Natasha’s POV
“A surprise?” I asked and he nodded.
“Oscar, are you even real? Sometimes I feel like God just sent an Angel to comfort my previous broken
heart. If you’re an Angel, please reveal yourself and stop this joke”, I said, folding my arms and he
“Well, I’ll take that as a compliment☺☺. You’ve not yet seen the surprise and I’m already an Angel. Wait
till you see it and you’ll call me the Messiah”, he said, grinning.
“Oscar, please tell me what it is. Don’t do something that will blow my mind. I can’t handle it. Being with
you is already more than a dream and then there’s something else? Oscar “.
“Now you’re really making my head grow big. Relax it’s not something that will blow your mind
completely. It will blow a bit”.
“Mmm, I’ll wait then”.
He drove for a long while and pulled over in front of a big house.
I was surprised and wondered what we were doing here.
“Uhmm, Oscar, where are we?”
“Wait and see”, he said, winking and we got out of the car.
This house was really big. I would have guessed that it was a hotel or resort if it didn’t look homely.
We walked to the door and he pressed the doorbell.
After a short while, someone opened the door.
“Lionel Roman!!!!!” I yelled.
“Is this real?!” I exclaimed and the old man smiled at me.
“You are Natasha right?” He asked I nodded in excitement.
He knows my name. Oh my God. Lionel Roman is one of the best known psychologists in the country
and he’s written a lot of books too. He’s my role model. I’ve always fantasized on meeting him and here he
is in front of me.
How did Oscar do this because he had hidden his location. People didn‟t really know where he lives. I
honestly don’t know how he did this and I also didn’t know how he knew that I loved Lionel Roman.
Oscar is indeed an Angel.
I turned to face him and he was grinning really hard.
“Come in” Lionel said and we walked in.
“Woah”, I said when I walked in.
Inside his house looked like a museum, an art gallery and a Library combined. And the furniture and
everything in it was an antic piece.
We went to the living room and took our seats.
His home was really lovely. I wished I could stay here forever.
“So Natasha, Oscar has told me a lot about you and I’m really pleased to meet you”, he said, smiling and I
grinned like an idiot.
“Thank you sir. I’m also pleased to meet you too. I’ve always wanted to meet you but I never got the
opportunity. You’re so amazing. Your books really inspire me”, I said.
“Thank you. I heard you’re a writer too. Oscar gave me one of your books to read. The one you wrote
with your dad. It’s great and really inspiring too”, he said and I grinned so widely.
“Thank you so much sir”.
“He also told me that you’ve stopped writing”.
“Yes sir. Not had the motivation and time to write one”.
“He said that too”.
Now I was really confused. How did Oscar know this man and how come he had the time to listen to
Oscar too especially when he spoke about me.
“Well, I’ve got great news for you”, he said and I sat up.
“I’m going to write your next book with you”, he said and I jumped up in excitement.
I know it’s unlike me, but this news wasn’t something that I had to sit down for.
“Oh my God. Are you serious?” I exclaimed and he nodded.
“You know when your grandson asks for a favor, you can’t turn it down and you’ve got the talent too, so
I’m not losing anything”, he said smiling.
“Grandson?” I asked, surprised and Oscar nodded.
Okay, it’s not a joke anymore. Can someone please wake me up from sleep?
“Natasha, meet my mum’s dad Lionel Roman”, he said, grinning and I was just in shock.
“Close your mouth, Nat. Flies are going to get in”, he said but I was still like that. This news was really
shocking; I needed time to process it.
“I can’t believe this”, I said and they both laughed.
Lionel and I spoke more on the book that we were going to write together.
He offered us drinks and cookies. I was really full, so I ate just a little and Oscar consumed everything.
That boy has got four stomachs.
It was really getting late, so we took our leave.
When we got into the car, I started bombarding Oscar with questions.
“Oscar I can’t believe what happened. How did you know that I liked him and how come you never
mentioned that he was your grandfather?!”
“Easy easy. I saw his pictures on your instagram page and then I spoke to him about you. I never said
anything about him being my granddad because I was planning this”, he said, winking at me.
“Oscar, I don’t know what to say to you. I can’t find the words to use to thank you”.
“Just a thank you is fine”.
“Thank you Oscar. I love you so much”, I said, pecking him on the cheek.
“You’re welcome, princess”.
The drive back home was a quite a distance. When we finally arrived, I hugged him, thanked him again
and said we said our goodbyes.

