Natasha’s POV
“Oscar don’t say anything evil”.
“Mmmm. I’m a man of God, Tasha. Nothing evil can come from my mouth”, he said, grinning.
“Just say what you want to say”.
“Alright, I dare you to climb this table and yell that you think I’m awesome. That’s if you think. If you
don’t think so, you can sit back and remember all liars go to hell”, he said, grinning and wiggling his
brows like a kid.
If eyes could kill, Oscar would be dead and buried right now.
“Oscar, don’t be like that. Everyone will think I’m crazy and they’ll take videos too”.
“Excuse me, did you say something?” He said and I glared at him.
“Well, I don’t think you’re awesome”, I said.
“Do you know what happens to liars?”
“Why do you think I’m lying? Don’t be so narcissistic”.
“Mmm, alright let’s move on to the next question. I’ll surely get you again”.
“Mmm. We’ll see about that”.
“So who‟s your favorite actor?
“Will Smith”.
“Mmm, nice”.
We kept on asking questions and giving outrageous dares till we got tired and left.
On our way home, we played loud music and sang along.
Oscar was very bad with the lyrics and his voice was horrible.
“Oscar please, you’re spoiling the song”, I yelled. He ignored me and kept on singing.
I just had to endure it and sing along.
I looked at the backseat of his car and I saw a book I wrote with my dad. I was really surprised.
“You read?” I asked.
“Not really. Why?”
“Just saw the book on your back seat”, I said, taking the book.
“My sister left it in my car when I dropped her off the last time”.
“Mmm, have you read it?”
“Just a few pages will continue when I get the time. It’s interesting and inspiring, you should read it?”
“Mmm, alright. The authors are really good looking especially the lady”, I said.
“Wow. You’re into ladies now”, he said.
“Check it out”, I said giving the book to him and he glanced at it.
“She’s cute. Wait…” he said grabbing the book. “That’s you!!” He exclaimed and I wiggled my brows.
“And who’s the man at the left”, he asked, giving the book back.
“My dad”.
“Wow, you wrote a book with your dad, impressive. I didn’t know that you write. I mean I know you like
writing. Every psychologist likes doing that. But I didn’t know that you had a book”, he said.
“Yeah, I do. I’ve published three. This was the first one. I started it and stopped; my dad picked it and
finished it up”.
“That’s great. You’re really good. With just the few pages I read, I learnt something new and it’s
interesting too”.
“Thank you”.
“When are you publishing your next book?”
“Not sure. I’ve not had the time”.
“You’re just lazy. I’ll read this book and your other books, if they’re so nice, then you’ll be receiving
pressure from me”, he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Hmm, and you call me narcissistic but you complimented yourself”, he said and I laughed.
We finally got home and I quickly got out.
“Bye Oscar. I’m sorry but I have to rush in, I don’t want my parents to see you and ask a lot of questions”.
“Mmm, are you still a teenager”?
“You won’t understand. Bye Oscar”, I said and ran off.
When I got in, my parents were sitting in the living room.
With the way they looked at me, I could tell that something was up.
“Good evening”, I said to them.
“That was April, huh?” My mum said, teasing.
“How do you know that it’s not April”, I asked.
“April would not just drive off without walking in here to say something “, my mum said.
“Okay, you got me. That’s my friend, Oscar”.
“Mmm, Oscar? You’ve never spoken about him before” my dad said.
“That’s because he’s just a friend”, I said.
“Mmm, if he’s just a friend. Why did you lie?” My mum asked.
“Cos, I didn’t want this to happen”.
“So he’s more than a friend and……”
“Abbbeeebbllluublaahhhh…….”, I said, blabbing words that didn’t make sense and I ran off.
I wasn’t ready for this conversation. When I got to my room, I dived on the bed and thought of everything
that happened today.
God, I thank you for bringing Oscar into my life. He’s just amazing.
After thinking about the day, I got off my bed, had a shower and then I texted Oscar, making sure that he
got home safely and I also thanked him for today and then I slept off.
Oscar’s POV
I was so excited and happy today.
My brother, Vincent was back in the country.
I was taking him around, showing him new places and we were catching up too.
“So you still work there?” He asked me.
“And you’re cool with the pay?”
“Yeah, I am. Why? Do you have somewhere better for me?” I asked him.
“Yeah, but not in this country”, he said.
“You know I can’t leave here”, I said.
“Mmmm. Why not? Your excuse before was Mabel, but now she’s gone. So what’s the new one? And
don’t tell me mum. She’s going to be fine”.
“Mmmm…uhmmm, I’m just comfortable here”.
“Hmm…Or you’ve got someone new”, he said and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.
“Oh, you’re already in love again!!” He exclaimed.
“No, no. I just have this female friend and I’m really fond of her. She makes me happy and understands
me. I don’t want to rush things with her. I’m taking it slowly, don’t want to do that rebound thing”, I said.
“Take what slowly? You’ve fallen bro, I can see it clearly”, he said, laughing.
“I can’t conclude on that yet and she’s still into her ex”.
“Oops. Girls with exes they’re still into can be dangerous”.
“That’s my problem. I have to be careful and not get myself hurt again. But she’s a good friend.
Completely honest and just perfect. I’ve not seen her flaws yet but I’m not sure it’ll be that bad”.
“Hmm, what’s even wrong with you? After Mabel, you should have relaxed and not get a female friend”.
“It didn’t happen that way. She was my psychologist and then we just became really close”.
“Mmm, well, just be careful”, he said and I nodded.
“So what’s up with you?” I asked him.
“Just work, work, work”, he said.
“When do you intend to settle down with a lady? You’ve always be so focused on work”, I said to him.
“I’ve not found the right one yet”.
“How can you find something when you’re not even searching”.
“Hmmm, you’ve got a point. I’m just not ready, I guess”.
“Mmmm, okay”, I said, dropping it.
We were on the road for a while and we decided to drop by the grocery store to get things for our sister.
We were going to visit her this evening.
As we were shopping, someone covered my eyes from behind.
I turned around and it was April.
“Hey”, I said to her.
“And we meet at this same place again”, she said and I laughed.
My brother looked at me expecting an introduction.
“Ohh. April, this is my big brother, Vincent. Vincent, this is my uhmm…..” I honestly didn’t know what to
call her. “This is my friend, April”, I said to him and he gave me the teasing look.
“No, no, no, you got it all wrong. This is not that friend, she’s the friend’s best friend”, I said and he was
confused and she was also confused.
“You know what? Just shake hands”, I said in frustration and Vincent stretched his hand out to April and
she shook his hand.
“I’ll see you later then, and if you happen to see my best friend, tell her to call me”, she said, winking and
she left.
“Mmm, she’s pretty. Now I see why you like her”, Vincent said.
Oh Lord!
“That’s not her. That’s her best friend. The lady we spoke about in the car is Natasha and April is her best
friend”, I said to him.
“Mmm, okay, I get it. April’s still pretty though”, Vincent said, smiling.
“Well, you should see Natasha then”, I said, smiling.
“Oh, she’s really got you falling really hard “, he said, faking a pity look and tapping me on my shoulder.
“Well, I said I’ve not fallen. So….”.
He kept on teasing me with Natasha and I kept on defending myself.
After shopping, we left to my sister’s school.

