The Training center
Kierra woke up the following morning and Kayden wasn’t there.
She remembered everything that happened last night and was glad that
Kayden was there for her.
She got up from her bed and saw a note.
‘Morning sunshine, I hope you had a goodnight rest. We’ve been instructed
not to let anyone know what happened yesterday to prevent them from
panicking. The man who attacked you will be sent to your country and will
be dealt with. Don’t worry, you’re safe now’.
After reading that she beamed and walked to his room but he wasn’t there.
She went back to her room and said her morning prayers. As she prepared
to go to the bathroom, Gabriella walked in.
“Wow, you seem to be in a very good mood for someone who got stabbed
yesterday”, she said to her.
“I’m just grateful for life”, Kierra said, smiling.
“We thank God for that. Will you be coming for today’s church service?”
“Why not”?
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You’re talking like you’ve been to the service before”, Gabriella said,
glaring at her.
“Yeah, I was still trying to find my feet here and now I have”.
“Wow, because you got stabbed yesterday, now you’ve found your feet?”
Gabriella asked, teasing her.
“Get away. I’m going and that’s what matters”.
“Yeah yeah. But I really think Lucy did that on purpose”, Gabriella said.
“She did it. I saw her aim for my tummy but my silly self couldn’t block it
and when she pierced me, she didn’t take out the sword quickly”, Kierra
“That girl is evil. You should report her”.
“No one saw it happen, I doubt they’ll believe me and she said it was a
“You still have to try”.
“Yeah, I’ll talk to Miss Rose about it”.
“I will and I don’t intend on letting her get her way with me anymore. I’m
going to take the training really serious”, she said but she actually wanted
to train in order to defend herself from people like the man who attacked
The palace
The queen wasin her chambers, combing her hair, when she received a letter
from her messenger.
“An international meeting? How? When?” She exclaimed.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“How am I now hearing of a meeting which is in 2 hours’ time?” She yelled.
“I have no idea my queen. I just received this letter this morning”, he said.
“Send for my son this minute”, she said and her messenger left quickly.
Fredrick came in a few minutes later.
“Mum are … ”
“Why am I now hearing about the international meeting?”
“I’m also now hearing about it mum. I don’t know who called for the
meeting”, he said, lying through his teeth.
“Hmmm! I think I know who would do something like this”.
“The Bishop, who else?”
“What do you suggest we do mum? Cos I heard the meeting is to prevent
me from ascending the throne”.
“Hmm, we’ll have to try and convince the ambassadors of the other
countries. We have to try and get them to our side”, she said and he nodded.
“I’ll go and assemble the Lords who are in my favor then”, he said and he
He quickly ran to John’s chambers.
“John, the meeting is happening in 2 hours’ time. What do we do?”
“Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it”, he said, giving an evil smile.
“What? I hope you didn’t do anything to Hope”, He asked and John was
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What you don’t know now won’t kill you”.
“I swear to God, if I find out that she’s dead, I’ll get your head on a spike”.
“You’ll be glad when you see that that I saved your throne”, he said and
Fredrick left angrily.
He walked into his room and his wife was there.
“Is everything alright?” She asked him.
“Yeah”, he said, climbing his bed.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m not in the mood now, Angela”.
“Mmm, are you in the mood for this then?” She asked, climbing him.
“Stop it Angela. I just need to think”.
“Should I give you a massage then, it’ll help you think”.
“I’m not in the mood for anything. Just leave me alone”, he said.
“Fred, we can’t continue like this. You can’t keep shutting me out of
everything. Just let me in, I’m sure I can help”.
“You want to help? Huh? Do you know how to bring back the dead or do
you know how to convince a bunch of ambassadors from other countries to
let me ascend the throne”? He asked and she was terrified.
“Bring back the dead? Did you kill anyone?” She asked.
“Is that all you heard?”
“That’s what matters. Did you kill anyone?”
“No!! But I think someone who matters to us all maybe dead”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You’re fast at least. So do you have an idea on how to bring her back to
life?” He asked and she was in shock and couldn’t get herself to talk.
“Thanks so much for helping. Now I hope you leave me alone”, he said and
she just sat there, trying to process everything.
“I need some fresh air”, she said and she left.
After some minutes later, Penelope walked in.
“Hey baby”, she said, taking off her clothes.
“What are you doing? My wife is around”, He said, widening his eyes.
“She’s left the palace. I saw her leave before I came here”, she said.
