Natasha’s POV
Oh my God!!
I got up from my seat and paced back and forth, trying to catch my breathe.
“Yes Oscar. Yes yes”, I said, smiling so wide.
He smiled and placed the ring on my finger and we heard a loud applause as the lights were turned on.
April and Vincent were the ones applauding.
“I’m going to kill you”, I yelled at April.
“I love you too”, she said, smiling.
“Congratulations baby girl”, she said, hugging me.
“Welcome to the family, Tasha”, Vincent said and he hugged me too.
I was really happy. I couldn’t believe this.
“So, I don’t get to be congratulated?” Oscar asked and April quickly rushed to him and hugged him.
“Congratulations Oscar”, she said.
“Thank you April”, he said, grinning at her.
“Alright, we’ll leave you two to it”, April said, pulling Vincent away.
Those two, I‟m really suspicious.
Oscar and I took our seats and finally a waiter showed up.
“So you were hiding too, huh?” I said to him and he laughed.
“Congratulations”, he said to us and I smiled.
“Aww thank you”.
He took our orders and left.
For a weird reason, I became really shy of Oscar and I couldn’t look at him directly.
He took my hands in his and pulled it.
“Ouch, do you want to rip my hands off” I said, gawking at him.
“Yes please if that’s what will get you to look at me”.
“I’m looking now”, I said, pulling my hands away and rubbing my wrist.
“You just amaze me. When we started dating, you became shy of me and then you adjusted and now
you’re acting shy again. When we get married, I wonder what you’ll do”, he said, laughing.
“Get over yourself Mr Smith”.
“You love my surname huh? it’ll be yours soon, don’t worry”, he said, winking.
The waiter came back with our appetizers and then he left.
“So what were you saying about Beverly again?” He asked, laughing.
“Get away”.
“How could you not figure out what was going on. I was really scared that you were going to find out
about my plans but I guess I’m just too good”.
“Next time, I’ll get you”.
“Natasha I’m not going to ask you to marry me again. So what other time please?”
“We shall see”.
“Mmm. Guess what?” He said.
“Mmmm.. what?”
“I love you”, he said and I blushed.
“I know”.
“Wow, that’s nice. You don‟t want to say it back. Cool”, he said and I laughed at him.
“I love you too Oscar even more than you do”.
“You think?”
“I know”.
“Well that’s you because me and everyone else know that I love you more”.
“Whatever. So when are you planning on telling me that you’re moving out of the country”, I asked.
“I was going to tell you today after our dinner but since you brought it up, I’ll tell you now”.
“If you think you’re leaving me here, there you’re in for a joke”, I said to him and he laughed.
“Well, if you think I was going to leave you here, then you must be joking”.
“So you’re not leaving?”
“No, we’re leaving”, he said and I didn’t know what to say.
“Vincent offered me a really nice job over there and I asked him to get a place for you to also work and he
did. And it’s really better than where you’re working now”, he said and I was quiet.
“Mmm, so what do you say? Will you move with me?” He asked and I thought for a while.
“Mmmm, so we’re just going to leave everyone here”.
“We can communicate with them whenever we like and we can always visit”, he said.
I thought about it and I wasn‟t sure I was ready to be so far from my parents but it was Oscar!! I was so
madly in love with him and anywhere with him is where I‟ll rather be.
“Alright. I’ll go anywhere as long as I’m with you”, I said and he grinned.
“Thank you Nat”, he said, holding my hands.
“Anything for you, Oscar”.
The main dish was served and we started eating.
“So when are we leaving?” I asked.
“Right after we get married”, he said.
When we were done eating, desert was served and after that Oscar took me to the dance floor.
“You know I suck at dancing”, I said to him.
“Just follow my steps and you’ll be fine”.
The song was a bit slow so I could manage.
As we were dancing, I felt so happy. Everything was just like a dream.
It just like yesterday when June broke my heart and I found it hard to let go and finally when I did and
placed my trust in God, see where I am. I was so happy and felt like the happiest girl on earth.
I actually thought that I wasn’t going to be able to get someone better than June. But God has shown me
that his plans are the best.
Of course it was tough and painful letting go and I was hurting each day but it was worth it.
“I’m just here, Nat. You don’t have to think about me. When I leave your presence, you can”, he
whispered in my ears and I laughed.
After dancing for a short while, we took our leave.
“Can I sleep at your place? I want to be with you”, I said.
“No Nat, things might get out of control and we’ll be getting married soon so we don’t have to rush
“Then don’t leave. Let’s go somewhere and hang out” I said.
“Hmmm. You know what when we get to your house, I’ll sit in the living room with you till you fall
“Okay”, I said, smiling.
When we got home, I made my parents aware that he was around. I didn’t tell them about our new status
yet, we’ll both tell them ourselves later.
I left him in my living room and I went to change my outfit.
When I got back, I sat by him and we talked more and watched TV.
After a short while, I started feeling sleepy.
“Oscar I’m already sleepy”, I said to him.
“Alright, I’ll take my leave then”.
“I don’t want you to go”, I said, placing my head on his chest.
“But you’re sleepy and you’ve got work tomorrow”, he said and I groaned.
“Don’t worry, I’ll come and pick you up after work tomorrow”, he said and I nodded.
I walked him to the door and we said our goodbyes.
This time, I hugged him really tight and I wasn’t ready to let him go. We stayed that way for a while till I
released my grip and then he left.
