Oscar’s POV
“Oscar, it’s time for you to leave. You can’t keep doing this to yourself or to Natasha”, Vincent said,
waking me up from my sleep.
I went to my mum’s house to pour out to Vincent her after the day I dropped Natasha off.
“Argghh, that’s why you woke me up from my sleep”? I asked in annoyance.
“You think sleeping will take away everything you have to deal with. You’ve got feelings for her. What’s
the big deal with that? Go and tell her, give her a chance. What if she’s got feelings for you too”.
“She’s not. She’s into her…..”
“Keep telling yourself that. How will you know when you’ve not even asked her”.
“I did!! And all she said made me realize that she’s got feelings for him”.
“Did you ask her if she still had feelings for him?”
“Haven’t you been hearing what I’ve been saying”.
“You asked her exactly that and she said yeah?”
“Not exactly that but….”.
“What’s wrong with you Oscar? What if she has feelings for you and did this to her. Ignoring her for three
days? How do you want her to feel? She might be hurting. Why am I even hiding this? She’s hurting. I’ve
been in contact with April and she’s been asking of your whereabouts and I always have to lie. She said
Tasha is worried sick and she’s hurting. Did you hear me Oscar; she’s hurting” Vincent yelled.
“You’re just manipulating me”.
“Oh God, what’s wrong with this boy? Aren’t you listening?” He said in frustration.
“She’s hurting”?
“She is. Go and talk to her!!”
“Alright, alright. I’ll go to her place tomorrow”.
“Why not now?”
“It’s already late”
“7 is late?”
“Alright, I’m going, I‟m going, I don‟t even know when you became so interested in my love life”, I said,
glaring at him.
“If you had not poured out to me, will I be so interested? Just shut up and get up”, he said, pulling the
sheets off me.
“Alright, alright”, I said, getting up and I went to the washroom to ease myself and take a cold shower.
Natasha’s POV
I was in my room, trying to sort out things and when I heard the sound of Oscar’s car. I know it sounds
weird but I was accustomed to the sound of his car and the horn.
I quickly rushed to my window side and it was him. He pulled over at our drive way and I wanted to rush
out quickly and hug him but no, I can’t do that.
The last time I did that, I lost my fiancé.
So, I just sat on my bed and waited for him to press the bell.
Within some few seconds, the doorbell went off and I just sat there, not moving an inch.
He went MIA for three days and now does he think that I’ll just rush to him with open arms. No way.
The doorbell went off again and I still sat on my bed.
“Tasha, can’t you hear the doorbell? Go and see who it is”, my mum yelled from her room and then I just
had to go.
When I opened the door, he smiled and I kept a straight face.
“Hey”, he said and I ignored him.
“Nat, I know what I did was wrong and I’m very sorry”, he said and I still ignored him.
“Can I at least come in and explain what happened”? He said and I ignored him.
“Nat c‟mon. Please”
“No, let’s talk outside”, I said to him and I stepped out.
“I’ll ask the questions and you’ll answer”, I said to him and he nodded.
“Who am I to you?” I asked him.
“A friend. A very good friend”, he said.
“How often do we hang out?”
“Almost every day”
“Where were you for the past three days?”
“In my mum’s house but I went to work too”.
“So if I’m your friend and we hang out almost every day, why did you go to your mum’s place and decide
to switch off your phone and even tell your secretary to lie to me about your whereabouts”, I asked,
angrily. He was about to talk and I interrupted him.
“Do you know how worried and hurt I was? Why do you guys just do that? And you know that’s what
June did to me and you still did the same thing. What reason could you have? Oh let me guess. You also
went to pray to be sure that I was fit to be your friend”
“Nat, it’s not that. I don’t know how to explain it to you. I was just…”
“Doing what you felt like doing”, I said, cutting in. “I’m really tired of getting hurt. For the past few
weeks, you’ve always made me happy and now you just turned it upside down. I don’t get it. Why do you
all do that? “
“Nat just listen to me, I….” he tried saying and I interrupted him again.
“I don‟t think you… “
“I’m in love with you, Nat!” He said and I wasn‟t sure I heard him correctly.
“I started falling for you really hard and it freaked me out because it felt so sudden. I was also scared that
you were still into June. You both seemed happy at church the last time and I couldn’t take it, so I just had
to stay away from you to prevent myself from hurting. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I’m your friend
Nat and you didn’t deserve what I did. I’m very sorry, please forgive me. I promise not to do that again”,
he said.
I just stood there. I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. I was just speechless.
“You don’t have to say anything. You can take your time and forgive me when you want to. I shouldn’t
have even bombarded you with these feelings thing, but I just had to explain why I was away. I’ll take my
leave now, and I’ll call you tomorrow and please pick up”, he said and he was about to leave. I couldn’t let
him go without letting him how I felt too.
“I love you too, Oscar”, I said and he stopped in his tracks.
He was also speechless.
“I also started catching romantic feelings towards you and I felt that you were still into Mabel, but that
didn’t pull me back, I was still at your side as your friend”.
“I’m so sorry, Nat. I was just being a coward”, he said and he hugged me really tight and I hugged him
We stood there for some time before he released his grip of me and he started laughing.
“We’re just two idiots”, he said laughing and I hit him.
“I’m not an idiot. I didn’t run away to hide from my feelings. You did”, I said, rolling my eyes.
“Okay, you got me just today. I accept”, he said and we both laughed.
“So, do we have to do the whole boyfriend, girlfriend thing. Do I have to ask you to be my girlfriend?” He
asked and I glared at him.
“You’re so not romantic. How can you ask me that question?”
