Dominion: Chapter 5

The training center
Kayden was in Miss Rose’s office complaining to her.
“Pairing me up with Kierra will bring me down. She’s just a beginner”, he
said to her.
“When you were here earlier, you were paired with someone who was really
good and see how good you turned out to be”.
“And I need to be better. I need a stronger opponent”, he said to her.
“Kierra will make you better. I’ve observed her this few times she’s spent
with us. She’s not a quitter and you better be careful or she might become
better than you”.
“No way. A beginner can’t be better than me”.
“We shall see about that”, Miss Rose said, smiling and he got up and left.
Everyone was on the field for their training session and Kierra hid in her
She hid under her bed and hoped that no one will find her.
“You really suck at everything including hiding”, Kayden said to her and
she still stayed where she was.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Pretend like you didn’t see me”.
“You’re crazy, you know? Everyone has started training, you need to get
out from there and join me in the field”.
“With what I saw the other day, you can train on your own”, she said,
referring to the day he hindered her from sleeping with his noise.
“Ohh, you’re still hurt from last time”? He asked, with a straight face.
“Just leave me alone”.
“We have to train. Get up”.
“What’s the point if you’re going to hit me and win every single time”, she
“Believe me or not but I intend to train you”.
“That’s the last thing I want to do but I need you to be a worthy opponent”.
“Oh please, why would you want to do that? You can easily just beat me
every day and pass your test and get away from here”.
“I don’t seek to just leave here. I seek to leave here as the strongest and
smartest ever. Fighting you and winning you just makes me a coward”.
“Can you come out now? They’ll notice that we’re not on the training
ground”, he said to her and she came out.
They both got to the training field and all eyes were on them and if eyes
could kill, Kierra would be on the floor at the moment because the glare she
received from Lucy was serious.
“Why is everyone staring?” Kierra asked him.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Because you’re with me”, he said and she rolled her eyes.
They both started fighting and Kierra kept getting punched.
“Kierra, try to block me or punch. You’re not even trying at all”, Kayden
said, angrily.
“I’m trying. You’re just too good”, she said.
“You’re not. I’m being lenient with you but you’re still not doing anything”.
“Okay, okay, help me up”, she said and he stretched out his hand to help her
up and she punched him in the face.
“Ouch!!” He groaned.
“Got you”, she said, smiling.
“Oh, is that how you want to do it?”
“Yeah”, she said, grinning.
“Alright you asked for it”, he said pulling her up.
They started again and this time, Kierra was able to block some of the
punches but couldn’t punch him.
They switched to the swords and Kayden taught her how to wield the sword.
During the sword training, Kierra kept losing her sword.
“Kierrraaa!” Kayden groaned.
“What? I’m trying”, she said, shrugging.
“You’re good at wielding it but hold it firm and don’t let it drop to the floor.
Also try to come at me”, he said.
“Okay”, she said.
They tried once more and it still dropped to the ground.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I give up. Let’s move to archery”.
“I’m pretty good at that you know”, she said, picking up her bow and arrow.
“Mmm, I see. Then go first”, he said to her.
Kierra missed her first trial and as she continued, it became better.
“Mmm, impressive”, he said and he did his and made all his shots perfectly.
“I’ll be better than you soon”, she said, smirking.
“Mmm, I’m expectant. After lunch, we have to train quickly before the next
round begins”, he said to her.
“No no. I use that short time to rest”.
“Are you sure about that?”
“No no. If you make noise again, I’m going to shoot all my arrows in the
middle of your forehead”, she said, frowning.
“See you after lunch”, he said and he walked away.
When Kierra got to her room, she started taking off her clothes and Lucy
walked in.
“Looking for something?” She asked her.
“I know you think you have a chance with Kayden. But don’t even dare.
He’s mine and we’re going to get married in the future. He’s my prince.
Find yours somewhere else”, she said to her and Kierra was confused.
“What are you even talking about? Kayden is just my opponent and the only
chance I get with him is to beat him up and win”, she said to her.
“I’ve got my eyes on you”, she said and she left.
Kierra was so confused but she wasn’t worried at all.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Kierra”, Gabriella said, walking in.
“I just saw Lucy leave your room. What did she want?”
“She’s just delusional. She thinks I’m interested in Kayden”, Kierra said.
“Are you?”
“No. He’s just my opponent”.
“Okay, you have to be careful with these people or they’ll mess you up and
you might end up getting stuck here for a longer time”.