“Mmm, but I’m not in the mood. I got a lot on my mind”.
“Aww baby”, she said, climbing him.
“Tell me all about it and I’ll help you out”, she said, rubbing his head.
“It’s just a whole lot. I think John killed my sister”.
“Yeah and I don’t know what to do about it and we have an international
meeting in about an hour’s time”.
“John killed Hope? I told him not to”, she said, lying.
“You knew about it?”
“Yeah. I told him not to do it and I gave him a better suggestion. Hmmm but
it’s all happened now, I know you are hurt but at least she’s out of the way
now and the meeting can’t take you off because Hope isn’t alive to claim
the throne”.
“So she’s really dead?” He said, pushing her off and sitting up.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“My mum and brothers will be devastated”, he said, placing his head in his
“I know it’s sad but focus on what you want now. You’re finally going to
be a king. King Fredrick James”, she said, cupping his cheek and he forced
a smile.
“Long live the king”, she said, kissing him and he pushed her on the bed and
they did what they did best.
The Queen, Fredrick, Derrick, John, the Bishop, the priests, all Lords and
Ambassadors of the various countries they had an alliance with, were all
present at the meeting.
They were all seated and arguing about who should ascend the throne.
“We all know that Hope is the rightful heir”, the Bishop said and the
ambassadors nodded.
“She can’t be the rightful heir when the first born son is alive”, the queen
“You and your husband were both worried about the Kingdom and we all
prayed for a savior and for peace and we had those prophecies about you
giving birth to a baby girl who was going to save the country. You were
happy with the news and even when your daughter was facing threats, you
sent her away and now you’re saying your son should ascend the throne. So,
what you and your husband labored for, should be in vain?” The bishop
asked the Queen and she looked away.
“I don’t think we should base our leadership on what a mere man said”,
Fredrick said.
“The Bishop is not a mere man”, one of the Priests said.
“But he’s human. He could have seen things wrongly”, Fredrick said.
“We all saw this prophecy”, another priest said to him.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
They were all still arguing till the Queen received a letter.
John had an evil grin as he saw her read the letter.
“And the passage to your throne is here”, he said, whispering in Fredrick’s
As the queen read the letter, she had fear plastered on her face.
“Is everything alright my Queen?” John asked.
“Hope was attacked at the training center?” she said and everyone was in
“Is she alright?” Fredrick asked.
“Yeah. She’s fine and they were able to capture the man who attacked her.
They’re sending him back to us”, she said and John’s face changed.
Fredrick turned to face him and he looked away.
“If any of this point back to me, you won’t have your head on your neck”,
he said to John.
“I bet it’s those Janricans who attacked her. We can’t have a queen whose
life is at risk”, John said and they all glared at him.
“Every King and Queen’s life is always at risk”, one of the Lords said.
“I thought the training center was supposed to be safe”, he said, quickly
changing the topic.
“I thought so too. We’ll get to the bottom of this”, the Bishop said.
“So now, we’ll put this to a vote”, one of the ambassadors said and Fredrick
became nervous.
“All those in favor of Fredrick?” The ambassador asked and some people
lifted their hands up.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“And all those in favor of Hope”? He asked and the rest lifted their hands
“So it’s settled. Hope is the next Queen and we need to protect her at all
cost”, the ambassador said and Fredrick got up angrily and left.
His mother got up quickly and ran after him.
“Fredrick wait”, she said running after him but he ignored her and kept
“It’s over mum, just leave me alone”, he said, quickening his pace.
“We can work something out”, she said to him.
“What plan mum? The only thing we can do now is kill Hope”, he yelled
and she was shocked.
“You want to kill your own sister?! Have you gone nuts?! I’ll pretend you
never said that”,
“I said it mum. It’s either Hope or I. I missed the first time and I promise
not to miss the second time”, he said.
“You were the one who ordered the hit on your sister?”
“Yes! And I’ll do it again”.
“You don’t mean that”.
“You think? Your husband is dead isn’t he?” He asked and she looked at
him in shock and started tearing up.
“You killed your own father?”
“Yes and I will do the same to Hope. That throne is mine!” He said.
“Guards!!!” She yelled and they quickly came around.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Lock him up”.
“You can lock me up mum but I’ll still kill her. It’s either I kill her or I kill
myself”, he yelled.
“Lock him up and make sure there are no sharp objects or metallic objects.
Serve him his food with paper and his water in a paper cup. Also make sure
he receives no visitors”, she said.
