about her husband becoming the king. She
didn’t want any consequences to befall her and her daughters. So she
decided to talk to Derrick to talk some sense into his brother.
Derrick was in his room, dressing up when she walked in.
Unfortunately John saw her walk in and he became suspicious.
He quickly ran to his chambers to update Penelope.
“Hey baby”, she said, hugging him.
“I’ve got good news my love”, he said to her smiling.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I think Derrick and Fredrick’s wife are having an affair”.
“What?!” she asked, surprised.
“I’m not too sure but I saw her sneak into his room”.
“But that doesn’t mean that they have an affair”.
“Who cares? We just have to use that against him and her”.
“He’s not going to believe us over his wife and brother”.
“That’s why you need to up your game. You need to get him to trust you
and love you. Then, we’ll take it from there”.
“I doubt he’ll ever trust me”.
“He will. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He’s dying in lust. You just
have to keep pushing and get him to open up to you. You’re really good at
“Hmm, okay. I will try”.
“His wife will be taking her normal stroll with her daughters, so you know
what to do”.
“Yes my love”, she said, giggling.
The training center
Kierra was taken to a dark room and then the lights were turned on.
“Welcome!!” everyone yelled and she was surprised and furious.
She looked round and saw everyone. They all had a grin plastered on their
“Are you serious? You scared me”, she said to them.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“First lesson. Whenever you’re being captured, do not panic”, one of the
girls said and they all laughed.
“Hi, my name is Gabriella”, the girl who captured her said, smiling.
Everyone introduced themselves including the trainers and the woman who
took her to her room.
“Gabriella will be your partner throughout your time here till she leaves.
She’ll give you all the necessary information you need and if you ever need
any help, you can see me”, the woman said.
“Thank you Miss Rose”, she said to the woman. The woman handed over a
big sack to her.
“This contains everything you’ll need here”, she said to her and Kierra
“Supper will be ready in 15 mins”, the woman said to them and she left.
“I’m so happy to finally have a partner. I came here a month ago and
everyone was already paired, it made me lonely at times and now you’re
here”, she said, hugging Kierra really tight and Kierra just stood there.
“I’ll take you to your room and tell you everything you need to know about
this place and our time schedules”.
“And heads up. You see the guy and girl there”, she said, pointing at them.
“Yeah? Kayden and Lucy”.
“They’re really mean and the strongest over here. You should be careful of
them, they’re really a pain in the butt”, she said to her.
“I’ve experienced mean people. I think I can handle them”, Kierra said.
“These two are on another level and I heard she likes the guy, but he’s a
player. He’s dated almost girl here and she’s been a pain in their butts. Just
be careful of them and don’t let the boy get to you, he’s really good at that”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Don’t worry. I don’t intend on getting close to any guy here”, she said.
“Okay, let’s go to your room then”, she said accompanying her to her room.
As they were walking, a guy bumped into them.
“Woah Joshua, watch it”, Gabriella yelled.
“Oh hey beautiful”, he said to Kierra and Gabriella rolled her eyes.
“Hi Joshua”.
“She knows my name”, he said, grinning.
“Duh we all just introduced ourselves and I just yelled your name”,
Gabriella said.
“The first day you stepped in here, you didn’t even remember your own
name”, he said and Gabriella smacked him.
“Ouch. I’ll see you later Kierra”, he said and he ran off.
“That’s Joshua and he’s one of the amazing people over here. He’s really a
nice person”.
“I can see that”, Kierra said.
When they got to her room, Gabriella paused.
“Oh my God”, she said.
“Your room is right opposite his room”, she exclaimed.
“Whose room”?
“Kayden”, she said, widening her eyes.
“And what’s the big deal about that?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You’re in trouble girl”, Gabriella said.
“I can handle him. Don’t worry”, Kierra said.
“Alright”, Gabriella said.
They both walked into her room and Gabriella helped her unpack and she
filled her in with all the information she needed till it was time for supper.
