My Muse: Chapter 10

Oscar’s POV
I was so hurt and angry on hearing what my mum said.
How could she lie to me like that? I had to confront her to know why she had the heart to do that.
“Mum, can you please get water for me?” I asked my mum.
“Alright, I’ll be right back”, she said and she left.
I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I got up, took out the drip and stormed out of the room.
I went from room to room, poking my head into every room to find hers.
I finally found hers. Her parents and Monica were inside but I didn’t care. What their daughter did was
evil and she had to know that and provide me with answers.
“Oscar what are you doing here?” Monica asked, blocking my way and I pushed her off.
“Hey, hey, Oscar, what do you want?” Her dad asked and I ignored him.
I turned to look at Mabel and she looked at me clueless.
“Now, you‟re talking to me this way? Your daughter is a very bad person. You know what she did, don’t
you?” I said, glaring at her father.
“Oscar, calm down. I didn’t know till today”, he said to me, with a low tone.
“Don’t be civil with him. Call the cops and lock him up for what he did to our daughter!” The mother
“No, no. Oscar!!” Mabel called out.
“Oh so you do remember him”, Monica said, rolling her eyes.
“It’s slight Amnesia Monica. Of course she remembers him”, her mum said, rolling her eyes.
“Oh, I see. I hope she remembers what she did”, I said angrily and held my head. It was really hurting.
“Dad, why is Oscar yelling?” Mabel said and her voice really annoyed me.
“Shut up Mabel. You’re lucky that you don’t remember now, but when you do, don’t ever try to look for
me because I’ll be long gone from your messed up life”, I said to her and Monica tried touching me.
“Don’t you dare? This family is just sick”, I kept on shouting and yelling till my mum came in and tried to
calm me down.
“What’s going on here”, I heard a familiar voice say and I turned around. It was Natasha.
Natasha’s POV
I was in my office when a nurse told me that the psychiatrist and I were needed at a certain room.
A patient was in an accident and had a slight amnesia, so they needed us to attend to the patient.
Normally a psychiatrist is supposed to work on that alone but they always call me or other psychologist.
When I got to the patient’s room with the psychiatrist, we saw a lot of people in the room yelling.
“What’s going on here?” I asked, and they turned around to face me.
“Oscar?” I asked surprised. He was in hospital garments and bandage around his head with the part of a
syringe plastered on his hand.
I looked on the bed and saw a lady with a bandage on her head too. What happened? I wondered.
“Can you take care of the lady? The gentleman here is my patient and I need to attend to him”, I said to
the psychiatrist and he nodded.
“Oscar, please come with me”, I said.
The look in his eyes was so different. I could see the pain in it.
He wasn’t going to move so I took his hands and asked him to come.
“Who are you please?” An elderly woman who I presumed to be his mum asked.
“I’m his psychologist”, I said to her.
She nodded her head but I could tell that she was confused.
“Oscar let’s go”, I said once again and he moved.
“Where’s your room?” I asked him and he lead me to his room. His mom also came along.
I made him lie on his bed and I connected back his drip.
“How’s your head?” I asked him and he was still quiet.
“Oscar, I need you to talk to me”, I said getting worried and he didn’t say anything.
“What happened to him?” I asked his mum and she told me everything that happened and it saddened my
He was such a nice person, why will a lady do that to someone she loves?
I could imagine his pain.
I kept on talking to his mother and he eventually fell asleep.
“I’ll have to attend to Mabel. If there’s anything, please let me know”, I said to her and I left.
In Mabel’s room
The psychiatrist was done with her. He said she just had to recover her memories.
I sat by her and observed her for a moment.
“Who was with her the most for the past 6 weeks?” I asked.
“Me”, a young lady said. She looked exactly like Mabel and with what I heard from Oscar, I could tell
that was Monica.
“Okay, can the rest of you please excuse us” I said to her parents and they left.
“What’s your name please?” I asked her although I knew her name.
“Monica”, she said.
“Okay, can you remember anything emotional you both spoke about during the period of that time”, I
“Mmm, I’m not sure we’ve had an emotional talk”, she said.
“Not about Oscar?” I asked and she felt uneasy.
“Mmm, no”.
“Not about the fake pregnancy?”
“How did you know that? It’s personal”.
“Oscar’s my patient so, I know. You better start talking to your sister about what happened that day and
how she felt, if you want her to recover her lost memory faster”, I said to her with annoyance clearly in
my tone.
She glared at me and began speaking to her sister.
I couldn’t stand listening to her remind her sister of what she did, so I decided to leave.
“When she remembers anything, please let the nurse know, so that she can call me”, I said to her and I
went back to Oscar’s room.
He was still asleep. So, I left.
After some hours, I went back to his room.
He was awake but his mum wasn’t there. Monica was there.
“What are you doing here?” I asked angrily and she ignored me.
“Young lady, I suggest you leave now or I’ll let security throw you out”, I said to her.
“What’s with you this lady? Are you his psychologist or mistress?” She asked and I got angry and slapped
“I won’t let you disrespect me like that”, I said to her.
“I’m so going to sue this stupid hospital”, she yelled and she stormed out.
“Is that what you were dealing with?” I asked Oscar and he laughed.
We talked for a while and I left to my office to pack up and close for the day.
I passed by Oscar’s room before leaving and his mom was there. So I left.
Oscar’s POV
I was in the hospital bed when Monica and Mabel’s parents stormed my room.
“Mabel is gone”, Monica said.
“What do you mean gone”, I asked
“She’s nowhere to be found”, they said and I panicked.
I knew Mabel so well. If she has gained back her memory, then she’s off to hurt herself.
Oh God!!
“Get the nurse for me”, I said to them.
“I just told you that Mabel is missing and you want the nurse?” Monica asked.
“I know where she is, but I‟ll need the nurse to get me off the drip and lead me to the roof top”, I said.
“Roof top?” the mother exclaimed.
“Yes, I know she‟s there. I know what she‟s capable of. This isn‟t the first time and I know she wants me
to come get her. She‟s not going to jump but she might hurt herself”, I said to them.
“Go and get the nurse, Monica”, her mum said to her and she ran off.
She came back with the nurse and we all explained things to her and the nurse took me off the drip and
took me to the roof top.
“She‟s there, I‟ll like to go alone”, I said to them and I went in alone.
When she saw me, she stood up quickly and ran to hug me.
“I knew you were going to find me”, she said, and I could feel her tear drops on my neck.
“Oscar, I‟m very sorry for what, I did. But please understand me, I didn‟t want to lose you”, she said, and
I pulled her off me.
“So because of that, you decided to manipulate and compel me with a fake pregnancy. You even got me
in bed with you for a week when you knew what I stood for”, I said to her.
“Oscar, I‟m really sorry. I just didn‟t want to lose you”, she said to me.
“Why did you feel that way all of a sudden, we‟ve dated for three years and you‟ve done a lot of things
but I always forgave you and stood by you. I asked you to marry me and you turned me down, but I was
still with you. You and your sister created a lot of drama and I still stood by you, even though my mum
was against it. So Mabel what made you feel that way?” I asked her.
“You became so distant and you stopped caring about certain things that I did”, she said.
“That‟s because I was also making sure that I was ready to marry you. When you turned me down, did I
ever try to manipulate you or force you to get married to me? I just left you to make your own decisions.
That‟s what love is. Love is selfless and not this selfish act you pulled. Even when I was doing whatever
it is that you claim I was doing, you should have spoken to me about it or try to find out what was going
on, but no, you just had to do this to me. Do you know how much it hurts me, that someone I love and
trusted for three years could do this to me? Do you know?” I yelled.
“Oscar, I‟m very sorry”, she said.
“So you climbed up here to do what? Kill yourself like you wanted to do before? You‟re just being a
coward. When things get tough, instead of facing them or working it out, you want to kill yourself?
You‟re just being selfish all over again. You don‟t care about how it will affect your loved ones, you just
want to do you and it‟s not a nice thing Mabel. And you know that when you commit suicide, you‟re
going to hell right? Is what you‟re going through so difficult that you‟ll prefer to burn eternally? Mabel,
grow up okay”, I said to her and she was quiet for a while.
“Can we just start afresh and I promise to be a better person”, she said.
“No Mabel, we can‟t. What we have is done. It‟s over”.
“Oscar please, I can‟t live without you”, she said.
“Oh please, I‟m not your source of life and you did this, not me”.
“I know, I know, please forgive me, please”, she said, crying out loud and pulling my garment.
She was making things difficult for me. I still loved her very much but I had to end this.
“Mabel, stop it. I can‟t be with you. I‟ve lost my trust. I can‟t be with someone I don‟t trust”.
“So you don‟t love me anymore”.
“This isn‟t about love, Mabel. Just move on in life, you‟ll live”, I said to her. Now I was getting frustrated.
“I‟m going back to my room”, I said and when I was about to leave, she pulled me back.
“Can we still be friends?” she asked.
“Why not? That‟s cool”, I said, and I left.

