Oscar’s POV
“What’s your password”? Nat asked.
“Lebam”, I said.
Oh crap, I always planned on changing my password and I always keep forgetting.
“What’s that “, she asked.
“Mabel’s name turned the other way round”, I said.
When she unlocked it too, Mabel‟s picture was on the background. Hmm, I really have to clear all
Mabel’s history from my laptop.
I was about to show Natasha where my movies were but then my phone vibrated. When I looked at the
caller ID, it was Mabel.
“Excuse me”, I said to Nat and I went to my room to answer the call.
“Hello Oscar”.
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“I’ve sent multiple texts to you and you’re not replying”,
“Oh really? Then I’ve not seen them” I said.
“Okay, I was just checking on you and was wondering if I could visit you today?”
“Mmmm….not today”
“Why not?”
I wanted to tell her that it was none of her business but she’ll think I was being rude to her.
“Uhm, I have a visitor”, I said.
“Mmm, when did you start having visitors?”
“Mabel, you can’t visit today, that’s it”.
“Okay, what about tomorrow”? She asked.
“I might be busy or not available”.
“Busy on Sundays? That’s new. Okay, then I’ll just pass by the office on one of the weekdays”.
“No problem”.
“Okay, I’ve missed you though”.
Now I’m stuck, I didn’t know what to say. I do miss her sometimes but then immediately it happens, I
tune my mind not to. And each time I’m by Nat, I get really occupied and I don’t think of anything else
than making her happy.
“Oscar? You there?” Mabel asked.
“Yeah, can we talk later?” I asked.
“Yeah, sure”.
“Bye Mabel”.
I went back to my living room and Natasha was already asleep.
It’s the food, I guess.
I brought a cover cloth and placed it on her and then I slept on the carpet. I wanted to go back to my room
but I couldn’t just leave Nat in the living room like that.

The doorbell went off and woke me up from my sleep.
I wondered who it was and it better be someone important or I’ll go crazy on the person for disturbing me
from my sleep.
I got up from the floor and I looked at Nat.
She was still sleeping like a baby. I thank God though. I wouldn’t want her to wake up because of the bell.
She needs her rest.
I went to the door and it was Mabel standing there with Monica.
Oh God, can’t these girls just stay away from me.
“Hello Oscar, can we come in?” Monica asked.
“Mabel, I told you not today”, I said undertone in frustration.
“But that was 3 hours ago. It’s already 6 and we didn’t just get up to come here, we were going
somewhere and we just decided to pass by”.
“Okay, thank you. I was sleeping and I’ll like to go back cos I‟m still sleepy”.
“Why are you whispering?” Mabel asked and I ignored her question.
“Mmm, there’s a girl in there, huh? And you don’t want her to hear us talking to you”, Monica said in a
teasing tone.
“I’m not ready for this. Just go, I need to sleep”, I said trying not to lash out on them because I didn‟t want
to wake Natasha up.
“Can’t we just say hello to your visitor”, Monica said, laughing.
“Look what you made me do”, I said and I banged the door in their faces. I know I was being extra, but
these girls were really annoying.
When I turned around, Natasha was up. She sat up and stretched.
“I’m so sorry Nat; I didn’t mean to bang the door”.
“It’s fine. What’s the time? “She asked and I took my phone from the table and checked.
“It’s 6:45”, I said and she widened her eyes.
“Really? Then I really slept”, she said.
“It’s just 3 hours”, I said, rolling my eyes. She rolled hers too and it made me laugh.
“I need to get going, I’ve got church tomorrow”.
“Yeah yeah. Me too. One day, I’ll invite you to my church”, I said, grinning.
“I’ll look forward to that”, she said, smiling and gathering her things.
“I’ll drop you off”, I said, taking my keys.
“Okay, thanks”.
“Should I change or this is okay?” I asked her.
I was in a shorts and a white t-shirt.
“Really? Aren’t you just dropping me off?”
“It’s okay. I get it”.
I opened the door and we left.
Natasha’s POV
Church was over, so I was gathering my things to go for the youth meeting when an angry April
approached me.
“Hello to you too”, I said to her.
“Where have you been Tash? Each time I come to your house or your work place you’re never there.
When I call, you miss my call and call when everyone’s asleep. When I send a text, you wait for years
before replying”.
“I’ve been doing that? I didn’t know and I’m so sorry. You have my full attention now”.
“Where have you been and what have you been doing”? She asked.
“I’ve just been hanging out with Oscar, that’s all”.
“Oscar? I’m so dumb. How didn’t I know this”, she said, hitting her head.
“You’ve never ditched me like that for any guy unless you like….Tasha you like him!” She said and I
shook my head.
“No, no, you got it all wrong. I’m just fond of him. He makes me happy and when I’m around him, I’m
“Fond what? You like him Tash, just admit it. It’s not a bad thing”, she said, shaking my shoulders.
“Stop it April. Even if I did like him, it might be that rebound thing and I don’t want to do that or rush any
“Hmmm, you’ve got a point but what if he likes you too”.
“Too? I don’t like him. And I doubt he’ll like me. He’s still into his ex”.
“Mmm, that’s bad. It’s good you don’t like him then”, she said teasing in a teasing tone.
“And are you sure you’re even over your ex?” She asked me.
“Uhmm…I don’t know, but I am I guess”.
“Cos I just saw Freda cozying up to him”, she said and my face changed.
“Tsk tsk tsk, I thought you just said you’re over him”, she said.
“Stop it April, maybe not fully but I’ll get there”.
We spoke for a while and then I went for the youth meeting and she left for her choreography rehearsals.

