Oscar’s POV
I got home in a very good mood but my mood changed when I saw Mabel sitting in front of my door.
She should be ready for what it’s coming to her!!!
“Mabel why are you here at this time of the night?” I asked her in anger.
When she lifted her head she was in tears.
“Oscar all this is difficult for me. I want you back and I’ll do anything it takes to get you back”, she said.
“Stop it Mabel. You caused this in the first place”.
“I know and I’m really sorry. If I could go back in time, I would change what I did. But Oscar we’ve
fought a lot of obstacles for three years, why do you want this to separate us?”
“Stop it Mabel. There is no us. I’ve moved on now, you should move on too”, I said.
“How did you do it Oscar? I always thought that you’d always love me or you didn’t even love me at all”
“It doesn’t matter if I did or not. Just move on and stop terrorizing my life”.
“Me? Now I’m terrorizing your life? Oscar after all I’ve done for you. Even when Monica was in the
picture, I still put up with you and stood at your side and now you’re treating me like this”.
“Mabel, what you’re saying won’t change a thing. I’m really tired and need to sleep”.
“Oscar what happened to you? Why are you treating me like you hate me?”
“Mabel, I’ve got someone now and I want to do right by her. So please I’ll appreciate it if you stop this”.
“You told me you’ll never leave me. You said you’ll always be there for me, Oscar. Why are you doing
this to me? I’m losing my mind here”.
“I’m sorry Mabel but you have to move on. There’s no way I’m going to ever leave Natasha for you, she
makes me happy and I know God’s going to give you someone better than I was. That’s if you’ll turn to
him and trust him”.
“So it’s true. You’re dating her!! Wait, if she’s the same psychologist that you were seeing when we were
together then she planned this!!!! She took you from me, Oscar. Can’t you see? That bit….”
“Don’t even try to end that word. You’re delusional Mabel. Go and seek some help”.
“Oscar, I love you and no one can take you from me. The same way she took you away, I’m going to get
you back”.
“Get away from my door you deranged girl. I don’t know how you became this but you really do need
help”, I said pushing her out of my way and she grabbed me, holding me really tight.
“Are you crazy”? I said, trying to get her off and she wasn’t letting go.
“Mabel, I don’t want to hurt you. Get your hands off me”.
“Then you’ll have to hurt me. I’m not letting go. You’re mine and no one else” she said, holding me really
“What’s wrong with you Mabel? Stop this!!!”, I said, trying to get her off but she still held on really tight.
“Oh God, what’s this?” I said in frustration.
“Okay, what do you want me to do Mabel?”
“Tell me you love me and let me in. I want to be with you this night and every other day and night”, she
said and I heaved a sigh.
“Alright, Mabel. I love you and I’ll spend the night with you”, I said and I held her with one arm.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, let me open the door, so that we can go in”, I said to her and she still held on to me but gave me a
bit of space to unlock my door.
When I unlocked it and we got in. I quickly stepped out and locked her in.
She started banging on my door and screaming my name but I ignored it and drove off to her parents‟
She really needed help.
I don’t know what happened to her but I’m sure it wasn’t me. It was her; she hates not having control and
getting what she wants.
It was really late for me to show up at her parent’s house, but I had to.
When I got there, I pressed the bell and waited patiently for them to open the door.
With God being on my side it was her dad and not her mum. I was glad because talking to her mum was
like talking to her.
I told her dad everything that happened and he quickly requested for an ambulance from a mental hospital
to come get her. It was a bit extreme but I felt that she actually needed the help.
Her mother also came to the door and when we told her what had happened she started throwing insults
my way.
“I don’t see how these mean words you’re saying is going to help. Your daughter is in trouble and all you
can do is put the blame on me and insult me?”
“Why not? You made her like that. You played with her heart and shattered it”.
“That’s enough”, her dad said and I was really angry. I didn’t want to lose it, so I had to leave.
“I’ll take my leave now, sir”, I said and he nodded. Her mother just glared at me.
“We’ll be there soon, if there’s anything let us know”, he said and I left.
I drove back to my house and waited patiently for them.
I was really confused and really needed to talk to someone. So, I called Natasha.
“Oscar, you home yet? I was really getting worried” she said and with the way she sounded, I knew that
she was worried. I told her everything that happened and she didn’t seem surprised.
“You did a good thing, going to her parents”, she said.
“Do people actually switch like that?” I asked her and she laughed.
“You don’t know. People do. I’ve seen worse. It’s not her fault though. Some people don’t know how to
deal with loses, so they end up like that”.
“Mmm, I know that she gets suicidal thoughts but there’s not…..”
“What did you just say?” She asked.
“Mmm. She gets….”
“Suicidal thoughts?” Natasha yelled.
“Oscar she can kill herself. Unlock the door and make sure she’s alright. I’m on my way”, she yelled.
“Nat, she won’t. She just tries to do it for attention and this time she knows she’s not getting any, so she
won’t try”.
“Oscar get in now!!!”