“Mum don’t do that. I was just kidding. I was upset and decided to upset
you too”,
“Take him away”, she yelled and she quickly ran off to her room.
She climbed her bed and burst out in tears.
“God. What did I do to deserve this?” She yelled.
She stayed in her bed, crying and lamenting till she slept off.
The training center
Kierra woke up and was really tired. She sat on her bed for a while and
wanted to wash down but usually, most of them preferred to wash down
after their early morning class and training.
She sat there for a while and realized that the whole place was quiet.
She stepped out and walked into Kayden’s room and he wasn’t there. She
looked in other people’s rooms and they were not there.
So she went to the training field and saw everyone training. She got furious
that no one woke her up for breakfast or training.
What hurt the most was when she saw Kayden training and fighting with
She walked up to them and when he saw her, he stopped.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What are you doing here?” Kayden asked her.
“I should be asking you that”, she said.
“No, you should be inside, resting”.
“I’ve had enough rest and I’m ready to train”.
“Girl, you’re still limping. The sword went in too deep. That must really
hurt”, Lucy said to her.
“You did that intentionally”, Kierra said, yelling.
“Why would I do that? Don’t put your weakness and inability to defend
yourself on me”, she said to her.
“Kayden. I’m ready to train, please tell her to go back to her opponent”,
Kierra said.
“He’s my new opponent”, Lucy said, smiling.
“I asked for a change of opponent. You were really pulling me back”, he
said, looking away.
“I’m getting better Kayden. I promise to not let you down”.
“I’m sorry Kierra but I need to move forward. My country needs me to
return home quickly”, he said and Kierra was hurt.
“Girl byeee”, Lucy said to her.
“So who’s my new opponent?”
“Joshua”, Kayden said.
“All the best girl”, Lucy said and Kierra walked away.
She wanted to run into her room and cry but she stopped.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
Enough was enough. She had to prove to Kayden and everyone that she was
She looked for Joshua and when she saw him, she approached him.
He was training with one of the trainers.
“Kierra you shouldn’t be here”, the trainer said.
“I’m ready to train with my opponent”, she said to him.
“You sure?”
“Mmm, then go and change into your training outfit”, he said to her and she
When she returned, she put her all in her training and made efforts to
As days went by, Kierra became stronger and more skillful. She trained at
every little spare time she had and at nights.
She finally became a worthy opponent for Joshua and the trainers were
One night she was walking back to her room with Joshua and Gabriella
when she saw Kayden standing in front of her room.
“What’s he doing in front of your room?” Gabriella asked.
“I don’t know. I’ll see you both tomorrow”.
“I’ll kick your ass this time”, Joshua said to her.
“You wish”, Kierra said, smirking.
“We’ll see about that tomorrow”, he said and he left.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Goodnight Kierra”, Gabriella said and she left.
“What are you doing here?” She asked, walking up to him.
“Waiting for you to get back”.
“What for?”
“I’ll be leaving soon. Tomorrow is my semifinal test”.
“Okay. All the best”, she said, walking into her room.
“You’re on the list of those I’ll be fighting tomorrow though”.
“Then you better get ready to have your semifinals moved again because
I’m going to beat you up”.
“I was expecting that. I need you to put in your best tomorrow”.
“You don’t have to tell me that. I intend on getting my revenge tomorrow,
so you better be ready”, Kierra said to him and he smiled.
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I need my room to myself”, she said.
“Goodnight Kierra”, he said and he left.
Kierra quickly ran back to the field to train more. She really wanted to beat
Kayden and hinder him from leaving because she wanted to prove to him
that she’s stronger and better than him.
The palace
Derrick went to his Mum’s room to talk to her about Fredrick again.
“Mum, I don’t know what Fredrick did to you to be thrown in the dungeon
but it’s been weeks now. People are talking and his wife and kids are
worried. If you won’t see him, then allow his wife to see him”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Mum please. At least let me know what he did or let me see him”.
“He offended me and that’s all”,
She couldn’t tell Derrick or anyone what he really did because the penalty
for that crime was huge and could cost him his life.
“Hmm, then just visit him. I heard he’s not been eating his food or drinking
his water”, Derrick said, worried and she also became worried.
“That idiot is trying to kill himself”, she said, getting up from her bed.
“Where are you going to?”
“To see him”.
“Can I come with you?”
“No”, she said in frustration and she left.


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