Oscar has really been surprising me ever since we got close. I felt like I had to do same.
So, I closed from work really early. I went home and prepared his favorite food.
It was really a struggle getting the right recipe. My mum wanted to help but I didn’t allow her to. She’s
the reason why I can’t cook properly.
When I was done cooking, I packaged it nicely and called April to drop me off at his house.
I was so excited when I got to his house. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out that
I cooked his favorite food.
I pressed the doorbell and waited a while.
My excitement dropped when the door was opened and it wasn’t Oscar who opened it.
“Mabel?” I said, surprised.
“You look so familiar”, she said trying to recall who I was.
“Yeah, I remember. You were the doctor who attended to me in the hospital some time ago”.
“Yeah”, I said, forcing a smile.
“Oh come in”, she said, stepping aside for me to come in.
“You can have a seat”, she said to me and I got annoyed.
I’m not the visitor or stranger here. I don’t know what she’s doing here, but I’m not going to get paranoid. I
will just have to put her in her place.
I walked to the dinning and placed the basket which contained the food I prepared for Oscar, down.
“Uhm, what are you doing here?” I asked her and she looked at me surprised.
“What? I don’t think it’s your business”.
“Well, if my boyfriend’s ex fiancée shows up at his house, then it’s my business”, I said and she glared at
I was going to keep quiet and be the old Natasha that I was when I was with June. But I can‟t keep being
that person. Not today. I’m not letting anyone tamper with my happiness and my relationship. Not this
She was about to speak and Oscar walked in with a bra in his hand. His eyes widened when he saw me.
“Thank you darling”, Mabel said and she took the bra and left.
I stood there really confused and hurt.
“What’s the meaning of this, Oscar?” I asked him.
“It’s not what you think, Nat. I was home and she came asking for a bra that she claimed she left here. So
I had to look for it to give it back”, he said.
“She clearly didn’t need that bra. She just came here to seduce you and if I wasn’t here, I don’t know what
would have happened”.
“Oh c’mon Nat. I’m over her and…”
“Are you? For all I know, I could be a rebound”, I said.
“Wow, I can say the same about you too”.
“Please. You know I’m over June”.
“Do I? You’re in the same youth group with him and you always meet every week and I don’t know what
goes on. I feel like you’re using the youth group thing too much as an excuse to see him and talk to him”,
he said and I was really hurt on hearing that.
“Really? Is that what you think of me? What about you Oscar. You still work for Mabel’s dad and now
she even works there too. How am I supposed to know what goes on over there. And you were even
intimate with her! And I know she’s trying to get you back and I don’t know what you’ll do when she
seduces you”.
“So the fact that you were not intimate with June makes it okay for you to talk to him and be around him a
“I didn’t say that!! What’s wrong with you?”
“What’s wrong with me? I should be asking you that”.
“You know what, I’m not doing this with you, when you’re ready to talk like a civil person, you know
where to find me”, I said turning around to leave.
“Wow nice, you just going to leave. Alright you can go”, he said and I ignored him and left.

That evening, I sat on my bed, eating ice cream and watching a movie on my laptop.
I wanted to distract myself from thinking about the argument I had with Oscar. This was our first
argument and it was really hurting me.
I continued watching the movie and it wasn’t helping. I can’t sit with this hurt. I have to talk to him so that
we work things out.
I know it’s late but I really needed to speak to him. I changed into something appropriate and stepped out.
I was about to walk and look for a taxi and I saw Oscar’s car parked in our drive way. I was really
surprised when I saw the car. I walked to the car and knocked on the window.
His head was on the steering wheel and when I knocked on the window, so he lifted his head and was
surprised when he saw me.
I went to the other side of the car and got in.
“Hey”, I said.
“Hey”, he said, forcing a smile.
“How long have you been out here?”
“Not too long “.
“Why didn’t you let me know that you were here?”
“I was still trying to muster courage to walk up to your door and press the bell”, he said and I nodded.
“I’m sorry Nat(Oscar)”, we said in unison.
“I’m the one who started the argument”, I continued.
“No, I caused it”, he said.
“No, it’s not your fault that Mabel showed up at your place to ask for her bra”.
“Yeah, it’s not my fault. But when you were asking questions, I should have calmed down and not stir up
a fight”, he said.
“I was just being paranoid. It’s not easy for me Oscar. You’re too good to be true, so sometimes I feel
you’re just messing with me by being with me. And you were intimate with her, so I always feel that
you’re still attracted to her”.
“C’mon Nat. I love just you and I’m attracted to just you. The first time we met and spoke, I had a feeling
that we were not going to be just a doctor and a patient. I saw something in you that caught my eye that
day and now I see more. I wish you could see what I’m feeling. You’re also too good to be true. I can’t
find the words to describe you, but all I can say is that, I love you so much and nothing and no one can
change that. If Mabel makes you feel insecure, I’m going to cut her off entirely and make sure that she’ll
find it so uncomfortable to be around me even if it means changing my work place. This relationship
means a lot to me, I’m willing to cut loose anything that will affect it negatively. I don’t want to argue
with you again, Nat. It really hurt me that I had hurt you, please forgive me”, he said and I was speechless.
His words really touched me and I was screaming in my head.
“I love you too, Oscar. You have no idea how much. And if June is going to be a problem, I’ll…..”
“June isn‟t my problem. I was just being paranoid. I get that you’re with him for God’s work; I can’t come
in between that. I trust you Nat, don’t worry. Just be you and do whatever you have to do for God”, he
said and I couldn’t take it anymore, I just had to hug him and he hugged me back.
We remained in that position for a long while, not saying anything but just listening to our heartbeats.
God, I thank you for bringing Oscar into my life. Indeed you know best and your plans are also the best.
After a while, Oscar released his grip off me.
“If we continue to be in that position, I don’t think I’ll be able to control what I do next”, he said and I
“And uhm thank you for the food. It really tasted great” he said.
“So you ate it?” I asked laughing.
“Oh yeah. I saw it on the table and at first I thought it was Mabel who left it there. But then I knew she
couldn’t package it like that. So I knew it was you and when I ate it, I confirmed it. It really tasted great.
You’re becoming better”, he said and I smiled.
We spoke for some time and then he had to leave because it was getting really late. I didn’t want him to
go but he had to. We’ve both got work tomorrow.
We said our goodnights and he left.


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