The palace
The Lords who were against Fredrick ruling their country, met with the
Bishop and they planned on how to prevent Fredrick from ascending the
John saw them and listened to everything they said and then he ran off to
Fredrick’s room.
When he got to Fredrick’s room, the guards didn’t let him in.
“The Prince is busy”, they said to him.
“Can you let him know that it’s urgent that I speak to him”?
“He asked not to be disturbed”, one of the guards said to him.
“It’s really urgent and I’m his hand. I have information that is important to
the country”, he said.
The guards whispered to themselves and then one knocked on the door.
“Your grace”, he said.
Fredrick was in bed with Penelope and when he heard the knock, he
“What is it?” he asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Your hand wishes to speak with you”, he said.
“I asked not to be disturbed”.
“He said it’s urgent and it concerns the country”.
“Tell him to wait for me at the throne room. I’ll be with him soon”, he said
to the guards.
“Penelope you have to go. Your brother almost caught us”, Fredrick said,
dressing up.
“So soon?” she said, frowning.
“No one can know about this. Get up and dress up”, he said to her.
“Okay okay”, she said and she got up.
“I’m taking the lead. Make sure no one sees you leaving”, he said to her.
“I’m always careful”, she said.
“When I get back, I don’t want you here”, he said and he left.
“Make sure she leaves”, he said to his guards and then he left.
He went to the throne room and saw John sitting on the king’s seat.
“What are you doing?” He asked, startling him.
“Oh, I’m just seeing into future and imagining the day you sit on it”, John
said, getting up.
Fredrick smiled and then took his seat.
“What’s so important that you decided to disrupt my good sleep”?
“I saw some of the Lords having a meeting with the Bishop and the priests”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“They’re planning on preventing you from taking the throne”, he said and
now Fredrick was worried.
“They plan on involving the other countries we have an alliance with. They
are going to send letters and request for an international meeting concerning
this issue”.
“So they’re going behind my back and the queen’s back?”
“So what do we do? Should we tell my mother?”
“No, no. Involving her will make things worse. She might end up taking you
off the throne when she hears of this because the international meeting will
make the other countries see her to be weak and she doesn’t want that”.
“So what do we do? Can we lock them up or strip them off their titles?”
“No. That will be a disaster. The Bishop holds a lot of power and the lords
too. You can’t lock them up without a solid reason and proof. You can’t also
strip them off their titles. They are part of the foundation of this country”.
“So what do we do then?”
“It’s either two things. We can convince them and promise to add more lands
to what they own and give them better titles and then when you become
king, you can go back on your promises”.
“A king doesn’t go back on his promises. What’s the other option?”
“Assassinate them?”
“What? That’s insane. You said they are part of the foundation of the
country, killing them will weaken the country and if they die, I’ll be the first
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Not if you make it seem like an attack from the Janricans and you can also
assassinate one or two of the Lords who are in support of you. That way, no
one can really point fingers at you”.
“You’re insane. How can you even think of that? Not everything has to be
solved by death and besides, killing them will only weaken the country”.
“Yeah, but then you can retrieve the money and properties they own
including the lands. That will help the country”.
“What about their children? Aren’t they supposed to inherit their father’s
“Yeah but you can take the majority and leave the rest for them”.
“That will cause a huge problem. I can’t do that. No way”.
“Then I guess we’re left with the first option”, John said, shrugging.
“I’ll go with that. Assemble them first thing tomorrow morning and then
we’ll act on that”, he said.
“Yes my prince”, he said and they both took their leave.
Derrick was taking a stroll in the woods when he saw Fredrick’s wife at the
“Angela?” He called out and she quickly wiped off her tears.
“Are you crying?” he asked, sitting by her.
“No no. There was something in my eyes and I was trying to take it off”,
she said forcing a smile.
“I’m not blind Angela. And your eyes are swollen”.
“It’s nothing, Derrick”.
“You sure?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Hmm. Does it have anything to do with Fredrick?”
“I said it’s nothing”.
