Years ago, in the kingdom of Navara, a little princess was born and she was named Hope because she was the hope of her people. The people of Navara had been at war with the people of Janrico for over 100 years and they were suffering due to this war. They had served God all their lives and always prayed for a savior to end their sufferings. Few years before Hope was born, a prophecy was revealed to her parents; King James and Queen Valerie that they were going to have a baby girl and she was going to restore peace to the land. Queen Valerie already had three sons and no one understood why God wasn’t going to use any of them to solve their problems but they all still decided to put their trust in Him. The people of Janrico heard about the prophecy and devised a plan to assassinate Hope. King James and Queen Valerie got information regarding the plan and so, they decided to send their daughter to a faraway land to be raised as a regular girl. On her first birthday, she was declared dead and was given to a young Christian couple to raise her as theirs and they promised to keep the secret from everyone including Hope. The young couple took her to a faraway land and she was named Kierra.