I went to Natasha’s church with her today. She was supposed to come to my church today, but she said
she couldn‟t because she had a program at church. So I had to go to her side and she’ll come to mine next
“So can we invite our youth group president and vice president to come forward and give us a song
ministration”, the MC said and she stood up.
“You’re the president?” I asked her.
“I’m the vice president”, she said and she left.
It was really nice to learn something new about her every day.
When she got there, June also joined her and I was surprised.
They gave a short word and charged up the congregation and then they started singing.
I was really amazed when I heard her sing. I’ve heard her sing before, but she was mostly joking and
laughing when singing.
This time, she was serious and her voice was really lovely. The choice of song was great. It really
ministered to me.
I listened for a while and started getting goose bumps. The voice gave me chills.
“Oh God. Is this real? Am I actually falling for her?? I just got out of a relationship and it’s not been long
and I’m already feeling this way. Could this be real?”
I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the congregation screaming. They were done with their
ministration. She hugged June and smiled at him.
She was clearly still into him. I can’t get myself hurt, I have to back out. Staying by Natasha is just going
to get me hurt.
I might even be hindering her from getting back with June.
“Are you okay?” She asked, taking her seat.
“Yeah, you did great”, I said to her.
“Thank you. If this wasn’t a church program, I would have pulled you on stage to sing too with your
croaky voice”, she said, laughing and I smiled.
When the service was over, she asked me to come with her for their youth meeting.
During the meeting, I was just lost in my thoughts. Seeing Nat and June talking and laughing was getting
to me.
What really hurt me was when someone asked them if they were ever going to get back together and she
didn’t say anything, she just smiled.
I wanted to leave but I couldn’t. I brought her to church; I had to take her back.
After the meeting we both left and got into my car and I drove off.
“Oscar, you’re really quiet. Are you sure you’re fine?” She asked.
“I’m fine”, I said forcing a smile.
“Okay. Is your brother still in the country?” She asked.
“So what do you think about the question you were asked at the meeting?” I asked her.
“What question?”
“About you and June”.
“Mmm, I don’t know. I can’t tell. I’ve just been trusting God”, she said.
“Mmm, so you’ll be cool if he came back for you”, I asked her.
“I can’t tell. I was really mad at him, but I can’t stay mad at him forever”, she said and I nodded.
“But I’m not sure he’ll come back. He’s got Freda now. I’ve been hearing rumors about them a lot”.
“Oh okay”, I said and the whole ride was silent till we got to her house.
“Thank you Oscar for today. You’re the best”, she said and I smiled.
“I will see you tomorrow then”, she said and she left.
I turned around and drove off.

Natasha’s POV
“April, I’ve still not heard from him. It’s been three days now”, I said to April. We were both in my office
and I was really worried about Oscar.
I’ve been calling his line and it‟s always off. I went to his house and he’s always not there.
I’ve tried his work place and his secretary always says he’s not there.
I just hope this isn’t June all over again. I can’t deal with another rejection.
God please bring him back. I’ve fallen for him and I can’t get hurt again.


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