“I’ll be careful and I’m not interested in him. So I’m good”.
“Okay, are you ready to bath”?
“Yeah, let’s go”, she said and they both left the room.
The palace
Fredrick was in his room with Penelope.
He was a bit worried about everything that was going on. He was so lost in
his thoughts thinking about everything.
“Are you okay?” Penelope asked him.
“Yeah. Just give me a massage and get going”, he said and she climbed his
“You know, besides seeking pleasure from me, you can talk to me about
your problems”.
“No. Stick to what you do best”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Ouch. I know John will be mad at me for this but he’s been seeking my
advice concerning the problems in this kingdom”, she said and Fredrick
rolled over making her fall on the bed.
“What? He’s supposed to keep everything private”.
“I know, I know but he believes that I’m wise when it comes to these
“So you know about everything?”
“Yeah and I intend on keeping everything private. I actually gave him the
idea of threatening his uncle”.
“You did?”
“Wow, you’re quite knowledgeable”.
“Yeah, so you can trust me Fredrick and whiles giving you pleasure, I can
advise you on whatever you need”.
“Mmm, I love women who are wise and knowledgeable. It’s a huge turn
on”, he said, grinning.
“At your service, my love”, she said and he rolled her over and climbed her.
Meanwhile, his wife Angela was at the door and the guards refused to let
her in.
“If you don’t let me in this minute, I’ll cut your heads off and put them on a
spike”, she said, angrily.
“The Prince gave firm orders and asked not to be disturbed”.
“This is my room and I order you to get out of my way”.
Fredrick heard his wife’s voice and quickly got up.
“My wife is here”, he said to Penelope.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What? I saw her leave the palace”.
“She’s back now. So hide”.
“Under the bed”.
She quickly took her clothes and hid under the bed. Immediately she hid,
Angela walked in.
“Fredrick, how dare you prevent me from walking into my own room”, she
“Me? I didn’t do anything like that”.
“The guards refused to let me in”.
“Oh, I’m so sorry. I told them not to let anyone disturb me. I didn’t know
that you would be back soon”.
“I want them locked up this minute”.
“Baby, don’t do that. I’m sure they didn’t mean to that”.
“No. I want them locked up”.
“Okay, I’ll see to that”.
“What were you doing that was so important”?
“I was asleep”.
“And why are you sweating like that?”
“I worked out before sleeping”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“When did you start…?”
“Angela that’s enough. I want to go back to sleep”.
“Is that what you’re telling me?”
“I’m sorry but I’m really tired”, he said, turning around to sleep. Angela got
angry and left the room.
Immediately she left, Penelope came out.
“You need to leave now”, Fredrick said.
“I’m leaving. I’ll be back soon”, she said, kissing him and she left.
“The lords aren’t cooperating, the only thing we can do now is Assassinate
them”, John said to Fredrick.
“No, there’s got to be another solution”.
“Hmm, assassinate Hope”.
“I’m not killing my own sister”.
“But you killed your dad”.
“You did”, he said, glaring at John.
“Fine. So allow me to kill her and pretend like we didn’t have this
“Don’t you dare touch her”.
“We didn’t have this conversation”, John said, winking and he left.
Queen Valerie was taking her normal stroll in the hallway of the palace.
Ever since King James died, she’s been doing that to clear her head.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
As she was taking a stroll, she spotted Angela in one of the inner rooms.
She went there, wondering what she was doing there.
Queen Valerie had never liked Angela ever since she got married to
She wasn’t happy with the fact that they got married at a young age. She felt
that Angela trapped her son with pregnancy.
Her son was madly in love with Angela but she and her husband refused to
let them continue with the relationship because she was just a random girl
and had no highborn blood in her but Fredrick insisted and when she got
pregnant, his interest in her rose and that was when he threatened to kill
She walked into the inner room and met Angela crying. She wanted to
ignore her and leave but she was good at heart and couldn’t just walk away.
“Is everything alright”? She asked her and she quickly turned and stood up.
“My queen”, she said, bowing.
“Are you okay?” She asked again.
“You don’t look fine and you’re in tears”.
“I don’t want to bother you with my problems”, she said, wiping her tears.
“I’m not doing anything at the moment, so you can share, and I hardy doubt
it would bother me”, she said to her.
“No my queen. I’ll rather not”.
“Angela, you wouldn’t get me in this state any other time. So you better start
“My Queen. It’s just Fredrick. Our marriage isn’t working out”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What do you mean?”
