Oscar’s POV
“Really? Did you and Natasha break things off?” Vincent asked.
“No silly. We don’t have to break things off for me to leave the country”.
“So you’re going to leave her here?” He asked.
“No way, I’ll move with her. So you have to get a better job for her. If not I’m not moving”.
“Have you discussed this with her?” He asked.
“Not yet, I will let you know when I find a better place for her over there”, I said.
“Alright, no problem. Can I go to bed now?” he asked.
“Yeah or you want a goodnight and kisses?”
“Stupid boy”, he said and he hanged up.
Natasha’s POV
“You what?” April asked me.
“I spoke to her. She really needed help”.
“Okay Mrs Jesus Christ”, she said and I rolled my eyes.
“I just hope she stays away from Oscar or I’m going to step in and show her how I do it”, April said and
“I don’t need you to play the wonder woman role in my life. I can handle things myself”, I said to her.
“Yeah right. You’re doing a great job at that”.
“If there’s a woman trouble, the only thing I have to do is complain to him and he’ll take care of it and
vice versa and that’s how things work”, I said.
“Yes, madam psychologist. When are you guys even going to get married, I can’t wait to stand by you”.
“You can’t be part of my bridal train. You’re already married”, I said, teasing her.
“Divorced!!! Silly girl”.
“I know. Have you even heard from him?” I asked her and she frowned. I knew it was a delicate topic but
I wanted her to be able to talk about it freely. That way it will stop hurting her when the topic is brought
“No. I’m sure he’s still ashamed”, she said, looking at her nails like she didn’t care.
What he did to her was terrible.
She caught him cheating during their one year anniversary. It was really sad.
During their one year anniversary, she wasn’t in town. So he went out with his friends and they took him
to a party hosted by his cousin.
He was a strong Christian but his friends were still in the world. April always complained about it but he
saw it to be nothing.
At the party, he got himself drunk under the influence of his friends.
April wanted to surprise him that evening. She went to his cousin’s party and found him surrounded with
girls and he was making out with one of them.
She was really surprised but then she heard that it wasn’t his first time.
He’s been partying and drinking with his friends before and after they got married and he’s also been
messing up with the girls too.
I warned April before she married him. We both knew that he had drinking problems but he convinced
her that it wasn’t a problem anymore and see where it got her.
That year was a messed up year for her. He begged and pleaded almost every day but when April has set
her mind to something, she doesn’t go back.
“Are you sure you’ve forgiven him”, I asked.
“Of course. You know me, I don’t keep grudges. If I got a problem with you, I’ll free my mind and let you
know. I did that with him. I told him my mind. So I’m free”.
“Okay, that’s great. I always thought that you were still keeping grudges”.
“No way, I got to move on. Hate and unforgiveness is just going to pull me back if I stick to it”.
“True. I’m happy you’ve forgiven him. So how’s Vincent?” I said, changing the topic.
“He’s okay. We’re just friends, Tasha. You don’t have to keep asking me that question every time”, she
said and I rolled my eyes.
We talked for a while till Oscar walked into my office.
“Wow, look who’s is here. If it isn’t the latest unemployed man”, April said and Oscar laughed.
“Hello to you too, April. Vincent sends his greetings”, he said teasing her and April glared at him.
“Hey baby”, he said pecking me on my cheek.
“Baby?? yukkk!!” April said and I kicked her from under my desk.
“I’m sorry April, but I got to take her away for lunch”.
“I didn’t know that unemployed men still take women out on dates”, she said and he laughed.
“Well, I control money. I know you’re hungry, you can always join us, we don’t mind feeding the hungry”,
he said and we both laughed at her.
“Oh, I see. You know I can’t reject free food, so I’m coming. Are we going with your car? Or you don’t
have petrol in it, Mr unemployed”, she asked.
They kept attacking and teasing each other till we got into his car.

Few days later
For these past few days Oscar has been acting strange.
I don’t know if it’s because of he’s not working now. But if he’s not working, he’s supposed to be free and
not be busy. And he’s always hiding his phone when texting and answering his calls in private.
I wanted to ask him but I just felt that it was probably nothing.
But today, when I went to his house, I saw a lady step out.
When I asked him, he said it was just a friend.
I don’t like reading the messages on his phone but when he went to his room, I took it quickly to read his
text but then it was locked.
What? He’s never locked his phone!!!
I was about to place it down but then a text came in.
“I hope you liked it. I can still come over, if you want another one”.
Now I was really surprised. What’s this? It sounds dirty or it’s my mind that’s playing games with me.
“Oscar what’s the meaning of this?” I asked him, shoving his phone in his face.
“Woah, now you’re reading my messages?” He asked.
“Have you ever had a problem with that?”
“Nat you always read them in front of me not behind me”.
“That’s not even what matters. What’s this meaning of this text and who’s Beverly?”
He took it and looked at it. He wanted to laugh but held it in.
I wondered what was funny.
“She’s just someone who sells stuff to my mum. I told her to get me something and that’s it”, he said but I
felt that he was telling lies.
“Get you what?” I asked.
“Uhmm. My mum really loves earrings and stuff like that. So I bought one for her”, he said.
“You’re telling lies Oscar. You can’t even look at me when saying that”, I said angrily.
“I’m not, baby”, he said, trying to cup my cheek and I pushed his hands away.
“Why can’t you just be honest with me? Whatever it is, say it. I can take it. Are you attracted to her? Or is
she throwing herself at you. I know not having a job can be frustrating”, I said and he glared at me.
