The palace
Queen Valerie went to the dungeon to see Fredrick. When he saw her, he
looked away.
“I heard you’re not eating your food”, she said to him.
“Yeah and there’s nothing you can do about it”.
“Where did I go wrong in giving birth to you or raising you? You killed your
own father? Someone who loved and adored you”.
“He didn’t love me. He wanted to give my throne to Hope”.
“And that gives you the motive to kill him? Do you know the magnitude of
what you did? If you were not my son, I would have chopped your head off
myself and now you want to kill your only sister too? We’ll see how you
would do that from here”.
“Mum let me out of here or I’ll starve myself to death”.
“Why are you so selfish and why do you act like a kid. You’re a grown man
Fredrick! Do you think of your wife and kids when you act this way? You
want to kill yourself and leave them fatherless. You want your wife to be a
widow? Alright. Go ahead, kill yourself and I’ll gladly let your kids know
the kind of selfish and foolish person you are”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Guards!!” She yelled and when they came around, she took one of their
swords and threw it inside his dungeon.
“Kill yourself and let’s get it over with”, she said to him and he looked at
her in surprise.
“Mum”, he exclaimed.
“Yeah go on. We’re all waiting for you”.
“Mum, you want me to kill myself?”
“Me? You’re the one who wants to do that and as a good mother, I’ll give
you what you want”, she said in anger.
“You don’t love me. You want me to die”.
“So you don’t want to die?”
“No!” He exclaimed.
“Alright, give me back the sword”, she said and he didn’t give it to her.
“I’ll hold on to it”.
“Give it back. You’re free now”, she said and he still held on to it.
“I don’t trust you”.
“I’ve always done everything you wanted, so why don’t you trust me?”
“Let them open up the dungeon and then I will give it to you”, he said and
she nodded.
“Release him”, she said to them and they opened up the dungeon.
Immediately he stepped out and handed over the sword, she made them lock
him up again.
“Mum!!” He yelled.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Don’t bother to give him food or water till he actually begs for it”, she said
and she left.
“Mum!! You can’t leave me here!!” He yelled but she ignored him.
“Arghh!!! Get me out of here”, he yelled, banging his hands on the door and
the guards ignored him and left.
The training center
“You look so tired. Did you get enough sleep?” Gabriella asked Kierra as
they were walking to the training field.
“No, I went out to train again”.
“Why? We already had extra training at night”, Gabriella said.
“I’ll be fighting with Kayden today and I intend to kick his ass and bruise
his ego”, she said, grinning.
“Is it his finals?”
“It’s his semifinals”.
“Oh I see. But are you sure you can defeat him?”
“Yeah. If I can take both you and Joshua down, then I can surely defeat
“Calm your pants down. You only took us down because we let you”.
“Yeah right”, Kierra said, rolling her eyes.
“I also know some of his weaknesses. When we used to train together,
although he kept on winning, I was able to study his weaknesses”.
“Wow, then you’re really ready for this”.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I am!”
“All the best girl and make sure you win”, Gabriella said to her.
“All the best too. Remember, we have to move up on the scoreboard. We’ve
been in the 4th place for a long time now”.
“Yes madam”, Gabriella said to her as she left.
The competition began and it was finally Kayden and Kierra’s turn.
When they started, Kierra missed most of her punches and was punched by
Kayden several times.
At the middle of the competition, things got serious and this time, Kierra
was able to punch him several times.
When they switched to sword, Kierra surprised everyone with her new
acquired skill. She got both Kayden and his sword on the floor. Kayden was
dumbfounded and she grinned.
They switched to archery and other training requirements. At the end, Kierra
defeated Kayden.
Everyone was in awe including Kayden.
“I hope my win gets to keep you here for extra weeks”, She said to him and
Kayden was annoyed and embarrassed.
“You defeated the big bad wolf”, Gabriella said, approaching her and giving
her a high five.
“Yeah”, she said, grinning.
“Where did you learn that skill you pulled off”?
“Last night. I don’t know how but it just came to me. I was training and
trying to learn the skill Joshua taught me and then I ended up doing that one
and it became my own new skill”, she said, wiggling her brows.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“You’re just a genius”.