“He’s not the same Fredrick I got married to”.
“Of course. You got married to my 17 year old baby boy and now he’s a
grown man”, she said and Angela was quiet.
“I don’t mean to be harsh but what were you expecting? Love at that younger
age isn’t love. It’s just mere attraction or lust. You only know lovewhen
you’ve known God. I know you’re close to God now but at that time,you
and Fredrick were young and had not fully gotten to know God so youjust
gave in to your flesh”, she said and Angela burst into tears.
“What do I do now?” She asked.
“Just pray to God. He’s the only one who can turn things around and he’s
the only one who can give you strength. During my marital problems, I
always turned to him for help”.
“Marital problems? You and King James seemed so perfect”.
“That’s what you think. It wasn’t perfect at all. But we just learnt to turn to
God to help us out. Things became really bad especially when the Janricans
were striking really hard and when we gave our baby girl away. He became
really distant during those moments but the Lord was my strength. So talk
to God, he really does answers and helps out”.
“Hmm, thank you so much Queen Valerie. I’m really grateful”.
“Also speak to your husband about it”.
“I will”.
“Good. You’re going to become the next queen soon and you need to be
brave because greater things and responsibilities are coming your way”, she
said to her.
“Yes my Queen. And I’ve been meaning to ask, ermm, do you think
Fredrick is really the true king?”
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You won’t understand and don’t you ever dare question my decisions ever
again. You should focus on becoming a queen and stop questioning another
queen’s decisions. When you’re a queen, you wouldn’t want anyone doing
that to you”.
“I would want to be queen whose decisions can be questioned by my loved
ones and family so that I don’t make bad decisions”, she said and Queen
Valerie glared at her.
“I’m sorry my queen. I wouldn’t question you anymore”, she said and she
ran off.
Queen Valerie was furious but deep down, she knew that Angela was right.
“God, please help me out of this. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t
want to risk the safety of my kingdom but I don’t want to lose my baby too.
I can’t risk the life of any of my kids”, she said in tears.
She prayed for a while and finally decided to talk to Fredrick about her final
decision. She didn’t want him to ruin her country.
She went to the throne room and asked one of the guards to call him.
She took her seat and waited for a while till he showed up.
“Mum, is everything alright?” He asked.
“Fredrick, You know I love you so much”, she said to him.
“Yes mum, I know you do”.
“And you know I love the country as well”.
“Yes mum, I love the country too and that’s why I’m doing everything in
my power to protect it at every cost. We’ve actually gotten the deed to those
lands. They are ours now”, he said, grinning and she was surprised.
“You have? When and how?”
“Just some hours ago and the villages around it have pledged their land to
Navara. They’ve taken down The Janrican flag and put ours up”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Wow, I’m so proud of you”, she said, smiling.
“So, I understand your love for the country and I intend to protect it at every
cost. We’re currently working on taking more of the lands taken away from
us in the past and also our Lords which have been held prisoners”, he said
and she smiled.
“I’m so proud of you Fredrick”.
“Thank you mum. You were saying something”, he said to her, wondering
what she had to speak to him about.
“Nothing. Keep up with the good work”, she said, smiling.
“Alright mum”. He said, pecking her and then he left.
On his way to his room, John pulled him aside.
“The letters have been sent and the international meeting is coming up
tomorrow”, he said.
“What? So the Lords haven’t still accepted my offers?”
“So what do we do about this?!”
“Leave it to me”, he said, smiling.
“Don’t you even think of it. Leave Hope alone”.
“Yes my Prince”, he said.
“I’ll think of something else”, Fredrick said and he left.
The training center
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Kierra and Kayden were at the training field alone. He was trying to make
her better and ready for their weekly test.
After hours of missing her punch, she finally punched Kayden.
“Gotcha”, she said, laughing and jubilating and Kayden just stared at her.
He was amazed at how happy she was and he also laughed.
“Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen you laughing. I mean a real laugh and
not those cocky ones”.
“You just amaze me”, he said and she grinned.
“Now let’s get back to work”, he said and they kept throwing punches at
each other.
They also had their sword and Archery training and then they left to catch
up with dinner.
Whiles they walked in, Kierra cracked jokes about the look he had on his
face when she punched him and he burst out laughing.
Lucy saw them and got furious.
After supper, Gabriella, Joshua and Kierra went to the field to train for their
test which they had the following day.
The three of them fought each other and then worked on their archery.
“You’re becoming better Kierra”, Jonathan said.