I was picking out an outfit for work tomorrow when I received a call from Oscar.
“Hey Nat”.
“Hello Oscar”.
“Aww, she misses me already”, he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Who called?” I asked.
“Mmm, anyway, what are you doing tomorrow?” He asked.
“Work” I said wondering what else he thought I’ll be doing.
“Tomorrow is a holiday, Nat”.
“Yeah, but I work at the hospital”.
“Doesn‟t the hospital have people who work on weekends and holidays?” He asked.
“They do, but I always insist on working during holidays because I don’t usually have anything special to
do on that day”.
“Aww, poor Nat. Don’t worry tomorrow will be different, observe the holiday tomorrow”, he said.
“Mmmm, why what’s going to happen?”
“Ssshhhh don’t you like surprises”.
“Mmmm, I see, alright I’ll be expectant”, I said smiling.
“Alright, let me leave you to sleep. Goodnight Nat, I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow”.
“Goodnight Oscar”, I said and hanged up.
Mmm, let’s see what tomorrow brings then.

“April, I can‟t wear that. I don‟t want to walk around looking like sex. And can‟t I just wear a normal top
and pants. This isn‟t a big deal”, I said to April.
Before I slept yesterday, I called her and told her about the surprise Oscar had for me. I just wanted her to
know what was going on in my life and that‟s how I woke up this morning to her carrying a bag of
clothes and shoes. She said she can‟t afford to let me wear my boring clothes.
“It‟s a big deal. When was the last time a guy had a surprise for you”, she asked.
“June once ha……”
“Uh…error. I‟m not talking about that boring one”, she said and I glared at her.
“How about this one?” she asked holding a green dress.
“I can‟t go around looking like a plant”, I said to her and she rolled her eyes.
“Tasha, what‟s wrong with you? You don‟t want to go around looking like sex, plant, the sun, and
rainbow, what do you want to look like?” she asked me.
“I don‟t know. Do you have a white dress?” I asked her.
“Oh now you want to go around looking like a bride”, April said and I laughed.
“I just feel like wearing white, it makes me look like….”
“Don‟t say an angel, that line sickens me”, April said, looking through her things.
“How about this?” she said, showing me a white dress.
“This is lovely, you had this all along and you were showing me those jungle things”, I said and she just
“Try it on”, she said with excitement filled in her voice.
I tried it on and I was proud of what I saw in the mirror.
“Oh my God, my baby girl is looking so gorgeous”, my mum said, walking in.
“What‟s the occasion?” she asked.
I‟ve not told my mum about Oscar yet. I didn‟t want her assuming things or pressuring me with
relationship things.
April was about to open her big mouth and spill, but I cut her.
“I‟m going out with April”, I said, lying. I didn‟t feel good about it but it was for my own good for now.
“Okay, that‟s nice. The dress is lovely and you look so beautiful”, my mum said and I smiled.
“When you‟re ready to go, let me know, I‟ll love to take pictures with you and post them on Facebook”,
she said and April burst out laughing.
“April please. When will you stop hating? You‟re an old hater, find someone new”, my mum said,
throwing her right arm to her side and April kept on laughing. My mum rolled her eyes and left.
“Stop laughing at mum”, I said throwing a dress on her.
“Oh, she knows it‟s all love. Any way you look really lovely. These sandals will go with it”, she said,
giving me the sandals. “And I‟m doing your make-up for you, don‟t say anything, just nod”, she said and
I nodded.
We talked for a while before I went to take my bath and dress up.

