Natasha’s POV
“Thank you Dr Natasha”, my patient said and she left.
I relaxed on my chair a bit and waited patiently to see if any patient was going to show up, but no one did,
so I had to take a break.
I looked for Oscar‟s file and saved his contact on my phone and then I called him.
“Hello Oscar”.
“Hey Nat, I‟ve been waiting for your call, I thought you were going to bail”, he said in a cocky tone.
“How do you even know that it‟s me”, I asked.
“You pronounce my name in a different way”, he said and I laughed.
“Okay, I‟m free now”.
“Alright, I‟ll be there in like 20 minutes”, he said.
“Alright, I‟ll be waiting”, I said and I hanged up.

Oscar took me to my favorite restaurant and as we got out of the car, I spotted June‟s car and it just
changed my mood.
When we walked in, I saw him sitting with Freda and it made me get jealous. Before I could look away he
spotted me and he waved.
I didn‟t know if I should wave back or not. I wasn‟t going to pretend to be cool with him, so I didn‟t
wave back, I just looked away.
“Where do you want to sit?” Oscar asked me and I took him to my sitting spot. Luckily for us, no one was
there. When I sat down, I realized that June‟s table was facing ours but I didn‟t care to change places. He
doesn‟t get to control my life.
“Are you okay?” Oscar asked me.
“Yeah”, I said, taking the menu off the table and flipping through the pages.
“Mmm, I don‟t mean to pry but I saw you ignore the guy that waved at you”, he said.
“You‟re not prying. You‟re my psychologist and patient, remember?” I said, grinning and he laughed.
“So what‟s up with the guy who waved?” he asked me.
“That‟s June. We‟re no longer together”, I said, sadly.
“Woah, what happened?” he asked and I told him everything that happened from when he disappeared
and how he returned to break it off.
“It‟s been difficult getting over him and it annoys me when I see him around. When I was with him, he
didn‟t have that time to be taking me out to lunch and now he‟s always taking her out”, I said, getting
“Hey, don‟t even think about that. It‟s not you, it‟s him. Don‟t worry about what he does, that‟s what I do.
If Mabel should come in here with a different guy, I wouldn‟t even notice them because I don‟t want to
care. You just don‟t stop caring, you have to control your mind to do it, it will hurt but it‟s all part of
healing”, he said to me.
“I think you should have been a psychologist”, I said, laughing.
“No, I can‟t stand listening to a lot of problems”, he said and I laughed.
“We‟ve been talking too much, let‟s make our orders now”, he said, calling the waiter.
We gave out our orders and talked till the food arrived.
As we started eating, I kept glancing a June and Freda, they looked so happy.
“Nat, let‟s put on a show”, Oscar said and I was confused.
“Don‟t tell me it‟s childish or any psychological thing you have to say. Let‟s get June‟s attention”, he said
and I shook my head.
“I‟m giving you the chance to use me”, he said grinning.
“Let‟s just try it, it‟s going to be fun and I bet you that June will get uncomfortable and leave”, he said
and I thought about it for a while and agreed hoping that I wouldn‟t embarrass myself that much.
“Now, start laughing out really loud and hit my shoulders”, he said and I shook my head.
“Oscar, I‟m a lady”, I said.
“So laugh out loud like a lady”, he said and I don‟t know how I did it, but I found myself laughing out
really loud and making comments like „Oh my God‟ „Oscar, you‟re so funny‟ and a whole lot of things.
“He‟s looking”, Oscar said and I kept on laughing.
We did other silly stuff like he feeding me, poking my cheek and whispering silly things in my ear.
“June is getting uncomfortable already”, he said and I couldn‟t stop myself from laughing. Oscar is just
something else.
“Okay, now pull your chair backwards and laugh again”, Oscar said.
“Don‟t you think we‟re being over childish?” I said to him.
“Who cares? It‟s all to make him uncomfortable just do it and let‟s see his reaction this time and be very
loud”, he said and I did it. This time, June and Freda got up and left.
“Woah, they‟re leaving. Congratulations Nat”, Oscar said, laughing.
“After today, I‟m not stepping my foot here again”, I said and Oscar kept on laughing.
“You‟re really good at acting. I think you should quit your job, you‟ve found your calling”, he said and I
glared at him.
When we were done with our food, we left and he took me back to the hospital.
“I‟ve never laughed this much or had so much fun like this. Thank you Oscar”, I said.
“Anytime, Nat. Thank you too. It‟s been a while since I laughed this much too, I‟ll look forward to this
again” he said and I smiled.
I got out of the car and waved at him. He drove off and I walked back into the hospital.
Today was really fun. You should have seen the look on June‟s face. I‟m sure he was wondering why I
was laughing like that and which guy I was with. When I was with him, I didn‟t have any close male
friend; I had to put some space between them and me for June‟s sake. I know he‟ll be wondering where I
got Oscar from. Why am I even overthinking this, he probably didn‟t care and left because I was making
a fool of myself.
Well, I don‟t really care too. I had so much fun, acting and doing silly things. Oscar is something else.
April needs to hang out with him, they‟ll really get along.
I finally got to my office and work started again.
Oscar’s POV
I was still in a good mood. My time with Natasha today was really worth it. It made me forget the stress
and drama I went through.
My mood changed when I got home because Mabel was in my house.
“What are you doing here?” I asked her, surprised at the fact that she was in my house.
“I came to pack my stuff”, she said.
“Okay, I already did that. Your things are in the guest room”, I said and she looked at me with so much
sadness written on her face.
“When did you get discharged?” I asked.
“This afternoon”, she said.
“Okay, I thank God you‟re fine”, I said, smiling at her and she forced a smile.
I didn‟t like seeing her like this. Yes, she hurt me but I still loved and cared about her. It‟s not easy to love
someone for three years and just fall out of love within few days. Seeing her in pain still affected me.
She went to the guestroom and came back with her stuff all packed in a big traveling bag. She walked
towards me and placed something in my hand. When I opened it, it was the ring I used to propose to her.
“I‟m really sorry Oscar for everything”, she said, tearing up.
“Mabel please stop crying”, I said, pulling her closer and comforting her. “I‟ve forgiven you Mabel,
please don‟t cry”.
“If you‟ve forgiven me why can‟t we still be together? Couples fight and go through things, but the love
keeps them together”, she said, pulling out of my grip and looking at my face.
“Mabel this is different. I wish I could look past it but I can‟t. I don‟t trust you anymore and if we
continue, things are not going to be the same”, I said to her and she sat on my couch and cried out more.
I really wished I could do something to make her feel better, but I couldn‟t.
“We‟re still friends. You can always talk to me and you‟re always welcome here”, I said to her.
“When you saw me earlier on you spoke to me harshly like I was a stranger”, she said.
“I‟m sorry about that. I was just surprised”.
She sat there for a while and got up to leave.
“Uhm, Mabel please let your dad know that I‟ll be coming for my things from the office. He doesn‟t have
to throw it away”, I said to her.
“C‟mon Oscar. You and my dad had a professional relationship before I came into the picture. He‟s not
going to sack you. And he was happy that you prevented me from doing something stupid to myself. If
he‟s mad at someone then it should be me”, she said and I nodded.
“Alright, thank you”.
“Bye Oscar”, she said and she left.
Natasha‟s POV
For two weeks now, Oscar and I have been hanging out often and he always made my day by making me
laugh really hard.
Sometimes, I try to remember some of the things he says and it really cracks me up even when I‟m
walking. He‟s made me loosen up a bit. I wasn‟t a fun type. I was either at work, church or home, but
because of him, I‟ve come to know nice places and do things I couldn’t do.
April was even starting to complain that I don‟t talk or hang out with her that often.
She knew that I was friends with Oscar, but she didn‟t know that he was the one taking me away from
He was really a nice person and I‟m glad I met him. He‟s made me happy these few days.
He invited me to his house this weekend. This was the first time that I was going to step my foot in his
house and he‟s also never been to my house before.
I took a cab to his house, I wanted to take a bus but I didn‟t want to miss my way, so I took a bus.
When I got to his house, I was surprised to see that he had not cooked anything. He promised to cook for
me today.
“Oscar, I‟m going to kill you. Because of you, I didn‟t eat anything before leaving the house and now
there‟s nothing.
“You said you could cook better than I do, so I want to watch you cook”, he said and I glared at him.
“Oscar why are you doing this to me? I was just bragging and I told you that my mum cooks most of the
time, so I don‟t know how to cook that much”, I said, folding my arms and frowning.
“Yeah, so Chef Oscar is here to help”, he said, bowing his head like he had just finished performing a
ballet dance.
“You‟re so annoying. Where‟s the kitchen?” I asked him and he directed me to the kitchen.
“Just show me where everything is and I‟ll cook alone. I don‟t need your help”, I said to him and he
“Alright Chef Natasha. No problem”, he said and he showed me where everything was.
“So what are you going to cook?” he asked me.
“You don‟t need to know, when I‟m done, you‟ll know”, I said, pushing him out of the kitchen and then I
started cooking what I knew how to cook best.