“Aww, thank you”, she said, beaming.
“And your archery is really good”, Gabriella added.
“So how has it been? Having Kayden as your opponent”, Joshua asked.
“It’s been fun”, she said and Gabriella and Joshua were both in shock.
“Fun? Girl you’re falling for him”, Gabriella said.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“No, no. I mean it’s been wonderful. He’s not as bad as people see him to
“That’s because he’s just trying to get you to his bed”, Gabriella said.
“I don’t think so. We keep things serious. We’re always training and not
even talked that much”.
“I saw you both laughing today”, Joshua said.
“Mmm”, Gabriella said, giving her a look.
“It was just a laugh, nothing more”.
“Just be careful with him”, Joshua said to her.
“I’m always careful and he’s not even that hot as people see him to be. He’s
“Mmmm”, Kayden said, clearing his throat.
“Oh Kayden. When did you get here?” Kierra asked, feeling a bit
“Just now. When I didn’t see you in your room, I presumed that you were
training but here you are, gossiping and talking about me being hot”.
“I didn’t say you are hot”, Kierra said.
“Sure. I would love to practice with my opponent”, he said to them.
“She’s my partner and I intend to train with her”, Gabriella said.
“She’s my opponent”.
“What’s your deal anyway? It’s not like she’s competing with you
tomorrow”, Gabriella said.
“What? Why?” They both asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Lucy’s partner got sick and she was asked to pick a new opponent and she
chose Kierra”.
“What?” Kierra and Kayden said in unison.
“Oh you didn’t know?” Gabriella asked and Kierra shook her head.
“So who am I fighting tomorrow?” Kayden asked.
“Me”, Joshua said.
“And what happens to your opponent?” Kierra asked.
“It’s his final test tomorrow, so he’s fighting with our trainer”, Joshua said.
“Hmm, alright then. All the best Kierra, I look forward to fighting you next
week and don’t disgrace me tomorrow. Kick ass”, he said and Gabriella
rolled her eyes.
“You know she’s fighting Lucy tomorrow”, She said.
“And?” Kayden asked.
“Nothing”, Gabriella said.
“I look forward to beating you tomorrow”, Kayden said to Joshua and he
They all continued their training and after that, they departed to their various
During the competition, Kierra was beaten thoroughly by Lucy.
Lucy fought with all her strength and just wanted to beat Kierra up.
During the sword fight, she pierced Kierra in her stomach and she fell to the
The whistle was blown to stop the fight.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
The nurses quickly rushed to Kierra and Gabriella also rushed to her.
“Why did you do that? That’s not allowed”, Gabriella yelled.
“It was a mistake. I didn’t intend to do that”, Lucy said and Gabriella yelled
at her.
The nurses quickly took Kierra away and the competition continued.
Kierra was in her room, trying to sleep when Kayden walked in.
“What happened over there?” He asked.
“I don’t know”.
“You bruised my ego. I told everyone how you were a worthy opponent and
how you’ve thrown punches at me. Now everyone thinks I’m weak because
you let her beat you to a pulp”.
“Are you serious? I got hurt and this is all you can say to me?”
“What do you want to hear? Sorry? People get hurt and stabbed. Get used
to it”, he said and Kierra was hurt.
“I’m done training you. I’m going to keep beating you every day till I get a
new opponent”.
“Get out”, she yelled and he left.
She got out of bed and stepped out. She went to the training field and relaxed
on a tree.
She started thinking of her home and friends. She missed everyone so much
and wished she could leave.
As she sat there thinking, she heard someone’s footsteps and quickly got up.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
The stranger tried to attack her with the sword and she ducked but he
punched her as well and she fell to the ground. She tried fighting back and
he was too strong.
He was about to attack her but someone pulled him off.
“Kayden”, she exclaimed.
“Run!!” He yelled and she quickly got up and ran inside to get help.
Kayden beat up the man and was about to kill him but Miss Rose quickly
stopped him.
The man was apprehended and locked up in a room.
Kierra was really terrified and she couldn’t sleep.
“Can’t sleep?” Kayden asked walking into her room and she nodded.
“I’ll sleep with you then”, he said and she widened her eyes.
“Not in that sense. I mean I will keep you company”, he said and she pushed
for him to lay by her.
“I’ll sleep on the floor”, he said and he sat on the floor.
“I’ll sleep when you sleep”, he said to her and she nodded.
After a while she slept and Kayden fell asleep too


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