Natasha’s POV
I was about to sleep when I received a mail from Oscar.
„You up?‟
„Yeah, how are you feeling?‟ I asked.
„Better, Mabel tried to kill herself, but I talked her out of it‟
„That‟s nice of you. I hope they‟re not stressing you over there. Especially Monica‟ I asked.
„They‟re not. Thank you for today though, I know I wasn‟t helping, but you were still there for me. I‟m
really grateful‟
„You‟re welcome; I hope you‟re responding well to treatment?‟
„Yeah, I am, I‟ll be discharged tomorrow‟
„That‟s great‟
„Texting through email really sucks, can you just give your digits, so that I call‟
„I thought you were never going to ask‟
„Oh wow, I wanted to ask, but I wasn‟t sure that we were on that level yet‟
„We‟re friends now Oscar. After what you did for me the other time, I see you as a friend‟
„Thank you Nat‟
„I have your contact, so I‟ll give you a call tomorrow‟
„How do you have my contact and why tomorrow?‟
„I have all your details. I‟m your psychologist, remember? And I‟m really sleepy now, so it‟ll be best if
we talk tomorrow‟.
„Okay, uhm, one last thing. What time will you be free tomorrow? I‟ll love to take you out for lunch just
to show my appreciation, that‟s if you‟re cool with that‟
„Mmm, as long as it‟s free food no problem‟
„Okay, so what time?‟
„No specific time actually. But I‟ll call you when I‟m free‟
„Okay then, I‟ll look forward to that. Goodnight Nat‟
„Goodnight Oscar‟


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