I tried talking back but then I heard the siren of the ambulance.
“The ambulance is in. I’ll talk to you later”, I said and I hanged up.
When they arrived, I opened the door for them and we found her lying on the floor with blood all over.
She had slit her wrist.
Oh my God!!
Oh God, this can’t be happening. Please don’t let her die.
They quickly rushed her to the hospital and I got into my car and followed them to the hospital.
After some few minutes her parents and Monica arrived and they were bombarding the nurses with
God please. She’s just silly and needs you intervene for her. I kept pacing back and forth hoping for the
As usual her mother and Monica were lamenting and blaming me like it’s my fault.
They were making it seem like I was in control of her mind and life.
If they don’t stop saying annoying things I might just lose it.
“All she asked was for you to love her. How difficult is it? Oscar?” Monica said pushing me and I lost it.
“Are you crazy? Are you mad? What is wrong with you? If you talk one more time, I’m going to beat the
stupidity out of you”, I said, angrily.
I think that also got Mabel’s dad angry.
“Enough!!” He yelled.
“Oscar, I think you need to take your leave now. We’ll pass on any news we hear”.
“I don’t think you have the right to tell me what I need now. Mabel is about to lose her life and I believe
she’s going to make it and when she does, I’ll want to be there and tell her how important she is to me and
everyone around her. I have to let her know her qualities and how her life means a lot. You all aren‟t
going to that, so I have to do that. And after that I’m done with you all. I quit from the job. I can’t stay in
this mess again. So with all due respect, do not tell me to leave, because I won’t”, I said to them and they
all looked at me surprised. I was seriously losing it and I couldn’t control myself. Another push and they’ll see another side of me. “Get out now or I’ll call the security on you”, Mabel’s dad said and I ignored him.
He went to the reception desk and said something to the nurse.
Within few minutes the security men approached me and asked me to leave but I ignored them.
They started pulling me and I struggled with them.
“What’s going on here?” Natasha asked.
I was really surprised that she came.
“Madam, we’ve been asked to get him off the premises”, they said and she glared at them.
“If you don’t want to lose your jobs, you better stop harassing him and get back to your post”, she said,
showing them her ID card and they left.
I wanted to ask how they knew her and obeyed her because she didn’t work here but that was a question
for another day.
“Oscar, what’s going on?” She asked and I told her everything.
“Let’s take a walk outside”, she said and we left the hospital.
“What’s really upsetting you?”
“Everything. Mabel might lose her life and they all think it’s because of me but she did that to herself
because she doesn’t feel loved and she‟s always lonely. I was the only one there for her although she had
friends. I just wished that she could see that she doesn’t need me but she needs God and needs to move
on”, I said.
“Hmm, don’t worry. I believe she’ll survive. Let’s just pray and hope. And if you like I can talk to her
when she wakes up”, Natasha said.
I liked the way she was positive about this whole thing and not nagging about it.
“Won’t it be weird and I don’t think she’ll listen to you”, I said.
“Of course it will weird but we can’t let something being weird to prevent us from getting things done or
giving out help and don’t worry, I’ll get her to listen and I’ll get a good psychiatrist for her”, she said and I
She actually made me feel better. Her kind brightened up my mood.
We spoke for a while and decided to go in and check on her.
When we got there, her parents were not at the reception anymore, so we assumed that they had gone to
see her or the doctor.
Natasha spoke to the nurse and she told us that Mabel survived. Her family had already gone to see her.
I wanted to go and see her but Natasha stopped me and asked me to go when her parents were out.
After a long while of waiting, they finally came out and left the hospital but Natasha asked me to wait and
she went in to talk to Mabel first.
I waited patiently and I also thanked God for an answered prayer.
Natasha came out with a smile on her face and I knew that things went well.
I walked in and Mabel had a smile on her face.
“I’m sorry Oscar for everything, you don’t have to say anything or apologize. This isn’t your fault it’s mine
and I just realized that I don‟t want to die”, she said with tears in her eyes and I could tell that she was
really weak and I didn’t want to stress her out, so I just walked to her and pecked her on her forehead.
“You‟ll be fine. And remember that God loves you, your family loves you and get to know God more and
strive to be at the top of everything you want. Okay?” I said to her and she nodded.
“Alright, all the best Mabel, I‟ll leave you to rest now”, I said to her and she smiled.
I heaved a sigh of relief and I left.
“I don’t know what you said to her, but it worked”, I said to Natasha and she laughed.
“Thank you Nat for helping me with this and being there for me. Not every girl can do what you did.
You’re just amazing and I thank God I found you”, I said to her and she blushed.
We spoke for a while and then I dropped her off at home.
When I got home, I had to clean off the blood in my house and then I sat down to think about the future.
It’s time for a fresh start, I said to myself.
I picked up my phone and called Vincent.
“I agree”.
“Agree to what?” he asked yawning. I’m sure I woke him up from sleep.
“Agree to the job offer”, I said.
“So you’re going to leave the country?”


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