“Mmm, not bad”, he said, as he ate the food and I glared at him.
“I bet it‟s better than yours”, I said to him and he laughed.
“Mmmm, we will see”, he said, grinning.
When we were done eating, I took the plates to wash it and he let me do it alone.
I walked back to the dining room and I scowled at him.
“What”? He asked.
“Couldn‟t you offer to help wash the dishes or say no, don‟t wash it like other guys do”, I asked him.
“So that you‟ll tell me „no, I can do it, don‟t worry‟ and we‟ll stretch it. Nerh, I don‟t like dragging
things”, he said, grinning.
“Alright, I‟ll get you”, I said, walking to the living room and he followed me.
“So would you prefer to watch a movie or play games?” he asked me.
“Games? Oh no. I want to watch a movie”, I said to him.
“Hmm, okay, let me get my laptop”, he said and he went to his room and came back with it.
I took it from him and turned it on.
“What‟s the password?” I asked him.
“lebam” he said.
“What‟s that?” I asked, typing in the password.
“Mabel‟s name turned the other way round”, he said and my face changed.
When I unlocked it, Mabel‟s picture was on the background.
This changed my mood and I don‟t know why it did that.
What made things worse was when he received a call from her and excused himself.
Oh God, why am I feeling this way?! I decided to ignore it. I was skimming through the things on his
laptop and couldn‟t stop yawning. I was really sleepy because of the food, I tried my best to stay awake
but sleep definitely took over.


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