“How can you even think of something like that!!? Attracted to what?? And you know I can easily get a
job, I’m just not ready yet”.
“So then who’s she?” I asked and he just stared at me without saying anything.
“When you’re ready to come clean to me, you know where to find me”, I said and I stormed out.
He didn’t even run after me or try to stop me and it really hurt me. I took a cab and went straight to April’s
Her door was opened, so I just went in. I walked into her room and she was on a call.
“Mmm, with Oscar moving out of the country, it’s going to compel Tasha to move too and….”, she said
and I cut her.
“Oscar is what?” I yelled and she froze and quickly hanged up.
“Tash, I didn’t hear you walk in”, she said, forcing a smile.
“Stop it. What did you just say?”
“Say? Did I say something??” She asked.
“Don’t lie to me. You just said that Oscar is moving out of the country”.
“Yeah, he is”, she said, looking away.
“Wow and he didn’t say anything and you also didn’t say anything!!!”
“Calm down Tasha. I wanted him to tell you himself”.
“Don’t tell me to call down. You’re supposed to be my best friend and you were hiding something as huge
as this”, I said in anger and hurt.
“Oh Tasha. I’m sorry; I honestly thought that he was going to tell you”.
“Wow. So my boyfriend is lying to me and he’s also leaving the country. My best friend is also hiding
things from me. What a great day”, I said about to leave and she pulled me back.
“Tasha, I’m really sorry. Please forgive me”, she said, showing a remorseful face.
I couldn’t walk out on that face. So I turned back and sat on her bed.
“Thank you”, she said, grinning and she sat by me.
“So what did Oscar lie about?” She asked and I told her everything.
“Tash you know Oscar won’t do anything like that. Even if he’s hiding something, it won’t be what you’re
thinking. Just give him time”, April said and I was surprised.
“Wow, where is my best friend and what have you done with her?” I asked.
“The April I know won’t support or defend Oscar”.
“I know, but out of all the people you’ve dated, Oscar is my favorite”.
“Yeah right, I’m guessing it has something to do with Vincent” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“When did you hear about Oscar moving and where’s he moving to?” I asked.
I didn’t know what to feel. Sad or happy for him.
Just thinking about staying here without him was breaking my heart already. I was so mad that he was
keeping it away from me.
“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask him”, she said.
“I’m not talking to him. He’s lying to me and hiding things from me. I won’t talk to him till he’s ready to
talk”, I said.
“That unemployed big head, if he hurts you, I’m going to punch him in the face”.
“I thought you were defending him”.
“Yeah. I know that he won’t cheat or anything, but if he hurts you in anyway, He won’t only be jobless but
toothless as well”, she said and I laughed.
We talked about other things but my mind was still on Oscar.
“You’re still thinking about it”, April asked.
“Yeah. If he leaves the country, I don’t know how I’ll cope and the whole Beverly thing is still disturbing
me”, I said in annoyance.
“Hmm, you know what. To make you feel better just for now. Let me take you out to dinner”, she said
and I was surprised and confused.
“Take me out? To dinner. Please where’s my best friend?”
“You better shut your jaws and say yes or I’ll take it back. It’s not everyone who deserves free food”.
“Alright. I’m in. Let’s go”, I said to her in excitement.
“Go? In what you’re wearing? No way”, she said and I glared at her.
“Why are you always hating on my clothes”?
“It’s a dinner Tasha. Not your work place”.
“Whatever. So what should I wear”, I said, walking to her wardrobe.
“Just go and take a shower and I’ll take care of that”, she said, pushing me to the bathroom.
I wanted to ask questions but she’s right. I came from work and I really needed to bath before a change of
I took my towel and sponge from where she placed it and I had my bath.
After bathing, I stepped out and saw a really lovely black dress on the bed, with a silver stilettos and
“Uhmm, is that for me?” I asked.
“Yeah”, she said, smiling.
“Isn’t it too much for wherever we are going to and what you’re wearing doesn’t match up to what I’m
wearing”, I said looking at her dress.
“Wow, thank you for insulting my dress. And why do you like asking a lot of questions. I’m the one
taking you out and it’s a fancy restaurant. So you have to look great”.
“Mmmm and it’s not even my birthday. Alright no problem. As far as I’m looking nicer than you, it‟s
okay”, I said and she rolled her eyes.
I dressed up and she did my make-up.
“You look really lovely, Tash”, she said.
“Thank you. We’ll have to take a lot of pictures”, I said in excitement.
“Of course. Let‟s go” She said and I took the lead.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it looked really fancy but a bit small.
When we got in, there was no one eating there.
“Are you sure this place is opened for customers. There’s no one here”.
“Well, maybe we’re the first or the last”, she said, smiling.
We took our seats and then she got up.
“I’ll be right back”, she said, winking and before I could ask questions, she left.
I just sat there and through my menu and then all of a sudden the lights went off and a new set of lights
were turned on. It wasn’t that bright and it was colorful.
A cool music started playing and I wondered what was going on till I saw Oscar walk in.
I was really surprised to see him.
He approached me and bent his right knee.
“Oh my God”.
He took out a mini cute box and opened it and there was a shining ring in it. I was about to explode.
“Natasha, it’s been just a few months since I’ve known you and within those few months, we’ve grown so
close and fond of each other. You’ve always been there for me in good and bad times. You’ve always
shown me love and you bring out the best in me. With you around, I always want to be a better person. In
you, I’ve found a best friend, a companion, a cheerleader and now I want to make you my wife. Nat, I
love you so much and I want you to be by my side forever. So, Natasha Mills, will you love to be my
Oh my God!!!


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