“He‟s here”, April said, exclaiming and looking through the windows.
“Mmm, he‟s not looking that bad. Natasha you‟re a lucky girl. Oscar is so gorgeous”, she said and I got
up and pushed her away from my window side to have a peek at him too.
He was looking really nice and charming. I‟m not a girl who really cares about the physical appearance of
people, but with Oscar‟s beauty, I couldn‟t not care. He‟s drop dead gorgeous and for once in my life, I‟m
proud of having someone so adorable like this in my life.
I didn‟t want my mum to see him, so I told him to call me when he arrived and I‟ll meet him in his car.
But no, he just had to step out of the car and walk towards my door. I had no choice than to yell his name.
“Oscar!! Get back into your car” I whispered yelled and he went back to the car, laughing.
“April, let‟s go”, I said to her and I ran to my mum‟s room.
“Mum, I‟m going and we are a bit late, so when I get back we‟ll take the pictures. I love you, bye”, I said,
pecking her on her cheek and I left with April.
The way Oscar looked at me when I stepped out made me feel good about myself.
He stepped out and opened the door for me to get in.
“Hello April”, he said, smiling.
“Hey Oscar”, she said, getting into her car. “Take care of my friend and bring her back safely”, she said to
him and he laughed and drove off.
“Have a good time Tash”, she yelled and I waved at her.

Oscar took me to a circus. At first I wasn‟t so excited about it because he made me sit alone and he
A lot of clowns and dancers came on stage and I was surprised when I heard Oscar‟s voice on the Mic.
“Hey Nat, what‟s good?” he said, throwing a hat to me.
I was really surprised and I started laughing.
They started the performance and Oscar was the lead dancer. He danced really well. There were a lot of
things going down on stage, but I never took my eyes off Oscar.
He started approaching me and I wanted to run off because I wasn‟t sure that I‟d like what he was going
to do.
He pulled me on stage and I tried resisting but he still succeeded.
“Oscar, I suck at dancing”, I yelled but he didn‟t listen to me.
So I just started jumping and throwing my hands in the air. It was actually fun, if there‟s something I‟m
terrified about, it‟s being on stage, but being here with Oscar made me feel safe and I loosened up and
enjoyed myself.
After the dance, we left the stage and I waited for Oscar to change back into his clothes.
When he came out, he took me around the place. It was like a casino. There were a lot of game stands
I didn‟t like games but Oscar won a lot of things at the games, so it made try it out but I lost at almost
everything. Oscar wasn‟t helping at all; he kept making fun of me.
After touring the place, we went to the food court to get something to eat.
“I didn‟t know that you could dance like that and you didn‟t say anything about being part of the circus”,
I said.
“Well, there are a lot of things you don‟t know”, he said smirking.
“Mmm, I see, you don‟t know much about me too”, I said.
“You sure? Because I‟m very observant”, he said wiggling his brows.
“Okay, let‟s play a game. I‟ll ask you questions about me and when you lose, I‟ll dare you to do anything
I want, the same applies to me”, I said.
“Wow, bring it on”, he said, grinning.
“Okay, what‟s my favorite color?” I asked.
“Really? That‟s easy. Black and white”, he said and I was surprised because I never mentioned it.
“Okay my turn”, he said.
“Who is my favorite actor?” he asked, lifting his eyebrows to tease me.
“I don‟t know”, I said, frowning.
“Okay, it‟s time for my dare”, he said giving an evil grin.
Why do I feel like I just started another world war?!


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