“You know you can always talk to me and who knows, I can help you. You
know Fredrick listens to me when it comes to things that has nothing to do
with the throne”.
“I don’t think you talking to him can do anything. What’s broken is already
“Our marriage”, she said tearing up.
“How’s it broken? I know Fredrick loves you very much”.
“That was before. Now we’ve grown very distant from each other and he
hides things from me”.
“Hmmm, have you tried talking to him about it”?
“When I talk to him about it, he’s always saying that he’ll get better. And
when I ask him if he’s hiding anything from me, he changes the topic”.
“Hmmm. I think you should just keep praying to God about it. He’s the only
one who can help you in this”, he said to her.
“Hmm. I’ve also been quite distant from God”, she said, tearing up.
“That’s what you think but he’s not distant from you. He’s here, he’s
everywhere. All you have to do is talk to him and you’re good to go”.
“Hmm, thank you so much Derrick. I needed that”, she said, wiping off her
“Get up and let me walk you back to the palace”, he said, getting up and he
stretched out his hand for her to get up.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
When they left, someone came out from hiding and also ran off to the palace
with a different route.
The training center
Kierra and every other person were in a room paying attention to the man in
front of them.
He was teaching them about the basic rules of ruling and the laws of the
various countries.
After that session, they went out to the field to have their martial art training.
Kierra found it difficult keeping up. She kept falling and getting punched.
“Kierra keep up”! The instructor yelled.
She tried again and was punched once more. She fell to the ground and
refused to get up.
“Kierra get up!” The instructor yelled but she ignored him and just stayed
on the ground.
“Kierra c’mon get up”, her opponent said to her.
“I’m tired. I didn’t ask for this. I just want to go home”, she said in pain.
“You can’t go home till you’re done with your training here. To be done
with your training, you have to pass the entire test required. So you better
get back up or you’ll be spending an eternity here”, her opponent said to her.
She thought about it and then got up.
After the martial art training. They had sword training and then archery
After that, they were dismissed.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Kierra threw herself to the ground and opened her mouth to breathe.
“Kierra, what are you doing?” Gabriella asked, approaching her.
“Resting and receiving fresh air”.
“We have to go in and wash down. Supper is in 30 minutes”.
“Do we ever get the chance to have some rest here?”
“At night we do”.
“That’s not enough. With all this training, we need to rest in the afternoon
“As high borns, rest is usually not meant for us”.
“Arghhh!!” Kierra said in frustration.
“Now get up and let’s go”, she said, pulling her up.
When Kierra arrived in her room, she dived on her bed to take a power nap
but couldn’t sleep due to the noise coming from the opposite room.
She quickly got up and barged into the room.
When she walked in, Kayden was perfecting his sword skills.
“Can you please stop? I’m trying to take a power nap and you’re really
disturbing me”, she said and he paid no attention to her.
“Hello”, she yelled and he continued.
“Stop!!” she yelled and he turned to face her.
“Go get your sword and if you’re able to put mine to the ground. I’ll stop”,
he said, smirking.
“Are you serious? I just came and I still suck at it and we’ve got just a few
minutes till supper”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Well then”, he said and he continued with his practice.
Kierra glared at him and went back to her room.
During supper, Miss Rose had an announcement for them.
“Some of our students are leaving us today and hence, there will be a change
in opponents. Remember each week, we’ll have a ranking board and if your
partner loses, you’ll also lose”, she said to them and Kierra turned to face
“Don’t worry. We’ll have private training sessions and you’ll surely kick
your opponent’s butt”, Gabriella said, grinning and Kierra smiled.
“I just hope that I don’t pull you down”.
“You won’t”, she said to her.
Miss Rose started calling out the new list and she got to Kierra’s name.
“Kierra and Kayden”, she said.
Kierra and Gabriella stared at each other with their mouths wide open.
“Oh God”, Gabriella said and Kierra got worried.
She turned to look for Kayden and when she saw him, he had his eyes fixed
on her and he gave an evil grin.
“Oh God, I’m in trouble”, she said to herself


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