“I’m sorry Ma’am. So, Natasha, will you love to go out with me on a date tomorrow evening as my
“So unromantic”, I said, rolling my eyes.
“Yes Oscar, I’ll love to”, I said and he hugged me lifted me up.
“I love you Nat”.
“I love you too, Oscar”, I said, looking away. I know we were really cool with each other but saying those
words made me really shy.
“I‟ll see you tomorrow then”, he said, pecking me on my cheek and I quickly turned around and ran into
my house. I know I was acting like a kid but love has a way of making us different.
“Wow, you seem so excited”, my mum said, behind me and I turned around to hug her.
“Yes mum. I am”, I said, holding her hands and dancing.
“That’s nice. Tell me what it is, so that I can join you”
“I’m in love again mum”, I said, grinning.
“Oh” she said waiting for me to say more.
“You remember my friend that I’ve been hanging out with?”
“Yeah, Oscar”.
“So we realized that we’ve got deep feelings for each other and he proposed”, I said in excitement and
mum‟s eyes widened.
“No, not marriage. I mean he asked me to be his girlfriend and we‟re going on our first official date
“Wow, that’s great. I’m happy for you. But you have to take things slowly before moving to the next stage.
You have to know his strengths and weaknesses. Check if you’re both compatible And you know, get to
know each other more before you start courting and moving to marriage”, my mum said, smiling.
I was so excited that I didn’t bother to let what she was saying sink in my head but when she spoke about
marriage. I imagined myself walking down the aisle with Oscar and it made me more excited.
All the days I’ve been with Oscar have been really exciting and fun. I know he’s got his bad side too but I
guess I’ll have to figure out what it is and we’ll work things out.
God, I hope this is the right person for me. I feel it. He is right? I guess I’ll have to pray about it. But I’m
still excited.
I couldn’t wait to tell April.
“Mum, I’ll talk to you later; I have to tell April the good news. Please tell Dad about it. I won’t feel
comfortable discussing this with him”, I said to her and I ran to my room.
I took my phone and called April.
“Wow, someone is finally in a good mood”, she said and I rolled my eyes.
“Yeah, I am. Guess what?”
“Oscar spoke to you”?
“No block head. It’s more than that, he confessed his feelings to me and asked me to be his girlfriend”
“Wow, that’s great. I’m so ha…. wait, did you say yes?”
“Of course and we’re going on our first date tomorrow”.
“Wait, did he tell you why he went missing for days? He thinks he can just come back and confess his
feelings? You should have stretched him more”, she said.
“We did talk about everything and I understand him. He just got cold feet, but that doesn‟t matter now.
I‟m extremely happy!!”
“Oh wow. My baby is back on track. I’m so happy for you Tash. Team Oscha or team Natascar. Mmm, it
doesn’t sound nice. Team Nat and Oscar”
“Silly girl. I’ll need your help tomorrow. You know it’s my official first date and I want to dress to kill”.
“You don’t need to ask me. I don’t trust your sense of fashion”.
“Please, I’m good at picking out my own outfit. I just want you to help me out with this one”.
“Whatever makes you sleep at night? So what time should I come tomorrow?”
“Come and pick me from work at 4. I’m sure I’ll be done by that time”.
“Yeah. So what’s up with you? I’ve not heard much from you about anything. Your spiritual, emotional,
social, financial and everythingcial”, I said, laughing at the word I just said.
“I’m so sorry Dr Natasha”, she said, sarcastically.
“Yeah, so what’s up?”
“Mmm, everything is good. And uhmm, I’ve been hanging out with Vincent lately”.
“Vincent? As in Oscar’s Vincent?
“Woah, see who’s trying to be my sister in law”.
“Please, it’s nothing serious; we’ve just been talking and hanging out”.
“What happened to the other guy you were seeing”?
“We are just friends and trying to see what happens”.
“And Vincent?”
“We’re just friends and he’ll be traveling back soon”.
“Aww, okay”.
We spoke for a while till I felt sleepy and we ended the call.
I was about to sleep and I received a text from Oscar.
‘Sleeping?’ He asked.
‘About to’.
‘Alright, goodnight Nat♥. I love you and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow’
‘Aww, I love you too Oscar. I can’t wait too’.
‘☺☺☺…Goodnight and pray before you sleep’
‘Goodnight and pray too’.

“You look so beautiful”, Oscar said as he opened the door to his car for me to get in.
“Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself”, I said and he smiled.
The whole ride to wherever we were going to was quiet. I was really nervous and I didn’t know why.
We finally arrived at our destination and it was a fancy restaurant.
When we got in and took our seat, I was so nervous that I had to take out my phone.
“Wow, we’re on our first date and you’re already ditching me for your phone”, Oscar said.
“I’m sorry”, I said shyly.
“You being shy is making me also shy”, he said and I laughed.
“So let’s just order our food and I’ll be okay”, I said and we made our orders.
When the food came, it was worse. Oscar kept staring at me and I couldn’t eat.
“You better eat your food or I’m going to cause a scene”, he said, laughing and I glared at him
“Okay, okay. But can you stop looking at me”?
“I can’t. When God created human beings, he looked at it and said it was good. So please allow me to
observe God’s creation too”, he said and I laughed.
“It’s too beautiful to be true, huh?” I said and he laughed.
“Wow, someone is finally coming around”, he said, laughing.
We talked more and after we were done eating, we left.
As we were on the road, I realized that we were not on the route to my house.
“Oscar, where are we going to”?
“Shsshh, it’s a surprise”, he said, smiling.


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