“Yes. We have to celebrate. We both won in our fights today. I’m sure we’ll
move up”, Kierra said and Gabriella jumped up in excitement.
They continued talking and then went to their various rooms.
In the woods
John was hiding inside a tent with Penelope. When he heard that Fredrick
had been locked up, he ran for his dear life with Penelope out of fear. He
didn’t want Fredrick to drag him down with him.
“I’m really sick of staying here. How did I go from being almost a queen to
this?” Penelope said in frustration.
“I’m sorry my love. We won’t be here for long. I’m coming up with a plan”.
“What plan?”
“To free Fredrick”.
“How do you intend to do that?”
“I’ve got two plans”.
“Do I get to play a part in any of these plans?” She asked.
“Yes of course. We’ll need your seductive self. Your skills always work on
any man”, he said.
“Mmm, I love the plan already”, she said, grinning.
“You’ll surely be a queen don’t worry”.
“I love you so much John, she said, kissing him.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“I love you more baby”, he said, grinning.
The training center
Days went by and Kierra became stronger and more skillful. Everyone was
marveled at her rapid improvement.
Kierra was summoned to Miss Rose’s office. When she got there, she saw
Kayden in there and she wondered what they were being summoned for.
“Oh you’re here. I’ll be right back”, Miss Rose said and she left.
Kierra took her seat next to Kayden’s.
They were both quiet for a while till Kierra spoke up.
“So you still not talking to me?” She asked him and he ignored her.
“Wow, alright. Ignore me then”, she said, looking away.
“Is this because I defeated you and hindered you from leaving?” she asked
and he didn’t utter a word.
“That was actually a payback for how you treated me and how you gave up
on me. I know I bruised your ego and prevented you from going back home
but I thought you would be proud of me”, she said and he still ignored her.
“Alright, ignore me then”.
The whole place was quiet for a while till Miss Rose got back.
“How are you doing Kierra?” she asked.
“I’m good, you?”
“I’m awesome. And you Kayden? How are you?”
“I’m alright”, he said firmly.
“Okay, we thank God. I summoned you both to let you know that you’re
back as opponents”, she said and they were both surprised.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“What?” They both said in unison.
“Yeah, you’ve really improved Kierra and we want to move you to the next
level. You’ll both be having your semi-final test next week. You’ll both be
fighting each other and whoever wins, moves to the finals and gets out of
here”, she said and they both had their jaws dropped.
“You can’t do that. I’ve been here for a longer time than her”, Kayden said.
“It wasn’t just my decision. The council made this decision”.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because she’s improved a lot and we don’t see a reason to keep here for a
longer period”.
“The fact that she defeated me doesn’t mean that she’s that good”, he said.
“Then you shouldn’t also qualify”, Kierra said to him.
“I would have been at my finals if I had not let my guard down”, he said to
“Yeah right. Miss Rose I’m ready for this. I’m really grateful to you and the
council for believing in me and granting this to me but I would love to stick
with my current opponent”.
“I second that”, he said and Miss Rose observed them for a while.
“Are you both seeing each other?” she asked.
“No! I would never want to be with a narcissistic jerk like him”, Kierra said.
“I don’t know what’s going on between you two but you have to fix it
because you would be training with each other till your semi-final
competition”, she said and they both looked away.
“You can both leave now”, she said to them.
“This isn’t right Miss Rose”, he said and he left.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
As Kierra was leaving, she was called back.
“Give these letters to Gabriella and Joshua. They’re also having their semifinal test”, Miss Rose said to her.
“Wow, that’s great”.
“Yeah but their case is different from yours”, she said and Kierra nodded.
“I understand. And since I’m no longer Joshua’s opponent, who is replacing
“Lucy. She’s been already notified”.
“Okay, is she also taking part in the semi-finals?”
“No, she failed miserably at her last”.
“All the best Kierra. I’m proud of you”,.
“Thank you”, she said and she left.
It was already lunch time, so she quickly ran to the dining hall to break the
good news to Gabriella and Joshua.
She handed them the letters and when they read it, they jumped in
“Wow, we’re all making it to the semi-finals”, Gabriella said, jumping.
As Kierra sat down to have her lunch, Lucy walked up to her.
“You didn’t learn your lesson the last time huh? How dare you take my
opponent away from me?” She asked, glaring at her.