I went back to my room and dived on my bed and then sleep took over.

For the past few weeks Oscar and I have been going for counseling and every other activity required
before getting married.
We also went to the hospital to run some test too. Everything was good and we were so happy about it.
I was actually paranoid about the test at first because with the way everything was just looking perfect I
felt that something might just go wrong but this time the devil has been wrong on all occasions.
Now I had to go through one last test which was the dinner with Oscar’s family.
Oscar’s other older brother; Noah was also in the country.
I was so nervous about this but Oscar kept on insisting that everything was going to be alright.
Oscar and I arrived at his mum’s house and I didn’t want to step out of the car.
“Nat, please come out. They’re humans like you. You’ve met my mum and Vincent before, Noah and
Sonia are not too different.
“I met your mum as your psychologist not your fiancée”, I said, placing my palms on my face.
Oh God please grant me strength, I said and then I got out of the car.
I took the cake and cookies that my mum baked out of the car and then we walked to the doorstep.
Oscar pressed the doorbell and within a few seconds, someone opened the door.
“Hey baby girl”, Oscar and said and his sister jumped on him and hugged him.
“Hello Sonia”, I said to her and she left Noah and hugged me too.
I was really surprised.
“Come in”, she said in excitement and we both walked in.
She led us to the dining table and the whole family was already present. We were late I guess.
“Good evening”, I said to them and they all responded in their different ways.
“My mum baked this for you all”, I said, placing it on the table.
“Aww, that’s so nice of her”, Oscar’s mum said and then Oscar and I took our seat.
“Now that everyone is here, I’ll serve the food now”, she said and she served everyone, when she served
me, I thanked her and she smiled.
We all started eating and talking too.
“You know, the first time I met you, I really admired you. You looked beautiful and organized. I loved
the way you took care of the drama that went on at the hospital and also how you cared for my son. In my
head I was like why can’t Oscar get someone like this. She’s pretty, she’s a doctor, she’s well organized
and knows what she’s about”, Oscar’s mum said and I blushed. If I was white, my whole face would be
totally red.
“Your mannerisms and the way you carried yourself was just awesome. When Oscar told me that you
were both dating, you should have seen how happy I was. It was like God had finally answered my
prayers and now you’re both getting married, it’s a huge testimony. You’re welcome to this family Natasha,
I look forward to getting to know you better”, she said and I smiled.
“Thank you Mrs Smi…”
“Mum will be fine”, she said and I grinned.
“Thank you mum, I’ll love to get to know you too”, I said smiling.
“Me too”, Sonia said and I smiled.
“When Oscar told me that he had a new girlfriend, I didn’t really like the news because I was used to his
old girl friend but when he showed me your picture and I saw how beautiful you were, I was like damn!!
I’ll love to meet her and show her off to my friends in school. You’re really beautiful Natasha and I’m
really happy to have you as a big sister and I can’t wait to hang out with you and get to know you too”,
Sonia said.
“Aww, thank you Sonia. You’re beautiful too just like your mum. I’ve always wanted a younger sister and
I’m glad I got one now and yes, we have to hang out and get to know each other”, I said to her and she
We continued with our food till Noah finally said something.
“It’s so funny how I heard about you from Vincent. Every time we talked on phone he was like Oscar has
really set a high bar and that it’ll be difficult to beat it. He spoke about how beautiful and amazing you
were. Right now, I’ve seen the beauty and I’m yet to discover the other aspect. In fact I look forward to it.
You’re welcome Natasha”, he said and I smiled.
“Thank you Noah”.
“I told you that everything was going to be alright and see they all love you”, Oscar said, whispering in
my ear.
“Not more than I do though”, he said and I giggled.
When we were done eating, I helped Sonia and her mum to wash the dishes and we joined the men in the
living room.
I got to know them better and they got to know me too.
We spoke about my school, my family, my job and almost everything about me.
They were really nice to me and I already felt like I was part of the family.
I became really free with them. They spoke about their dad and told me how they lost him.
It was really a sad story but they’re over it now.
It was getting late, so Oscar and I decided to take our leave.
“We’ll love to have you again”, his mum said.
“I have an idea, why don’t you all come to my house next weekend and we’ll have a dinner with my
family”, I suggested.
“That’s not a bad idea at all”, Vincent said.
“That’ll be great”, his mum said.
“Okay, I’ll inform them. Sonia I know I owe you a date, I’ll come and pick you from school on
Wednesday”, I said and she grinned.
“I’ll look forward to that”.
We all said our goodbyes and hugged and then we left.
“You see and you were scared for nothing”, Oscar said as we got into the car.
“I wasn’t expecting them to be so nice. You have a lovely family, Oscar. Do you people even have
arguments at all”?
“Yeah, but not that much. Just little misunderstanding and we’re all not in the same place so, there’s no
room for heated up arguments”.
“Oh okay. I can’t to have you all at my house”, I said in excitement.
“I can’t wait to see your mum”, he said wiggling his brows and I hit his head.
“Don’t be jealous, her beauty is captivating”, he said and I rolled my eyes.
Oscar dropped me off at home and then he left.
Every day just gets better. I’m just so happy and it freaks me out.
Tomorrow, Oscar and I are going to pick a date for our wedding. I couldn‟t wait to fix that date.
Everyone makes a big deal of their birthday but I think the day that really matters is the day that you
become one with the love of your life. That’s the real day to remember and I can’t wait to fix it.


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