“I didn’t mean to but you are just not a worthy partner for him after failing
miserable last week”, Kierra said, shrugging.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“We can fight it out, if you want?” Kierra said, standing up to her and her
friends were surprised and happy that she wasfinally standing up for herself.
“Wow, you’re growing wings now huh? Just because everyone hails you
now? Girl, don’t you dare mess with me”, she said to Kierra.
“Lucy leave her alone”, Joshua said to her.
“Don’t involve yourself in this Joshua and you’re my new opponent now,
you should be on my side”, Lucy said to him.
“Opponents are never on the same side”, he said.
“But you were always on her side when she was your opponent”.
“Because she’s my friend”.
“Oh, she has slept with you too? Sleeping with Kayden wasn’t enough for
you?” she asked Kierra.
“Lucy aren’t you tired of picking on her? Just leave her alone. She wants
nothing to do with Kayden and will never sleep with him”, Gabriella said,
defending Kierra.
“Oh so she hasn’t told you yet. You’ve slept with Kayden before, tell them!”
“No, I haven’t”, Kierra yelled.
“So he didn’t sleep in your room weeks ago?” she asked and Kierra was
“You see, she can’t defend herself, whore!” she said and she left.
“Did you sleep with Kayden?” Gabriella asked her.
“No, but he spent the night in my room some weeks ago”, she said and
Gabriella widened her eyes.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“He slept on the floor. It was nothing”.
“Nothing? What do you take me for? Are you saying that Kayden left his
comfortable bed which was right opposite your room to sleep on the bare
floor? You’re lying to me”.
“No Gabby. I couldn’t sleep that night and he offered to keep me company”.
“You’re still lying to me Kierra and you’ve been lying all this while. I
thought we were friends”, she said, walking away.
“Gabby, I’m not”, Kierra said but Gabriella ignored her and left.
“You believe me right?” she asked Joshua and he shrugged.
“I’m not lying Joshua. You’ve slept in my room before and did I let you
sleep on my bed?” she asked him.
“No but what we don’t understand is why Kayden would offer to keep you
company. He thinks of no one but himself and if he is showing care, then
it’s to be in your bed”.
“I don’t know, but he did”.
“Then he probably likes you. I mean who wouldn’t like you. You’re
beautiful, smart and strong”, he said to her.
“What? No! He doesn’t”, she said, ignoring his compliment.
“Well”, he said, shrugging.
“I’ll be right back. I have to explain things to Gabby”, she said and she left.
The palace
“Derrick”, Angela called out and he stopped.
“Hey Angela”, he said to her.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“Have you spoken to your mother yet?”
“I think you should talk to her yourself because she is not listening to me.
She might probably let you speak to him”.
“I doubt she will”.
“You have to try at least. She’s is in her room and is in a better mood today.
So, I think you should see her now and speak to her”, he said to her and she
She quickly ran to the queen’s chambers and the guys announced her
presence to the queen and she was allowed to see her.
“Your Grace”, she said, bowing.
“You can sit”, she said to her and she sat on her bed.
“So how can I help you?”
“I was wondering if you could let me see my husband. I’m really worried
and my daughters are worried too. I’m tired of lying to them”.
“I’m so sorry Angela for putting you through that but I’m actually doing it
for his own good. He’s in a bad place and needs to calm down. You won’t
understand now but it’s what’s best for everyone”.
“Okay, but can you please let me know what he did?”
“I can’t say but just trust me”.
“Is it about his attempt to assassinate Hope?” she asked and the queen was
“You knew about it?” she asked, getting annoyed.
“He said something about it but that was right before the international
meeting. I wasn’t too sure I heard him properly”.
“And you knew about what he did to his father?” Queen Valerie asked.
Dominion Dionetta Ekwe
“His father? I…. He…”, she tried to say before she understood what the
queen meant.
“He killed King James?” Angela asked.
“I’ve said too much. You have to leave now”.
“Queen Valerie please talk to me. I can…”
“Leave now!!” she said, angrily and Angela left.
Penelope was in the kitchen making out with the male cook till he fell off
due to what she put in his drink.
She quickly took out the powdered substance she had in her bag and she
dropped it in the pot of soup and then she ran off.


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